Zoom License Cost

Zoom is a powerful, easy-to-use tool designed to help you communicate effectively with others. It’s ideal for telecommuting, conference calls and group meetings, recording video tutorials and presentations for your website, online courses and product demos, video streaming services, video conferencing and much more. Safely connect with anyone from customers to clients using a Zoom meeting number or your existing phone number. Plus, simplify your workflow by integrating Zoom with other apps like Slack, Google Hangouts, Twitter and Microsoft Office 365 on the free Zapier platform.

Zoom Meetings Pricing Plans

Zoom License Cost

Officially named Zoom Meetings, this is the Zoom version we’ve all grown to know and love. This video conferencing software allows you to organize events such as business conferences and social gatherings even when participants are geographically separated. Zoom Meetings’ commercial editions contain TLS encryption for improved security, as well as a wide range of features like virtual backdrops and breakout rooms, as well as screen sharing. Zoom Meetings has four pricing tiers: basic, pro, business, and enterprise. The graph below shows how each of these apps compares to the others.

Zoom Meetings Basic

Because the Basic plan is the free one, you’re probably already familiar with it if you’ve used Zoom previously. Users of Zoom Meetings Basic enjoy an infinite number of meetings with a maximum of 100 attendees. Each meeting has a forty-minute time restriction, and each account is restricted to one license.

Zoom allowed meetings with more than three participants to run up to 30 hours until May 2022, but this has since been reduced. Furthermore, the Basic edition of Zoom Meetings only offers a restricted range of support choices, with service requests being the single means to seek help. Even if this plan is free, you can still use Zoom’s virtual backdrops and breakout places. It is one of the greatest online conferencing solutions available since it has one of the most feature-rich free plans available.

Zoom Meetings Pro

While Zoom Meetings Basic is a feature-rich free subscription, it does have certain limits, like a time limit and restricted customer support choices. Zoom Meetings Pro allows you to give your workers additional freedom at no extra expense for only $14.99 per month per license. Zoom Meetings Pro enables up to nine licenses and one hundred guests per meeting, in addition to the previously listed capabilities.

You’ll also increase the meeting duration restriction to 30 hours, which is the most time any sane person would ever utilize. As a result, the meeting ban would be effectively lifted. To receive help quickly and conveniently, you may also use the website’s live chat support services. Zoom Meetings Pro now comes with analytic data as well as social media broadcasting through Facebook Live and YouTube. These enhancements may be beneficial to your company. If your employees are transferring from another platform, you may also activate Skype for Business compatibility.

Zoom Meetings Business

Zoom Meetings Business is a video conferencing solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. This plan is just $19.99 per month per license and includes the most participants, licenses, and features of any package. Zoom Meetings Business has all of the capabilities mentioned thus far, as well as the capacity to host up to 300 people with up to 99 licenses.

Naturally, meetings are unconstrained in duration, and you may always contact us via phone or live chat if you need further assistance. When you upgrade to the Zoom Meetings Business plan, you not only receive more features like branded meetings, cloud recorded transcripts and single sign-on, but you also get your money’s worth. You’ll also get access to an admin portal where you can view a list of everyone in your company.

Zoom Meetings Enterprise

Zoom Meetings Enterprise may be able to provide enterprise-level video conferencing solutions for firms with a global reputation. This plan costs the same as the previous one, which was $19.99 per license each month; however, to take advantage of this deal, you must sign up for at least 100 licenses.

All of these capabilities are available in Zoom Meetings Enterprise, which should come as no surprise. There is also unlimited cloud storage and meeting support for up to 500 people (or 1,000 if you subscribe to Enterprise+). You’ll also get access to the same live chat and phone assistance as the Business plan, allowing you to obtain help when you need it the most.

Zoom Meetings Corporate introduces a plethora of new features for corporate clients, including the option to schedule meetings with a bigger group. Starting with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you’ll be able to increase communication throughout your whole firm. Zoom will also supply you with executive business assessments to help you understand how Zoom may benefit your corporation.

Zoom Rooms Pricing Plans

Zoom Rooms Pricing Plans

Zoom Rooms, the company’s corporate video chat service, has made Zoom video chat available in the office. With this software-based video conferencing system, you may use third-party cameras, speakers, and displays. If you already have a system in place, you may rapidly transition to video conferencing. All of the options below include one-click meeting booking and scheduling, as well as video and audio quality up to 1080p HD and up to 1,000 meeting participants and 10,000 webinar viewers.

Meetings will be recorded and transcribed in real-time, and they will be integrated with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. If you have a touchscreen display, you can use the whiteboard and annotation features. Zoom Rooms does not provide several plans with different contents; instead, one package contains all of the company’s features as well as a license for all of them.

Zoom Rooms Licenses

A single Zoom Rooms license costs $49 per month for each room. For that price, you can receive up to 49 rooms with all of the previously listed services.

Zoom Rooms Enterprise

If you anticipate having more than 49 licenses for the service, consider the Zoom Rooms Enterprise plan. Zoom’s sales staff can help you with this. This is required to aid you with the large-scale deployment of an enterprise-level solution such as this one.

Free Trial

If you’re unsure whether Zoom Rooms is ideal for your company, you can test it out for free for 30 days to see if you enjoy what it has to offer. Zoom Rooms offers a 30-day free trial to discover whether it is perfect for you.

Zoom Phone Pricing Plans

Zoom Phone Plans and Pricing

Zoom Phone is a cloud-based audio communications service offered by Zoom, which also offers video conferencing. If you require more than a video conferencing solution, Zoom can assist you. Instead of depending solely on video conferencing, you’ll be able to utilize this single solution to handle all of your company’s communication channels.

You will never have to put the phone down since the transition from a voice chat to a video conference will be smooth. Zoom Phone may also be used to access a number of extra functionalities. A unified administration system allows you to manage users and track call quality.

You may link to large apps like Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, or Google G Suite if you like. To ensure the security of all communications, your company’s users should use 256-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Zoom Phone has three price categories in the United States and Canada: US & Canada Metered, US & Canada Unlimited, and Pro Global Select.

The most tempting aspect of Zoom Phone’s pricing structure is that customers may use all of the capabilities available in other plans at any price level. This means that no matter how much you pay, you’ll receive HD call quality, voicemail with transcription, and native Android and iOS mobile applications. The only difference between the plans is the number of locations and the number of monthly calls you may make.

Traffic Is Metered In The United States And Canada.

The US & Canada Metered plan allows you to call solely inside the United States and Canada; no other countries are available. Before signing up for this plan, be sure you don’t need the extra minutes because it doesn’t include unlimited calling to the US or Canada and instead uses a meter for these calls. In the United States and Canada, the Metered plan costs $10 per month per user.

US & Canada Unlimited

Customers on the US & Canada Unlimited plan, as the name implies, may make free domestic and international calls inside the United States and Canada. You won’t be able to make international calls in return for the $5 monthly cost, but you won’t have to worry about how long your talks continue. You may add international calling to over 18 countries for $10 extra per month than you would normally spend. Each individual user on the US & Canada Unlimited plan pays $15 per month.

Pro Global Select

The Pro Global Select plan is likely to be the best choice if your organization is global in scope and has sites all over the world. You may call as many countries and territories as you like. Each license includes its own direct phone number, making things even easier. You can make international calls to 18 countries and more for only $10 extra per month than if you didn’t have it. Each Pro Global Select plan customer pays $20 per month.

Zoom Video Webinar Pricing

Zoom Video Webinar Pricing

If you find yourself utilizing your account for things like team meetings and onboarding, product launches, and other major virtual events, you may find yourself using Zoom Video Webinars more frequently than normal video chats.

Because the solution concentrates on webinars, you’ll be able to make use of features built expressly to enable participation in more complicated events easier and more fun. A-Zoom Video Webinar can have up to 100 live visitors, while the maximum number of Zoom Video Webinar participants is 50,000. It may be used to stream live on Facebook Live and YouTube Live, as well as customer support systems. Webinars may also be saved and shared in online communities with the assistance of an automatically created transcription.

Zoom Video Webinars may help management since they give analytic data and event assistance, helping you to ensure that each of your webinars is as fantastic as it can be. Even after you’ve begun delivering webinars, Zoom provides online event consults to help you build and enhance your business.

Zoom Webinar License Prices

Rather than charging different prices for different services, Zoom Video Webinar costs the same amount for all of its features, regardless of how many people attend your webinars. The price of Zoom Video Webinar includes all of its features. The following are the various price ranges:

  • Each license will cost $79 per month if you have 500 participants.
  • Each license will cost $340 per month for a total of 1,000 users.
  • Every 3,000 members pay a monthly license cost of $990.
  • A 5,000-person license costs $2,490 per month.
  • A licensing fee of $6,490 is needed for every 10,000 attendees.

If your event will have more than 10,000 attendees, please contact Zoom’s sales department for a special price on an enterprise-level solution.

Additional Zoom Product Plans

In addition to Zoom’s amazing items, you’ll be able to add on or join additional specialist things that aren’t included in Zoom’s basic offers. Take a look at the following samples.

Zoom Educational Discounts

Zoom for Education

Zoom for Education was developed to assist educational institutions in making the transition to online learning. You may hold endless meetings with up to 300 individuals in each session with this educational video conferencing software. You’ll need at least 20 hosts for the regular school, which should be plenty for most people. Zoom’s numerous features, including one-click sharing, real-time collaboration, and the use of digital whiteboards, make it an outstanding choice for educational institutions.

You can still teach students who cannot attend in person by recording and transcribing the session. Zoom for Education may work with any other educational platform, such as Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Sakai, or Blackboard. It’s natural to be concerned about your school’s security, and you’re not alone. To guarantee compliance with FERPA and HIPAA, Zoom utilizes 256-bit encryption in all of its meetings. Zoom for Education costs $1,800 for a year’s membership. There is no method to set a monthly fee.

Zoom Pricing for Healthcare

Zoom Pricing for Healthcare

The healthcare business is especially vulnerable in the case of a pandemic due to the inherent risks of offering medical aid through the internet. If you utilize Zoom for Healthcare, your virtual care meetings will always be totally HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant. Zoom for Healthcare integrates effectively with Epic in terms of how it connects to your system. Epic telehealth operations may now quickly begin a video, which is a big advantage.

Even if you’re working from a distance, telehealth carts and other medical devices will keep you on track. Zoom for Healthcare enables you to co-annotate and communicate in real-time with other specialists. As a result, everyone in the room will be able to see precisely what you’re referring to. A single subscription to Zoom for Healthcare costs $14.99 per month, with a minimum of 10 participants necessary. Contact Zoom’s sales department to learn how much money your company may save.

Zoom Audio Plan

Zoom Audio Plan

The Zoom Audio Plan is an option to consider if you want to make your Zoom calls more accessible to participants from a wider range of locations and backgrounds. This fantastic add-on enables you to integrate phone dial-in options in meetings hosted in over 55 countries. The Zoom Audio Plan includes free VoIP and toll dial-in to give customers the greatest call quality available.

There are a variety of teleconferencing services available, and you may continue with your present configuration if it better matches your company’s needs. The Zoom Audio Plan will cost you $100 per month, depending on your location. If you spend more than the $100 limit each month, you will be punished.

Zoom Offers Cloud Storage Services

Zoom Offers Cloud Storage Services

Zoom Cloud Storage allows you to keep track of all the webinars and meetings you’ve attended. You may add it to any of the above-mentioned plans for $40 per month. The MP4 and MP4A formats give the highest video and audio quality and can save you up to 3 gigabytes of bandwidth each month.

Is Zoom Worth The Cost?

If you’ve been using Zoom’s free plan for a long time, upgrading to a subscription plan may seem like an unnecessary expenditure. Zoom’s entire suite of premium solutions, on the other hand, has the potential to significantly increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. It’s especially critical for companies looking to enter into new areas. Zoom offers a wide range of high-quality solutions to make business communication as simple and dependable as possible. More sophisticated functionality and enhanced reporting are two of the choices offered.

Who Can Benefit From Zoom?

Zoom can aid nearly everyone now that the pandemic has reached its apex. Is it required that you host the meeting? Zoom is always there to help you. Is it your intention to keep your loved ones at bay this holiday season? Zoom is looking into the problem. Do you have a particular need for any virtual events? Zoom was built just for this purpose! Zoom does not have to be paid for by everyone.

Companies conducting a significant number of meetings are most likely to profit from Zoom’s premium services in this case. You may not notice a significant change in your videoconferencing experience if you use the free Zoom Basic subscription for businesses with only a few meetings per month. If you’re frequently on the phone, managing many teams, and need more control over your video conferencing, it may be worth spending a little extra each month for a service that provides additional alternatives.

Best Features For Value

The Business Value of Zoom

It’s reasonable that if you’re going to buy Zoom, you’d want to know exactly what you’re getting. Zoom subscriptions, in addition to the features stated above, enable you to remove meeting limits, share content across several social media platforms, and increase reporting capabilities. You can also improve your reporting abilities (if you even need them).

Zoom Security

In some cases, you may have been warned about the security risks linked with Zoom. Zoom, for example, experienced substantial difficulty as a result of the massive increase in users during the epidemic’s peak hours. Meetings were often disrupted, data was taken, and “Zoom-bombing” attacks were widespread, all with terrible results. Fortunately, the worst of those periods are passed.

Zoom has received significant acclaim as one of the most secure web conferencing services currently available, particularly among non-paying customers, with the adoption of this criterion. It has also taken responsibility for earlier failures and has been open about the actions it is taking to protect the privacy of its customers. It is not a good idea to allow outdated information to prevent you from getting the most out of your video conferencing program.

Zoom Alternatives

Zoom is a fantastic internet conferencing application, but it is far from alone. There are plenty of others. If Zoom isn’t a suitable fit for your company, consider some of the alternatives listed below, such as Webex, RingCentral, and others.

How To Get & Set-Up Zoom

The most crucial thing to understand about Zoom is that, unlike prominent rivals like Google Meet, it must be downloaded before use. While Zoom does not require any software to be loaded, it is a viable option. To participate in a meeting, you must first download Zoom. This is true whether you’re using a desktop or mobile app.

Zoom’s well-known user-friendly design and overall simplicity of operation should make it a delight to use when you’ve done so. To have a basic meeting, create an account, plan a meeting, and invite others by emailing them a link or meeting code. The crew is finally ready to go. You will be allowed to return to work after confirming that everyone in the lobby is safe by directing them to the reception area.

Next Steps For Zoom

If you believe any of these Zoom products may benefit your company, you’ve come to the right place. We would be delighted to help you set up a video conferencing solution for your company, as we have done for hundreds of others. Your team’s capacity to participate will substantially increase if you utilize our web conferencing cost comparison tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Zoom Rooms And Meetings?

Zoom Meetings is the most widely used of Zoom’s video conferencing services, whereas Zoom Rooms is exclusively available to businesses. Zoom Rooms, in addition to Zoom Meetings, enables the use of third-party video conferencing equipment and provides features such as one-click meetings and multi-share. If your organization does not have access to a high-end conference room, Zoom Meetings is a terrific choice.

Is Zoom Secure?

Despite initial concerns about a pandemic, Zoom’s security has been superb. As a consequence, you will not have to worry about your personal information slipping into the wrong hands. Furthermore, waiting rooms have been created so that meeting hosts may ensure that only the persons they desire attend the meeting. The issue of the “Zoom bombing” occurred during the early phases of the company’s rapid expansion.

Is Zoom Free?

Zoom is an entirely free service! This free Zoom edition includes many of the features found in more costly Zoom subscriptions, such as increased security, virtual backdrops, and breakout spaces. The lone constraint is that you may only host forty-minute meetings with up to one hundred persons, and you won’t receive any broadcasting, reporting, or live assistance. Consider whether a Zoom subscription plan might be a better fit for your needs than the free plan you’re now using. Zoom Meetings Pro and Zoom Meetings Business have monthly fees of $14.99 and $19.99, respectively.

Who Is A Licensed Zoom User And Who Is A Participant?

If the host of the Zoom meeting has a Zoom account, they are a licensed Zoom user. Because they have distinct controls than other Zoom participants, this individual can change visitor characteristics like mute and pin at any moment throughout the session. As an invitee, you cannot control the meeting since you do not have access to the same controls as the meeting host or a licensed user.

Is Zoom Better Than Skype?

Is Zoom a better option than Skype? Yes, in our view. Zoom video conferencing solutions are unrivaled in terms of usability; yet, when it comes to audio and video quality, Skype is a mixed bag at best. Zoom also provides several important capabilities that Skype does not, such as breakout rooms and virtual backdrops (or most other videos conferencing software, for that matter).

In light of this information, we believe that GoToMeeting is a better alternative than Zoom or Skype. A previously unknown competition might mean the difference between success and failure for your firm.

What Is A Licensed User And What Is A Participant?

Meeting licenses, which allow licensees to host meetings with an unlimited number of people, can be purchased or obtained by licensees. An invitation to a meeting arranged by someone who holds a meeting license is an invitation to join the meeting’s invitation list. Participants do not need a Zoom account or a license to attend a meeting; they can join for free at any time. A mobile phone, desktop computer, tablet computer, or smartphone can be used to attend a conference.

How Many Participants Can Join The Meeting?

By default, any of the designs may accommodate up to one hundred people per meeting (up to 1,000 with a Large Meeting add-on).

How Many People Can Use One Meeting License?

There are no restrictions on how many meetings you may have with a valid license. You’ll need to acquire extra meeting licenses for each user if you need to organize several meetings for different persons.

What Is The Difference Between The Basic And Pro Plans?

Zoom’s free Basic Plan allows for an unlimited number of meetings. Because there is no trial period, there is no time limit on how long you may use Zoom. The Pro plans provide unlimited meetings with a 24-hour maximum duration. Each meeting on your Basic plan is only forty minutes long. What is your estimate for the duration of the meeting? To become a Pro Member, please click here.

What Is The Difference Between An Audio Plan And A-Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone, a cloud-based phone service, comes with PBX features. Zoom Meeting audio services only provide PSTN dial-in and dial-out conference connectivity.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Zoom accepts credit cards, PayPal, and a variety of other mobile wallet and bank payment options, however, each has its own set of requirements (ie. browser or country). If you’re unsure, check out our help article for extra information.

Can I Pay Quarterly Or For More Than A Year Up-front?

Zoom typically allows you to pick between monthly, quarterly, and yearly billing. Zoom’s prepaid plans are available in one-, two-, and three-year increments. If you want any further price information, please contact Sales.

Do You Charge Sales Or Consumption Taxes?

Several states in the United States of America, as well as other nations across the world, have adopted mandatory sales or consumption taxes. Consumption taxes such as sales tax, VAT, GST, or other comparable taxes may apply to your online transaction. If this is the case, the total amount of tax owed on your transaction will be displayed in your shopping cart after the billing step but before the checkout process.

How Does The Subscription Service Work?

Whether you choose a monthly or annual membership, your plan will automatically renew (depending on the term you choose). You can cancel your subscription at any point throughout the course of your plan to prevent having your membership automatically renewed for another year.

Where Can I Find A-Zoom W-9 For My Business?

If your company needs all service providers to have a W-9 form on file for tax purposes, you may receive a copy of Zoom’s W-9 form here.

How Does Zoom Keep The Product Secure?

You may begin securing your Zoom meetings before they begin by utilizing technologies such as Waiting Rooms, Join by Domain, and Passcodes. Zoom allows you total control over your meetings, ensuring that they are safe and uninterrupted at all times. This page contains further information regarding Zoom’s privacy and security practices. Zoom is committed to protecting your personal information at all times.


When it comes to video conferencing tools, Zoom is a popular choice among small businesses. It offers a sleek interface, support for HD video and plenty of features that small teams need to run a virtual conference. However, the free version is limited in several ways, which means you will probably have to upgrade to one of the paid plans if your team needs more features than what is available with the free plan.

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