What Font Does Roblox Use

The Roblox Corporation is a large multinational corporation known for its popular video game development, hosting, and distribution platform. Roblox is a user-generated gaming platform that attracts almost 200 million players every month. But did you know what font does Roblox use? Roblox uses an entirely unique font for its logo. You might think that the Roblox font is very colorful and bubbly, but it’s actually very simple. There are quite a few unique fonts used across the platform, and we want to share which ones are used and all of the other cool information you can find in this article.

This article contains a list of Roblox fonts sorted by popularity, giving you some ideas on which to base your own creations. Not only can you choose from popular fonts, but make your own by combining fonts, recoloring them, or adding effects to them. Look at this list of cool fonts that Roblox used in games.

What Font Does Roblox Use

The Roblox Font: Gill Sans Ultra Bold

Font and font size are two important aspects of your Roblox profile. You should keep both in mind as you understand fonts will help you stand out or blend in with the crowd. The characters of the Roblox Font Family possess a number of intriguing characteristics. As opposed to other fonts, they omitted the letter “o” and replaced it with square boxes instead. With its sharp characteristics and highly simplistic format, this font is gaining popularity day by day. With these features, this font stands out from the crowd. It uses the Gill Sans Ultra Bold font. Monotype’s Gill Sans UltraBold by Monotype can give your work a similar look.

The Interstate font’s extreme characteristics and profoundly simple composition are contributing to the growing popularity of these fonts. This contemporary font family stands out from others of its kind.

Similar fonts to Gill Sans Ultra Bold:

ITC Johnston

This font is sans-serif and humanist by ITC. The original design was made by Edward Johnston in 1916. Many people are familiar with it as it is commonly used in the London underground railways. Among the distinguishing design features of ITC Johnston is the diamond-shaped dot on the I and J.

P22 Underground

Edward Johnston’s popular typeface for the London Underground, Johnston, inspired P22 Underground. In 1916 it was created. It includes an extraordinary selection of cuts, every one available in a wide range of weights, ranging from small caps to petite caps to titling models.

Azo Sans

Azo Sans is inspired by a geometric design based loosely on geometric shapes. It’s geometric grotesque is contemporary and geometric. Constructivist typefaces from the 1920s and inspired by geometric forms are infused with a humanistic quality.

Despite its strict geometry, Azo Sans contains a variety of nuances that make it a more human and enjoyable typeface when composing long texts.


Tobias Frere-Jones designed the typeface Mallory, a sans-serif typeface. The typeface was published by Frere-Jones Type in 2015. This is the first typeface Frere-Jones has released since he split from his longtime business partner, Jonathan Hoefler. Styles from both Britain and America are reflected in this typeface, which makes me think of a combination between Gill Sans and Gotham. With eight weights and corresponding italics, Mallory is created specifically to work with low-resolution screens and small sizes. It is also available with a MicroPlus optical scale.

Pairings of Roblox Fonts

Larish Neue

Larish Neue is a serif font that Radim Peško designed. RP Digital Type Foundry designed and published it. Peško’s Larish Alte was the inspiration for the design, but it has been updated to have a more contemporary look. Larish Neue has fewer unconventional shapes than in Larish Alte, although the lowercase letters still stand out.


The typeface Perpetua belongs to the Transitional Serif family. Eric Gill designed it in 1929, and Monotype published it. Stonecutter Gill devised the style based on his experience. The lowercase letter begins with a point rather than a serif in recognition of his experience. In addition to a primarily book-oriented face, Perpetua also features a variant of the show called Perpetua Titling.


A serif typeface designed by Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes, Publico is named after them. Public Display, Public Document, and Public Banner are three changes currently open. Publico Text is designed to accommodate convenient reading.

A more striking headline was the goal of the Publico show. This banner was made to be used at extremely large sizes due to its large variation in stroke thickness. When positioned tightly, a post banner can evoke the 1970s.

ITC Serif Gothic

Herb Lubalin and Tony DeSpigna designed ITC Serif Gothic in 1972, which is a hybrid serif/gothic typeface. A loose interpretation of Lubalin’s geometric sans-serif is used in the layout. It differs only from Lubalin’s sans-serif in subtle ways. Star Wars and Star Trek posters use this typeface, which conjures up 1970s science fiction like no other. ITC Serif Gothic is not available in italics, but it contains six weights: Roman, Medium, Bold, Heavy, ExtraBold, and Black.

You can use fine-quality logo types for any number of purposes, from logo design to designing posters, banners, and business cards to creating watermarks, pamphlets, book covers, writing books, website templates, stationery, titling, etc many others.

Basis Grotesque

Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington of Colophon Foundry designed Basis Grotesque, a sans-serif typeface. Originally, it was developed for the photography magazine Hotshoe in 2012.

In 2015, it became a commercial font after being used first as a system typeface. Colophon describes Colophon’s quirks as more behaved and shapely than early grotesques, but they retain some influence from early grotesques. The Monospaced version of Base Grotesque is also available in five weights and with matching italics.

Other Font Uses in Roblox

Everybody acknowledges that Roblox is the best platform for developing video games, and it allows its users to create their own video games. It is even possible to play games created by other Roblox users. Members of the Roblox developer community use different Roblox fonts to write their video games.

There are many Roblox fonts that are used to highlight one aspect of video games, or even to observe the theme of the game. A GUI element’s Font Enum determines how it renders its text in TextBox, TextLabel, and TextButton. These are variants of some bold, italic, or light fonts.

The same thing is not true for what makes an excellent game blurb or brand as it is for what makes good game text. Despite its ability to draw attention, credit, and interest, the expressive form isn’t what gamers are looking for when it comes to action.

Final Words

Roblox is a great online game that has a lot of popularity, and therefore, it has its own font that can be used in Roblox. Through the passage of time, Roblox continues to add fonts to Roblox without taking any further action to this day. As we explained above, this article must be very helpful for you to provide fonts for Roblox. Hopefully, this has helped you narrow down what font does Roblox use.

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