Use The Tailgate Ladders For Pickup Trucks (2023 Update)

Ensure you use your heavy-duty pickup for all delivery loads if you have one. Additionally, if your precious vehicle has a large cargo area, you may require a truck tailgate ladder to organize the cargo effectively and according to business needs. 

Silverado 1500 bed is commonly more than 100″ long and 70″ wide. As a result, when your hands are busy with several cartons, making a few steps to get into bed may be necessary. 

Thanks to the one-hang or even one-finger tailgate release feature of the top-quality tonneau cover for Silverado, it’s easy to access the tailgate. Then let’s look at what are the best and most reliable brands of car bed ladders that will withstand the elements.

Here are the tailgate ladders for pickup trucks on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Tailgate Ladders For Pickup Trucks

Tailgate Ladders For Pickup Trucks Reviews In 2023

1. Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder

The Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder is an all-in-one ladder and storage solution that is a perfect fit for your pick-up truck. With a total weight capacity of 300 lbs, this ladder provides you with the safety and stability you need when adding or removing items from your tailgate. No tools are required for installation, and they can be attached or removed in seconds to provide quick access to your bed.

Tailgate Ladder

Keep your cargo secure and out of the way with Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder. This sturdy, all-steel ladder secures neatly against your truck bed, staying out of the way while loading and unloading. It uses the tightest, strongest bolt you’ll find anywhere to keep it stable and secure as you use it.

Chevrolet Avalanche

Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder is specifically designed for Chevrolet Avalanche, Dodge Ram Box, and the Chevrolet Traverse for easy access to your grocery bags or any other items you need every day. This tailgate ladder is crafted from strong and durable polyethylene plastic with anodized aluminum alloy rungs that meet or exceed all safety requirements.

2. Beech Lane Pickup Truck Tailgate Ladder

Nowadays, with pickup trucks as big and high off the ground as they are, it’s nearly impossible to step up into your bed. Beech Lane’s Tailgate Ladder fixes this problem by providing a sturdy ladder that attaches to your bed tailgate and easily folds out when needed., Universal fit extends up to 45″. Does not fit Dodge RamBox, Chevrolet Avalanche, or Cadilac Escalade Trucks.

Easy To Install

This aluminum step is durable, lightweight, and easy to install, letting you easily reach that garbage bag in the back of your truck. It’s made with ultra-durable mounted aluminum step grip plates for increased traction. Step confidently into your truck, whether the ladder is wet from an unexpected thunderstorm or morning dew.

Ladder Is Designed

The Beech Lane Pickup Truck Tailgate Ladder is designed to fit a wide range of pickup trucks. The ladder’s footstep design provides added traction, stability, and a secure platform for your feet.

3. AA Product Tailgate Ladder Foldable Pickup Truck

The Tailgate ladder is designed to be used as a ladder or step, suitable for outdoor use. It has an extra wide base and sturdy construction. The round pipe connection makes the ladder rotatable in horizontal and vertical directions, offering easier access to all workspaces.


This ladder is made of thick iron with a powder coating. The surface is scratch and oxidation-resistant, making it more durable than steel ladders. Strong anti-slip pads on the bottom prevent you from slipping, so the ladder is safe to use, even on wet surfaces.

Pickup Truck Owner

This rear gear ladder is adjustable from 37.6 inches to 45.6 inches. It’s perfect for any pickup truck owner, making this the ideal pick for hauling groceries or sports equipment in your bed. This product is the expansion and smooth fixed firmly. And the load-bearing capacity is still excellent at up to 300 lb.

4. KMFCDAE Tailgate Ladder Pickup Truck Accessories

This tailgate ladder is designed to help you easily get in and out of the truck bed, providing a high-class solution for people who have problems getting in and out of bed. Height adjustable from 87cm(34.25″) to 107cm(42.13″), this ladder is universal for all trucks and can be folded down when not in use.

Transporting Heavy Equipment

Expand your options for transporting heavy equipment with the KCASE tailgate ladder pick-up truck accessories. With full welding and a weight capacity of up to 135 kg (300 lbs), this ladder system is designed to be tough. Rubber feet under each step provide traction while, at the same time, keeping the ladder stable on a wide variety of surfaces.

Ladder Truck Bed Toolbox

This is a brand new design and concept of the tailgate ladder truck bed toolbox, with stainless steel self-drilling hex screws for easy installation. These liftgate ladder pickup truck accessories are designed to fit all makes and models on the road today. Pickup trucks make great work trucks, and this ladder truck bed toolbox will help you get the job done even faster.

5. Chelhead Truck Tailgate Ladder

Chelhead Truck Tailgate Ladder Can be attached to the left or right side of most trucks’ tailgates. With a maximum load capacity of 600 lbs, this ladder is made with heavy-duty steel and comes with a long 3ft-wide step to assist you in getting up into the bed of your truck.

Easy Access To The Load Area

The Truck Tailgate Ladder is a truck bed ladder that provides easy access to the load area of your truck. Made of sturdy, reinforced galvanized steel and ultra-durable mounted aluminum step grip plates for increased traction; this tailgate ladder comes with a 300 lb weight capacity.

Carry Bulky Items

With our tailgate ladder, you can carry bulky items more easily than ever. Its legs are rubber coated, giving them a much stronger grip and connection to the ground. You no longer have to worry about the ladder moving as you slide your items in or out of the truck bed.

6. POKIAUTO Universal 42″ Foldable Pickup Truck

This is a useful pickup truck ladder, which can be utilized to help you retrieve small things in the back of your pickup truck and make your trip more convenient. The size of this pickup truck ladder is universal, which fits many models like F150, RAM 1500, Tacoma & others with tailgate height from the ground to not more than 42 inches and tailgate width from 51 inches up to 55 inches.

High-quality Metal

High-quality metal steel, anti-corrosion treatment, and electroplating generally make this tailgate ladder have fair rust proof capacity.

Detachable Design Consist

The Latest and Special detachable design consist of the upper part and lower part; It is space-saving and convenient for transport; It can be extended to 42″, has a special lock device, and the ladder can be well-locked to the tailgate.

7. Universal Fit Pickup Truck Tailgate Ladder Tailgate

This ladder is made of high-quality iron, and the surface has a black powder-coated finish, so it can prevent surface rust and scratch and look more durable. The reinforced strap and POM buckle can lock the ladder firmly on the tailgate. A mounting plate with rocker arms and rubber pumper links the tailgate with the ladder more firmly.

Straight Tube

Samanlight’s ladder load capacity is 300 lbs; max standing height is 42 in; there are 5 holes in the offset tube and the straight tube; you can adjust the length up to 42inch. When not used, the Tailgate Ladder folds and secures neatly against the tailgate.

Tailgate Ladder

The Universal Fit Pickup Truck Tailgate Ladder is the best tailgate ladder on the market. It has secure rubber ladder feet, which provide a base for the ladder and protect the truck bed from scratches when you place your ladder in place. Made with high-grade steel and coated with a special automotive finish for superior rust resistance, this pickup truck ladder will stand up to years of use.

Tailgate Ladders for Pickup Trucks Buying Guide

Capacity to load

According to the description, some tailgate ladders can hold much weight without damage. A ladder must be chosen according to your needs. Does the ladder need to hold a certain amount of weight? A ladder manufacturer should be consulted before buying one. You should check whether the ladder has steel stands for stability and durability. Some tailgate ladders can hold up to 500 pounds.

Easy Installation

Installation should not take more than half an hour. Saving time will allow you to do other things. A tailgate ladder that is easy to assemble is, therefore, recommended. Some units are attached to the tailgate for easy use, ready to mount. Elements in the leg portions should be easily connected to obtain the desired structure height.


Tailgate ladders must be selected according to individual needs. When it comes to folding it up and down, how easy is it? Before purchasing a ladder, make sure it will fit your pickup truck.

The material

Ladders should be made from strong materials that can withstand outdoor elements. We recommend aluminum as a lightweight and handy material for your needs. Despite its popularity, aluminum has several different strengths. Aluminum alloys with a corrosion-resistant black powder coat, such as 356-T51, or aircraft-grade aluminum with a corrosion-resistant powder coat are available. Steel models might be more durable and stronger than aluminum and last longer. Your choice of material should reflect your needs.

Safety Issue

A tailgate ladder’s safety is a critical consideration. Besides evaluating the ladder’s weight capacity, you should consider the steps and how the ladder is made. A good tailgate ladder should have at least 400 pounds of weight capacity and non-skid surfaces. It should provide a safety handle to grab for extra stability when climbing into the truck bed.


Depending on the size and design of the ladder, you can find various types in the market. A ladder that costs a lot of money might not always be the best ladder. When tailgate ladders, identify the features you need and compare prices from different brands. Based on your requirements and budget, you should make your final decision.


Which part of my tailgate ladder should I mount?

Any ladder mounted next to or below the passenger is always a safe choice. When you are loading or unloading something, this is especially true.​ This will prevent accidents or traffic problems.

Is a tailgate ladder necessary for my pickup truck?

A high-bed truck is especially difficult to climb if you’ve ever tried it. Tailgate ladders are used to access the truck tailgate safely without worrying about injuring your back or falling.

What is the best way to install my tailgate ladder?

Tailgate ladders that tend to be the best are usually easy to use and install. It does, however, require some effort to mount. Check if the ladder comes with an installation guide if you want to do the installation yourself or if you want to hire a professional.


Tailgate ladders are the perfect way to get up and out of your truck without walking. They also offer a more secure means for loading cargo onto your pickup bed and provide an additional step height when climbing into or exiting your cab. 

Stop by our site today when you’re on the hunt for tailgate ladders that will work with pickups just like yours! We have everything you need in stock so that you can find what best suits your needs quickly and easily.

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