Use These Waterproof Shower Clocks On Amazon

When you’re showering, do you ever wonder how much time has passed? With a waterproof shower clock, you’ll never be unsure again. These clocks are specifically designed to show numbers that won’t run or wash off when exposed to water. They also come in many different styles and sizes, so there’s one for everyone!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about showers? Water and what happens if your phone is not waterproof? It will break from being submerged in water. This is why it’s important to use a waterproof shower clock. They work even underwater!

Here are the waterproof shower clocks available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Waterproof Shower Clocks

Waterproof Shower Clocks Reviews In 2023

1. KADAMS Digital Bathroom Shower Kitchen Clock Timer with Alarm

Make your modern lifestyle sustainable for the environment with Kadams digital timer that helps you save water, and energy. The automatic clock timer effortlessly helps manage time of morning routines and daily activities. It can also be used as a thermometer and hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity indoors

Time Management Clock with LCD Touch Display

Keep ahead of your daily schedule while saving water, energy and money with Kadams humidity, moisture, and water-resistant shower clock. Its easy-to-read green color LCD display aids better vision and wide viewing angles

Water Resistant Countdown Timer

The shower timer has IP 24 rating for water and sprays resistance making it ideal for bathroom, kitchen, home and office spaces. The clock also functions as a countdown timer alarm up to 99 mins and also displays time in 12/24 format, including AM/PM.

Temperature Thermometer & Humidity Hygrometer Display

The clock has a switchable C/F temperature display with 0°C-50°C and 32°F-122° range and a humidity display with 20% – 95% range. The smart features of this countdown clock timer combined with its minimal design make it perfect for both humid and non-humid places like the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and WFH

2. BALDR Digital Shower Clock with Timer 

The most significant features of this LCD shower clock are its compact size and timer function. For those who easily lose time track when doing morning makeup or taking a shower, a shower clock with timer is essential. This clock is waterproof, and features time, temperature, and indoor relative humidity all in one screen. Its compact size is perfect for use in the shower or beside bathroom vanities.

Time Display Mode

LCD Clock features time, temperature, and indoor relative humidity readings all in one screen. Time can be displayed in a 12 / 24-hour mode, and temperature can be shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Countdown Display Mode

· On normal time display mode, touch the ’10’ or ‘1’ key to set desired timer time. While the current time display is shift to the left down corner.

· When timer working, there will be a signal flashing on the right-down corner of the screen.

· When setting timer time, touching the ‘Clear’ key will clear the timer time and return to normal time display mode.

3. Kadams Bathroom Digital Clock with Large LCD Screen

The Kadams digital clock keeps you on time with a large LCD and a water-resistant bathroom kitchen clock with a built-in stopwatch and alarm. Ideal as a time management alarm clock for bathrooms, spa and home use areas, it is IP 24 rated for water resistance and features a snooze function for half an hour. The clock also comes with a battery backup feature to ensure continuous power supply during power cuts.

Display With A Measurement Range

Kadam bathroom clock is more than just a useful timepiece. It also functions as a shower timer with a countdown up to 99 minutes and features a thermometer display with a measurement range of 32° to 122° Celsius and 14°F to 122°F. This bathroom clock has a hygrometer display for measuring humidity between 20% – 99%.

Well-designed Timer

Kadams bathroom digital clock is a simple yet well-designed timer that allows you to keep track of different activities in your day without doing so many things simultaneously. It has a large white backlit LCD that makes it easy for you to read time anytime in any light conditions. With the switchable m/d or d/m formats and days displayed in 3 characters and 7 languages, this digital clock offers an easy way to meet all your needs without having to deal with several gadgets or expensive devices.

4. Waterproof Bathroom Clock and Timer for Shower

The bathroom clock will be your best friend in the shower. Its waterproof design is perfect for hanging on your bathroom wall or mirror, and is made to be used in wet environments, so you don’t have to worry about it falling through wet hands or getting knocked off by water splashed on the screen. The shower clock features a built-in timer and alarm clock, which makes it great for keeping track of time while you’re in the shower or getting ready. You can also use it outdoors with its included nylon rope to take it with you anywhere!

Bath Or Toothbrush In Time

You can monitor the time in the bathroom or kitchen with this waterproof clock, By setting a timer you need, the alarm sounds will remind you to take a bath or toothbrush in time, which can save your time conveniently and efficiently! It is very convenient during your morning hurry time; then you can arrange your time reasonably to avoid being late to school, work, or an appointment.

Water-resistant Shower Clock

This clock can be attached to a smooth, dry surface like the wall of a bathroom, mirror, glass, and metal easily and stably with a large and strong suction cup. As an excellent water-resistant shower clock, it will be a bathroom essential for your daily life. Also, you can place it in gardens, open-air balconies, or other workplaces. But please don’t immerse it into water or place it under sunlight directly, reducing its service life.

5. Kadams Bathroom Shower Digital Wall Clock

Kadam’s wall clock is built to withstand rain, humidity, or any water-based activity while still being stylish and practical. Its IP24 rating makes it ideal to be installed in areas that experience humid and wet conditions like bathroom, vanity mirror, shower glass, kitchen window, laundry, or spa room (avoid steam bath, sauna areas).

Shower Digital Wall Clock

Save time, water, and money with the Kadams Bathroom Shower Digital Wall Clock. This waterproof clock has a large LCD display with wide viewing angles for vision during showers. It’s large and bold typography is also helpful for those with memory loss and poor eyesight. The clock’s time display can be switched between 12/24 hr format and features a seconds counter.

Humidity Measuring Device

Kadams digital clock was designed as a temperature and humidity measuring device doubling as a shower timer. Its temperature range is 0°C to 50°C and 14°F to 122°F when the temperature can be set in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The Hygrometer mode measures between 20% – 99% humidity.

Waterproof Shower Clocks Buying Guide


A shower clock should display not only time but also the date, temperature, and time. It should also support 12 hours and 24-hour time formats. The more quickly it shows, the better. 

Timers and alarms 

A clock should support alarms and timers, another crucial feature to consider. You can easily track what you spend there by keeping a record of how much time you spend in the bathroom or kitchen. The young ones are less familiar with the billing system, so this can also be set up as a timer. 

Mounting Options 

An alarm clock with a variety of mounts gives you the option of mounting it anywhere. However, it is possible to fix it on the wall using the suction cup, which furthers the installation.

Ease of use 

It is prudent to avoid buying a bathroom clock that makes noise as it ticks and turns. It’s important to have your silent clock since they are available on the market. Remember to check the product’s ease of operation as well.


What’s the best radio for the shower clock?

As one of the best shower clock radios on the market because of its excellent AM/FM reception, auxiliary jack, hands-free calling, power-saving battery, and bright display, the Prunus J-288 clock radio ranks highly among the best items in the market for these features.

How does a waterproof shower clock work?

With the protective top cover not letting water in, this is a bathroom clock that looks like a clock. That does not mean they can be submerged. You cannot prevent anything more than simple splashes while bathing.

How do you hang a shower clock?

It’s easy to hang your clock on the wall even on a towel hanger after you purchase your clock if it comes with a robe. Then you can press it to the wall so it sticks to it if it has suction power.


A waterproof shower clock can be purchased from several stores today. It is not an easy task to find the right one. A person who does not know the actual things to look for can easily get swayed away by buying beautiful and good watches that are not of the quality they deserve.

In order to help you find the right waterproof shower clock, we have analyzed of the very best waterproof shower clocks and provided you with the following list. Then, you will come up with a good choice. Choose what will cost a lot for nothing and not break your budget.

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