What is Art: Why is Art Important?

Art is a curious kind of human activity that can create consciousness, bringing to our material world something that never exists. And it is so great that the mind allows man to be the creator of something new and beautiful.

Asking what art is, in various dictionaries, it is an element of spiritual culture, a thematic creative reflection of reality and perspective, a special form of social consciousness, and cognitive knowledge of the world. Art is the litmus paper of the mentality existing in a man.

Often art is related to creativity, but creativity is still a less important category than art. For example, many artists engage in creativity, but not every writer’s work will be universally recognized art cultural heritage. Nonetheless, creativity with arts satisfies a person’s most important spiritual need for self-expression. Art is a play on images that originated in the imagination, which we have realized in real life.

On the other hand, generating new ideas is also an art form that is not accidentally passed on to everyone. A lot of money is spent on creative ideas, and it can bring popularity. And if the idea is really good, there will always be people who can effectively implement it.

Art is so important for your happiness. When people do something creative, it gives them joy. So to remain happy, art is important for everyone. Art can inspire people to achieve something great in their lives. Art can be the communicative medium between people to better human beings. In this article, you will know what is art, the importance of Art and many more things about Art.

What is Art?

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If you ask, “What is Art?”. There will be so many answers from so many different thoughts. Art is a diverse thing. There are many ways to understand art. That’s why so many scholars give their definition of art. Rabindranath Tagore said that “Art is that which drives man from a mere urge to engage in the creation of art.”

According to the most trusted American dictionary by Merriam Webster, the decimation of art is “the sensible use of  creative imagination and skill especially in the creation of aesthetic things.”

Leo Tolstoy has written about his life experience. His definition of Art is “Art is the thing by which a man, having  an emotion, intentionally transfers it to others.”

The German philosopher Hegel said that  “Art is sensuous presentation of the absolute.”

Concept of Art

Art’s subject has taken shape in proportion to the development of human civilization. That is to say, until the real development of human civilization took place, he engaged in a war with cruel nature only to sustain life. Ever since man overcame some of his life problems, the closed room windows of life and the beauty of the world began to open.

Art is a wonderful thing that can only be created by special talent. In general, we call it art whose development or expression is not driven by the human intellect but by an inner sense and imaginative genius,

This art revolves around poetry, drama, music, dance in a big sense, the expression of which we have seen even in primitive human society. In general, those who are not called civilised, those who feel more comfortable keeping the society internally, also have to be shocked when they see different art manifestations. They sang rhymes orally, looking for joy in a group dance.

So it seems that the so-called education or civilization may not directly connect with the concept of art. The seeds of art may have been planted in him at the very first day when man realized himself to be the unique creation of this Goddess.

So if anybody asks you, “What is Art?” the answer is simple -“Art is that what you do creatively and that gives you joy and happiness. Art is a source of inspiration. No wonder art is the inspiration to live life beautifully.

Types of Art

Art inspires our way of life. There are several types of this art. Art is mainly 3 types. They are Fine Art, Visual Art, and Performing Art. Let’s describe the classifications.

Fine Art

A visual application or expression of the creativity of humans which gives you mental happiness is Fine Art.  

Fine art refers to several genres of art, including drawing, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, theatre, dance, recitation, and acting. Fine arts generally include film, photography, conceptual art, and printmaking.

Visual Art

Visual art is an art form where you can see the art visually in nature. This is the way to visualize your creativity or expression through Art. 

Many visual arts like ceramic, painting, sculpture, drawing, poetry, printmaking, etc. Some of the applied arts are also part of visual art. They are graphic design, fashion design, Industrial design, decorative art, and interior design.

Performing Art

The art performed by some artists using their skills in front of an audience is called performing Art. This is different from visual art. This is an exciting form of art. 

There are many types of performing Art. People love this art more than the others because they enjoy it live Dance, drama, music, etc.

These are the different types of arts. There are more different classifications of them.

Importance of Art 

importance art

We all live in a society and do many types of work for our living. As we are human beings, we need some enjoyment in our life. Which will take away the monotony of our work, make our lives fun, inspire everyone in our society to stay together. 

Art will bring you that. Art is a very important thing in our life.  It’s not just that it will make you happy.  This art is much more useful in your life. Now let’s know the answer to the question, “Why is Art Important? “

Art is important in our life for several reasons. They are discussed below.

Develops Expression and Creativity

We are human; we love to express our feelings through a medium. Art is the medium for us to express ourselves creatively.

Children’s creativity develops through participation in art. When children draw pictures or sing or dance, they learn more and more about those arts. It develops their talents. Art can make your life beautiful and is good for children to improve their talent and creativity. You can express something through art which is difficult to express. Art also improves your mood.

Helps to Develop Necessary Soft Skills 

The importance of art is not limited to leisure time. It helps us to do our job better. When you apply for a job, you need to know some hard skills like bookkeeping and data analysis. Besides that, if you know some soft skills like communication, teamwork, fluency, critical thinking, time management, stress management, it will be good for you to succeed in any job. When you practice any form of art, that will help you develop your soft skills.

Provides Historical Knowledge

Art and human history are tied together with each other. That’s why people are so keen to study Shakespearean plays, cave art, and so much more. 

When we try to learn the art created in the previous time, we can also learn about the past of human history. We can learn about their problems and how they overcome those problems, as like that the future generation will know about us by practicing art. 

Make You Healthy and Thoughtful 

When we work with industry, it creates excitement. Then in that situation, we can have a healthy discussion. This discussion is not chaotic, which is a lot better for us. Moreover, suppose you take a picture and think about what you are good at. That means art makes you think. It will work when you are dealing with an adverse situation.

Makes People United

Art can unite people. It develops our humanity. It would be nice if I could give an example. Ivory Coast was plunged into civil war in 2006. Then the legendary footballer Didier Drogba applied from his dressing room to end the civil war after qualifying for the Euros. At his request, the country’s civil war came to an end. From this, it is understood that art can bring peace among us.

Impact of Art in Our Life

art impact our life

Art has a lot of positive effects on our lives. It is the manifestation of our creative being. Art gives us joy; it inspires us. This art affects our lives in many ways. Suppose you are upset, take pictures, and your mind is getting better. This is the power of art.

Art can change a bad situation to a peaceful situation. Art is so powerful, and it plays an important role in our society. It can have an impact on politics, culture, and people.

Impact On Politics 

Art is a medium to achieve peace. Suppose there is a movement running in your country. You can show your support through a poster or a song, a form of Art. So you can protest peacefully through art. You don’t have to be violent to protest. You will be able to assert your rights only through a non-violent movement. When your art spreads to many people, the movement will grow, and rights will be realized. So there is a powerful impact of Art on Politics.

Impact On Culture 

Culture carries the identity of a country or nation. Art is a major part of the culture. A rich culture form by combining many arts. When a nation practices art, its culture will improve, and it will be known to everyone worldwide. This is how art affects culture like silk is an Art. This is a part of Indian culture. Silk cloths made India famous all over the world. That’s how art can be impactful on culture.

Impact On People 

Art has a big impact on people. Art can improve your lifestyle. People sometimes don’t know what to do in their life. They become confused about their life. Art gives people the meaning of life and helps them understand the world. When people create a thing that is a form of art, it gives them happiness. Art elevates the mood of people in society. You can improve your personality with the help of art. One example is art improves thinking power.

Is Art Powerful? 

Art touches people emotionally. Art is powerful because it can influence culture, people, politics, and the economy. When you make beautiful art, it gives people joy, makes them emotional, and influences them to change their lives. Art is powerful because it can make people aware.

 So that people can make a good society to live in. Art can make culture more prosperous. Without art, our history and culture would be forgotten by now. Art breaks barriers between two sides.

It can make people equal because everyone can relate to art. Everyone loves and believes in art. Art improves one’s personality, which is the impact of art on people. Art is so powerful that it can stop a war.

The definition of art is always controversial. There are so many debates on art. No matter what, Art is there from human existence. Art positively affects our lives. You can use the art for your entertainment happiness. Art is powerful, and it has so many impacts on our life, society, culture, and politics. If you can practice more art, it will help you improve your qualities.

So do you have many different answers to the question “What is art?” Share your thoughts with us.

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