Used Welder Buying Guide

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It is known to all that welding machines come in wide range of variety. The user demands grow up day-by-day and the companies are going on producing various types of welders with many fantastic and new features. As welding machines are usually made rugged and strong with sturdy construction, these are not damaged easily and last very long. With the rising of new technologies and various up-to-date models, many hobbyists and professionals buy the up-to date ones and try to sell the old set of welder, and in this way there are many such good quality used welding machines that are available for sell in the market. Whether you are buying a new welder, used welder or refurbished one, there are certain things that are to be kept in mind while buying a welding machine;


Usually one can buy welders of three conditions; brand new, used or refurbished;
Brand new welder
Most of the people usually go for a brand new welder as this seems genuine and more durable. Those people who have no budget limit and love to try the up-to-date models basically buy the brand new, expensive and high quality welder.
Used welder
For those who want a cheap welding option, the used welder is a very good choice. Used welder doesn’t mean that the welding machine has less durability or it is of low quality; it is just that the welding machine has been used for quite some time and most probably replaced by the user for a new set of welder. There are many expert sellers who offer used welders in great deals.
Refurbished welder
The refurbished welder is not much different from the used welders; the refurbished welder is actually a used welder that has been reconstructed and painted to look like a brand new welder. This type of welder is a little expensive than the non-refurbished ones. If you are desiring for a welder with high quality features and new look in a cheap price, then the refurbished welding machine is the best option.


Before buying any used or refurbished welder, the first thing one must consider is the purpose of the welder. Many people use a welding machine for farm projects, construction, auto body shops, fabrication, etc. One should get a welding machine according to the materials or metal that one has to deal with; usually there are five kinds of welders, MIG, Flux cored, TIG, STICK and multipurpose welders;

  • MIG welder and Flux cored welder cab be used particularly for welding materials made from steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and also few other materials that are up to 26 gauge thin and also thicker metal plates.
  • Stick welder is used for welding materials made from steel, stainless and cast iron. This welder cannot weld materials that are thinner than 18 gauges. It is able to weld thick metal plates up to 0.16 cm or more.
  • TIG welder offers wide range of welding and it can be used to weld materials made from Steel, stainless steel, brass , cast iron, copper, chromyl and some exotic metals like titanium and magnesium. It can weld materials almost of any thickness.
  • Multipurpose welders are very popular these days as these welders can be used for more than one type of welding. Some welders allow two kinds of welding and some allows all the four kinds of welding. Multipurpose welders are little more expensive but these are the best option.

Input power

A very important factor that the one should consider is the input power required by the particular welder. Basically for single phase almost all the welders can be operated in common household power of 115volts to 230 volts. For more than that, one can supply the power by using a generator. You should go for the welder by considering the amount of power input that you can supply.

Output power and duty cycle

The more is the output power, the more powerful weld and good arc performance will be provided by the welder. If you are going to use the welder for industrial work sites then it is best to select the welder with more output power. Like any other technical or electrical device, welders also lose their duty cycle with use; in case you are getting a used welder then make sure the tool has more duty cycle than you would require.


While buying a used welder, it is very important to consider the original manufacturing brand of the welder. It is obvious that the top quality brands offer more features and longer durability to their products. They also manufacture their welder with precise and high quality materials.  So the durability of the welding unit is directly dependent on the manufacturing brand. Especially if the welder is secondhand, it is very important that you buy a welder which had been manufactured by a brand that one can blindly rely on.

Manufacturing date and the duration of use

Knowing the manufacturing date of the used welder that you have selected to purchase is necessary as this will help you in estimating the further durability of the welder. You should not buy a welding machine that have been manufactured very long time before, as the welder might not be able to last longer for further use. Also the length of time that the welder was used by the previous user is a must know factor as this will help you in comparing the duty cycle that the welding machine would be able to provide.

Cosmetic or operational damage

While choosing a used welder one must check the welding machine thoroughly; a minute defect or damage can make the whole unit useless. The welder should not have any cosmetic or operational damage and it must work just like a brand new welder. Even a very little defect or problem must not be neglected as the repairing can cost you double the price of the welder.


Portability should also be considered while purchasing a welder; if the welder has to be moved regularly and used in different places then it is very important. In case the welder has too much of weight then it won’t be easy to be carried around, so you must make sure that the welding machine is not that heavy and it is easily transportable on trolleys.


Price is a necessary factor that must be considered while choosing a used welding machine. Not all used welding machines are cheap as it depends on how long the machine has been use. You should select the tool wisely and try to do a good bargain on the device. One should try to compare its cost with the price of the brand new welder of same model.

Contact the original seller

There are many shops or online sites that connect the buyer and the seller if the buyer feels the need. In case you are buying a used welder, it is best to contact the original seller of the device and have a conversation about the various features and details of the particular welding machine. One should be straight forward and try to get maximum information about the tool.

Suggestions for used welder stores

There are some necessary things that the store owners must do and remember while trying to sell used welding machines;
Provide full description
If a person comes to buy a used welder then it is obvious for the buyer to have certain questions in mind and will ask a lot of technical questions and in order to clear the doubts, it is appropriate for the store owner to have all the answers of the questions. The store must collect all the important details and information from the seller right before exchanging the welder. They can ask them to note down the information in a document and later hand it over to the next buyer of the welder. This way the buyers will be satisfied and it will also attract further customers.
Refurbish the used welder
After so much of use, the outer appearance of the welder might not look so good and this can distract the customers even if it has good operational quality with no internal defects. Most buyers look for good looking products than the faded ones. If the welding machine is refurbished, even the oldest device will also look good and charming and the buyers would be more interested in buying it. Refurbishing the welder not only makes it attractive but the defects will also be repaired if any and it can be sold in quite a good price.
Virtual stores
Many buyers find it very difficult in selecting the welder while buying in a virtual store like online market sites. To make it much easier for the customers, all the details of the welders must be provide properly along with the manufacturing date to duration of use. Most of the stores provide photos of the welding unit; instead of posting any randomly downloaded pictures of welders, original photos of the on the sale welders would prove extremely helpful for the buyers. They should also provide the contact details of the previous user so that the buyer can contact them and collect more information.


Buying a used welder can be very risky and a matter of luck. Even if the welding machine is available in a cheap price, one must not be fooled. Doing a thorough check and trying the machine once before purchasing can be very helpful. One must always try to seek for a device with some warranty if possible.

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