What Color Goes With Pink

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The color pink is not for everyone because it’s such a bold design choice. If you are more of a color lover, then going with a vibrant pink color palette may be just the thing you need to give your living space a little more life. There is something happy about pink. It seems contagious. You can choose bold or soft colors, but whether you choose a bold or a soft shade, you’re sure to enjoy your home in it.

We have found that clients are cautious about introducing pink into their home decor. It not only worries them that it’s too bold, but they also are unsure as to what it should be paired with. However, you need not worry about it. In the following article, we’ve taken a deep dive into the color pink to show what color goes with pink and tons of inspiration pictures to match the colors.

What Color Goes With Pink: 20 Combinations

1. Hot Pink + Indigo + Aqua

what color goes with pink
Credit: annie schlecther

Hot Pink
Hex #FFB6D4
RGB 255,182,212
CMYK 0,37,0,0

Combining flashy pinks with deep blues will create a bold color scheme that is still refreshing. Hot pink pillows add warmth to this light-filled living room, where an indigo sofa and chair with turquoise patterns highlight the seating area. The wall art behind the couch incorporates aqua and pink to create a cohesive overall aesthetic.

2. Soft Pink + Slate Grey + Gold

what color goes with pink
Credit: annie schlecther

Soft Pink
RGB 252,222,232
CMYK 0,15,1,0

A pink design element can add a soft, feminine touch to a more masculine style. A pretty vanity area is separated from the rest of the closet by a shapely pink chair, contrasting with slate gray walls and darkly stained wood floors. The glam factor is further enhanced by gold accents on the chair frame, light fixtures, and hardware.

3. Dusty Pink + Denim Blue + Creamy White

what color goes with pink
Credit: jay wilde

Dusty Pink
Hex #CA7175
RGB 202,113,117
CMYK 19,66,45,1

Through various textiles and art, this boho living room combines pink and blue in a playful way. Layered on top of a rich blue rug, the multi-colored shag rug creates a vibrant statement. It’s all in creamy white, including the wall, furnishings, and window treatments, allowing the artwork and accessories to stand out.

4. Powder Pink + Black + Metallics

what color goes with pink
Credit: adam albright

Powder Pink
RGB 234,218,203
CMYK 7,13,18,0

A pale shade of pink can be used as a neutral in the right setting. This bathroom delivers a warm blush by using powder pink for the walls and black for the mirrors and tiles. Mixtures of polished nickel and aged brass fixtures create a subtle color scheme with an added touch of sparkle.

5. Blush Pink + Orange + Fuschia

what color goes with pink
Credit: helen elizabeth norman

Blush Pink
Hex #DDB6B7
RGB 221,182,183
CMYK 12,30,20,0

A vibrant pink and orange color combination creates a bold bedroom. Blossom-pink curtains surround a tangerine sofa, which is complemented by pink and orange throw pillows. Fuchsia, turquoise, and red are just a few of the patterns and colors in the room, adding to its lighthearted boho vibe.

6. Pale Pink + Brown + Neutrals

what color goes with pink
Credit: david tsay

Pale Pink
Hex #E2D4C9
RGB 226,212,201
CMYK 10,14,18,0

In this neutral living room, a pale pink sofa adds a subtle touch of color. An accent chair and pillow feature brown zigzag fabric to avoid the pink upholstery from being too sweet. Elegant furniture and black-and-white accessories complement the ivory walls.

7. Bubble Gum Pink + Blue-Gray + Lime

what color goes with pink
Credit: nathan kirkmana

Bubble Gum Pink
Hex #CF817D
RGB 207,129,125
CMYK 17,57,44,1

This living space is filled with bright colors that give it a cheery appearance. With patterned pillows dotted around the sofa, a bubblegum-pink seating area provides an inviting atmosphere. Blue-gray walls and lime-green drapes provide a cool complement to the pink. A white ceiling and warm wood floors ground the bright colors.

8. Pink lemonade + Coral + Black

what color goes with pink
Credit: adam albright

Pink lemonade
RGB 222,188,186
CMYK 12,27,20,0

To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, use a variety of pink shades layered together. Warm pink hues appear on the bedding, pillows, walls,  and rug in this room. When it comes to decorating a room with a more modern feel and cutting through the sweetness of its color palette, black is the answer.

9. Flamingo Pink + Blue + Neutrals

what color goes with pink
Credit: david tsay

Flamingo Pink
RGB 252,142,172
CMYK 0,56,10,0

Pale pink creates a cottage-style interior that is welcoming and relaxing. A laidback look is provided by neutral colors that range from warm white to sandy beige. Throw pillows with pink and blue fabrics add color and pattern to the sofa.

10. Pink and Grey

what color goes with pink
Credit: future

Pink Shade
Hex #E3C4C4
RGB 227,196,196
CMYK 10,24,16,0

Combining pink and gray is certain to create a sophisticated look. Soft pinks, such as farrow & ball peignoir or calamine, pair beautifully with a generous dose of grey, which balances out any sugariness and adds a gorgeous depth of color.

11. Pink and Green

what color goes with pink
Credit: devol

Pink Shade
RGB 236,196,188
CMYK 6,25,20,0

The color combination pink and green seems to be the rage these days. The colors you choose can give you a totally different vibe, depending on your mood. Sage green and the pale pink scheme would look soft and feminine, or emerald green and the vibrant pink scheme would look bolder.

12. Pink and Blue

what color goes with pink
Credit: livingetc.com

Pink Shade
Hex #E96F88
RGB 233,111,136
CMYK 4,71,27,0

Pink and blue may seem like a bold color pairing, but this color combination proves that opposites attract. The soft pinks and light blues in this blue bedroom, combined with the white, create a very serene, calming environment.

13. Pink and White

what color goes with pink
Credit: james merrell

Pink Shade
Hex #D09E99
RGB 208,158,153
CMYK 18,41,33,0

As it is such a soft and pretty pair, it is ideal for a bedroom. As seen in this pink bedroom, you can add bolder patterns in rich, jewel-toned hues to give the space a more grown-up feel. You can also stop the pink and white bedrooms from feeling too childish by using tactile fabrics.

14. Pink and Black

what color goes with pink
Credit: james merrell

Pink Shade
Hex #F7D5E3
RGB 247,213,227
CMYK 1,19,1,0

A room with pink often appears vibrant and playful because black balances out that energy. Likewise, pink can add just the right amount of vibrancy to an all-black space and prevent it from appearing too gloomy – as in the case of this bathroom.

15. Pink and Yellow

what color goes with pink
Credit: james merrell

Pink Shade
Hex #F0D4D2
RGB 240,212,210
CMYK 4,18,11,0

This is a gorgeous bedroom with plenty of natural light! Although the pink and yellow are muted in this space, it still feels playful and bright. Using blue accents balances out the warm tones for a light and airy look. It is a delightful combination that can enliven the spirit. After all, yellow always brings optimism into the room, and pink is said to be the color of love.

16. Pink and Teal

what color goes with pink
Credit: our town plans

Pink Shade
Hex #E83880
RGB 232,56,128
CMYK 3,92,18,0

In recent years, pink and teal have become increasingly popular. While it was only a few years ago that this combination of colors was considered childish, today there are many beautiful and bold ways to pair it.

17. Pale Pink + Cobalt

what color goes with pink
Credit: brady tolbert and tessa neustadt

Pale Pink
RGB 240,222,218
CMYK 4,12,10,0

Use a rich jewel tone in conjunction with a washed-out, pale pink like the one used in this nursery to create tons of contrast and an instantly regal appearance. It was certainly effective in this setting.

18. Ballerina Pink + Peach

what color goes with pink
Credit: Dazey den

Ballerina Pink
Hex #F5E4E9
RGB 245,228,233
CMYK 2,11,3,0

It’s weird how some color schemes work when they shouldn’t. A peach and pale pink hue combination draws from colors within the same color family but uses a higher saturation level to give it a really eye-catching effect.

19. Bubblegum Pink + Emerald

what color goes with pink
Credit: Dazey den

Bubblegum Pink
RGB 250,202,199
CMYK 0,24,13,0

The combination of a stately shade of emerald green with a sassy shade of pink is a look that’s totally on point. Make use of both colors in your artwork as well, just as in the picture of the living room.

20. Flamingo Pink + Sage

what color goes with pink
Credit: House 9

Flamingo Pink
Hex #EC8285
RGB 236,130,133
CMYK 3,61,37,0

Sage green’s unmistakable elegance melds beautifully with pink, which we’ve already declared to be our new favorite neutral (honorary). Adding red accents to pillows and a rug adds a sense of eclecticism to the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color looks good with blush pink?

Many shades of pink work well together, even if blush pink is not everyone’s favorite. The muted, washy qualities of blush are balanced out with navy, olive, chocolate, black, charcoal, teal, burgundy, emerald, and more.

What Colours match dusty pink?

With strong, contrasting colors, dusty pink looks stunning. Dark colors, for example, could go perfectly with dusty pink. Both the bedroom and living room will benefit from this combination. Don’t allow the interior to appear too dark by balancing the color proportions.

What Colour curtains go with pink walls?

It’s always safe to pick a neutral-colored curtain, and some might even argue that grey is the best color curtain for pink walls. Pink looks stunning against the grey, whether it’s a bright shade of hot pink or delicate pale pink.

What Colour suits pink walls?

To complement the pink walls, choose shades of turquoise,  yellow, and white that are soft and pastel. It is possible to accentuate the pink color with striped wall paint.

Do pink and purple go together?

Pink and purple, when used correctly, can be stunning. In addition, pink and purple have an exciting variety of applications. Lavender and pink can be paired for a romantic, sensual look, or go muted for a more soft, gentle look, or move the pink a little toward peach for a slightly different outlook.

Final Words

So, What color goes with pink? These new shades are more versatile, stylish, and grown-up than those reserved for children’s bedrooms and 70s bathrooms. Moreover, pink is such a versatile shade that it can be paired with a variety of colors. Most pinks can be used in a wide range of color schemes, but some shades go well with and some loose rules about what goes with pink the best. Additionally, different color combinations will look good in various settings. For example, sage green and blush pink have a more subtle effect, while navy blue and deep pink look great in contemporary rooms.

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