TN730 vs TN760

Gone are the days when changing the toner was a difficult task. If you are an owner of a printer, at some point, you will require a replacement. In this article, we have introduced two great models of toners from the brand Brother. 

Both these toners are excellent in quality and features. Printers are now an essential machine for not only office work but also homely use. But the trouble arises when the toner needs to be changed. TN730 vs TN760 toners by Brother Genuine are premium toners that will make your printer good as new.

As you go through the article, you will understand why you need to give the toners a try. They are perfect solutions for regular use with maximum efficiency. We will make a TN730 vs TN760 comparison here for better knowledge for choosing the right one.

TN730 vs TN760

TN730 vs TN760

The Brother company is dedicated to providing premier quality products to its customers. The Genuine TN730 and TN760 will give you high-quality and sharp laser prints for every print you make. The hot and crisp print on the paper is extremely satisfying. The toners increase productivity, so your printer never gets tired and almost doesn’t lose ink! You can print thousands of pages with either of these toners.

TN730 and TN760 toners are reliable for optimal outputs and will keep the printer protected for durability. The cartridges will remain in various page yields that are economical and will deliver more paper prints. The yields include Super High-Yield and Ultra High-Yield. Also, they are very flexible in design and functions that make them compatible with different printer models.

They are low-quality knockoffs, which may mean poor-quality prints. However, the brand has manufactured them with care and innovation to work with Brother printers with proficiency and the best results.

Also, the toner is easy to recycle. Brother company vividly explains how to discard the cartridges. They can be recycled through the company or any office supply store.

1. TN730 Toner


  • TN730 toner ensures premium quality print on any type of paper for the given price
  • The material is durable and lightweight
  • It is environment friendly for easy disposal
  • Compatibility is good for seamless unison with any Brother laser printers
  • The user gets a standard yield of printing with this toner
  • The toner doesn’t dry or leak over time.
  • It is easy to install with its compact size 


  • The toner doesn’t complete the given page yield

2. TN760 Toner


  • TN760 toner produces reliable monochrome laser prints in large volumes
  • It doesn’t leak, streak, or stop working while in use
  • The installation is easy with compact size 
  • The material is durable with a long shelf life and lightweight
  • Recycling and replacement are hassle-free with this item
  • Compatibility is good as TN760 toner easily fits Brother printers
  • The user will get a higher yield of pages per print


  • This product is expensive for the frequent replacement

TN730 vs. TN760: Comparison Chart

A quick comparison in tabular form will help for a summary, so have a look.

            Features                  TN730                  TN760
DescriptionStandard YieldHigh Yield
Page Yield 1200 pages3000 pages
Cartridge ColorBlack Black
Contents1 Black Toner Cartridge1 Black Toner Cartridge
MaterialPlastic Plastic 
Dimensions 14 x 4.9 x 6.9 inches14 x 4.9 x 6.9 inches
Weight 1.3 pounds1.4 pounds

TN730 vs. TN760: The Breakdown

tn730 vs tn760

We have broken down their features after good research to find the exclusive details between the TN730 vs. TN760 toner.

Print Quality

Both the toners are reliable and efficient in providing high-quality laser prints on any paper, although laser printers usually use standard paper. No complaint of leaks or streaks may result in a mess during activity. The brand has kept the promise of manufacturing its products intelligently and with integrated design. You are guaranteed by the brand to receive good quality prints regardless of the volume of papers printed together.  


Brother usually made their products quite budget-friendly. But these toners differ in prices with almost similar features. The TN730 costs lower than the TN760, and as per the customer’s feedback, the TN760 is said to be pricy. The price difference is mainly because of the page yield of the toners. However, TN760 is cost-effective for the user in the long run because TN760 requires a lesser replacement than TN730. Also, TN760 allows more prints for the given money. 


The TN730 has a standard yield of up to 1200 pages, while the TN760 has a high yield of up to 3000 pages. However, both these toners are said to print much lesser pages than the given number. This is because both the toners’ claimed page lives are based on a 5% print density per page. So, a full-page print cannot cover the mentioned estimate, and the ink runs out sooner. The 5% standard is selected by almost all toner manufacturers, including Brother.


Both the toners work for monochrome laser printers and deliver black and white prints. This is usually text, but images will also come out in the same quality as words. Even with the smallest fonts or unclear images, the toners will allow the prints to be sharp, crisp, and clear prints. The brand has made no compromises in the quality and functions, so the prints will be great and impressive as long as the ink remains.

Ink Consumption

Even with the troubles of receiving lesser prints than the claimed yields of both the toners, it is quite easy to get higher yields. This is done by setting the printer with either the TN730 or Tn760 toner using the manual. This setting will help with the save toner option. After that, the user can continue to print till the ink runs out, ignoring the toner low signal. The yield will then become maximum, saving the ink. Using this setting, the user is likely to get more yields with the TN760 than TN730 for its higher output, helping to save costs. 


Both the toners generally work on plain papers efficiently. If the laser printer has the features to run with other types of papers, then the user can install either of these toners and receive the same quality prints on different media. 


The Brother company provides its customers with already-installed products. The package includes a detailed instruction manual for setting on the printer. Since both the toners are flexible to work with various Brother laser printers, they are straightforward to install as replacement toners. Both the toner readily fits the printer, and the user can start printing right away. If you have the right tools in your possession, then you are ready to work from anywhere using these toners.

Shelf life and Efficiency

These toners have slightly different shelf lives. While TN730 lasts for 24-36 months, TN760 toner is said to have a shelf-life of 24 months. This information tells that the TN730 toner lasts longer even with the lower page yield. However, this doesn’t change their efficiency. Both the toners will provide smooth prints in large volumes with consistency. There are no troubles with paper jams or mess. This saves time and energy since the printer will work fast and effortlessly without constant monitoring. 

Although TN760 toner has a lesser shelf life, it can provide greater yield, requiring less replacement than TN730. On the other hand, the user can keep the TN730 for a longer time with the save toner setting for a lower price. 


Both the toners are in abundance in the market and are easy to purchase. So the requirement for replacement in any frequency is no longer an issue. Due to their compatibility, the replacement is easy. They avoid waste by working maximum and reducing material use, along with easy disposal. The Brother brand also provides constant and reliable customer services for any technical support. All their products come with a limited one-year warranty.


As you have read through the TN730 vs TN760 comparison, you can see how these are quite similar in features. They are outstanding in functionality and consistency. However, certain features confuse choosing, mainly the disadvantages. Even then, in considering all the aspects, TN730 toner stands higher than the two, compared to TN760. But this still depends on the user’s preferences.

On the one hand, the TN730 with a lower yield is cheaper to replace with good features. Also, the right setup and maximum use will make help in ink consumption. But if you wish for a higher yield, then go for TN760.

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