Unique Color Names List

Some people may not know, but there are a number of colors that have never been given a common name. There is also a list of colors that don’t exactly make sense to the average person. There are so many colors in the world. And each one of them has a unique name that describes their hue.

The colors that we see every day have names, right? Well, not all of them do. There are many shades and types of color that you may never hear anyone mention in a conversation or on TV. Some languages don’t even have words for these colors. There are so many; you might not even know them all. Well, we’ve compiled a list of some cool and unique colors for you. The following is a list of some of the most unique color names from around the world.

List of Unique Colors Names With Different Shades

Different shades of colors are not just for the fashionista, they’re also great for adding to your website’s design. Color has a lot of power and meaning behind it that we often don’t stop to think about when designing our websites. Choosing colors with personality is an exercise in creativity and can help you stand out from other designers who use basic shades like black or white. Unique color names offer more options than traditional ones do. Let’s have look at some unique color names with their visual shades.

Red Color Names

CSS Color Name HEX RGB
Red #ff0000 255,0,0
Scarlet #FF2400 255,36,0
Cadmium Red #D22B2B 210,43,43
Cherry #D2042D 210,4,45
crimson #dc143c 220,20,60
Raspberry #E30B5C 227,11,92
Cerise #DE3163 222,49,99
Bright Red #EE4B2B 238,75,43
Red Orange #ff5349 255,83,73
Tomato #ff6347 255,99,71
American Rose #ff033e 255,3,62
Ruby #E0115F 224,17,95
Carmine #ff0038 255,0,56
Light Red #FF7F7F 255,127,127
Folly #FF004F 255,0,79
Apricot Red #800000 251,206,177
lightsalmon #ffa07a 255,160,122

This color chart shows what happens when the red light varies between 0 and 255, while the green and blue lights are kept constant.

It is always a good idea to use red color tones to alert users. You probably choose red color shades if you want to grab your users’ attention. Large brand websites are preferred by red color tones. Among the many, Airbnb and Nike come to mind.

The following are the red gradients of color if you are looking for something more beyond. We were also provided with a list. We provide a list of all colors with copyable Hex and RGB codes at the end of this article. Clicking on a red hex or RGB code will allow you to copy it directly. The list ranges from dark pinks to wine reds.

unique color chart with name and Hex code

Shades of Green Color With Hex Codes

CSS Color Name HEX RGB
Green #008000 (0,128,0)
Palegreen #98fb98 (152,251,152)
lightgreen #90ee90 (144,238,144)
Lime green #32CD32 50, 205, 50
Avocado #568203 86, 130, 3
Apple green #8DB600 141, 182, 0
Granny Smith apple #A8E4A0 168, 228, 160
Jungle green #29AB87 41, 171, 135
Lawn green #7CFC00 124, 252, 0
Shamrock green #009E60 0, 158, 96
Forest green #0B6623 11, 102, 35
Yellow-green #c5e384 197,227,132
Malachite #0bda51 11,218,81
unique color names with hex code

The following illustration shows the various types of green shades. On this page, you can find any shade of green you like, from light to dark. All colors are documented with HEX codes, as you can see. We have almost every shade of green included in our collection. Among all green colors, there are many different names. The simplest definition of green comes before diving into different green shades.

The color green expresses renewal and extension, and it is a snappy hue. Natural habitats are characterized by a most prominent tone. Additionally, it describes the stage at which everything is fully active and all standard rules are displayed.

Green is an excellent way to promote stock prices while protecting medications. You can practice green to aid in the attainment of ‘green’ outcomes since green is inextricably linked to energy. In general, brunette green is associated with Wall Street, cash, and the commercial world. The calming properties of green are similar to those of blue.

There are additionally some spirits of golden in it as well. Whenever green is used in the design, it brings harmony and stability.

Blue Color Names

blues unique color names with code

Each shade of blue has a hex code. Copy the color hex code by clicking. This list was made possible by bringing together all blue colors. Teal, turquoise, cyan, azure, and more colors can be found in Shades of Blue color collections. This collection contains a variety of blues. It took a lot of work to cover all the different types of blues.

One of my favorites is the baby blue color. You can use it for any type of design work. In my UI works, it is a great detail. A sky blue color type is also one of the best on the list. A regular change occurs between morning and night in the color of sky blue. It is our goal to capture all its facets.

HEX codes are assigned to all colors. The HEX code can be copied by clicking on the list given below. We have also included several kinds of blue color in the collection: pastels, teals, pales, cyans, and royal blues. The pages are not currently organized by categories, but I intend to add some filters in the future.

Quick note: I’m sure you will like different shades of purple as well if you are a fan of the blue color palette. The collection includes both dark and light blues, so you can find everything you need for your design work.

Yellow Color Names

yellows unique color names cahrt

There are probably a number of shades of yellow you are searching for. It’s good to have you with us. Yellow color codes with hexadecimal values are listed below. In every aspect of our daily lives, the color yellow can be seen. We can see it in everything from web design to interior architecture. There are several shades of yellow, each used for a different purpose. Here you can get all sheds of yellow with copyable hex and RGB codes.

Orange Color Names

orange shade color names with codes

The color orange is more varied here than you might think. Among the palette’s most popular colors are orange. You might want to consider using different shades of orange instead of the same kind every time. The collection of orange colors varies from light to dark orange color. There are shades that you also didn’t know existed.

Orange is a color that is most often used by governments as an official color. There are a lot of orange items on this list. Bright oranges to warm oranges were brought together. In addition, we are not afraid to include rust orange colors in our collection. Check out the orange gradients collection below if you liked this list. Here you can find all the colors you need for any purpose for free.

Pink Color Names

pink shade color names with codes

Is your goal to find pink shades? The following list contains the hex codes for pink colors. It would be a good idea to incorporate pink colors into the design in order to make it more colorful.

I know what you’re saying. Why didn’t they just use a simple shade of pink regardless of all these shades of pink? It’s all a matter of science the theory that colors evoke a variety of emotions in people, even when the same hue is used in many different shades. Colors are used carefully by designers, especially when they design logos. Pink color shades exist in many shades, which may surprise you.

In my opinion, colors are not gendered, but society thinks pink shades are for women. The opinion of society did not develop overnight. Therefore, it cannot change overnight as well. Pink is a color that can be used to create every type of web design.

Gray Color Names

gray different shade chart with name and codes

The number of shades of grey might be a question you ask. A shade of gray can also be referred to as a shade of light. Grey is referred to by some designers as “off-white” as well. More than 40 different gray color tones are included in this collection, ranging from blue to charcoal. It is also likely that you will need HEX codes for those colors if you plan to use them in your design work. One-click copying of HEX codes is possible.

One question has plagued me more than any other during my design career. It is a common question I am asked: Is grey even a color? The answer is yes. The colors look different from gray, so you might be unsure about some of them. That’s not close at all. It looks bluer than gray, for example, gunmetal gray. However, this color is somehow related to gray. There are a lot of gray colors that are suitable for commercial usage. Our team also made a list of colors that represent grey gradients. There is a chance that you are like that as well.

Brown Color Names

brown different shade chat with code and name

For your next design, do you seek out brown shades? I appreciate how you brought us together.
Have you been mining for brown shades? We have included the HEX codes for some brownish colors. Brown colors probably exist in more shades than you can possibly imagine.

There are HEX codes and titles for all brown colors. You can copy those codes easily. Yes, of course! The process is simple. It comes in every variation, from a dark shade to a light shade of brown.

Unique Color Names- Hex and RGB Code

ColorName of ColorHex CodeRGB Code
 unique color namesMaroon#800000128,0,0
 unique color namesDark red#8B0000139,0,0
 Indian red#CD5C5C205,92,92
 Light coral#F08080240,128,128
 Dark salmon#E9967A233,150,122
 Light salmon#FFA07A255,160,122
 Orange red#FF4500255,69,0
 Dark orange#FF8C00255,140,0
 Dark golden rod#B8860B184,134,11
 Golden rod#DAA520218,165,32
 Pale golden rod#EEE8AA238,232,170
 Dark khaki#BDB76B189,183,107
 Yellow green#9ACD32154,205,50
 Dark olive green#556B2F85,107,47
 Olive drab#6B8E23107,142,35
 Lawn green#7CFC00124,252,0
 Chart reuse#7FFF00127,255,0
 Green yellow#ADFF2F173,255,47
 Dark green#0064000,100,0
 Forest green#228B2234,139,34
 Lime green#32CD3250,205,50
 Light green#90EE90144,238,144
 Pale green#98FB98152,251,152
 Dark sea green#8FBC8F143,188,143
 Medium spring green#00FA9A0,250,154
 Spring green#00FF7F0,255,127
 Sea green#2E8B5746,139,87
 Medium aqua marine#66CDAA102,205,170
 Medium sea green#3CB37160,179,113
 Light sea green#20B2AA32,178,170
 Dark slate gray#2F4F4F47,79,79
 Dark cyan#008B8B0,139,139
 Light cyan#E0FFFF224,255,255
 Dark turquoise#00CED10,206,209
 Medium turquoise#48D1CC72,209,204
 Pale turquoise#AFEEEE175,238,238
 Aqua marine#7FFFD4127,255,212
 Powder blue#B0E0E6176,224,230
 Cadet blue#5F9EA095,158,160
 Steel blue#4682B470,130,180
 Corn flower blue#6495ED100,149,237
 Deep sky blue#00BFFF0,191,255
 Dodger blue#1E90FF30,144,255
 Light blue#ADD8E6173,216,230
 Sky blue#87CEEB135,206,235
 Light sky blue#87CEFA135,206,250
 Midnight blue#19197025,25,112
 Dark blue#00008B0,0,139
 Medium blue#0000CD0,0,205
 Royal blue#4169E165,105,225
 Blue violet#8A2BE2138,43,226
 Dark slate blue#483D8B72,61,139
 Slate blue#6A5ACD106,90,205
 Medium slate blue#7B68EE123,104,238
 Medium purple#9370DB147,112,219
 Dark magenta#8B008B139,0,139
 Dark violet#9400D3148,0,211
 Dark orchid#9932CC153,50,204
 Medium orchid#BA55D3186,85,211
 Magenta / fuchsia#FF00FF255,0,255
 Medium violet red#C71585199,21,133
 Pale violet red#DB7093219,112,147
 Deep pink#FF1493255,20,147
 Hot pink#FF69B4255,105,180
 Light pink#FFB6C1255,182,193
 Antique white#FAEBD7250,235,215
 Blanched almond#FFEBCD255,235,205
 Corn silk#FFF8DC255,248,220
 Lemon chiffon#FFFACD255,250,205
Light golden rod yellow#FAFAD2250,250,210
 Light yellow#FFFFE0255,255,224
 Saddle brown#8B4513139,69,19
 Sandy brown#F4A460244,164,96
 Burly wood#DEB887222,184,135
 Rosy brown#BC8F8F188,143,143
 Navajo white#FFDEAD255,222,173
 Peach puff#FFDAB9255,218,185
 Misty rose#FFE4E1255,228,225
 Lavender blush#FFF0F5255,240,245
 Old lace#FDF5E6253,245,230
 Papaya whip#FFEFD5255,239,213
 Sea shell#FFF5EE255,245,238
 Mint cream#F5FFFA245,255,250
 Slate gray#708090112,128,144
 Light slate gray#778899119,136,153
 Light steel blue#B0C4DE176,196,222
 Floral white#FFFAF0255,250,240
 Alice blue#F0F8FF240,248,255
 Ghost white#F8F8FF248,248,255
 Dim gray / dim grey#696969105,105,105
 Gray / grey#808080128,128,128
 Dark gray / dark grey#A9A9A9169,169,169
 Light gray / light grey#D3D3D3211,211,211
 White smoke#F5F5F5245,245,245

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ugliest color?

Wikipedia describes Pantone 448 C as the ugliest color in the world. According to Australian media, its dark brown hue was chosen for a cigarette and plain tobacco packaging in 2016. The color was deemed the least attractive by market researchers.

What’s the prettiest color in the world?

There is almost nothing more perfect than YInMn blue. Blue has always been a favorite color in the world, but now you can have it non-toxic. The best color in the world, according to some, is this hue.

What is the rarest color in nature?

There is no color rarer in the world than blue. Despite their appearance, plants and animals don’t actually contain blue pigment. The physics of light has helped these vibrant blue creatures develop some unique characteristics. The key to understanding blue or any other color is to remember why we see it.

Can humans see violet?

A violet light spectrum is a light that is at the very end of the visible spectrum. It is located between a shorter wavelength called blue light and UV light, which human beings cannot see. Approximately 380 – 450 nanometers are considered the wavelength of violet light.

Is purple a eye color?

People’s eyes and the sky appear blue because of this. In actuality, violet is a rare form of blue eyes and is actual eye color. For the violet appearance of melanin pigment to be produced, the iris must have a very specific structure.


We hope you find this article on unique color names helpful. There are so many colors that can be used for a brand and finding one is difficult at times. Our goal was to provide some guidance in the process of choosing just the right name for your company or product’s color scheme.

The names of colors can be a mystery to many people, but knowing the meaning behind them is important for understanding what they represent and how they impact our lives. This list has been compiled in order to help with that process by providing insights into the meanings and connotations behind these unique color names. Hopefully, it will make choosing your next paint or outfit much easier.

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