What Color Goes With Yellow

The color yellow symbolizes brightness, optimism, and new beginnings in cultures throughout the world. The color was traditionally used on front doors to protect homes from evil and negativity in Oriental cultures. Today, it is a beautiful hue that brings a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation to even the dullest of interiors. Yellow enhances the brightness and warmth of a room, but what color goes with yellow when used more extensively? You can pair a yellow with a wide range of colors, including trendy neutrals such as gray and bright colors such as orange, red, and green. It depends heavily on your taste, the ambiance of the room, and the style of the room.

Yellow color can be used in various tones and shades and has a lot of appeal to a broad audience. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room of your house, yellow is a beautiful accent color that can instantly illuminate, brighten, and complement its surroundings. Let’s look at some color combinations that lend themselves well to yellow.

What Color Goes With Yellow: 20 Combinations

1. Yellow + Blue

kids room decorated with yellow and blue
Credit: decoist.com

Colors like blue never disappoint. Blue is indeed beautiful when combined with yellow and its many shades. In addition to adding brightness without going overboard, the blue and yellow combination is also very pleasing. Despite its modern appearance, this color combination can be used in virtually any style of decorating. Together, both colors complement one another and add plenty of panache to the design.

2. Yellow + Green

drawing room decoration
Credit: decoist.com

This combination of green and yellow is also inspired by nature and is equally pleasing as blue and yellow. These lovely yellow flowers on green branches look best lit by natural light, just like those yellow flowers on green branches. Green shades with darker undertones make good visual balancing when paired with yellow accents and anchor the room.

3. Yellow + Orange + Red

yellow rest chair in decorated room
Credit: Anthony Baratta

An interior filled with oranges and reddish hues has the warmth, energy, and feeling of the fiery passion of the sky at dawn and dusk every day. If done incorrectly, this combination can be overwhelming and completely different from the two color combos previously discussed. A pair that never disappoints, red and yellow complement styles as diverse as traditional, Mediterranean, Victorian, and eclectic. The contrast between orange and yellow, however, makes them look much more modern and sophisticated.

4. Yellow + Gray

beautiful room decoration with gray
Credit: Peter Landers

Gray is the hottest neutral color right now, and we have lectured you endlessly about its popularity. Although gray is increasingly being used to replace white across the world, adding a hint of gray to the yellow zest can give the room a more curated and sophisticated appearance, even if you are not removing all the white from the setting. Dark grays can be easily combined with light yellow shades, while light grays and bluish gray colors are also super popular.

5. Yellow + Pink

bedroom decoration with yellow
Credit: Design

Even though pink and yellow seem like an unorthodox combination on the surface, they make for a delightful combination, especially for girl’s rooms and shabby chic rooms. To create a fusion where pink is the dominant color, choose light yellow shades and hot pinks such as fuchsia. You may want to begin by using a white room to experiment with since both of these colors tend to appear in moderation. You can branch out as soon as you become comfortable with the duo.

6. Yellow + Hot Pink

yellow color reading room decor
Credit: Nancy Mitchell

Consider adding a splash of hot pink if you want black and yellow to be even bolder. Then again, as you can see here, it can definitely have its own quirky appeal.

7. Yellow + Light Blue

yellow kitchen room decor
Credit: Anna Spaller

A soft yellow and light blue color scheme makes this room look wonderful. Despite the desaturated color scheme, the room has many neutral accents, which keep it from feeling too Eastery.

8. Yellow + Brown

what color goes with yellow
Credit: Nancy Mitchell

A warm mid-century brown color console table paired with bright yellows makes this entryway stand out even more. A consistent color scheme helps the overall look be cohesive. 

9. Yellow + Beige

beautiful room decor with yellow
Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Beige matches yellow well, just as white does. It has been determined that a creamy, warm beige color will create an elegant backdrop for a gender-neutral nursery while making the white rocking chair and crib stand out. Against the yellow in the hexagon shelving and golden hardwood floors and darker tan accents stand out on the wall art.

10. Yellow + Black

yellow living room decor
Credit: homedit.com

Yellow and black are natural partners sometimes, as evidenced by the striking color combination of bumblebees. When yellow pairs with black in interior design, such a combination immediately provides a focal point both because of its own color and the blackness of the other color. If you would like a more soothing visual transition, choose a yellow with grey undertones.

11. Yellow + Dark-stained w ood

what color goes with yellow
Credit: beckwithinteriors

Rather than the usual granite, marble, concrete, or wood countertops, one interesting idea for a kitchen is to have them in a bright color. You could paint the walls or rely on colored tiles to add an accent color to your space. The dark-stained wood underneath the yellow countertops makes this kitchen truly stand out, making it even more appealing.

12. Yellow + Light Purple

drawing room decoration with yellow
Credit: homedit.com

Light purple combined with yellow can make your house look softer. Adding light purple to your home can create a luxurious and expensive ambiance. The image is shaded with soft and light purples, such as Light Tints, Plum, and Violet, together with Blue Violets, and the floor is designed as a room divider.

13. Neon Yellow + Pink

beautiful room decoration with pink
Credit: Anki Wijnen

Colors come in various shades, and this is the most important thing to keep in mind when working with them. Accents of neon yellow and bright pink are used throughout the room, including the walls, the furniture, and the stairs. With various hues ranging from yellow to pink, this collection is sure to keep you entertained.

14. Banana Yellow + Off-White

guest room decor with off-white
Credit: Benjamin Moore

Off-white and yellow like in this dreamy breakfast nook create a dreamy space. Thanks to the addition of natural accents, the yellow walls, and vase blend well with the creamy color palette. To brighten up the space, keep the walls neutral and add a sunny fabric to the mix.

15. Flaxen Yellow + Brown

bed room decor
Credit: Marij Hessel

Rich colors that possess tons of depth should be considered when decorating a sophisticated space. In this bedroom, yellow paint on the wall gives the wood furniture a lively look, while a soft yellow blanket adds a touch of warmth. Leaving half of the wall white and painting only half of the wall will make the space feel light and airy.

16. Yellow + Bricks

decorative room
Credit: dhd.nyc

In design, color isn’t the only consideration; materials and finishes are equally important. For example, we are looking at a kitchen decorated in an unusual way. The walls, countertops, and island feature yellow tiles, while the ceiling is designed with bricks. This is a very busy-looking but fascinating design.

17. Yellow +Mint green

decorated living room
Credit: homedit.com

Consider introducing a little green to the yellow backdrop to introduce a darker and colder feel to the décor without losing its freshness. It is fitting that green accents are featured in this bedroom, which is complemented well by a view outside the window.

18. Yellow + faded green

what color goes with yellow
Credit: renewaldesignbuild

Understandably, some people do not like bright yellow because it can feel overpowering. However, the darker yellows can look stunning and can be paired with a variety of other colors. This lovely faded green or the dark wood details, on the other hand, look excellent with a white backdrop and a few accent colors. This living room is so charming and full of character with its eclectic décor.

19. Yellow + Dark gray

kitchen decor with yellow
Credit: hendrickschurchill

As previously mentioned, this yellow and gray mix is quite popular and adaptable as well. There is a range of styles that can be used with it. One example is this kitchen. Featuring beautiful yellow cabinets and coordinating window trim, it has a beautiful farmhouse-inspired design. Both the backsplash and countertop are a dark gray color, which is absolutely stunning.

20. Yellow + White

toilet decoration with yellow
Credit: readerswartz

A yellow accent color is an excellent choice for small spaces. White also contributes to their appearance of brightness and openness. In combination, these colors create a striking effect. A good example is this small bathroom, which radiates such a sunny and cheerful atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which color goes well with yellow?

Yellow pairs well with a wide variety of other colors, such as orange, white,  pink, green,  blue, and brown, to name just a few. Pick one or two accent shades of yellow, along with a dark neutral and some white, to create the ideal yellow color scheme.

What is a complementary color to yellow?

The Purple.

Any primary color’s complement can be created by mixing it with the other two primary colors. Red and blue can be used to create the opposite of yellow (a primary color). On the color wheel, the result will be purple, which is located directly across from yellow.

Does grey go with yellow?

Grey can soften the intensity of yellows, and yellows can enliven cool-toned greys in a living room setting. To get the look you want, focus on matching complementary colors.

What color is golden yellow?

On the RGB color wheel, the color golden yellow lies halfway between amber and yellow. 87.5 percent yellow and 12.5% red make up this hue. The term “golden yellow” appears in an English context for the first time in 1597.

Do red and yellow go together?

As long as the color saturation values of the red and yellow are similar, they complement one another; for example, a pastel yellow looks better when paired with a pink than a bright red. So, you will be able to see the color’s impact without appearing washed out.

Final Verdict

Few colors on the spectrum are more luminous than yellow, boasting a distinctive quality that will instantly catch your attention. A sunburst of color, yellow embodies hope, happiness, and optimism. This warm color compliments a wide array of other hues, but perhaps its best feature is how well it pairs with so many different colors. This article shows what color goes with yellow, so you can pick a color scheme that matches your taste, regardless of whether your style is eclectic or modern.

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