What is Clip Art

Well structured and informative images are an absolute need today for any creative project. Creators tend to look for various clip art images to illustrate their ideas and support their message with attractive visuals while designing several presentations, posters, social media banners, greeting cards, etc.

Clip art originates from cutting out images from printed posters or books and using them to lay out materials to reproduced or published. Since its origin, clip art use as printed forms and later became popular as electronic forms when computers became common and affordable. However, it is most popular in electronic form, organizing into different categories to meet certain demands.

What is Clip Art

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The clip art is a collection of pre-made electronic images or stock illustrations imported into a document or another program to denote different media. It is typically a form of electronic graphic art that includes effortless illustrations for photographic images. In other words, it is a collection of pictures that may integrate into a document, presentation, banner, or anything that requires a touch of visuals. 

Clip art usually offers a more cartoon-like approach to any subject, whether it’s a colorful bar chat or images of a person with formal clothes on, that can easily use in any formal design output to use in office presentations or social media banners.

Unlike the rectangular edges of a stock photo, art is designed to fit into any project’s layout easily. In other words, it adds a more professional and universal approach to any graphic design. These clipart illustrations are often included with any software used for drawing, word processing, scrapbooking, writing, designing, or publishing. 

Since its inception, art has emerged to include a wide variety of forms, content, styles, and file formats: bitmap or vector graphics. The bitmap can be categorized into JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) and GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). These are types of art that cannot be resized without changing their overall quality; it becomes grainy and blurry when enlarged. VectorOnther hand can eaVector silly art scale to any size without being distorted or grainy. 

What is Clip Art Used for?

The clip art is using to denote any media into a pictured form for a clear understanding. Here are some applications where clip art can used:

  • Presentation slides: A wide range of clip arts are using in presentation slides to make it more appealing and easily understandable. 
  • Banners and posts for seasonal and dated occasions: art is very a common use in banners and posts that are using to address special holidays and occasions. We clearly see associations posting one of those banners every now and then to wish everyone during Independence Day, Eid, Puja, etc. 
  • Invitations and Cards: art is easily accessible and is must easier to use in customization of special cards and invitations for loved ones. 
  • Simple 2D animations and cartoons: art provides a very productive approach to being used in animations as it contains static materials. It can be easily use as a marketing tool to engage and attract desired audiences. 
  • Classroom Projects: Clips art proves to be a very important tool in making classroom projects both professional and colorful and is perhaps mostly use in this area. It can use in various ways to teach children with a more engaging and enjoyable approach. 
  • Mobile app icons: Clip art is very commonly using as mobile app icons to denote specific app according to its use.

Clip Art in Microsoft Word

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Like every other application, Microsoft word also contains a art feature, which allows adding office clip art to any project. The following steps can use to insert art in any Microsoft word project:

  • Select the Insert tab
  • In Illustrations group click the Clip Art command
  • Enter the keyword in ‘Search for’ field and select the suitable option in ‘Search in’ and ‘Results should be’ fields
  • After clicking, clip art menu will appear

Clip Art in Microsoft Power Point

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The clip art is very common in Microsoft PowerPoint to add charm in several formal and informal presentations. If you have an internet connection, you can easily access binge.com to search for your desired clip-art. There are different steps for adding art PowerPoint. It depends on which version of the software you have. For starters, newer versions do not have a art library. But they still allow you to insert PowerPoint clip art free. 

The following steps can follow to insert clip art in Microsoft powerpoint:

  • Open the PowerPoint and go to “Insert” and click “Online Pictures”
  • A window pops up, and you can type a word or phrase that will describe the image you search for, then press the Enter key
  • You can filter the results by “Type”. The results include photographs, clipart, line drawing, animated GIF, and more. Select “Clipart” if you want only clip art results. 
  • Finally, you can select a picture you want to use, and then click “Insert”

Clip Art in Google Slides

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Clip art can also inserted in Google slides. It is much easier to insert art in Google slides without opting for a new presentation or slide.  Following procedures can follow to insert art in Google slides:

  • Open the document of your choice and press “Insert”
  • Then select “Search” from the menu on the right-hand side
  • Enter the type of image you are looking for in the Google search box

What is Clip Art Studio

Clip Art Studio or Clip Studio Paint is software for drawing and illustration. It is designing to capture every detail perfectly to make the illustrations look airbrushed. The overall-featured version is a web page-based, layered drawing application, with assistance for bitmap and vector art, textual content, imported 3-D models, and frame-by-frame animation. It has a drawing tool that imitates the natural media along with pencils, ink pens, brushes, and styles and decorations. It is far more prominent than similar programs with the aid of features design for creating comics: tools for growing panel layouts, attitude rulers, sketching, inking, making use of tones and textures, and coloring.

Clip Art Silhouette

Silhouette is a dark outline and shape of an object, a person, or a clip represented as a solid form of unmarried color, usually black, with its edges matching the subject’s outline. The indoors of a silhouette is featureless, and the silhouette is normally presenting on a light history, normally white or none in any respect. A silhouette is a very common prop use in art. Silhouette art became very popular in poster art to draw animated cartoons. Clip art silhouette is using in a wide variety of work ranging from social media posts to banners and posters, and everything in between; it allows us to make super intricate and professional projects. Most silhouettes are very easily accessible and are free to download from many websites. 

Vector Clip Art

Vector graphics invent by a man named Ivan Sutherland in 1963. He developed these images previously with Sketchpad, which eventually evolved to become CorelDRAW. Vector art is a technical term related to using mathematical algorithms to create images and illustrations through software like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. An image can easily modify and resize with a vector without hurting its quality. The vector clip art is extremely useful as a marketing tool because it helps design logos for companies, posters, billboards, and other marketing and promotional merchandise. 

The biggest advantage of vector images is that the quality of the image does not change even if you significantly change the size of the image. Moreover, since vector graphics derive from mathematical vector relationships, they can easily scale and appear clearer. In addition to that, vector images are very easy to edit.

What Is Royalty Free Clipart

Royalty Free is typically a license use by many stock photography agencies that sell stock images used in clip art. Acquiring the license allows the user or grants him the permission and rights to use such images. Some royalty free clip art additionally consists of limited commercial rights (the right to use photographs in for-earnings merchandise). Inclusive, customers give the right to apply the photograph but are barred via copyright. Royalty-Free clip art images are typically more object-oriented, and often they have no backgrounds.

With some licenses, the customer must pay royalties to the copyright owner, the agency, or both, every time they use the photo. But in the case of Royalty Free, the buyer pays only once for a varied set of rights, and they are pretty much set. 

Following are the top agencies to buy royalty free images:

  • StockPhotoSecrets Shop
  • Shutterstock
  • iStock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Getty Images

Transparent Clip Art 

The transparent clip art is one where you don’t have to worry about your clip art’s background clashing or competing with its surroundings. As its name suggests, it is a clip art with transparent background that can easily fit into any place. It is mostly used in designing logos. Logos with transparent backgrounds are tremendously useful while constructing an emblem because you could use them across mediums and with any color palette. If you come across any company logo with a “transparent PNG,” you’ll word pictures with a white-and-gray checked sample around them; this refers to transparent clip art. The checked pattern doesn’t show up when you fit the image.


What is a Clip Art Picture?

It is a type of graphic art that is an amalgamation of pre-made images use to illustrate any media. In other words, it is a collection of pictures that may be integrated into a document, presentation, banner, or anything that requires a touch of visuals.

It adds a more professional and universal approach to any graphic design. These clipart illustrations are often including with any software used for drawing, word processing, scrapbooking, writing, designing, or publishing.

Where Can I Download Clip Art?

Here is a list of websites for free vectors that can be used for clip art:

  • Fotor.com
  • Freepik.com
  • Etc.usf.edu
  • Vecteezy.com
  • All-free-download.com
  • Freepngimg.com
  • Vexels.com
  • Vector.me
  • FreeVectors.net

How to Use Clip Art?

It is quite easy to find and use clip art images – all you need is to:

  • visit the free clip art website;
  • select a category;
  • then, select the appropriate image;
  • save it to your computer;
  • Upload it to the site as a banner or any other element.

Informative and well-designed images are an absolute need in every creative project nowadays. Every piece of information requires vivid visuals to display properly to grab the target audience’s attention, be it any poster, social media banner, or simply an office or university presentation. In addition to that, clip artworks are a better time and money saving alternative to real photos.

Final Words

That is to say, if there is a shortage of budget to hire actual photographers, clip art comes to the rescue. Every other designer has a bundle of the clip art used in previous projects that can reuse, and therefore, nothing is required to do from scratch. Additionally, it saves money because it simplifies creating images that need a lot of time and effort. 

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