Type of Blue Color

Blue is one of the primary colors. It can be combined with other colors such as red and green to produce all other colors. Between 450 and 495 nanometres of light, the eye perceives different shades of blue. Nature, such as the sky and ocean, has a deep blue hue due to Rayleigh scattering, which reflects short wavelengths of blue light more efficiently than long wavelengths such as red. Consequently, objects that are at a distance appear bluer than those that are close to them.

The color blue is regarded as a cool color because it is associated with water and the sky. Blue color has also been associated historically with masculinity, harmony, calm, sadness, and concentration. It has historically been challenging to produce blue dyes and paints and, when they did appear, they were extremely expensive. Due to this reason, blue historically symbolizes authority and royalty, as well as high social status. Listed below are a few common type of blue color.

History of Blue Color

Among the earth’s most beautiful natural features, blue is strongly associated with the ocean and the sky. This stunning shade was first created by the ancient Egyptians in 2200 B.C. The ultimate aim was to create a pigment that would endure and be applied to a variety of surfaces.

In Renaissance and pre-Renaissance periods, blue was used to depict essential people because of its distinctive significance. The colors of this shade are popular among interior designers, artists, painters, and many other groups of people. Throughout history, a variety of flagrant hues of blue have served as a means of expression.

The Positive Effects of Blue

Type of Blue Color

For a long time, the color blue has been associated with calmness and positivity. Our bodies can produce chemicals that promote relaxation by looking at a bright, cool shade of blue. In addition, blue can also help reduce our appetite and slow down our metabolism.

The history of colors and humans is evidence that they have evolved together.

Blue encourages self-expression and is a good color for creating balance. This hue can often be used to convey confidence and importance. Furthermore, certain shades of blue are considered powerful colors, which are frequently associated with royalty. Many national police forces use blue in their uniforms, as do business executives who wear blue suits. Royalty has distinguished itself throughout history as having “blue blood.” The association of blue blood with stability, intelligence, and unity lends a feeling of harmony and stability.

The color blue has significant cultural and spiritual significance throughout the world. Shades of blue bring peace and ward off evil spirits in many cultures. The color blue is associated with mourning in Iran. Western nations have a tradition of giving their brides a little something blue.

Types of blue color

In the color wheel, there are more colors than we could count. You might find many blue shades that you aren’t familiar with by looking at society’s t brand names or popular colors. There aren’t many things in nature that are naturally blue. Blue is generally a cool color on the spectrum.

However, because of its royal shade, this color symbolically represents, among others things, calmness, responsibility, and trustworthiness. Hence, today we will discuss the type of blue color and their names, hex values, RGB values, and CMYK values, which makes this article useful to designers, students, illustrators, and anyone who wants to use blue colors in their designs.

True Blue

True Blue
Hex #0073CF
RGB 0,115,207
CMYK 100,44,0,19

The University of California uses the true blue color as its official color. There is no excessive light or darkness. The color has a relaxing and peaceful tone.

Two blue colors are becoming increasingly popular because they are true blue colors. Royal blue is one, and deep sapphire is another. Combined with different shades of blue, these two colors are commonly used by designers to color interiors. True blue was one of the first colors synthesized after cyan, magenta, and yellow were mixed. Like many other colors, it is created by mixing cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Blue
Hex #120A8F
RGB 18,10,143
CMYK 87,93,0,44

Colors that are reminiscent of the sea, such as ultramarine, are sea-inspired. Ultramarine is a combination of blue and violet that is both restful and relaxing. Catholics use ultramarine to symbolize purity, as it is a deep color.

Ultramarine makes for a lovely accent wall or furniture piece, even though it is not a traditional color. This is a high-quality pigment that is great for watercolor paintings. Transparent and versatile, it can be used in many ways.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue
Hex #000080
RGB 0,0,128
CMYK 100,100,0,50

If you desire to show off your sexy figure by wearing trendy clothes, navy blue is the perfect color for you. The color complements people of all skin colors. Stylish jewelry, belts, scarves, and other accessories enhance this navy blue color dress. It is effective to use navy blue color when you want to set a fashion statement.

Colors like this are traditional and timeless, suitable for various occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, job interviews, etc. You should wear this formal color, such as a classic shirt, a formal suit, and proper shoes and ties.

Dark Blue

Dark Blue
Hex #00008B
RGB 0,0,139
CMYK 100,100,0,45

Purity or calm is symbolized by this color. The style was created in Belgium in the 1300s, with origins in Flanders. European artists and artisans used it to paint their works during that era. Since it has a long history, it has been called many things over the years.

A dark blue color is considered calm by color psychology. Often used in place of black in bedrooms or bathrooms, it makes the room appear softer and less mysterious than a room painted black. For a relaxing and calming effect, dark blue is an excellent choice.

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue
Hex #003366
RGB 0,51,102
CMYK 100,50,0,60

As a deep shade of blue, midnight blue typically appears as deep, rich, and dark. Additionally, the color appears slightly black on some displays, but it seems closer to a deep blue than it does to a true black.

In addition to bringing sophistication and a sense of mystery to your website, the midnight blue color is a good choice for your background. You can present serious content or luxurious products with this color.

Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue
Hex #003153
RGB 0,49,83
CMYK 100,41,0,67

From the Prussian state and from Germany in general, Prussian Blue is named. In the 17th and 18th centuries, officers of the Prussian Army wore uniforms with this dark blue. When Napoleon’s soldiers were killed in battle, this blue color became associated with death.

Teal Blue

Teal Blue
Hex #0054B4
RGB 0,84,180
CMYK 100,53,0,29

There are many options for combining red, blue, and green to achieve a teal blue color. Typographically, this color is mostly used to indicate links or hyperlinks within a text and to emphasize the significance of different keywords.

For instance, on social media sites, teal blue color often indicates users are sharing, liking, and commenting on the content in a way that encourages frequent visitor engagement. When combined with jagged text, it can create an even greater sense of urgency, adding visual impact to promotions that use it.

Persian Blue

Persian Blue
Hex #1C39BB
RGB 28,57,187
CMYK 85,70,0,27

One of the most popular colors in the world has always been blue. You can use it to create an elegant look in your home, and it creates an impression of depth and space.

The colors of this hue are suitable for use in various rooms, but they look particularly excellent in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. This shade of blue serves as a symbol of life, hope, and various emotions in between.

Denim Blue

Denim Blue
Hex #1560BD
RGB RGB 21,96,189
CMYK 89,49,0,26

This color derives from the denim worn by workers in the past and remains popular today. Everyone looks cool in a pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Most of the time, however, they prefer the color navy. No matter what you think of the style, it has become iconic.

Besides looking great with many types of bottoms, this color also goes well with jackets and shoes. When it comes to buying denim blue, you have so many options that you can be assured of looking great.

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue
Hex #0F52BA
RGB 15,82,186
CMYK 92,56,0,27

The color sapphire blue is named for an expensive gemstone by the same name. This is the predominant shade, but there are other hues as well. A sapphire gemstone of this color is extremely rare. The color has an exquisite and bold shade. Color sapphire belongs to the cyan color family, while the color hot pink is its opposite.

Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue
Hex #4B0082
RGB 75,0,130
CMYK 42,100,0,49

In decorating, indigo blue is a popular color because it is bright and pure. In my opinion, it represents the deeper waters of the tropical seas, with white sand nestled in turquoise water and a friendly, warm atmosphere. A gradient of lighter shades follows the deepest, darkest shade of Indigo blue paint.

This is the color of light blue that lies between violet and blue. When the human eye adjusts to look at a wide range of conditions, blue represents the color at the center of the visible spectrum. Indigo is a combination of magenta and blue, which should not be confused with this color.

Oxford Blue

Oxford Blue
Hex #002147
RGB 0,33,71
CMYK 100,54,0,72

This color may be a good choice if you are looking for a trendy color. Most people likely associate the word “Oxford” with a shade of blue. However, as a color, it has both warm and cool shades that work beautifully when paired with soft pastels.

It gets its name after Oxford University, where it was first used. This is one of the most popular shades of blue used around the world. It comes in several shades, including light blue, dark blue, and medium blue.

Duke Blue

Duke Blue
Hex #00009C
RGB 0,0,156
CMYK 100,100,0,39

The University of Duke uses the Duke blue color as its official color.

International Klein Blue

International Klein Blue
Hex #002FA7
RGB 0,47,167
CMYK 100,72,0,35

The Parisian artist Yves Klein is credited with developing the International Klein Blue. Thousands of artists use this color today to express themselves.

‍Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue
Hex #1CA9C9
RGB 28,169,201
CMYK 86,16,0,21

Pacific Blue Color is not meant to make you think that each ocean is a different color. That’s just a color name, and they’re almost the same. There’s no need to think too hard. Prussian Blue and Phthalo Blue were first mixed to create this dark, ocean-like tone of blue.

Natural and decorative uses of this color are pretty extensive. Pacific blue is the name most commonly associated with this color. This is a lovely shade of grey blue.  A color like this can be worn casually or formally. In any case, it’s always going to look good. On any occasion, from a date to a night out with the guys, darker blues can be worn casually with jeans.

Cyan Blue

Cyan Blue
Hex #00FFFF
RGB 0,255,255
CMYK 100,0,0,0

Green and blue combine to create a cyan blue color. Mosque domes are especially prevalent with this color. You should experiment with it. I would describe this color as being somewhere between turquoise and aqua, and it can be used for a web color scheme. The color has a similar hue to green and so may serve as a complementary color to green.

A common understanding of this concept is an example of the color space on a computer screen showing standard RGB colors that you see when viewing a video or photograph. Among these colors are the most commonly used ones on the Internet. In addition to its immense popularity, it gives your design a distinctive look and gives you a reliable choice.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue
Hex #00BFFF
RGB 0,191,255
CMYK 100,25,0,0

The infinite blue of the sky is represented by the color sky blue. It is famous for ceilings in homes. There is a slightly purple tint to sky blue color, which is between sky blue and light blue. When powder blue or turquoise are in the same hue as sky blue, it is difficult to tell the difference. However, it still has some appealing properties.

Baby Blue

Baby Blue
Hex #89CFF0
RGB 137,207,240
CMYK 43,14,0,6

The baby blue color belongs to the pastel color family. It has been in common usage since the 1800s. Children are symbolized by this color by their joy and innocence. Although it does not have a gender, it is typically associated with boys.

Powder Blue

Powder Blue
Hex #B0E0E6
RGB 176,224,230
CMYK 23,3,0,10

There is no way to know what color powder blue is exactly. When you see powder blue, you are likely to feel peaceful and calm. This can be beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. The powder used for cleaning reminds us of the stuff we don’t want to ingest.

There are many shades of blue found in nature, including turquoise, teal, and sky blue. The 1964 Lincoln Continental featured this strange color. The color isn’t as common these days and may be difficult to find. In a few bridal shops that have not been taken over by Monsoon, you might still find some powder blue dresses.

Light Blue

Light Blue
Hex #ADD8E6
RGB 173,216,230
CMYK 25,6,0,10

Ancient Egypt used blue and light blue in their designs. Blue first appeared in the 1900s. This color represents peace and calm.

Certain colors symbolize peace and tranquility, which help us to reconnect with ourselves. As part of David Apotheker’s practice, he uses light blue to convey his message. Light blue is associated with thoughtfulness, simplicity, and communication, and openness to new ideas.

Turquoise Color

Turquoise Color
Hex #40E0D0
RGB 64,224,208
CMYK 71,0,7,12

Turquoise gets its name from turquoise jewels. This stone is very meaningful and precious. Or, at least, it is for those who are curious.

The color turquoise can be worn with almost anything. Decoration and clothing with it enhance any kind of theme or look. If you choose this color for your room’s theme, even the walls will look great. A similar effect occurs with web pages that use this color, especially a style-focused website.

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue
Hex #0ABAB5
RGB 10,186,181
CMYK 95,0,3,27

Associated with the luxury brand Tiffany & Co., Tiffany Blue is a stunning color. Tiffany Blue appears in the packaging of this jewelry brand. There has always been a preference for Tiffany jewelry among the collection of fancy elegant jewelry. The Tiffany color of a diamond is considered one of the most highly prized and sought after colors globally.

Azure Blue

Azure Blue
Hex #007FFF
RGB 0,127,255
CMYK 100,50,0,0

Every weather situation brings a different shade of blue to the sky. A bright, sunny, glassy day has an azure blue color to it. This gives it a lovely, promising tone. Aswad is an Arabic word that turned into azure in French. Every person knows that blue comes in a variety of shades, tones, and hues.

This shade of blue is actually dark. In some ways, it resembles a Prussian blue or indigo. Colors with blue tints tend to contrast well with other hues like white, black, or gray. Lighter colors tend to show that contrast more clearly.

Neon Blue

Neon Blue
Hex #4D4DFF
RGB 77,77,255
CMYK 70,70,0,0

Compared to the other blue color, neon blue is more modern. At night, it is difficult to tell the difference between blue and black. However, Neon blue is easily recognizable. It is a bright, vibrant, and energetic color making it perfect for adding excitement to any room. As the bright side of true neon colors is the lack of luminous appearance, the dark side is the monochromatic silhouette.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue
Hex #0047AB
RGB 0,71,171
CMYK 100,58,0,33

Tile porcelain is made from the original color of this material, which is cobalt blue. Artists around the world have painted using this color. The color blue is one of the coolest colors on earth. The color has earned this title for a reason. It embodies coolness at its finest.  Dark, mysterious, and deep are some of the words related to Cobalt Blue. 

Yinmn Blue Color

Yinmn Blue Color
Hex #2E5090
RGB 46,80,144
CMYK 68,44,0,44

Science has created the Yinmn Blue Color. It was discovered by Mas Subramanian in a laboratory accident. The discovery of intense color is genuinely astonishing. All other colors are absorbed by blue, which does not reflect any of them. Due to the fact that no other colors are reflected, it produces a shade of black.

In Buddhism, this quality of absorbing all energy is what is required to attain nirvana. A darker hue of the Yinmn blue appears before yellow absorbs water. White pigment mixed with dark blue pigment becomes light gray that looks like seawater. Because oxygen is abundant in pure water, it becomes light blue. By combining with other pigments and dyes, the pigment will become a vibrant blue color. You may then add some white to obtain a lighter shade of blue.

Phthalo Blue

Phthalo Blue
Hex #000F89
RGB 0,15,137
CMYK 100,89,0,46

This crystalline and synthetic color are called Phthalo Blue. As a result of chemical processes in the mid-1900s, it was created. Colors of this kind emanate from nature. Nature is the ultimate source of inspiration for Phthalo Blue. The world around us has always been created by nature.

The creative process of it is never ending. This environment is a wonderland, from the leaves to the sea, from the sun to the earth. There is nothing to beat it for inspiring modern living. The chemical name of the color is iron phthalocyanine, which is an azo color. The color was developed in 1908 by George de Mestral and his team as one of the original Phthalocyanine colors. Painters, photographers, and printers utilize phthalo blue widely.

Dodger Blue

Dodger Blue
Hex #1E90FF
RGB 30,144,255
CMYK 88,44,0,0

The dodgers’ team color is dodger blue. It was initially a traditional color but later made cult by adding it to the color database.

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue
Hex ##6495ED
RGB 100,149,237
CMYK 58,37,0,7

Colors like cornflower blue are light green but are actually blue in nature. When Johannes Vermeer painted the waves, he used this color extensively. Besides its use in traditional medicine to treat various diseases and injuries. Cornflower is widely used as a food grain, further used for food production because of its blue color attributed to its extended stay in the corn leaves.

Electric Blue

Electric Blue
Hex #0892D0
RGB 8,146,208
CMYK 96,30,0,18

The electric blue color is often used in digital design because it is a light, bright color. The color is suitable for screens. However, not all colors make good matches with colors. Having both indigo and violet components, this color contains striking shades of azure.

Blue waters are usually associated with this color, but you may also find it in other elements of nature. Some gems, deep skies, and bright flowers all feature this color.

Final Words

There is no doubt that blue is the most popular color. This is mainly because many positive characteristics are associated with this color. The color blue is synonymous with infinity and vastness. Blue is also a color that represents trust and reliability. We hope you have learned all you need to know about the type of blue color and some interesting facts about blue in this post.

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