What Color Goes With Green

The color green is known to represent balance, harmony, and vitality. We are the perfect place if you enjoy this type of atmosphere! With its natural connection to the outdoors, your home will feature plush couches and vibrant accent walls. The many shades of green are versatile colors that offer many different creative avenues to explore, whether you want to create an earthy vibe or reinvent your decor.

Do you want to decorate your home more sustainably but don’t know what color goes with green? You are not alone. It doesn’t matter where green is placed as it’s a cool tone and can go anywhere. You can sometimes have trouble deciding when you have all the options, but the good news is that you really cannot go wrong with green.

In order to achieve the desired effect, you can pair green with a wide range of colors to suit your taste. Read on to learn the top 20 color pairings you’ll want to try with green, ranging from peppy pink and mint to opulent gold and emerald.

What Color Goes With Green: 20 Combinations

1. Green and Gray

beautiful library decoration
Credit: Future

Green and gray are an excellent combination for neutral lovers who want a little colored pop. You can use a gray with lots of green tones if you choose greys with a cooler undertone. Grey and sage green is also a trendy scheme. This color is the ideal one right now. Green has the calming energy of nature, but it is grounded in an earthiness and depth not found in more vivid tones.

2. Green and Red

living room decor with green
Credit: Jon Day

It would be best if red were used purely as an accent color to add a dash of life and energy, not for its own sake. This will avoid having too much of a Christmassy feel. You can add color to a green interior by adding a simple red cushion or lamp base. Go for earthy or brick red, and do not use any metallics.

3. Green and Wood

room decoration with green
Credit: Mark C. O’Flaherty

Even though this is technically not described as a color combination, we could not ignore how well the green looks when paired with those natural textures and shades. Almost any shade of green will look great combined with wooden accents since green is such a nature-inspired color.

Green and pale woods, however, are mainly trending these days. With light sage greens, you can create a more subtle look or have light wood accents to break up a darker green.

4. Green and Yellow

room decoration with yellow
Credit: Mark C. O’Flaherty

The yellow and green color wheel lies adjacent to each other, making these colors harmonious and easy to live with. The overall effect is fresh and energizing. Based on your level of boldness, you may want to use yellow accents throughout the majority of the room and use green or another neutral hue while accenting the yellow. Throw cushions, drapes, and prints can all be accented with just a touch of yellow.

5. Green and Pink

beautiful room decoration with green
Credit: deVOL

A complementary color sits opposite another on the wheel. Combinations using complementary colors are high impact. Pairing a pale sage green or creamy pistachio with a dark pink offers the most subtle interpretation of this combination. The combination of sage green and pale pink is one of my favorite color schemes. All of these colors are luxurious and soothing to the eye, inviting you to relax and enjoy your house.

6. Green and Brown

living room decoration
Credit: shutterfly.com

Adding a solid neutral to a green palette that transitions with the seasons will keep it flowing harmoniously. A warm brown and hazelnut color makes them seem welcoming, while a yellow-green is full of energy and a symbol of new growth.

7. Green and Burnt Orange

what color goes with green
Credit: Heather Chontos

We all love a wild pattern and funky accent. Combining evergreen with a warm color like orange will create a room filled with a vibrant personality. While the colors are contrasting, they also blend well with neutrals in the room.

8. Green and Blush Pink

drawing room decor
Credit: Simone Isaksen

A pink and green color scheme is perfect for a modern and eclectic style. You can use it as a canvas to mix and match different prints and textures not only because it’s unexpected but because it creates an unconventional vibe.

9. Green and White

decorated drawing room
Credit: Gacek Design Group, Inc

A combination of green and white conveys a sense of subtlety and tenderness. In this sense, the color scheme can be used in various house part’s including the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The white color makes a room feel more spacious and welcoming.

It’s crucial to balance this color with loads of white components to work in any room. White furniture, such as a bed and nightstand, looks great with green walls. To create a harmonious atmosphere, one wall can be green and the rest white. Kitchens and bathrooms benefit from the same treatment.

10. Green and Blue

living room decor with green
Credit: Haisma Design Co., LLC.

When green is combined with blue, it is the most natural color combination since they complement each other. Their shades can be compared to those of a lovely lake. Bedrooms, child’s rooms, and bathrooms typically feature this color scheme.

In a room filled with green, the bathroom can be completely blue since both colors reflect each other’s intensity. You can paint different shades of blue on a wall with furniture that is green. This type of color scheme is most prevalent in children’s rooms.

11. Green and Light Blue

living room decor with green
Credit: Laurie S Woods, ASID

When designing a house or a particular room, light blue and green are the most common ideas. Color combinations with this combination have prevailed for years and continue to do so. As a result, pairing these colors will not cause any problems since both colors go well together.

In general, people like the combination, and it can be found in furniture, textiles, utensils, and wallpaper of all types. It automatically gives an air of warmth and comfort to a room. Almost any room in the house will benefit from this combination of green and light blue since they promote positivity and a feeling of freshness.

12. Green and Rose Red

decorative drawing room
Credit: Che Bella Interiors

The combination of rose and green is beautiful. The combination adds a hint of summer as well as comfort and joy to any room. Whenever a person enters the room, he instantly feels positive. Paint, curtains, sheets, linens, and flower arrangements for tables are all ways to incorporate these colors into the room.

This color combination is also romantic; it can make a perfect choice for a newlywed couple’s bedroom. From the living room to the kitchen, the bedroom, and even the bathroom, this palette is so diverse; it can be used in any room.

13. Green and Purple

bedroom decoration
Credit: Landmark Custom Builder & Remodeling, LLC

If you want to complement your shades of green with shades of purple, you can choose purple tones. There are two colors on the color wheel opposite each other that are complementary. A shade of purple will be between light and dark in intensity. The lighter shades of the room have a romantic appeal, whereas the deeper hues lift the room’s spirits and make it seem more alive.

14. Emerald Green and White

what color goes with green
Credit: Sally Wheat

The color white complements the color green very well. You will love this combination. It makes the living room look rich and classy. A touch of purple adds a punch of saturated color to emerald green. It’s preferable to other green colors when mixed with white.

15. Olive Green and Cognac

decorative drawing room
Credit: Pinterest

If you like cognac and want a neutral-tinted living room, this is another excellent combination. Cognac and olive green are one of the best combinations you can make.

16. Green and Tan Yellow

decorated kitchen room
Credit: VN Thing

Green and tan are always a winning combination, but they work best in a kitchen or dining room. Consider limiting the contrast to two colors if you are going to use this in the bedroom.

17. Green and Royal Blue

guest room decoration
Credit: Ideal Home

A popular and exciting combination of royal blue and green is royal blue and green. This is a highly versatile color scheme.

18. Lime Green and Coral

beautiful drawing room
Credit: housebeautiful

Another exciting color combination is coral and lime green. Colors like this can range from being bold and bright at noon to be simple and elegant at night.

19. Jade Green and Grey

beautiful drawing room
Credit: Pinterest

It looks lovely when paired with jade in the picture above, and you’ll enjoy pairing it with this color.

20. Green and Copper

decorative room with green
Credit: Pinterest

Almost any shade of green will look good with copper. This living room has a good balance of class and fun. Any room in your home can benefit from using this color combination.

Final Words

The color green makes for an exciting interior design choice. There is a right green for any room, and there are many ways to integrate it into your home. Because of their ease of application, green color combinations are becoming increasingly popular among interior designers. There is something earthy and wholesome about greens that complement almost every color of the spectrum.

Green does not have to be the main color of the room; it can be brought in through other elements in the room, which will still look amazing. You simply need to choose a color scheme that will work for you and do your best to beautify the room.

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