What is a Printer

Computers collect all kinds of information in digital form; they don’t have any physical existence. Printers read the digital data and get it onto paper or something. Charles Babbage made the first design of printers in the 19th century. The electronic printers were first invented in 1968 by EPSON, called the EP-101. In the 90s, inkjet printers became available. The printers were modified to 3D printers in 2010. Now it’s a fundamental technological tool in every office and business sector. Let’s discuss what a printer is, its classifications, and so on.

What is a Printers?

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The printer is a device that works as an output device attached to a computer. It converts electronic data to tangible form, usually in the size of 8.5 x 11 inches. It can convert electronic data that includes documents, images, and text, all three of them.

An operator gives a command on a computer that ensures which data to transfer from software form to hardware form, or “paper form.” A printer’s efficiency depends on operating speed PPM (pages per minute) and resolution power DPI (dots per inch). The higher the PPM and DPI of printers, the more efficient.

What Are the Types of Printers?

According to the wiring, there are two types of printers.

Wired printers have a USB cable attached to them and can wire to a computer by multiplug. It is also called wired printers.

A wireless printer connects with a computer through Wi-Fi, not through wires. It is called wireless printers.

Printers Categorized Into 2 Types:

  1. Impact printers
  2. Non-impact printers

Impact Printers have 2 Categories:

  1. Character printers
  2. Line printers
Character Printers have Two Subcategories:
  1. Dot-matrix printers
  2. Daisy roller printers
Line Printers have 3 Subcategories:
  1. Drum printers
  2. Chain printers
  3. Band printers

Non-Impact Printers have 3 Categories:

  1. Laser printers
  2. Inkjet printers
  3. Thermal printers

Non-impact printers have day-to-day uses in many ways. We are discussing a bit about the two most popular types of printers.

Inkjet printers: As the name implies, inkjet printers have a nozzle attached to the printer’s head which applies the ink onto the paper. The nozzles are called jets. And inkjet printers have CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key, or black) color cartridges.

Where is the Inkjet Printers used?

Non-impact printers can print out colorful images and graphics. Brochures, wedding cards, flyers, restaurant menus, family photos, etc., are mainly printed by inkjet printers.

To print documents, laser printers employ laser rays. It creates a copy of the document with a laser beam inside the printer with the help of a laser beam.

Where is the Laser Printers Used?

Laser printers are more efficient and low-cost because they work without ink. Documents, hard copies, paperback books, etc., can be printout by laser printers.

What Are the Uses of Printers?

using printer for scan

The printers play a vital role in the education and business fields. So it has many uses. High-quality printers nowadays offer 2D and 3D. 2D printing deals with documents in paper form, while 3D printers, on the other hand, deals with various things on 3D objects like mugs, jars, t-shirts, etc. We are discussing the top 10 uses of printers.

Prints Text and Document Files:

You need to print in any text or document files. Fonts and characters can convert from electronic data to tangible alphabets in the paper. Pdf, Docx, and XML files can format by the printers.

Prints Diagrams and Pictures:

Laser and non-impact printers can print out graphic and colored documents and pictures. 3D printers can print pictures and symbols on 3D objects like mugs, showpieces, jars, t-shirts, etc. A graphic designer designs logos and diagrams on a computer then print them.

Prints Storybooks and Children’s Books:

The written text must be printed to release in a paper book format. This children’s book contains colorful designs and pictures. Colored pictures and images can be printed on laser and inkjet printers. So the printers are inevitable to “build” a book.

Prints Coupons and Maps:

Colored and black and white, coupons are often in the form of paper. So the printers have to do the job. As the prints handwritten maps,

The Resume and Cover Letters:

The printers print resumes and cover letters. Sometimes a photo needs to attach to resumes and cover letters. Prints photos along with the papers as well.

CD or DVD Labels:

CD/DVD labels have something printed on them that usually represents the characteristics or subject of the item. A printer does the job. The same goes for address labels. Printers prints that.

Prints Party Wall Decor:

Prints party wall decor such as banners, printed on balloons, candles, and so on.

Business Cards and Banking Cards:

Prints business cards and prints the numbers and symbols on ATM cards like MasterCard, Visa, debit cards, credit cards, etc. The same goes for hard-back papers and books.

Booklets and Flyers:

Booklets and flyers are printed by printers, specifically by non-impact printers.

Recipes and Menu Cards:

Because recipes and menu cards are often hardbacks, print their writings.

What Are the Five Functions of a Printers?

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Printers have a wide range of uses and functions. But we are discussing the top five most important tasks of printers.

Printing Documents:

Printing documents is the main function of printers. All need prints from resumes to wedding cards, from school projects to research papers. Modern printers can print thicker and voluminous stacks of paper properly. 2D printing is for documents and papers.

Printing Photos:

Laser and inkjet printers have color printing options. Children’s books, illustrated cartoons, comic books, etc., have colorful pictures. Printers different types of documents, such as hardcovers, brochures, etc. that contain pictures. With advanced technology, you can print pictures while sitting at home. The CanonPIXMA G570 and PIXMA 670 are two printers to print high-quality colored photos.

Sending Fax:

Sending a document that doesn’t have a physical form is fax. Nowadays, email has become popular, but sending documents through printers is popular in offices. The printers can print as well as work as a fax machine.

Copying Documents and Photos:

The printers also have a copy function which allows you to make several copies of the main document or whatever you’re printing.

Printing Something on 3D Objects:

3D objects include glass cases, packaging boxes, ceramic and plastic items, clothing, and so on. Modern printers are used to print graphics on them. Printers also print logos, flyers, etc.

The Types of Printers

types of printer

These are some popular types of printers. Different types of printers have different functions and advantages. We’ll look through it now. As we’ve already discussed inkjet and laser printers, we’ll look at the other printers types.

  • Laser printers

Advantage: Low cost and far superior PPM and DPI to inkjet printers.

  • Solid ink printers

Advantage: Eco-friendly, 40 PPM and DPI, which is better than a laser printer, easy to use, very good at printing photographs, better printing quality.

  • Continuous ink printers

Advantage: Lower printing costs; ink cartridges can print 6000 to 7000 pages in a short period, making them suitable for high-quality graphics, logos, and illustrations.

  • LED printers

Advantage: Fewer moving parts mean fewer malfunctions and proper operation; it prints with a high-quality laser beam.

What Are Printers and Scanners?

A printer with a scanner is like two opposite devices. The scanner is an input device that scans a document or page and then converts it into electronic data. On the other hand, the printers do the exact opposite as it alters the digital data into tangible form.

What Is Printers Sublimation?

A sublimation printer is used for 3D printing on jars, mugs, and large objects like banners, sheets of plastic, etc. It uses heat transfer to print onto desired objects.

What Is a Printers Toner?

Printers toner is a medium made of granulated plastic with silica, zinc, and other components that fall from the toner cartridge onto the paper and print according to the input given by the computer.

What Is a Printers Driver?

The printer’s driver is software located on a computer that translates the digital data into a “printer-readable” form. Without this software, the printers won’t read the digital data.

What Is Printers Paper?

A4-sized printers paper usually has a weight of 80gsm and a 210 x 297mm measurement. A4-sized printers paper can fit properly into the input tray of the printers. That’s why it’s called printers paper.

What Is an Offline Printers?

Wired printers need to be connected to a PC through a USB cable, while wireless printers must be connected through Wi-Fi. So if printers can’t be connected to the computer, that’s when we say the printers are offline. The printers need to be connected to the computer, either through USB or Wi-Fi.

What Are Printers and Plotters?

The plotter is a modified form of printer. A plotter receives digital data from computers and converts it into a vector design. They are suitable for large graphs, architectural plans, maps, interior designing, engineering fields, etc.

What Is a Printers Cable?

A printer’s cable is used to transmit data and commands and connect wired printers to the computer. There are two types: USB, a flat cable, and USB B, a square plug.

Advantage: wired printers can’t operate without a printer’s cable because it creates a connection with the computer.


A printer is always an important tool for converting documents from digits to touchable paper. Colored documents are now possible to print. Impact printers are for professional use. On the other hand, non-impact printers are very useful hardware for special education and business fields and handy for daily use. We hope you found above what a printer is in this article helpful.

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