What Does a Cold Air Intake Do? 6 Benefits of New Air Intake for Your Vehicle

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In the quest to improve the power and performance of vehicles, automobile manufacturers have come up with innovative aftermarket systems. One of the new additions is a cold air intake system.

So, what does a cold air intake do?

An air intake system acts as ventilation for your car’s engine. Because engines generate power through fuel combustion, they need oxygen to enhance their efficiency. A good air intake system nourishes your engine with this necessary combustion ingredient.

‚ÄčHow Do Cold Air Intakes Work?

To install a cold air intake system, you need to move your engine’s air filters to the outer compartment and closer to the fender. This will allow your engine to draw in more cold air as well as put the filters in a prime position to take in more cold air and less hot air generated by the engine.

Moreover, this will help reduce the temperatures in your engine and eliminate the need of having your air filter surrounded by an airbox. As a result, you’ll have improved airflow in your engine. Instead of an airbox, a cold air intake system uses smoother and wider intake tubes with better functionality.

what does a cold air intake do

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Some of the benefits of this modification to your car include:

‚Äč6 Benefits of New Air Intake for Your Vehicle

‚Äč1. Better Acceleration

With the right air intake modification, you can substantially increase your car’s acceleration.

Installing a cold air intake system will increase the amount of oxygen available for combustion.

With more readily available airflow, fuel burns at a faster rate and generates more energy. As a result, your engine becomes more responsive whenever you step on the gas pedal.

what does a cold air intake do

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2. ‚ÄčLonger Engine Life

The standard stock air intake systems installed by manufacturers tend to retain more heat in the engine compartment compared to cold air intakes. The resultant circulation of warm air within your engine not only wears it down but also damages the rubber hoses, causing them to crack. This reduces the longevity of your engine.

Because cold air systems reduce the temperatures in your engine compartment, your engine’s lifespan will significantly increase. Moreover, other components of the engine such as the radiator and hose pipes work better at lower temperatures.

what does a cold air intake do

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3. ‚ÄčBetter Fuel Efficiency

Combustion engines are powered by an in-house explosion that occurs when a mixture of air and fuel is ignited by an electrical spark.

When the air required for combustion is not enough, the fuel will not burn completely and this results in the production of less energy. Your car, therefore, burns more fuel in order to compensate for this shortcoming.

Cold air intakes increase the amount of available air for combustion. Therefore, your car burns fuel more efficiently.

What Does a Cold Air Intake Do

4. ‚ÄčEfficient Filters

The standard filters that come with your car are made up of disposable paper. While they are fairly effective, they need to be replaced regularly.

Cold air systems come with longer lasting filters that will need cleaning after a mileage of about 25000-50000. This not only reduces your car‚Äôs maintenance costs but also provides your engine with an efficient filter that draws in more air ‚Äď it’s a win-win situation.

What Does a Cold Air Intake Do

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5.¬†‚ÄčBetter Engine Sound

If you love powerful engine roars, you should definitely get a cold air intake system. Unlike the traditional stock air intakes, aftermarket intakes allow more air through the engine. The complete combustion of a fuel produces a clear and heavy engine growl that many people love.

Moreover, if you are not a fan of loud engine growls, you can go for specially designed cold air intakes that will muffle out excessive engine roars, while maintaining efficient engine performance.

What Does a Cold Air Intake Do

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‚Äč6. More Horsepower

Cold air intakes allow cooler, oxygen-rich air to move to your engine. With cooler air, fuel is burned more evenly, and this results in more horsepower. For every 10-degree drop in air temperature, your car’s horsepower increases by about 1 percent.

So, if you feel your car is not powerful enough, installing an aftermarket air intake could be just the thing it needs.

‚ÄčIs a Silverado Cold Air Intake Worth it?

If you are a true petrolhead, upgrading your air intake system should be a no-brainer. That is unless you do not want better acceleration, more horsepower, efficient fuel consumption, and longer engine life.

What are you waiting for? Get your car a new Silverado cold air intake system and experience next-level performance. It is, without a doubt, worth every penny you spend on it.

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