Why Is My Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

Protecting the data on your smartphone is a must. Moreover, there are not so many truly safe ways to implement the functions necessary for all gadgets. This is either a fingerprint sensor or a face scanner on most devices. The latter is usually installed by many manufacturers in bad faith, who use only the smartphone’s camera for implementation, which means your security is again at risk. Often users are faced with the fact that the scanner stops working. Here are the most popular reasons and ways to solve them. Why is my fingerprint scanner not working? There is a solution.

Why Is My Fingerprint Scanner Not Working?

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If you recently changed the scanner or the phone was in a service center, we advise you to take it back to correct the reasons.

  • In other cases, the main reasons why the fingerprint does not work are:
  • With a strong blow, the display broke, and the button’s cable with the sensor was damaged.
  • The sensor cable was damaged when the device was opening on its own
  • Smartphone software glitches
  • Dirt or water interferes with reading
  • Weather conditions that dry out the skin in cold climates become rough, and the device no longer recognizes the print.
  • Mechanical damage to the skin

The Fingerprint Scanner Is Dirty: Dirt Is a Common Cause

Is the fingerprint scanner not responding? Step-by-step instructions on how to fix everything. If the fingerprint scanner has stopped functioning, there may be several reasons.

As soon as your hands get dirty, you wash your hands – but the smartphone, however, is not cleaning as often. Dirt is probably the most common reason for a fingerprint scanner to stop working. The following tips will help you clean up:

  • First, use a piece of adhesive tape (such as regular tape) to remove coarse dirt from the fingerprint scanner. Apply a piece and press the entire surface of the scanner. Then carefully peel off the tape.
  • Take a piece of cooking paper and moisten it with a few drops of clean water. Wipe the fingerprint reader thoroughly with it.
  • If you still see contamination despite the above steps, use a few drops of disinfectant (as alcohol is calling in the drugstore) applied to a microfiber cloth or cooking paper, wiping the scanner with it. After a thorough wiping, even the most stubborn dirt stains should remove. Is the fingerprint scanner not responding? Step by step instructions on how to fix everything
  • After that, make sure that the scanner and your fingers are dry.

Try using the device again. If the fingerprint scanner continues to fail even after a thorough cleaning, the reason may be different.

Fingerprint Not Recognized: Recheck Your Fingers

The problem with the fingerprint scanner may be in your fingers. With cuts, burns, traces of chemicals, and other damage to your fingers, you significantly complicate the scanner’s recognition of a fingerprint. Check to see if you have something like this on your fingers.

Add a new fingerprint to the system, or use a different finger already saved.

When setting up a new fingerprint, you will notice whether the scanner works or not. If it recognizes touch and the finger is still scanning, then the module functions, and the reason lies precisely in a particular finger.

Fingerprint Not Working After Update

Suppose you updated the software and realized that the fingerprint does not work after the update. Probably, the problem is precisely in the errors of the incoming update or the device’s non-compliance with the requirements of the new update. Then you have to return the old version of the firmware.

Is Your Fingerprint Scanner Broken? Test Equipment

Is the fingerprint scanner not responding? Step-by-step instructions on how to fix everything.

Using various applications, you can check if there is a hardware defect.

  • Download the “Test Your Android ” app from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch the application and select “Fingerprint Scanner” from the menu.
  • Place your finger on the scanner. If the finger pattern can be recognized, the application will confirm it. If you scan a finger that has not been previously saved in the system, a “not recognized” notification will appear. In both cases, this means that the scanner is still functioning.

If after you put your finger on the scanner, the instruction “Put your finger on the scanner” is still displayed on the screen, then there is most likely a hardware defect. In this case, your device should be rechecked and repaired by specialists.

Fingerprint Scanner Defect: How Can You Fix a Software Error

In some cases, a bug in the operating system can cause the fingerprint scanner to function incorrectly. You can try the following tips:

  • Restart your device to clear any possible errors.
  • Install the latest updates for your device.
  • If you have only recently installed updates, you can try to restore the old version. Or you can wait for the manufacturer to release the next update to fix the problem.

You can also try to restore the system to the factory state. However, do not forget to make a backup copy of your data before doing this. Otherwise, all of them will be permanently deleted.

Other Ways to Fix Fingerprint Scanner That Is Not Working

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Reinstall Firmware

If the gadget was recently flashing, resulting in software failures, the sensor may stop working. You should reinstall the firmware again or return to the basic version.

Clean Scanner

If the fingerprint scanner does not work and is made as a separate button, it is most likely dirty and does not work correctly. Cleaning is carried out in several ways:

  • The scanner is completely sealed with a piece of adhesive tape. Then he slowly takes off.
  • A piece of hard paper is taken- tracing paper, culinary, wrapping, craft and moistened with a few drops of water. The scanner is then thoroughly and gently wiped.
  • A cotton swab or napkin is taken to wipe the screens. A little disinfectant gel or alcohol is applied, and the scanner is gently wiped. After that, you need to wait half an hour, thoroughly wash and dry your hands, and try fingerprint recognition.

Removing the Old and Adding a New Fingerprint

This manipulation is also performed in the settings. The procedure for removing the old sample is very simple and takes only a couple of minutes.

  • Open Screen Lock & Fingerprint.
  • Enter password.
  • Click on “New Password.”
  • Confirm deletion of the current lock key.
  • Algorithm for adding a new lock key:
  •  open “System and device”;
  •  tap on “Lock screen and fingerprint”;
  • go to the “Screen lock and fingerprint” section;
  • scroll to the bottom and click “Add”;
  • in case of a bug, enter another pattern or PIN
  • apply the same finger several times in different positions
  • wait for vibration.

Reset the Settings to Factory Settings

Even official software can have bugs from time to time. If this is your situation, reset the settings to factory settings: simultaneously hold down the volume key and the phone off button. In the “Recovery” window that appears, click on the “Wipe data/factory reset” option.

Install a Fingerprint

The owner of the device should try to fix the problem himself. If fingerprint login does not work, you may need to:

  • Installing the latest up-to-date version. This often helps restart the process. The software and system are immediately updated.
  • Cleaning the touch screen from dirt. A swab dipped in an alcohol solution will help.
  • Fingerprint replacement. The screen is set to sleep time (2 minutes) and a new print.
  • Clearing the cache. To do this, find Sberbank in the list of smartphone applications and perform a complete cleaning.

Removing and downloading fingerprint scanners from the Google store.

Replacing the Fingerprint Reader

Contact the service center and entrust the repair to professionals. If you cannot independently determine why the fingerprint does not work, use the services of a service center where specialists will select and install the appropriate part, eliminate the cause quickly and at minimal cost to you and your device

Delete and Rescan Fingerprints

The pads of the fingers are often damaged, making recognition difficult. And it dries up and coarsens in the cold season. If the sensor does not work, it is logical sometimes to update the fingerprints in the settings. It will be convenient to scan multiple fingers, such as the index and thumb of both hands.

It is also worth adding a wet fingerprint – after washing your hands, there are often problems unlocking your smartphone.


In addition to contamination and system failures, the fingerprint on the phone is not working due to a technical malfunction. If the above did not help determine why the scanner does not work, perhaps the answer will be given only by careful disassembly and complete diagnostics of the gadget by qualified specialists. Often the cause is moisture getting into the tach audio system, a violation of its connection with neighboring microcircuits, or the same system failure, so when contacting a service center, it is unnecessary to replace the scanner. Professional and conscientious artisans will be able, if possible, not to replace any of the original components. They will help you quickly return the system to exemplary performance—fingerprint scanning and accompanying smartphone lock.

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