33 Watercolor Painting Ideas

watercolor ideas for beginners

There are so many things you can do with watercolor painting, like play with colors, gradients, and layering, among other things. You can also explore different techniques and develop your own unique style by using this technique. It can also be a fun way to express your creativity.

You have come to the right place if you consider getting started with watercolor painting ideas or if you are considering a practice idea that will stimulate your creative juices. Beginners and those wanting to rekindle their creative spirit will benefit immensely from this comprehensive list of easy watercolor painting ideas.

Watercolors are great for creating realistic figurative art, as well as abstracts and impressions. Take a look at these 33 watercolor ideas.

What You Need to Paint With Watercolor

  • Watercolor paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint palette
  • Watercolor paper
  • Jar of clean water
  • Paper towel
  • Pencil

33 Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas

1. Garden Vegetables

Garden Vegetables oil painting
Source: skillshare.com

These colorful carrots provide beginner artists with a great opportunity to practice these core watercolor techniques. Almost anything can be a subject for watercolor paintings.

2. Shaded Donuts

shaded Donuts watercolor art
Source: skillshare.com

Have you been looking for ideas for easy watercolor paintings? You can practice light and shadow while painting these semi-realistic donuts.

3. Delicate Roses

Delicate Rose art
Source: skillshare.com

The soft hues of roses stand out perfectly in watercolor painting ideas, which are popular subjects.

4. Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower watercolor art
Source: skillshare.com

Multi-colored hibiscus flowers are creating by creating color blooms using watercolors.

5. Beautiful Landscapes

Beautiful Landscapes art
Source: skillshare.com

Beautiful landscapes can paint without being an expert at watercolor.

6. Travel Scene

Travel Scene art
Source: skillshare.com

Create beautiful watercolor paintings from photos that capture the beauty of your travels.

7. Realistic Landscape

Realistic Landscape painting
Source: skillshare.com

The artist used watercolors to paint this 3D landscape of the Inside Passage, depicting a sea and forest, mountain and sky.

8. Mountains

Mountains watercolor art
Source: shihoriobata.com

9. String Lights

String Lights watercolor art
Source: shihoriobata.com

10. City Skyline

City Skyline watercolor art idea
Source: shihoriobata.com

11. Tent

Tent watercolor art ideas
Source: shihoriobata.com

12. Cactus

cactus watercolor art
Source: shihoriobata.com

13. Forest

forest watercolor painting
Source: shihoriobata.com

14. Flowers

flower watercolor art
Source: shihoriobata.com

15. Lemons

Lemons painting
Source: gathered.how

A lemon bough will bring a Mediterranean vibe to any home! In this easy project, she shows you how to paint lemons in watercolors. When I paint the green leaves on lemons while they are still weting, the colors meld together.

16. Cloud doodling

watercolor ideas
Source: gathered.how

Watercolor painting is an excellent way to capture nature’s beauty. Let your imagination run wild as you draw some watercolor clouds! 

17. Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves painting
Source: gathered.how

My favorite time of year is autumn – that vivid red, rusty orange, and ochre hues turn the landscape into a dreamlike painting. One of my favorite quick watercolor projects is painting autumn leaves. Add the reds and oranges on top of the yellow.

18. Pineapple

Pineapple oil paint
Source: gathered.how

Any room in your house is sure to brighten with this cheerful design.

19. Peonies

Peonies watercolor painting
Source: gathered.how

Paint this loose watercolor peony project to find floral inspiration. Use pastel colors to create a stunning effect. Use this technique to paint other types of flowers.

20. Winter scene

Winter scene painting
Source: gathered.how

This scene of a wintry forest makes us feel chilly. Try it yourself and create your own winter drawing.

21. Leaf

Leaf art
Source: montmarte.net

Create a painting of a leaf in watercolor to bring the outdoors inside. The greenery that doesn’t require daily watering graces your home with these artworks. With your watercolor paints, trace or draw your favorite leaf.

22. Galaxy

Galaxy art
Source: montmarte.net

Paint the galaxy of your dreams! Paint over the top with watercolors after spreading a layer of water on the watercolor paper.

23. Food

creamy cake art
Source: montmarte.net

Food watercolor paintings will please your eyes. You can use food artwork as a gift, card, or decoration whether you’re showing off a sweet cake or juicy burger. Watercolor paints, watercolor paper, and a brush are all you need.

24. Urban Scenes

Urban Scenes painting
Source: montmarte.net

Put your watercolor set to work on a street, city, or building. It is a great way to practice and refine your drawing and watercolor skills to paint an urban scene, whether you have fond memories of the place or you just like the look of it.

25. Ships

Sea Ship Art
Source: montmarte.net

Enjoy this nautical watercolor painting. Choose a boat that appeals to you when browsing the internet or flipping through a book. To add depth and color to your watercolor, we recommend drawing your boat and horizon line first.

26. The Beach

Beach watercolor painting
Source: jerrysartarama.com

27. Lake or Stream

Lake watercolor painting
Source: jerrysartarama.com

28. Houses

Houses watercolor painting ideas
Source: jerrysartarama.com

29. Globe Painting

Globe Painting watercolor ideas
Source: postris.com

Practice and extend your watercolor painting skills with the help of this wonderful painting.

30. Guitar

Guitar painting
Source: postris.com

You can use this design for any item you want. A pen and one color are all you need.

31. Watermelon Slice

Watermelon Slice watercolor painting
Source: postris.com

Make a watermelon slice painting for your walls to add the scent of summer.

32. Poppies

colorful Poppies watercolor Art
Source: postris.com

Here is a beautiful watercolor painting of poppies to inspire you. To create a painting that you find most appealing, you can use any colors you like.

33. Grapes

grapes bunch art
Source: postris.com

Improve your painting skills by using the loose watercolor technique. To learn to paint with watercolors, it is a good idea to use grapes as a reference.


Artists who paint every day will inevitably run out of ideas during certain periods of time. In the event of doubt, you can use a tree, a log, or a tulip to inspire you.

It just might inspire you to find a new subject to paint if you tired of painting natural objects. Try painting on different surfaces and try new techniques when you find a subject you like.

One thing watercolor artists should know: they’re only limiting by their imaginations as to how they’re able to express themselves.

Looking forward to experimenting with this new idea and technique? Get start with our 33 watercolor ideas above that offer stunning pigmentation and suit various styles.

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