15 Things to Draw When Bored

Sometimes our days are not as exciting or fun as we would wish. Some days you have a lot of free time and nothing to do. Whenever you are experiencing boredom, and you have no idea how to make things interesting, this tutorial is for you.

Your sketchbook and pens will help you to tap into your inner creativity. When you feel bored, we will suggest trying the easiest things to draw.

Drawing isn’t always about sketching complicated things, even though it is serious art. Even simple things can inspire you, and as time flies, you will have spent some time in this art.

When you’re feeling bored, why not try drawing these easy things? As well as passing some time, it will also stir up the inner creative soul in you.

What Things To Draw When Bored?

What you’ll need

  • Marker
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Colors

Let’s start right now.

15 Cool Things To Draw When Bored

1. Draw a City Skyline

City Skyline drawing

Nighttime makes the city come alive. An urban evening setting can beautifully reflect in your drawings by using this simple technique. City skylines are easiest to visualize using this method. Steps can add or remove depending on your preference, so the skyline is as detailed as you desire.

2. Draw Roses

Rose drawing

Drawing roses is so easy with this DIY! As I was practicing drawing roses, I came up with a quick technique to make it easier for anyone to do. The result of this tutorial is this. Take a look. The process is easy, and the result is stunning.

3. Draw A Car

Car drawing

I wanted to draw cars when I first started drawing, but I was nowhere near as proficient as I wanted to be. Car drawing tutorials are more accessible with some techniques, tips, and tricks. I like this one. It would help if you tried it.

4. Draw A Spaceship

Spaceship drawing

Using this easy spaceship drawing tutorial when you bore is a good place to start. Children and beginner artists should both find it easy to complete this project.

5. Draw a Mandala

Mandala drawing

The mandala looks hard to draw, but it isn’t as complicated as it appears. Using the proper technique makes it quite simple to do. If you have some free time, you can construct some unique Mandalas.

6. Draw a Dandelion

Dandelion drawing

Drawing dandelions saves you a lot of time when you’re boring. Dandelion flowers can draw in a variety of ways. My art journals, bullet journals, and more love them because they’re not time-consuming to do.

7. Draw a Sunflower

easy Sunflower drawing

There are numerous flowers to choose from within this list, so I will add another one called ‘Sunflower’ to the list. That flower is unique and appealing. They also possess a variety of fascinating characteristics. They make me feel warm and happy.

8. Draw Feathers

feather drawing at boring time

On this planet, we have a wide array of feathers with different shapes and types. There is no need to spend a lot of time and energy drawing feathers.

9. 3D Hole Optical Illusion

3D Hole Optical Illusion drawing

Here’s another 3D picture to make when you’re boring. If I were to jump into that illusion, I would appear to be on another planet.

10. Draw a Leaf

Leaf sketch to draw in boring time

When you’re boring, you can also draw leaves. Choose from different patterns and colors to suit your mood. Your tablet/iPad can even let you make leaf doodles.

11. Draw Waterfall

Waterfall drawing

In the drawing, you can see that water plays a significant role. A drawing is incomplete without understanding how to illustrate water in various forms, including waterfalls, rivers, etc.

12. Draw Village Sceneries

Village Sceneries drawing

Think of cute images of a village in the stillness of its day if you are a little Wordsworth. I’m sure the sight would be relaxing.

13. Draw a diamond

3d diamond drawing

Consider yourself to have the shine of a diamond. At the very least, try drawing diamonds.

14. Draw a Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube drawing
Source: Art for Kids Hub

One of these puzzles was something I learn to do a few years ago. It’s pretty neat. So, I’m learning how to draw one now!

15. Draw a 3D ladder

3D ladder drawing

Would you interest in something else in 3D? In addition, it seems as if it’s an optical illusion.


Your life could be boring! With now many drawing ideas at your fingertips, all you need are some supplies around the house.

I understand that we all have times when we get so occupied that it becomes difficult to breathe, where we seem to forget that sunsets and evenings exist.

However, we also face those days when time seems to have slowed down, or we discover that we have a lot of spare time.

We all get bored sometimes, and when we do, it’s nice to have something fun and creative to work on. Here are a few things that you can draw or sketch if you’re feeling uninspired- grab your favorite pen!

We hope you found things to draw when bored in this article helpful. Have fun drawing!

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