6 Ways of Hanging 3 Pictures Staggered

Hanging pictures on the wall is a quick and simple way of decorating the wall. You do not need much time for this, and meanwhile, you will get a new original and personal look. You can make use of this trick for your home, but also for your office or other places. Hanging pictures style is a very popular topic nowadays. Sometimes it can be complicated to figure out how to hang three pictures staggered on the wall. If you want to know how to hang pictures on the wall with different ways of hanging 3 pictures staggered, here are 6 ways and several useful tips to make this task easier.

In this article, you will find 6 different ways of hanging 3 pictures staggered on the wall. Maybe you already know a simple trick for this, or you already use it, but maybe there are some tips in this for you. So choose the right way and hang them!

Hanging 3 Pictures Staggered: Measuring and Essential Supplies

Take out the tape measure before hanging pictures and be exact with your measurements. For most pictures, all you will need is a hammer, screwdriver, and carpenter’s spirit level for most pictures, ideally 24 inches long. To hang something at average eye level, hang its center between 57 and 60 inches from the floor.

Add the distance from the top of the frame to the hanging hardware to the height of the frame; divide that number by two, add that number to 57, 58, 59, or 60, and you will have the height of the frame. From this point, the hangers should go into the wall at the height (measured from the floor). When doing an intuitive hang as opposed to eye level, you don’t have to be as precise with your measurements; when hanging a grid or serially arranged pieces, on the other hand, you have to be more precise.

Choose the hanging method that provides the most stability when it comes time to hang your art. The best way to ensure that pictures do not sway or tilt is to use two picture hangers. Then, mount two D rings, one on the back and the other on the front. Using a level, mark the heights of each hook on the wall after you’ve decided where to hang the picture. Hang pictures level, even if they seem crooked, in a room where the ceiling or floor is slightly slanted. Unless the picture is extremely small, stringing picture wire between D rings would be a good idea. You can bring another design element to a single or grouping of photographs or artwork by using decorative picture hangers, such as vintage hooks or French rods.

Furthermore, restraint should also take into account. If you leave some wall space blank in a room, you’ll be able to appreciate what’s there because the eye can rest.

6 Ways of Hanging 3 Pictures Staggered

Here are some examples of different hangings to give you an overview. You are not required to use the same format in every instance. It’s not necessary to arrange your three wall pictures above the sofa, but they can hang wherever you wish in the room.

Method- 1: Vertical Layout

3 black vertical frames

Having a tall narrow wall or a wall between windows works well with this style. This option adds a sense of height to a room and makes the ceiling appear higher, so it is a good option if you want to add some visual height. To create a balanced piece, place identical frames on either side of a column of artwork. If you want people to notice your favorite piece first, place it in the middle.

If you use the spirit level picture hanging tool, you’ll be able to avoid making mistakes when you nail down the picture. As well as visually hanging your items, you can create your gallery simply and quickly. Hang the vertical style of the picture by starting at the bottom and working your way upwards, so the handle of the spirit level does not interfere with the rest of the photograph.

Method- 2: 3 Pictures in Line

3 photo frame in a line

You can arrange three or more images in a row to achieve a classic result. If you have a large collection of the same-sized pictures, hang them horizontally next to each other to maximize the effect. It appears particularly harmonious when all the pictures are placed at the same height with the same distance between them. It is important that the distances between the pictures are not too large so that they appear as one unit.

Method- 3: Changing the Height

Gallery mockup with paintings

You can hang the middle picture at a different height than the two outer ones and still have a coherent overall effect. In addition, the two outer pieces of art are of the same height, which creates an optical counterbalance. In an arrangement with identical frames, the impression of belonging to the group is even stronger.

Method- 4: Creative Layout

three pictures frame on the wall

It is important to reflect your own style in your art layout. Images don’t need to follow a straight line. You can create a compact image on a small square wall by hanging the items together closely, say about 2-3 inches apart. Hang the bottom item first to avoid interfering with the picture above. The top item should hang next, followed by the left frame. By trying these three options out in your own space, you will be able to determine which works best for you.

Method- 5: Pictures Along a Middle Line

wall painting arranging idea

The two outer images align beneath the imaginary line and the middle image above the line in this hanging. All three images align along a horizontal imaginary center line. Using this arrangement, your images will align on both sides of the reference line. You can also place several picture frames of different shapes on a middle reference line in order to get a similar center of gravity.

Method- 6: Ascending Order

ways of hanging 3 pictures staggered

Hang the left picture slightly below eye level, starting with the left picture. If you hang the middle picture in the middle of the left picture, the lower edge should be in the middle of the picture. You align your photos in this way in order to create an imaginary diagonal, creating a particularly harmonious group. As an aside, your walls look taller because the picture frames hang diagonally.

Best Hardware for Hanging Pictures

Picture Hanger

one picture hanger for wall

A small hammer is all you’ll need. Most framed pictures will be adequately supported with an angled nail and metal hook attached to a picture hanger. Ensure your hanger has a weight limit before installing it. It is usually recommended to use a pair of hangers for larger frames.

Wall Anchor

a wall anchor

The wall anchor consists of nylon or plastic. A screw can be fastened into the sleeve. The product’s packaging should determine the size of the pilot hole to drill.

Drill a hole and tap the anchor into place with a hammer so that it is flush with the wall. Place the bracket or object on the wall, screw it in, and tighten it. The anchor expands inside the wall as part of the expansion process when the screw is tightened, anchoring the bracket to the wall.

“Molly” Bolt

two molly bolt

It may be a good idea to buy extension bolts, sometimes referred to as “molly bolts,” which can be hammered into the wall instead of drilling. With a flat-head screwdriver, turn the bolt clockwise once it is in the wall. Turn the collar counter-clockwise until you cannot turn it anymore. Secure it against the wall by turning it counter-clockwise. If necessary, you can remove bolts to thread them through the bracket or object you plan to hang.

An expansion bolt may be needed for the top hole of a two-holed bracket, while can use a wood screw for the lower hole. Use to mount mirrors, brackets, heavy objects, and shelf units on drywall or plaster.

Toggle Bolt

a toggle bolt

You must drill a pilot hole for toggle bolt installation and then tap the toggle bolt into place after drilling the pilot hole. Toggle bolts are designed for heavier jobs because their wings are spring-loaded and fold-out when inside a hollow wall. Screwdrivers tighten the bolt, expanding the wings and drawing them up against the wall. The wings will detach and fall behind the wall if the bolt is removed from the wall after installation.

Tips for Wall Decoration With 3 Hanging Pictures

Have you ever wondered which hanging is most suitable for your apartment when you want to put three pictures up? Our instructions allow you to test the arrangements ahead of time and ensure your pictures are always hung at the appropriate height.

Some Tips:

  • Try out different ways of hanging your pictures on the floor before hanging them on the wall.
  • You can cut out the individual sizes of the picture frames on newspaper or baking paper to see how the pictures will eventually look on the wall, with or without the frames.
  • With crepe tape, you can attach the paper outline to the wall. The best way to hang pictures directly above the straightened paper outlines is to level them on the wall with a spirit level. After hanging and arranging the papers, you can easily remove them.
  • It is easy to determine the perfect height for your pictures! Just make sure they are hung at eye level. Two-thirds of the graphic is below eye level, while one-third is above eye level. Museums advise placing the picture center between 1.40m and 1.50m away from the left and right sides. 40 and 1. 50 m.

Final Words

There are many ways of hanging 3 pictures staggered on the wall. The pictures look good when they are placed staggered on the wall and in contrast to each other. By combining them like this you create a great overall effect that you can see in a lot of shops. And if you position the frames with different heights, you create depth inside your home! Give them a try, hang them nice and beautiful, but most of all, enjoy what you do!

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