The Best and Most Effective 200A Tig Welder Around $1000

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TIG welding basically is used for welding thinner materials that require strict heat control and in cosmetic applications.  The welds provided by a TIG weld are comparatively clean and causes minimal smoke generation.  Because of this reason, it is finding use in a wide variety of applications like sculpture designing, experimental aircraft and in automotives.
The 3 products of TIG welds which are around $1000 include from the manufacturers like AHP, Longevity and Eastwood.  The below mentioned welding machines come with some unique features like AC/DC welding, easy dial setup, stick welding capability that has a respectable output and can be used on both 110V and 220V.  Other important features of the 3 welders include a high frequency TIG start, thermal overload protection and a foot pedal operation that eases the process of welding and renders more effective welds.

The 3 Best Welders for your Welding Needs

The following 3 welders listed below boasts all the required features of a high rated product and are priced around $1000.  A peek into their specifications and comparisons will yield a better knowledge on the same.

AHP AlphaTig 200DX

[imgbox asin=”B00REX6USW” imgurl=”” imgalt=”ahp-alphatig-200dx-review”] The AHP Alpha TIG 200DX comes with a digital display and a stick function. ¬†It allows performing vivid tasks suiting to everybody‚Äôs need. ¬†It is suited for both professional and needs of part-time workers or even hobbyists. ¬†The AHP Alpha TIG 200DX welder offers great professionalism in welding materials like thin aluminum and stainless steel. ¬†A full-appraised yield is given by this welder by utilizing the most dependable Fairchild IGBT inverter innovation. ¬†The stick lifting process could be made easier by dropping down the anti-stick function to 30 amps. ¬†Built on a dual voltage system, this machine provides for easier usage for both na√Įve and experienced welders. ¬†When it comes to output, it is the most promising welding machine with materials like aluminium, stainless steel and the thinner-gauge materials.

  • Current output: Max current output for AHP is 200 A and Min is 10A, while that for Longevity TIG 200SX is 200A maximum and 5A minimum. This minimum Ampere of Longevity helps to weld aluminum thinner effectively. ¬†Eastwood TIG 200 has to offer current output in the range of 10-200AMP.
  • AC/DC welding capacities: AHP runs both at 110 V and 220V and so does the other two brands that is Longevity and Eastwood.
  • Weight: AHP Alpha TIG 200DX weighs a meager 38 pounds when compared to Longevity that weighs 41¬†pounds. The Eastwood weighs the minimum with 36 pounds.
  • Simple TIG Welding: An AC balance control for better output and allows to set up amps, pre-flow, post-flow and clearance for a perfect weld. Moreover, the Eastwood TIG and Longevity TIG also come with the same feature.
  • Torch with a finger control and comes with a soft cover
  • Pulse for welding stainless steel
  • Special Function: HF start and a duty cycle that offers 60% at 150 amps. Longevity TIG 200SX welder has to offer a duty cycle of 60% at 150A and the Eastwood TIG offers 45% at 150A. ¬†Greater the duty cycle, greater is the power generated.

Convenient usage guaranteed
However, conveying the welds on the 3/8 inches mild stainless steel and 1/8 inches aluminum differs.  The pulse option in the machine may not be utilized frequently, yet it forms one of the handiest features of this welding machine while carrying out the welding.

  • Being a dual voltage welding machine it is easy to use by both professionals and novice welders.
  • AC support balance and a good arc stability
  • Professional welds are guaranteed
  • Less expensive when compared to other welds in the market
  • The square wave inverter for aluminum welding has the pulse setting that conveys easy set up operations


  • Display has a small hitch when running in the T2 mode. Only the starting amperes are displayed. ¬†Since, this machine can be run in both 4T and T2 modes; it overcomes this con by switching it to the 4T mode. ¬†It also reduces the need to buy 2 separate machines.
  • The foot pedal cannot work alone. It requires a rubber feet to be stable on the floor.

The AHP Alpha TIG 200DX Welder is the most affordable you can get at a price around $800.  It is also the one that is quite convenient to use by anyone.

Longevity TigWeld 200SX

[imgbox asin=”B00ATBQF5Y” imgurl=”” imgalt=”longevity 200sx-review”] The Longevity TIG Weld 200SX is one such machine that runs both 110V and 220V power. ¬†It is constructed as a reduced and adaptable unit and would offer you with a basic arrangement of controls for making your welder perform an extensive variety of jobs for you. ¬†The pre-flow, clearance effect and the post flow gives a richer welding effect.

  • AC/DC Welding: Dual voltage system that paves way to use the machine as a stick welder on both 110V and 220V power. The stick gives an output of 160 amps. ¬†While AHP Alpha and Eastwood offer the same dual functionality of running on both 110V and 220V. ¬†The power plug provided along helps to quickly change from 110V to 220V.
  • Simple TIG Welding: The amps, pre-flow, post-flow and clearance can be set to give effective and perfect aluminum welding. While, the AHP Alpha and Eastwood TIG boasts the same functionality.
  • Special Function: Presence of an IGBT Inverter technology increases the machine portability giving a nice welding experience and enough convenience. The Eastwood TIG 200 consists of a square wave inverter technology for welding aluminum. ¬†Also, AHP Alpha boasts the same feature for effectively welding aluminum into thinner sheets.
  • Foot pedal: The panel and foot pedal operations allows keeping a full tab on the welding process. The foot pedal also supports setting the amperage limits while at the same time it can be adjusted variably. ¬†However, the foot pedal here is more convenient and flexible to use than in the AHP alpha and Eastwood TIG.
  • It gives the highest amps when compared to the other two models that are AHP Alpha 200 DX and Eastwood TIG 200.
  • Weight: it weights around 41¬†pounds which is more than that of AHP Alpha 200DX and Eastwood TIG 200 welding machines. It is the heaviest of the 3 compared products but at the same time allows for a better foot pedal control while welding.


  • Easy to use- this machine is easy to carry and hence use. However it is the heaviest amongst the 3 AHP Alpha TIG and the Eastwood TIG welding machines weighing 41¬†pounds.
  • The dial in options is relatively simpler owing to its simple body design. This provides for a cutting edge technology that garnishes the welding experience.
  • The TIG start is of high frequency that would not let you wait to strike the arc. Striking is simple and effective. ¬†Also, this keeps the tungsten free contamination.
  • Overloading of heat is no more a worry as this machine comes with an in-built thermal overload protection feature.
  • Switching between the voltages, that is from 220V to 110V and vice-versa is relatively simpler.


  • The only hitch in the system is the size of the torch which is comparatively larger. This might just give problems while you weld smaller things. ¬†However, this is not of a major concern owing to the greater pros it has to offer. ¬†Also, it does not really interfere with the welding process.

Eastwood TIG200

[imgbox asin=”B00EZW5NZ6″ imgurl=”” imgalt=”eastwood-tig200″] The Eastwood TIG200 Welder can weld both stainless steel and aluminum. ¬†It houses all the features that any TIG welder has. ¬†The assembly comes with plenty of hose and cables and not of dragging around the area is required. ¬†The WP-17 torch accepts common cups and collets, and up to 1/8 inches electrodes.

  • AC/DC Welding: It is basically a 220V unit but it does come along with an adapter power plug for 110V. So, it does not matter whether you stay in the USA or outside, this welding machine will run on the dual voltage system. ¬†So is the case with the AHP Alpha 200DX and the Longevity TIG 200SX.
  • Welding thickness: It has a welding capacity of ¬ľ inch thick, while the AHP TIG can cut ¬ľ‚ÄĚ aluminium and 3/8‚ÄĚ mild steel.
  • Special Function: It also consists of a square wave inverter for effective aluminium welding and a precise arc control using high frequency start. All the 3 products come along this feature of high frequency start.
  • Duty cycle: 45% at 150 amps which is quite low when compared to the AHP Alpha and Longevity TIG welding machines that have a duty cycle of 60% each at 150Amps.
  • Weight: it weighs the least when compared to AHP Alpha TIG and Longevity TIG that is 36 pounds. This allows for an easier transport of the machine while welding.


  • Easy change of voltage from 220V to 110V using the power adapter.
  • Accurate welding using the square wave inverter technique.
  • Operates on 15amp circuit for 220V and 30amp circuit.
  • 80% efficiency
  • Good pre gas flow, post gas flow and a clearance effect (AC balance control)


  • A small pedal foot that is almost half the size of an actual pedal foot. This is an issue when you have long feet. ¬†However, the high efficiency and the light weight of around 37 pounds outweigh the same.
  • Conclusion for an easier choice

All the 3 products are priced around $1000 and come with the highest ratings.  The welding machines come along with accessories like the TIG torch, cables and foot pedals.  Depending on the type of work and the material that has to be cut using these machines, one can justifiably decide which the best suited machine is.  The entire mentioned 3 welding machine around $1000 comes with manufacturer warranty.  Moreover, the type of work also determines the selection of the welding machine.  All the 3 welding machines are capable to cut both stainless steel and aluminum.  However, their data varies.  The power can be calculated by looking at the duty cycle it provides at a specific voltage for a defined time period.  The AHP Alpha TIG 200DX and the Longevity TIG weld 200SX have a duty cycle of 60% and hence more powerful than the Eastwood TIG 200 welder.
The Amperage also has a crucial role to play in the selection process.  The machines that offer amperage in the range of 5-250 can help weld thinner materials like a 24-gauge stainless steel or 1/4inch aluminum.  Wider the amperage, more applications it can serve thus reducing the need to buy a different welding machine.  Cutting aluminium requires a wide amperage, thus Longevity TIG 200SX welder is the best suited for the purpose.
If soft and hard metals are to be welded then welding machine offering both AC/DC voltages should be preferred.
Heat control is yet another significant factor to be checked out while planning to buy a welding machine.  The Pulse TIG weld option should be looked for while purchasing any TIG welding machines.  The AHP Alpha TIG welding machine has this feature.
The above mentioned products all come around $1000 and are quite affordable.  However, affordability should not be the only parameter.  Proper scanning of the products must be done in order to get the best welding experience.

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