Teespring VS Printful

In the recent past, almost all sectors of the economy have been experiencing significant digital transformations. Shopping from online based stores right from the comfort of your home is now common in our livelihood. With most customers embracing digital shopping in full swing, sellers, marketers, retailers, developers, artists, and designers can benefit from this cost-effective, risk-free drop shipping selling method.

Meanwhile, going straight to the point, dropshipping will never be complete without the best on-demand service providers like teespring, printful, printify, and others. Practically, the leading choice that we will focus on briefly in this article is Teespring vs Printful. While both share many similarities, you should consider some potential differences when picking one among the two. The following basic information will give you sufficient insights to break the dilemma.

What is Teespring

Teespring VS Printful
Photo Credit: Teespring.Com

Teespring is a cloud-based free print-on-demand platform featuring multiple tools to design, create, and sell various products.  Imagine, unlike similar software in the market, the upfront cost is zero as customers do not even need to have their eCommerce stores on which to publish product designs. Teespring avails shopfronts, in-built audiences with marketing features for retailers to display their product designs.

Further, the platform helps you in every step, from creating a product, fulfilling your orders to web customer support. So, Teespring is a great option that initially dealt with te-shirt only, now works with some other clothing collections. Lately, their app has been integrating seamlessly with Shopify for a broader market. 

Working Process of Teespring

Teespring embraces absolute simplicity in everything and hence the reason it is the most recommendable drop shipping company for beginners.  Once you finish signing up on Teespring, there are various tools to use to develop your designs. After you are satisfied with your designs, add them to the designed products and start selling on the platform shopfronts.

Good enough, you don’t need to have an eCommerce store. However, the better if you have a website or can add the products to your social media. Moreover, increasing the outlets expands your market outreach and thus realizing greater profits.

Wondering how teesprings ease yor work ? The POD tools grant you access to images, texts, and artwork to create your designs from scratch. Although there are usable templates, a novice can use them as well. When designing is done, the Teespring gives you a breakdown of printing costs for consideration while setting the base price.

 Finally, you decide the price, the minimum quantity for every design and let the product hit the market. On the plus side, Teespring helps starters set the most appropriate price and realistic minimum quantity to attract buyers as your brand grows.

What is Printful

Teespring VS Printful
Photo Credit: Printful.Com

Printful is a diverse on-demand web-based platform that lets you create designs and print them on customized clothing and accessories.  The brand features a mockup generator plus other tools you need to create designs and verify product quality before releasing into the market. Printful requires you to have an existing online store where you list your products designs.

Anytime the customer orders the product Printful procures the request by creating, packaging, and shipping to your customer address. When you make sales through Printiful, the system gives analytics of the sold products and your total earning.

Working Process of Printful

Printful is one of the most convenient and popular print-on-demand drop shipping companies. The brand has established various centers in nations like the UK, USA, Mexico, Europe, and Canada to beat the ever-rising competition. Having many locations makes shipping easier, fast, and reliable even when delivering overseas.

First of all, to make everything right, Printful offers access to all the tools you would need to get started with your creativity.  You sign up, create items and effectively add them to your web store for the customers.  The fact, Printful deals with only types of products and not only clothing makes them a top choice for many entrepreneurs. Retailers and sellers hosting cross niche websites can leverage huge returns with Printful.

The mockup generator will also let you have a glimpse of the item’s appearance after creation. The Printful catalog enables you to explore over 200 different products in all categories to choose from. Printful imports vibrant, high-resolution images product to your website to entice customers into making purchases. Immediately, a customer clicks the cut, the Printful handles the in-house fulfillment process and delivers to their respective locations. 

Well, although the two platforms are perfect alternatives for their great similarities, they have notable differences. So let see how the two differ based on pricing, quality, integration, shipping, and services.

1. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Customer Support

printful vs teespring customer support

Customer support can never be compromised whether you deal with products sold on local stores or web-based marketplaces. All brands, especially internet-based with no clear contact or lacks responsive customer care, are dubbed scams. Successful manufacturers have free web support, toll-free phone number, and  24/7 availability support.

Printful: as we advance, before we discuss human engagement, Printful have directive tools on their blog to guide the customer through various use methods. Like the guide on how to start, run eBay or other platforms, how possible and ease of integration print-on-demand services with different interfaces, etc.

 Moreover, it supports social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Printful has a navigable help center where customers can click a button to call, start a chat, or mail the web customer support.

Teespring: likewise, the brand has a dedicated team of customer support who are so friendly to the users. They give top priority to the seller community, ready to answer their query and provide effective feedback. All your questions are answered within 24 hours. Funny enough, they are prepared to offer suggestions that will help you even if it means directing to the competitors. Also, support, the most responsible live chat too. Teespring training is not biased and is invaluable to budding sellers.

2. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Mockup Generator

While both Printiful and the Teespring features mockup tools,  they have variable capabilities, performances, or effect that differs greatly.

Printful:  If there is something Printful ever made with power and quality is the mockup. They work like a human, easy to link as  Facebook and website ads. The tools generate high-quality pictures of personalities wearing the product in styles and numerous peculiar environments. Thus users save the expense of having to hire expensive photographers and models to show the designer products. Mockups have a guide for first-time users.

Teespring: Since this brand mainly uses in-house marketing tools, the mockups work on the platform.  The mockup generator is sometimes not user-friendly as it may cause strain due to the black back background.  Mockup helps in the creativity of designs, displaying the products but possible to incorporate outside the interface for whatever reason. Giving credits where it deserves, Printiful mockups have immense uses. Printful mockup wins.

3. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Your Online Store

In this case, we seek to know which option is more flexible in terms of online store. Some print-on-demand companies integrate readily with your online store while are designed such that you market and sell from their websites.  At Printful, you can market within the website, integrate with other sites, or both.

Printful: Printful is one of the most reliable POD options to connect with multiple online stores. It supports over 20 different platforms like Amazon, Shopify, wooCommerce app, including social media, and much more. Apart from publishing your products designs from Printful to your platforms, the brand tools take photographs and videos for you to use with other channels enhancing marketing.

Teespring:  this POD service provider features a seamless in-built marketplace and gives you more control than any other option. Users can create customized storefronts with banners, privatize some products, and set end dates for particular items.

Additionally, Teespring marketing tools allow product cross-selling and retargeting campaigns and do product analytics connected to google analytics or Facebook pixels. With Teespring, you can create multiple storefronts for specific products, themes or connect with youtube. The winner depends on your individual preference and the type of product you are marketing.

4. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Pricing

When it comes to pricing, both platforms set the base price for the customers. However, their leverage in the short term or long run is different. Get more information on the pricing system in each case.

Teespring:  Here, the company gives you the base price of the product, including the cost of printing. Then, you set the price for the design as you would prefer, and after-sale, the profit is entirely yours. Contrary to most on-demand companies, the color of the design or the number of products per listing you sell at Teespring does not influence the base price. 

However, the cost of the product created at Teespring is exclusively determined by; whether your design is single-sided or double-sided. Another factor affecting the base price is the pricing discount accorded for that particular product.

Printful: the same case to Teespring applies here. As a seller, you do not set the base price. The brand decides base print, after which you print the design and put the final price your way. Meaning the cost of the product should include the value of your design and expected profit.

For Printful, the base price for any product is constant regardless of the quantity you sell, with no discount associated. Therefore, the base price will depend not on the color and products per listing but the design is double-sided or single. The pricing advantage increases your profits; hence invest in profitable products.  

5. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Integrations

Online marketing is not a sit and earns syndicate. No! You have to work tooth and nail. As such, you must be looking for an on-demand option that has convenient integration.  The two platforms are unique and offer profitable integration, though with a different interface.

Printful:  Integration with Printiful is almost universal.  The dropshipping company allows you to import your products to various websites, such as Amazon, Shopify, and a lot more. Besides that, Printiful supports full integration, with automated fulfillment and live shipping features that make it unique. The Printful app is conveniently designed to sync and link with various marketplaces without unnecessary repetitions smoothly.

Teespring: On the other hand, Teespring does not connect with similar platforms supported by Printful. However, it has its unique trick that catches as many target customers as youtube.  Understand that over a billion people are on youtube; therefore, building a vast subscriber base will attract viewers who become potential buyers. Teespring’s main marketing base is youtube, where you point or redirect the audience to your content.

An experienced marketer using youtube creates podcasts and videos with high suspense, hence intensifying audience curiosity. Gladly, also Teespring can now integrate with Shopify, the overall effect is less compared to Printful. So again, choose the option that can better adjust with your marketing skills and interfaces.

6. Printful vs Teespring: Based on  Product Designs and Quality

Quality is everything. Yes, it is the best thing that makes the customer keep coming back.  Even with the striking beauties, as seen from the camera filters,  the poor quality product will always keep customers at bay. However, superb quality will increase the sale regardless of the price.

Teespring: Honestly speaking, Teesping wins when it comes to prices and services. Moreover, when you touch, the texture of their products is amazing, but the quality may sometimes be low relative to other alternative branded options.

In most cases, you cannot blame the brand for the unappealing design because the acceptance majorly depends on what a designer submitted. The products look astounding in some materials, whereas in others, they may look faded. It all depends on the printing method and technical issues that could arise from the printing method used.

Printful:  Printful is as good as in Teespring, and you cannot tell their difference through texture. However, both options have a texture different relative to branded products. It’s fun you will find some products quality in Teespring looking better tan in Printiful and vice versa.

Like in the other case, the quality may merely vary with the design submitted by the retailer for printing. So your design, color, material choice, and resolution have the upper hand on the design. By and length, Printiful ave invested over $40 million acquiring top gear machines, which guarantees more details, unfading, and less technical disappointments. For this reason, their product is a bit more quality and more visually appealing designs.

7. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Overall Features

So now the big question is, what are the general features of each company? With both companies offering various ways or options to develop and create designs,  what are their abilities?

Printful features user-friendly interface with the professionally organized store from to ease navigation and customization all through. The clean back ends simplify integrations with other interfaces and social media to understand even a first-time user. Printful offers top-quality photography to enhance your online presence and offers a 20% discount to services that need photographs before fulfillment.

Imagine having to enjoy same-day order fulfillment. Yes, quite possible; Printful has some speedy fulfillment features for some items through automatic order fulfillment.

On the other hand, Teespring has features to help you mockups for your designed products. This means you can develop a product design, launch, and start selling immediately.  Moreover, the service provides avails various printing options to choose from. Teespring focuses on multiple clothing designs from hoodies, t-shirts, v-neck, canvas bags, etc.

Moreover, Teespring adopts a dynamic pricing structure as opposed to a Printful flat rate system irrespective of quantity. Interestingly, Teespring allows sellers to set a minimum price for their products, thus protecting low price exploitation.

8. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Fulfillment and Shipping Costs

All customers are after pod services where they can get their products soonest after confirming an order. However, a short delivery time frame should not attract unreasonable shipping rates.

Printful fulfillment and shipping:  generally, this print-on-demand company takes a maximum of 7 days for fulfillment and package. However, there are unique features where they claim to do everything, including the same shipping day. Then after packaging, shipping takes from 4 to 8 days and up to 20 days maximum for some international addresses.

Meanwhile, printful shipping rates depend on the delivery destination. For deliveries with the US are the lowest, and you pay additional for other locations.

Teespring fulfillment and shipping: Like Printful cases, Teespring delivery time frame and shipping rates depend on the destination. However, unlike Printiful the rates for the same destination may defer depending on the urgency or time fame plan. If you want quicker delivery, then rates will increase.

Teespring offers fulfillment and delivery in 3 plants. First is the standard plan, which has the lowest fees, and shipping may take up to 12 business days. The second plan is rush shipping which typically attracts more than double what standard order cost, and items arrive within five business days. Lastly, we have super rush shipping which is costly compared to the rest of the plans, and delivery time is soon though not revealed here.

9. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Getting Paid

Are you looking for the convenience of getting paid? Let see the POD service providers that are easy to cash out.

Teespring: Teespring pays either through PayPal or Payoneer.  Some customers also request a check because of different reasons, like having not fully verified their PayPal. If your PayPal is not fully verified or new, chances are high it would keep the money on hold for either 24hrs or 7days. So the check can take a bit longer to be processed. But, if all is well, you can get your money into your PayPal or Payoneer within 48hrs.

Printful. The payment method is not straightforward. Although since most users have their eCommerce store, chances are the payment is cashed through them. You get paid, yes, but with lesser information, we feel Teespring is better. Payment is case sensitive, and Teespring is straightforward about the pay, which they process as fast as 24hrs. The same thing applies to Shopify.

10. Printful vs Teespring: Based on Pros and Cons

Every service provider platform designed by humans must possess some imperfections. Therefore, on a close look, both Teespring and Printiful have many advantages and few pitfalls.

Printiful Pros

  • Avails variety of products to customize
  • Integrates readily with multiple marketplaces
  • Supports automatic order fulfillment feature
  • Fast shipping and deliveries globally
  • Utilizes userfriendly platform and technologies
  • Reliable high responsive customer support with live chat

Printful Cons

  • Additional fees for quick delivery requests
  • Products are a bit expensive

Teespring Pros

  • Various product promotion options; youtube, social media
  • Unbiased  customer guidance and support
  • Design creations methods promote product quality
  • Effortless  managing  back end environments
  • Wide product range available for selection

Teespring Cons

  • Mockup doesn’t integrate with social media
  • Printing designs on both sides attract more costs


Overall, if you are looking to start your brand design, reading this Teespring vs Printful comparisons will give you insights into what to expect in each case. The article features many differences, highlighting similarities to remove your doubts, confusion, and dilemmas. Moreover, you can browse to get more information you would like to know before making a final decision.

We hope the text discusses all your fears and motivates you to start this entrepreneurial success route. Besides, if you still want to dig more, you can get suggestions and advice from users, friends, families, and experts.

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