What Color Goes With Purple

As a color, purple represents power, wisdom, mystery, peace, creativity, magic, ambition, and loyalty. At least we can use purple at home if we can’t actually be purple. Furthermore, purple is the meeting point of peaceful, calming blues and bold, passionate reds for a truly beautiful combination. When it comes to decorating, it may not be one of the most apparent or popular colors in the rainbow, but it is among the most interesting. Now the question is – what color goes with purple?

The color purple may seem hard to combine, but in reality, it works well with a wide range of hues. Depending on the hue it’s paired with, this shade can give off several different vibes, such as dark, regal, festive, modern, and earthy.

In order to make it easier for you to follow, we gathered designer rooms that incorporate varying shades of purple as examples. Check out the following color combinations below that go well with purple and inspire your own home decor.

What Color Goes With Purple: 20 Combinations

1. Purple + Black and White

room decoration with purple and black
Credit: Nathan Shroder

Even though black and white rooms look great on their own, these classic color combinations also look stunning when combined with purple furniture. With its traditional colors, this dining space is infused with a bit of modernity. The end result is something that will make your dinner guests talk.

2. Purple + Silver

room decorated by Purple and Silver
Credit: Catherine Nguyen

Add silvery accents in purple to keep the luxe theme going. Purple is already a regal color, and silvery touches will, in turn, make it seem even more regal. You don’t need to limit purple to children’s rooms; you can incorporate it into adult bedrooms as well. To avoid overpowering a room, use a more subtle shade, such as lavender.

3. Purple + Emerald

drawing room decoration with Purple & Emerald
Credit: Michael J Lee

Choosing purple and green may seem like an unconventional combination, but it can also work in a more traditional setting. The formal living room in this home is eye-catching without straying too far from the norm. You don’t have to decorate the entirety of your living space in blue and white to love ginger jars.

4. Purple + White

bedroom decorates by Purple & White
Credit: K Hayden Rafferty

White is a great accent color; don’t ignore it! Purple ceilings in this room stand out, and the white bedding gives it a calming effect. An element of surprise can be incorporated into a neutral gatway with this type of setup.

5. Purple + Rust

sofaroom decoration with Purple & Rust
Credit: Jenny Kakoudakis

Despite the lack of color in this living room, purple made a strong statement nonetheless. An emerald green sofa sits on top of the intricate geometric rug, while rust grasscloth wallpaper adorns the wall. While adding intriguing texture to the space, the grasscloth design doesn’t overwhelm it.

6. Purple + Forest Green

room decorated by purple & Forest Green
Credit: Life Created

Utilize a forest green and bright purple, like in this space, to invoke nature’s mood. It’s easy to tie colors in a room with an artwork when you’re looking for a way to do so. It is not hard to make a statement with an abstract piece featuring a variety of shades.

7. Purple + Pink

drawing room decorates with Purple & Pink
Credit: Rittika Chokhany

In general, this combination works best for younger people, but it can also appear quite elevated, as demonstrated by this space. For the foreseeable future, it’s important to stick to lighter tones. Blue and lavender, for instance, will remain classics.

8. Lilac Purple + Dusty Pink

what color goes with purple
Credit: Federico Paul

At least one of your childhood friends likely begged their parents to paint their bedroom pink and purple. This combination might skew a little gaudy, but it becomes suitable for a more mature setting if you pair it with dusty pink.

It is also possible to pair pink and purple in a bedroom. For example, look at this Argentinean home. A dusty pink chair, lavender walls, and framed artwork with quirky frames lend the room a sense of old-world charm and a Parisian flavor.

9. Purple + Citron

drawing room decorates with Purple & Citron
Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

It is easy and risk-free to make a statement when you combine yellow and purple together since they are complementary colors. Choose a citron with your favorite shade of purple for your home to evoke a cheery, peppy attitude.

White or cream-colored accents are recommended as a way to give these bright colors some breathing room. It is easy to tone down these powerful colors with white, tan, cream textiles and walls.

10. Purple + Gold

room decoration with Purple & Gold
Credit: Angela Wator

Citrus isn’t the only color to pair with purple. Consider a warm gold color when decorating your home if you want a slightly artistic flair. The combination of purple and golden hues is incredibly luxurious. With this pairing, any violet tones can shine, whether it’s metallic gold or golden wood.

This bold Chicago Victorian is equally bohemian and bold with its gold velvet sofa and purple walls. The molding in this sitting area is painted the same shade of purple, upping the drama and making the room feel like a unique jewel box separated from the rest of the house.

11. Lilac Purple + White

reading room decoration with Lilac Purple & White
Credit: Ana Kamin

There is no rule stating that purple should always be the focus of attention. For a subtly rich look, consider pairing light lilac with white. An entrance hall with grey marble flooring would look fantastic with this combination. Furthermore, it can also be a good option for poorly-lit spaces without natural light.

If you like color, but don’t want a super saturated look, then lilac can be an excellent option for you. This color combo is easily pulled off by adding a bit of contrast against white moldings.

12. Purple + Red

room decoration with Purple & Red
Credit: Fabienne Ayina

If you combine purple and red, your home will have an air of elegance and luxury – without the price tag. It’s a combination with a high energy level, resembling stained glass, relics, and royalty.  It’s a pretty versatile choice for spicing up your interiors since any shade of purple or red will work.

If you attempt to create a more luxurious appeal in this Moroccan home by using aubergine and maroon shades instead of violet and poppy, you would be able to create a more moody, luxurious look. Any shade from these two families will complement each other well.

13. Purple + Sage

room decoration with Purple & Sage
Credit: Jacqueline Marque

You may be surprised to learn that purple and green aren’t always synonymous with your favorite childhood dinosaur or even the Joker from Batman if you are more inclined to that sort of reference. You can achieve this effect by selecting the right shade of these colors. A deeper and more saturated purple and green are preferred over light and bright hues, as these can feel more juvenile. This color palette gives off a distinctly vintage feel while breaking up the palette with rustic wood and black elements keeps it current and relevant.

14. Purple + Navy + Green

room decoration with Purple, Navy & Green
Credit: Chinasa Cooper

Having navy as an accent color can make a purple look more appealing to the masses. It seems only natural to have navy and purple side-by-side on your color wheel since they sit right next to each other. Try this downtown Manhattan apartment to brighten up your room while still using these darker shades. The key to balancing purple and navy is to add vibrant greens to ground the shades.

15. Lilac Purple + Light Blue

what color goes with purple
Credit: Rikki Snyder

Blue is the first color that springs to mind when we think of purple. Combining the two hues creates an aesthetically tranquil and calming palette that brings to mind the calmness of the sea as well as the kaleidoscope of colors in the depths of the ocean. An atmosphere of subtle purple walls combined with white bedding and a blue throw makes for a peaceful sleeping place.

16. Purple + Dark Gray

what color goes with purple
Source: shutterfly.com

Traditional decor is usually defined by its simplicity and cleanliness. Purple brings a hint of charm and mystique to the aesthetic that is centered around dignified grays. A fantastic living room filled with color that inspires is the result of this combination of colors.

17. Amethyst Purple + Light Gray

drawing room decoration
Source: Jenny Brandt

It makes sense to use amethyst when it comes to spaces where people gather! It works well with muted colors like gray and is a mythical and spiritual color. In tawny, warm and radiant orange undertones accentuate the cozy and warm appearance.

18. Orchid + Plum

kitchen room decoration
Source: Naked Kitchens

This complementary shade of purple can be used in conjunction with raw wood for a contemporary twist on minimalism that is at once cheeky and unmistakably modern—concerned that this look may seem austere? Include vintage accents to make it feel more lived in.

19. Lilac Purple + Poppy

room decoration with
Source: Claire Esparros

When curved lines from the 1980s are combined with soft and bright shades, you get an unexpected combination. This space has the feel of modernity and retro, femininity and futurity, and playfulness and sophistication. Another way to put it: several contradictions should not work but do.

20. Byzantium Purple + Cobalt

room decoration with Byzantium Purple & Cobalt
Source: Glasshouse Interior

The dining room in this Carnival-themed home is the perfect example of how playing it safe can be good for you. Designer Marissa Nelums took a room that can veer cookie-cutter with two jewel-toned anchor colors from the same color wheel and turned it into a space full of energy and playful elegance.

Final Words

Don’t shy away from the colors due to their versatility. They’re not just limited to a limited style set and stereotypical gender preferences. For a rich, luxurious look, pair plum with teal or navy or combine purple and golden hues for a royal and wise look. Furthermore, lilac, lavender, and other lighter shades of purple – depending on the accents you select for your room, these can be modern, minimalist, or cozy and country. Purple can be a subtle color or a strong statement. Everything depends on how you use it and what you pair it with.

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