Yotpo Pricing And Reviews Guide

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Prices for the different plans are listed on their website, with plans starting at $24 per month (billed annually). Admittedly, this is not a cheap option in comparison to some of the other software applications that are out there. However, Yotpo reviews from other business owners who have used it say that it’s definitely worth the cost. The lower plan offers just enough features to help you make the most of your social media promotion campaign, and the higher-priced plans include some pretty nifty additions.

Reviews of Yotpo: What Is It About?

What is the topic of discussion? It has to do with people choosing Yotpo so they can step up their marketing tactics. Yotpo’s capability to enable owners to generate numerous reviews for their products has been crucial to its success up to this point. It is simple to choose the greatest and most impressive ones to employ as marketing tools once the reviews are in place.

Yotpo’s creators created a plug-and-play e-commerce app with the ability to gather more genuine reviews than any other comparable apps now available. Before publishing their reviews, users of the app can quickly see how they will appear on their mobile devices. The beauty of Yotpo is that it enables even the smallest businesses to maximize the impact of their favorable client ratings.

Additionally, Yotpo is simple to integrate so that it may be seen by the largest volume of incoming review traffic. As a result, it collects testimonials more quickly and gives the user more marketing options. Most marketing campaigns prioritize credibility and visibility as their main objectives. Yotpo’s review-gathering capabilities support both of those initiatives.

Would you like your sponsored search ads to perform more effectively? Use the Yotpo feature set, a process-driven collection of elements that collaborate effectively to increase organic site traffic. Whatever a customer’s taste, Yotpo gives marketers strong tools that can draw almost anyone to a website.

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo was actually founded on the “great idea” of turning website visitors into customers. Numerous apps have already tried to complete this straightforward yet challenging task. The trust relationship was the issue. By definition, previous customers are more likely to trust a product than new customers.

However, Yotpo is able to leverage that confidence through user evaluations and boost conversion rates significantly more than other apps were able to. The main way Yotpo pulls off this cool trick is by keeping track of each and every visitor to your website who has ever crossed the boundary between the outer world and it. The app can also keep track of visitors to your website who might not have made a purchase but nevertheless expressed interest in a service or product.

Yotpo employs conventional marketing strategies. After a sale, not before or during, is when the real job starts! The goal is to establish a relationship with clients in order to keep them coming back. As a result, consumers purchase more of the same and other things from your physical or online store. Although Yotpo refers to these functions as “retention tools,” they are considerably more than that.

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo doesn’t only “retain” devoted consumers; it also actively engages them with email promotions, deals, news, and various social engagements. By using social media to share content and ensure that those favorable evaluations are viewed by as many people as possible, the app does this type of super-follow-up.

Higher traffic levels, more conversions, more sales, and naturally higher profitability for owners result from this. However, Yotpo wouldn’t be a success without a fair pricing for all of this fantastic capability. They are therefore without a doubt the market leader in this niche. They offer a useful free trial so anyone may try out the software in addition to reasonable and realistic prices.

What are the Benefits of Yotpo?

Yotpo has a variety of strategies to increase website traffic for businesses. It employs an unconventional method of working its magic by inspiring website visitors. The software avoids the antiquated practices of relying on product quality by exploiting trust that has already been gained (through reviews). New customers automatically join a “family of buyers” after reading recent reviews.

Yotpo Pricing

Both new and seasoned vendors can profit from Yotpo’s strength. A connection is made when customers realize they are not alone and that a sizable number of prior customers are content with the same product. Yotpo’s ingenious reinvention of fundamental marketing ideas means that when a buyer visits your website to make a purchase, that is actually the beginning of the selling cycle, not the end.

The time to interact, to ensure that customers understand they are a part of a wider group, and to collect enough information to sustain a lengthy chain of follow-up engagement after the original purchase is at that very moment. The core idea guiding Yotpo’s singular brilliance is the proverb “Regular customers are gold,” which originated in the food industry.

One of Yotpo’s more inventive recent innovations is its capacity for what it terms “social content curating.” This is the app’s capacity to find and gather the best user-generated content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Using that content, the app goes on to develop rights management, photo/image discovery, retail feeds, and other features that directly increase conversion rates for the user’s website. These social media platforms lead current and potential customers straight to your products and media content that consumers are searching for.

Yotpo has developed a top-notch analytics suite in addition to all that innovative business generating and customer retention. The suite’s components can extract every scrap of useful information from the stream of user-generated content and produce reports that are pertinent.

Yotpo Pricing

What are these reports about? Detailed statistics on your conversion rates, the best approaches to maximize your sales efforts, and much more. An intuitive dashboard has a number of graphs and charts that show everything.

From there, it’s easy to comprehend completely visually what has been working and what hasn’t been performing so well. This is “the gold,” where any expert in e-commerce or owner of a small company may improve marketing strategies. Yotpo’s main focus is on this. Retaining clients is one thing. The real magic of Yotpo’s concoction, however, lies in its ability to provide metrics that demonstrate how each step of the campaign is succeeding.

As if Yotpo’s statistics and all its other distinctive features weren’t enough, the app offers the usual selection of marketing tools that most business owners have come to anticipate. These consist of elements like social media ads, marketing functionality, SEO capabilities, review generating, and retention features. Owners can considerably increase return on ad revenue by utilizing Yotpo’s full potential.

Yotpo is also simple to use for keeping up with advertising and social trends on websites like Instagram, which is a major contributor to retail sales. When you need them, you may easily generate product or service evaluations using email forms, smartphone apps, and other tools.

Even better, a built-in algorithm set enables Yotpo to distinguish between high-quality traffic and “so-so” traffic. In other words, there’s a chance for a really positive review when the right consumer sees the right product. The program predicts that new or unidentified consumers are less likely to post an extremely good review.

Yotpo is considerably more than just an ordinary “marketing app” because to these subtle points of uniqueness. It is much more than that because of its strength and clever design.

Yotpo Features and Reviews

Yotpo Reviews

Commenting, coupons, dedicated support, community Q&A, mail after purchase, power-enhanced analytics, plug-and-play, look and feel customization, moderation tools, e-commerce platform support, turning one-time buyers into repeat customers, support for more than 25 languages, and tools for creating SEO content from reviews are all part of Yotpo’s standard feature set.

Which marketing issues does Yotpo try to solve?

Businesses that are not receiving the desired number of evaluations use Yotpo’s “mail after purchase” feature. This is so that customers’ reviews may be submitted more quickly and easily thanks to a Yotpo function.

Not being able to capitalize on their positive ratings is another major issue that even big businesses encounter. Positive client feedback is the lifeblood of a successful, expanding company and should be used as such. When used effectively, a positive review can be a potent tool for marketing. Utilizing them on relevant search engines and active social networks will increase brand recognition, drive more visitors to the primary website, and finally improve conversion rates.

Too many businesses disregard engaging with customers. Customers that leave evaluations are four times more likely to make another purchase from you, which is a truth of business. A review ought to mark the beginning of a business relationship with a client, not its conclusion.

Yotpo was created with the intention of responding to those kind words and remarks and emailing previous customers with surveys, promotions, and inquiries from new clients. All of these initiatives aim to keep pleased clients returning to your website, the source of their happiness.

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo Pricing

Anyone interested in using Yotpo can do so with both a free trial and a free set of features. Another option is the $29 monthly “Growth Plan,” which uses a tiered pricing system. The price goes up when your business receives more orders each month.

It’s time to select one of the personalized price plans based on your sales activity once you hit the 500-order threshold. However, the free plan and trial are already quite potent.

Here is what’s included for zero dollars per month:

  • Product & Site Reviews,
  • Smart Review Reminders,
  • Import Existing Reviews,
  • Manual Review Requests,
  • Star Ratings, Reviews Badge,
  • Reviews Tab, SEO page,
  • Reviews Carousel,
  • Commenting on Reviews,
  • Coupons,
  • Email Upselling,
  • Social Sharing, Manual & Automatic Social Push,
  • Rich Snippets (for supported platforms),
  • Dashboard,
  • Moderation.

The price for the following level, known as “Powerhouse,” varies depending on individual Yotpo bids. Along with the aforementioned characteristics, it also has the following extras:

All Free plan features:

  • HTML Editor,
  • Custom Review Forms,
  • Invoice-Based Review Request,
  • Widget CSS Editor,
  • Community Q&A,
  • Facebook Reviews Tab,
  • HubSpot Integration,
  • Yotpo Ads for Facebook,
  • Google Product Listing Ads,
  • Inline SEO,
  • Help Desk Moderation,
  • Promoted Products,
  • Product Blacklist,
  • Grouping Products,
  • Live Moderation – 3 seats, and Dedicated Client Success Manager

Finally, “Visual Marketing,” Yotpo’s top tier of price, is an addition to the Powerhouse plan. Naturally, it also has the following features in addition to the Powerhouse features:

  • Social Curation from Instagram,
  • User-Generated Photos,
  • Visual UGC Gallery,
  • Photos Carousel,
  • Shoppable Instagram,
  • Yotpo Ads for Instagram,
  • Social Push with Customer Photos,
  • Pinterest Push

Is Yotpo Value for Money?

Yotpo has been deemed to be well worth the cost. There are a number of good reasons for this. First, the business has created a special product that addresses a variety of commercial problems.

In particular, it efficiently attracts new customers to a site and encourages happy customers to return. The secret to its success is that.

Professionals in e-commerce can test out Yotpo with the free plan and trial to see whether they enjoy it. It makes it logical to choose a higher pricing tier if it appears to be working. The fact that the higher tiers are via quote only has a minor drawback. If those higher tier rates were standardized, or at least a little more open, it would be simpler to assess Yotpo’s cost-effectiveness and total value.


Yotpo is an excellent fit for eCommerce businesses with a high volume of sales. It is for an established eCommerce website. You can begin with their FREE plan and then transition into their premium plan if it makes financial sense, even though we think it might be too expensive for small businesses. We advise signing up for Yotpo’s paid version even if you’re on the fence because you can easily cancel it later. Let Yotpo’s system handle getting reviews, which is what it does well. Check out Yotpo’s rivals as well.

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