How to Use Tig Welding Feeder

There are many different tools needed when we work with metals. All these tools help us shape these metals in a way that would be the best for us or the final user of the product we are making. The number of tools used is many, but the one I will be talking about is the TIG welder.

TIG welders are very important when it comes to welding metals. You will be able to weld steel, nickel, bronze, gold, and many other metals using this tool. Now, if you are new to welding or using the TIG welder, then you might need a little bit of help, and that is what I’m here for, teach you how to use a welding tig feeder.

Guide to TIG Welding

Here I am going to give you as much of the information you need before you start using the tig welder yourself. Read all of the points carefully, so you get a good output once you start the work.

Before you start working, there is something you will have drill into your brain; this is especially true if you are completely new to welding. That is wearing the right safety gear. Make sure you’re wearing gloves and that your face is protected from any harm.

Front of The Machine

There are a number of settings and functions you will have to work your way around before you start the actual work. Knowing what all these are is very important.

At first, let’s talk about the power dial, this is what you would have to use if you are using a finger switch, but if you’re using a foot peddle like most of the people tend to use then there isn’t much need for the dial as you can make adjustments in the peddle itself.

Then we have the pre-flow dial; this is responsible for putting on the gas before we actually start the work. This will get rid of anything on the nozzle before the work starts, and you will also create a type of bubble where you’re going to start. So, when you start the job, you’re not suddenly shocking the metal. Around 0.4 to 0.6 seconds on the dial is a good start.

Now we have the post flow, in TIG welding, you don’t move the nozzle away right after you’re done welding. With this, you have to hold the device in place for some time, wait till the liquid turns into solid. This is measured in full seconds, and for this, the most common setting is around 2 to 4 seconds.

Then we have a few switches. You will find one for the foot peddle, with the switch you will be turning the function on. And then we have the AC and DC switch. Now, this is mostly going to reply on what type of metal you’re welding. For steal you use DC, and for aluminum, you use AC.

The Gas Tank

You must know by now that the tig welder uses gas for the work that it does, so you will have to use a gas tank. The system you buy should come with a tank, and you would have to refill it whenever you run out.

There are two dials or meters on the tank. One will show you how much gas there is in the tank, and the other is to check the flow of the gas. The meter that sets the flow is the one you want to use here. Read the dial on the inside as that indicates the CFH level. You should set it up to around 15-20, so you don’t waste gas.

EasyTig Welding Pen

Once you have all the right settings, you are going to start using the tig pen and weld the metal in hand. Take the tig pen in one hand and the filler rod in the other. When you are in a comfortable position over your workstation, you can slowly press your foot on the peddle. Just like your setting, you will see that the gas is going to come out about 0.4 seconds before.

As you press down, you will see a puddle forming in the metal. Then you are slowly going to start moving the pen, and keep dragging the puddle, make use you dab the filler rod in every second or so. There is no need to put any type of force behind it.

Once you are done with a section, you are going to tale your foot off the peddle and hold the pen in place for a few seconds, well until the gas is done running out, and the melted metal has turned solid.

Now before you move on ahead to weld another section, you should clean off and then start. This is more important for a beginner, as you will need more time to get accustomed to the whole thing. Also, go slow at first, once you get the hang of things, you can set your own pace.

The last thing I’m going to add here is how far you should hold the pen from the metal. It should be about 1/16th of the size of the filler rod. If you are closer than that, then there is a chance you will hit the nozzle with the filler rod when you go in with it.

Final Words

I broke the process down and explained everything you have to think about when working with a TIG welder. If you follow all the things I went over, then you should be able to breeze through without a problem.

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