Everlast PowerTig 200DX review

If you are seriously looking for a simple yet more versatile TIG welder to meet your welding purposes, then I recommend you to read this Everlast PowerTig 200DX review.I can assure you that this would be a great starting point for you. This welding unit is loaded with all the great features you would want … Read more

Everlast SuperUltra 205 Review

Everlast SuperUltra 205 is a basic MOSFET inverter based DC TIG welder with the capability of Stick welding and plasma cutting as well. This unit is ideal for the budget-minded welding enthusiasts who have to often deal with both the two welding processes and also plasma-cutting.This multi-process welder is equally flexible and versatile as it … Read more

Everlast Power I-Mig 200 Review

The new Everlast Power I-Mig 200 is a dual voltage versatile and very powerful MIG welding tool with IGBT based inverter technology. Weighing only 35 pounds, this welding unit is easily transportable. This device comes with more features than any other MIG welder of its class. The Everlast PowerMig 200 MIG welding tool is not … Read more

Everlast PowerTig 250EX Review

[imgbox asin=”B0081BEULK” imgurl=”https://www.kitestring.io/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Everlast-PowerTig-250ex.jpg” imgalt=”Everlast PowerTig 250EX”] The Everlast PowerTig 250EX is a TIG and STICK welding machine. It is highly suitable for both welding enthusiasts and professionals. This welding machine is not only versatile but it also delivers great performance. It is able to put up a TIG welding power of 250 amps with 60% … Read more

Everlast PowerTig 185 review

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[imgbox asin=”B00AWU739O” imgurl=”https://www.kitestring.io/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Everlast-powertig-185-2015.jpg” imgalt=”Everlast-PowerTig-185″] From the cradle of Everlast Company comes this powerful welding machine. In the world of technology, quality grows with time, and this is precisely what Everlast has offered in this exciting masterpiece. This Everlast PowerTig 185 review will present the features, benefits and criticisms of the Everlast PowerTig 185 welding machine … Read more

Everlast PowerPro 256S review

[imgbox asin=”B00AD8E3B6″ imgurl=”https://www.kitestring.io/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Everlast-PowerPro-256.jpg” imgalt=”Everlast-PowerPro-256″] Everlast PowerPro 256S multi-process welding unit is an economical solution for those who are looking to purchase two separate machines for welding and cutting. If you think that the features and performance are to be compromised to fit them into the single unit. Features of Everlast PowerPro 256: You might be … Read more