What to Hang Above Bed- 21 Hanging Art Above Bed Ideas

Everyone loves bedtime. It’s a relaxing and calming moment when you get off your feet and rest. Bedding sets vary in design, color, and theme. While shopping for furniture, it’s important to know what would suit the decor of your surroundings. Having a string of garlands, carved wooden symbols, and a polka dot ribbon would add cheer and glamor to your bedroom. If you want to add a touch of loveliness to your bedroom and also make it more appealing, you should have decorative art above the bed. So, what to hang above bed? From this article, you can get inspired by 21 hanging art above bed ideas and fall in love with them each time you wake up from bed.

If you love hanging pictures and art on your walls but don’t know where to start, here are some ideas you can use when picking out pieces to hang above your bed. Some people hang pictures just above their bed to create a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere. This can be done by simply hanging a picture, but you can also get creative and use accessories to create stunning designs. Here are some examples below of what you could do.

What to Hang Above Bed

The key question is what to hang above the bed. It can bring a lot of positive effects to your bedroom. There are many ways to decorate your bedroom. The most common and perhaps the most appealing is to hang pictures on the wall in an artistic way. You can try various hanging pictures that will make the room look unique and different from others, but nothing beats the impression you will create with beautiful and colorful pictures above your bed. Take a look at what you can hang above your bed to make your room more attractive.

1. Pictures

Front view of a bedroom

The appropriate pictures can do miracles when it comes to the inside design and choice of colors for rooms. If you have a contemporary interior, use black and white pictures. Contemporary surroundings provide a cold impression. That is why warm shades are needed in order to warm up the atmosphere. Do not be too radical with colors: use light colors and dark shades in order to present your interior as cozy and comfortable.

2. Crafts

crafts hanged on a bedroom

Hanging crafts above the bed is a fun and easy way to put some spice into your bedroom. Hanging crafts above the bed is also a way you can help make your bedroom visually appealing. The fact is that many people overlook this aspect of their bedroom decorating. They concentrate on putting cool colors on their walls or creating elaborate designs with bedspreads and comforters. But this doesn’t always create a great overall look for the room. However, hanging crafts above the bed and around the room can help boost your bedroom’s appeal.

3. String Art

string art hanging above bed

String art is a popular home décor making project. It provides you the opportunity to create something unique and special, which would be a welcome addition to your home. The process of creating string art is rather simple and fun. You just need some time and the right kind of material to get started. The perfect apartment isn’t just about the big things. Small details like where to hang string art above the bed can make a big difference in your apartment.

4. Canopy or Cornice

Canopy above bed

Bedroom design is one of the most common and ordinary things. We can easily come up with bedroom designs by adding new furniture in the bedroom such as tables, chairs, walls, and other stuff. Sometimes all you need is a small change, like a hanging canopy or cornice art above the bed. A canopy or cornice above a bed would not only give you room to hang art above your head, but it’s also very chic and stylish while adding dimension to your room.

5. Wallpaper or Stencil

wallpaper behind and above bed

There are a lot of ways that you can decorate your bedroom. However, the two most common options used to decorate the room are wallpaper and stencils. Now, before you run off thinking that you’ve got to get both for your bedroom, there are some things that you need to know about both of these solutions.

6. Sculpture

interior with sculpture on dark wall

If you are a fan of art, you should probably consider hanging sculptures above the bed. You can get this for your home or office. This simple piece of art is great for all interior decoration styles, including modern decor and industrial decor. It’s not as complicated as some other pieces, but it has a lot to offer. That’s why you will love having this on your walls.

7. Artwork

pink artwork above bed

The obvious choices for above the bed artwork are landscapes in various styles and mediums. You want something to match the room’s mood and enhance your decor, not hinder it. Although you do not want something absolutely breathtaking, this is where you will be resting your head. Aside from having a bed, dresser, closet, night stand and other furniture, having artwork above the bed can improve your bedroom. It may also create a calming effect to help you rest better at night.

21 Hanging Art Above Bed Ideas

Hanging art above bed ideas will add more sensation and style to your bedroom. It can lift your current style and make the room look more attractive than ever before. In fact, hanging art above bed ideas can also alter your whole interior decoration theme from classical to contemporary or vice versa.

We are going to share with you 21 different inspiring ideas for the stunning and exquisite art above your bed. Clearly, the art above your bed is one of the most important decisions you will make when making your bedroom interior design. And by looking at these examples of hanging art above bed, we promise you will find for yourself some ideas for it.

1. Sunrise Artwork

For art above your bed, it’s generally accepted to go for one thing: “sunrise artwork”. If your master bedroom has one of those sliding glass doors that leads out to the balcony or patio, then you should hang sunrise artwork above bed. The image represents ethereal moments that fill the room with energy. A sunrise picture is a pleasant sight to wake up to. Put it on the wall behind your headboard if possible, so you’ll see the sun rising when you open your eyes each morning.

2. Colorful Abstract Artwork

Simple and colorful, an abstract artwork painting above the bed is ideal for decorating the wall. These beautiful works not only add color to your room but can also become a subject of conversation with people visiting your house. They are uniquely creative and look interesting when hung above bed or on any other wall of your bedroom.

3. Worlds Map

A world map is a great way to show what you dream about. A lot of people build their dreams on the idea of traveling. The art above bed is a beautiful way to show that you would like to travel the whole world. Hanging a map above the bed is really easy to do. It is also easy to make your bedroom look more interesting and appealing. But not everyone has enough space in their bedroom to make such additions. Above the bed is the best place for hanging a map. This art above the bed could be a nice motivation for bringing your traveling dreams into reality.

4. Cherry Blossom Tree

It’s the cherry blossom tree painting that brings a fresh twist to bedroom decor. A cool and contemporary bedroom art idea with a beautiful cherry blossom tree painting as the main focal point. Putting the cherry blossom tree above the bed would be an excellent idea as it gives a warm and restful feel to the entire room. This will help set the mind of the person sleeping to relax so that they can drift into a peaceful sleep.

5. Landscape Painting

Hanging a landscape painting above the bed is an amazing option for bedrooms with wide windows. Natural light flooding in through the window reflects well off the paint and fills the room with life, bringing cheerful energy to the space. The painting also serves as something to look at as you wake up in your bed. With its neutral color palette, it won’t clash with patterns on bedding or anything else in your bedroom.

6. Mountain Painting

Hanging a mountain painting above the bed is some of our favorite bedroom ideas. It can add so much natural beauty and interest to the bedroom. If you love the outdoors and travel, hang a painting of your favorite mountain above your bed. This is a perfect choice for people that love to go on adventures or are just discovering mountains. These paintings are great for couples or individuals alike.

7. Nature Photography

Hang nature photography above bed is one of the best design ideas for improving a bedroom. Hanging nature photography above the bed is a fantastic way to bring life into a bedroom that features no other focal point. Whether you hang it above the bed or not, though, make sure your bedroom is a calming place where you have time to rest and relax.

8. Framed Portrait

bedroom interior with portrait

The framed portrait is one of the ideas that should be used by those who don’t have any idea about what to put above their bed. A framed portrait above the bed can look amazing and add an artistic touch to the bedroom. It’s important to choose a portrait that you really like and fits your style. Try selecting an image of your loved ones or family members.

9. Black and White Photos

If you are looking for some creative ways to decorate your bedroom, black and white photos could be a good option. The nice thing about black and white photos is that they give you many creative possibilities without making a big commitment.

10. Different Sizes Framed Artworks

Feminine bedroom interior

If you love collecting works of art, then you can try a unique idea. Hang different sizes framed artworks above bed for a fascinating look. It is hard to get a good look at it, but try to have the effect of a gallery wall in one single space which can be mesmerizing.

11. Decorative Plates

Art can be as beautiful and exciting as you imagine it to be. It’s not necessarily about the kind of art you hang on the wall, but more about the idea behind it. A great way to bring color to your bedroom is by hanging beautiful plates on the wall above your bed. This is a fun idea and easy to customize based on what kind of plates you have in store.

12. Wooden Sculpture

Hanging above the bed is a traditional way to display art in the home. Having artwork over your bed helps fill walls, create a focal point and make the room look bigger. When hanging artwork above your bed you want to be sure that it is safe and won’t fall on somebody sleeping below it. Hanging wooden sculptures above the bed makes a great center piece for the bedroom.

13. Wooden Hand Made Clock

Whether you have a small apartment with little space or an old house without numerous bedrooms, it’s always useful to have a bedroom that guests can use. Hanging a handmade wooden clock above your bed will not only make your room look neat but will also serve as a great centerpiece in your bedroom. It looks elegant and will make any ordinary wall look fascinating.

14. String Arts

String art is a very interesting kind of art. It is not only decorative to your room and can get along with your bedroom style. And there are many string art you can apply as decoration in your bedroom. These are simple, artistic, and affordable. String arts can make a great decorative item in your room, and it is quite inviting to look at. The best part is if you want to master this DIY project, you don’t need many materials, to begin with.

15. A Mirror

There are a lot of different ways you can style above the bed art. If you want your bedroom to be more open, try hanging a mirror above the bed. They are able to reflect natural light and make the room feel fresher and more spacious. Hanging a mirror above the bed is another way to nicely style the space without cluttering up the area with too many objects or adding too much color.

16. Drape a tapestry

Instead of your traditional frame, hang a tapestry over your bed. Its bold look adds character to the room without going overboard. Drape it over a queen or king headboard for a more dramatic effect on the wall behind it. If you’re looking for hanging art above bed ideas, a tapestry works great! It’s a cheap and simple way to mix up your bedroom decor.

interior with big studio lamp

By installing a gridded photo gallery above the bed, you will have an instant focal point on which to hang your favorite photos. This is a great way to put your best foot forward in your bedroom.  It’s a great way to make the most of up and coming wall space at the top of your room by displaying a range of beautiful swanky patterns that don’t run along a horizontal or vertical axis.

18. Large Wall Art

Hang large wall art above the bed. This can be anything from a painting to a photograph. It gives you a very clean look, and it’s also a nice way of making your bedroom appear bigger. When creating an elegant bedroom, fabric and pattern should be kept far away from the bed, and keeping the color scheme simple will help with this.

19. Wall Mural

Very nice kids room

One of the most popular ways to use a wall mural is by placing them above a bed. It can visually add height to your room and added depth when teamed with a free standing mirror and lamp on either side. The idea is that it makes the headboard disappear.

20. Unframed Art

Hanging unframed art above the bed is a great idea that your partner will surely appreciate. There are also benefits to hanging art above your kids’ beds if you have them in your home. Children will appreciate this type of artwork because it can help to set the mood and tone of any room they are placed in.

21. Sculptural Shelving

It might seem like an unorthodox way to use your space, but the sculptural shelves can be a stunning piece when hung above the bed. This will allow you to make beautiful use of your vertical wall space and give maximum character to any room!

Final Words

Thankfully the article above can give you the necessary direction that you need. You are now aware of all of the things to think about and, in your own measure, can make the right choices on which art pieces would be best suited for your bedroom. The key is to find something that makes you happy, and that will go well with your theme. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of art or an advanced collector, one thing is certain: there are a lot of hanging art above bed Ideas that you can get.

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