What Color Goes With Blue

Blue has been a favorite color scheme for interiors for many years. Generally regarded as a color associated with peace and tranquility, blue appears in nearly every interior design style. These shades range from ice blue to deep navy and look great on walls or kitchen cabinetry or when paired together with decorative accents and accessories. For those of you who find it challenging to decide what color goes with blue, the answer is pretty straightforward: Almost every color goes well with blue.

Depending on its color, blue can be used as a neutral or as a complementary color with almost any other color. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite color combinations that highlight blue’s easygoing appeal. Let’s explore the best colors to pair with blue.

What Color Goes With Blue: 20 Combinations

1. Cerulean Blue and Apple Green

what colors go with blue
Source: Michael Partenio

Cool colors, green and blue, are neighbors on the color wheel and form a refreshing pair. Make your walls and furniture stand out by using vivid shades of these analogous colors. An equally bold apple green wall color contrasts vivid cerulean blue in this striking sitting room. Fabrics in an apricot geometric print complement the velvet club chairs and are inspired by the artwork.

2. Turquoise Blue and Orchid

what colors go with blue
Source: Edmund Barr

Orchid is another cool color on the color wheel, located on the same side as blue. This color scheme is both colorful and soothing due to the similarity of the two tones. In a bedroom or living room, combine orchid with striking turquoises for a dazzling effect. For a less washed-out look that comes with too many pastels, choose saturated shades of purple if you prefer paler blue tones. In addition to choosing warmer purples, such as orchids rather than indigo, you can add contrast to a blue color scheme.

3. Pale Blue and Coral

what colors go with blue
Source: Richard Leo Johnson

A pink, coral, or apricot shade will add a touch of femininity. The striped fabric on these decorative pillows inspired the color scheme of this cozy sitting room. The walls are painted a soft, watery blue, and the front door is painted a bright coral. This lively, beautiful color combination makes the house feel more like a beach house.

4. True Blue and Natural Wood Tones

what colors go with blue
Source: James Nathan Schroder

Compared to warm wood floors, furnishings, or trim, blue stands out as a cool color. Choose a strong blue finish that won’t fade into the background if you have a medium or dark tone wood finish. A warm cooking space is created in this open kitchen with its deep azure cabinets and richly stained wood floors. Dark blue cabinetry keeps from overwhelming the design by open shelving and large windows.

5. Navy Blue and Cherry Red

what colors go with blue
Source: David a. Land

The combination of blue and red makes for an American classic that looks great in nearly any setting. Red velvet chairs and navy patterned pillows create a dynamic look in this fireplace area. Darker shades of blue and maroon are more sophisticated than patriotic for more formal spaces, such as the dining room. In bathrooms or bedrooms, light tones, like powder blues or salmons, are calming and comforting.

6. Classic Blue and White

what colors go with blue
Source: Jay Wilde

Bathrooms benefit from the crisp color combination of blue and white, which creates a clean aesthetic. Beaded-board walls and hexagonal floor tiles combine with patterned blue wallpaper for a contemporary look in this room. This fresh bathroom color scheme makes the small room appear larger.

7. Slate Blue and Rust

what colors go with blue
Source: John Neitzel

This cool meets warm tasteful combination adds a burst of life to the slate blue palette. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Stick to accessories when you want to incorporate orange into your decor scheme, as a little goes a long way. Create a sense of contrast and movement in your space by combining burnt sienna art and objects against a grayish-blue backdrop.

8. Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow

what colors go with blue
Source: John Neitzel

Especially when used in gender-neutral interiors, this high-contrast combination is a great match. The nice thing about this sunny look is that contemporary pieces, such as natural wood pieces and brass accents, only emphasize the warm, golden tones in play with blue. There are already a lot of furnishings in your home that go well with this color scheme. The navy color is ideal for anchoring a large piece of furniture in your space like a couch or rug; it will balance out the zingy yellow of the accent chair and decorative pillows.

9. Moss Green and Sky Blue

what colors go with blue
Source: Dustin Peck

For those who are traditionalists at heart, this may be the pair for you. Early 20th-century American Craftsman style homes typically featurin moss green and sky blue colors. Using this palette, create an environment that is inspired by nature with a hint of history. Bright and cheerful, this design is a refreshing change from the black-and-white tile bathrooms that predominated during this period.

10. Deep Blue and Olive Green

what colors go with blue
Source: Dionel Fisher

The bedrooms in this Michigan home are outfitted with deep blue and olive green colors. Burnt orange also glistens in the room, making it appear even cozier and inviting.

11. Blue and Blush

what colors go with blue
Source: Winkie Visser

In recent years, millennial pink has rapidly become a new classic color for interior design, and it fits perfectly into this gray and blue living room setting. This color combination is common in children’s rooms, but really chalky pastels can be a beautiful choice throughout the home.

12. Blue and Canary Yellow

what colors go with blue
Source: homedit.com

Put some bright, canary yellow accents around your blue areas to give your room a bit of sunshiney spirit. Together, the two colors create an impressive effect that is both luminous and sultry.

13. Blue and Lavender

what colors go with blue
Source: homedit.com

Make your blue-hued space more feminine with a splash of lavender. This will add an element of girlish flair. It’s just another way to cool down so your room will look bigger and you’ll be able to relax even more.

14. Blue and Chocolate

what colors go with blue
Source: georgettewestermaninteriors

Consider adding a chocolate brown to your blues for a more traditional and cozy look. This is an easy way to improve the look of any room in your family house that needs some sprucing up.

15. Blue and Scarlet Red

what colors go with blue
Source: homedit.com

Contrasting colors such as scarlet red and blue can make for a great color combination. Colors of this magnitude are bold, bright, and dramatic, making them perfect for accentuating a more neutral palette.

16. Navy Blue and Black

what colors go with blue
Source: D Burns Interiors

Combining black and navy is a good idea. The conventional wisdom says navy and black shouldn’t go together. Still, we’ve seen so many stunning spaces that we are now convinced that the two-color combination is actually very attainable (and quite appealing). If you are using navy, then choose a higher saturation shade so that it does not compete too much with the black to allow the eye to rest on it -but remember to build a bit of contrast into your design with white or gray space to allow the eye to rest.

17. Blue and Mustard

what colors go with blue
Source: homedit.com

This is the most trendy of color pairs and colors: blue and mustard yellow. Mustard is making a big splash in the interior design world and combines with a favorited blu; you cannot go wrong.

18. Blue and Brass

what colors go with blue
Source: Hartandlock

It looks particularly elegant and beautiful when navy blue and dark blue nuances are paired with brass accents. A lovely bathroom with this combination can be seen here. Having antique brass details makes it even more attractive.

19. Blue and Beige

what colors go with blue
Source: Anniesantullidesigns

Beige, ivory, or different shades of grey are all neutral colors that are generally very versatile. For example, they can work as complements to blues and other darker tones. This dark blue wall is softened with beige, which makes this room appear brighter. 

20. Blue and Different Shades of Blue

what colors go with blue
Source: Echeloncustomhomes

The colors blue and another shade of blue can be paired to create a beautiful and stylish interior design. The walls in this room, for example, are painted in a very sporty blue, and the window curtains are navy blue too. Both colors complement the wooden floor and the furniture really well, so they add depth and visual interest to the design.

Benefits of Using Blue in Your Home


Studies have demonstrated that blue rooms reduce blood pressure and heart rate and, although this may contradict the term “feeling blue,” patients who suffer from depression tend to benefit from blue rooms. When the melatonin levels are higher in the morning, it is refreshing and energetic; at night, when the levels are low, and we are attempting to sleep, it is peaceful and restful.

Versatile Palette

It is not easy to find a relaxing red color or a vibrant and enlivening gray color; each color has an anthology of tones and tints. Blue is the only color that is limitless.

To soften a corner, choose a shade of pale blue, add a splash of drama with a dramatic shade, add some color with a bright hue, or choose a neutral shade. Besides being a popular color because it complements many other colors on the wheel, blue is also popular because it is a cool color.

We love blue and white together, but it is also a great color to pair with vivid colors, including metallics and wood.

Pairs Well with a Wide Range of Colors

You probably don’t know what color pairs best with blue, but it’s simple: practically all of them. Blue, however, can also be used as a neutral, complementing most colors, from bright tones to more muted tones.

Pink and yellow complement light blue colors beautifully—the royal blue hue pairs well with vibrant shades of red and white. Baby blue looks excellent with complementary shades of peach and gray. Gold and cream go well together when combined with sky blue.

Can Work with Just About Any Style

Home decor styles ranging from French cottages to beach houses can incorporate blue. Since it can be used on everything from wall paint to decorative items, it can easily blend with existing decor.

Final Words

Especially when it comes to interior design, blue is everyone’s favorite color for a good reason, even if you’re not fond of it. Colors like this calm the senses and fill a space with a sense of elegance. It’s evocative of the sky and the sea and the color of some of the greatest works of literature and art in history. Also, it goes with most other color schemes and design styles, whether they are stark, minimalist environments or warm and vibrant backgrounds.

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