Sonic Vs Rotating Electric Toothbrush

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Have you ever woken up one day and wondered how technology has advanced so much? If you look around you, you will see household appliances that make your life easier, and not only that, but you also have at your disposal a small and innovative dental hygiene device; that came to stay; an electric toothbrush designed to give you an improvement and optimization for your oral health.

For some years now, this wonderful and innovative electric toothbrush has come out, designed mainly to be used by people who have some inability to brush with the traditional brush, since a lot of hand mobility and grip strength are required to perform such movements. Despite the advantages that these electric brushes promise, whether they are sonic or rotary, everyone can take advantage of them.

Rotary electric toothbrushes (the first ones to come out) and sonic electric toothbrushes offer you the best benefits, compared to traditional manual toothbrushes. When you use an electric toothbrush, you will remove much more plaque, the cause of cavities and other oral diseases, they also prevent the appearance of tartar and reach more easily places that are difficult to access.

Sonic Vs Rotating Electric Toothbrush

Another benefit of electric rotary and sonic toothbrushes; is that they require less effort and skill on your part, because they do everything for you, you just have to guide it; which will give you greater efficiency, because the bristles move faster than you could do it manually, which implies a much more complete oral hygiene.

As well as they are much more effective in removing stains on the teeth caused by smoking and drinking coffee, and also help prevent the appearance of these. In other words, your smile will be noticeably more beautiful, you will feel good and sure of yourself, in addition to your oral health being in the best condition.

This innovative electric device was created to clean your teeth more effectively; In its beginnings, it was with a rotating head, it is the best known, that is, the most popular, however after this, a sonic electric toothbrush came out, which I will tell you about later, so that you can get to know both electric toothbrushes better; because the benefits that each one offers you are very similar; like those mentioned above.

Other benefits of both electric brushes, whether rotary or sonic, is that they both have an elongated handle that allows you to reach the wisdom teeth without any difficulty; Not to mention that they also prevent cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. These electric brushes are highly recommended, especially for those with muscle ailments or arthritis; because it is very difficult for them to achieve a good brushing due to their condition.

In the same way, as I already mentioned,¬†its benefits are for everyone, from the youngest at home, it is a more striking way for them to start learning how to brush their teeth more effectively, so mom can be calmer and sure that if your child’s teeth have been kept very clean without fear of cavities damaging their oral health.

Sonic Vs Rotating Electric Toothbrush

Among other advantages of these electric brushes, both rotary and sonic is that they have¬†replaceable bristle heads, so when they are worn out, you do not need to buy another new brush;¬†as well as¬†rechargeable batteries,¬†so that you recharge it from time to time and feel your electric toothbrush as new, although it is more expensive than a traditional toothbrush, you will see that you save much more for what was said above, every so often you will not change to the brush as such but you will only change its head and that’s it.

The subject of electric toothbrushes is very important since a well-done brushing will provide you with complete oral hygiene; because if something is certain, it is that you have to brush daily to eliminate bacterial plaque, which forms continuously and can have a harmful effect on your health.

Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day, and with a specific technique so that cleaning is correct and fulfills its function; thus avoid the formation of bacterial plaque, and with it the formation of cavities, and prevent your gums from becoming irritated; This technique is to wash the teeth from the back to the front, and with precise movements, that eliminate all the amount of food residues that are between the teeth.

What guarantees good dental hygiene is general well-being, security, and self-confidence, a healthy smile; it is something that should be done when getting up, after eating and when going to bed; throughout life, since the first tooth appears, and why not do it according to technological advances, with an electric toothbrush? It is the best alternative that can be taken today to get a good brushing.

Electric brushes incorporate a motor in their handle that causes a mechanical movement in its head, providing a more efficient brushing effect on your teeth, this movement is very fast and repetitive, and can be in different ways because there are two types of electric brushes: one rotary and one sonic. Choosing the best one will be your task, but I plan to make it easier by providing you with the information on each of these electric toothbrushes.

Benefits of The Electric Sonic and Rotary Toothbrush

Benefits of the electric sonic and rotary toothbrush

Rotating electric brushes are driven by a motor and can reach from 5,600 to 8,800 movements per minute, while electric sonic brushes can reach from 31,000 to 62,000 movements per minute; thanks to the sonic technology that causes pressure waves to be created with the combination of saliva, water, and toothpaste.

This characteristic that differentiates them is what makes them provide slightly different benefits, although sonic brushes are one of the latest innovations in the field of dental hygiene, rotary brushes are still beneficial, and a very good alternative, much better than the traditional brushes, of course; regardless of whether there are successors to this one.

Among those benefits we can find:

  • Rotary electric toothbrushes have oscillation movements¬†and clockwise and anti-clockwise¬†oscillatory rotation¬†that allows teeth to be cleaned quickly without leaving residues.
  • Its speed frequency ranges from¬†5,600 movements per minute to 8,800 mpm;¬†which means that if you compare it with the traditional brush, your manual movements would be in slow motion, so brushing with a rotary electric brush shortens the time of the brushing session.
  • The rounded head of these brushes makes them much more practical and comfortable when cleaning difficult areas, you will not hurt yourself while using it.
  • The cleanliness you achieve with rotary toothbrushes is superior to that of manual brushes;¬†your mouth will be clean and fresh, and your smile will notice the result¬†from the first use of this brush,¬†and with days you will perfect the technique.
  • The rotating brushes¬†remove more plaque and take care of the gums with the push of a button¬†and guide it for a few minutes in your mouth.
  • You will¬†need less skills and abilities when brushing¬†with this rotating electric brush.
  • Due to its¬†function of oscillating rotational movements driven by a motor¬†in the handle, this brush is¬†especially suitable for people with a nerve condition in their hands or with arthritis.
  • Another benefit that the rotary electric toothbrush offers you is that it¬†has an elongated handle, you will more easily access areas that are difficult to¬†reach, you will reach the wisdom teeth.
  • With a rotary electric brush, cavities will not be a problem, much less gingivitis and other problems such as tartar, because you can get a¬†truly deep cleaning.
  • The bristles and its circular head allow you to¬†scrub and remove the residue¬†that causes annoying stains on your teeth, intimidating your smile.
  • In addition to all these benefits, they are preferred by the little ones, children prefer rotating electric brushes, because cleaning is guaranteed and they do it in less time, with better results.
  • The removal of tartar and bacterial plaque is permanent while you are using the rotary electric toothbrush because its mechanical action of rotation and pulsion eliminates them and prevents their formation.
  • Another of its very beneficial advantages is that they have¬†an interchangeable brush head, so when they wear out, it is not necessary to buy a new brush, but simply replace this head, it can also be customized to differentiate it from that of the other members of your family;¬†with rings of different colors.
  • Its batteries¬†last approximately fifteen days, and you should not worry about running out, as they¬†are rechargeable.
  • Some brands of these rotary brushes come with a timer that tells you the time you have been using and the right time to get a good brushing.

This means that rotary electric toothbrushes are the best option over manual toothbrushes, but we will not know how good it is until we compare them with sonic electric toothbrushes, and for this, I present below the benefits these.

  • Sonic electric toothbrushes¬†have a mode of action based on heads that move at high frequency, which allows you to reach places that you will not reach with any other brush, be it manual or rotary.
  • Sonic technology makes the electric brush emit high-frequency acoustic vibrations that cause vibrations in the horizontal direction, between 14,000 and 31,000 movements per minute;¬†which gives greater effectiveness in brushing.
  • Both the mechanical movement and the movement of acoustic vibrations make it twice as superior as other brushes, due to its double cleaning action. The first is a mechanical action carried out by the filaments that vibrate on the surface of the tooth and eliminates the dental plaque, the second cleaning action, is through acoustic and hydrodynamic vibrations, due to the high speed of the vibrations of the filaments, acoustic waves are emitted that, thanks to their energy, are transmitted through the saliva through the oral cavity, exerts pressure that disorganizes the biofilm and prevents it from adhering, this cleaning action reaches beyond the bristles.
  • Sonic technology¬†does what brushes prior to this new technology failed to do;¬†through vibrations, a certain amount of air is introduced into the saliva and tiny bubbles rich in oxygen are produced, which are propelled towards the areas where the plaque accumulates, and also to subgingival areas, once there, the bubbles favor these areas with low oxygen presence and¬†prevent the growth of bacteria¬†by increasing the oxygen concentration.
  • Reaching difficult areas for bristles is possible thanks to fluid dynamics such as below the gum line.
  • Another benefit of the sonic electric toothbrush is that¬†people with fixed orthodontics use them, and they prefer them¬†because this brush manages to clean under the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe braces more effectively.¬†It is capable of removing enamel plaque.
  • It has¬†a long neck and a small, fine head with bristles of different sizes¬†to facilitate reaching the molars and adapt to the surface of the teeth.
  • It is not as noisy as the conventional rotating electric toothbrush, which is favorable for having a brushing session in complete peace and quiet.
  • Its bristles, in addition to being of different sizes as I already mentioned, have different textures;¬†that is, with different degrees of hardness, to clean your teeth more effectively, in case of stains.
  • Some are much more advanced and novel, they have incorporated multiple functions from the timer to a low battery indicator which is very beneficial to know, first when to stop brushing, in the case of the timer, and second when to put it on a charge, in the case low battery indicator.

Differences Between Both Models

Sonic Vs Rotating Electric Toothbrush

Once you know the benefits that each electric toothbrush offers you, be it rotary or sonic, you can establish some similarities and differences.

Both electric brushes work by means of a motor that makes the heads move; the only difference is that one moves with rotation and oscillation clockwise and counterclockwise, while the sonic one does it horizontally.

The two brushes are designed to combat bacterial plaque and other oral diseases, the rotary electric ones make from 5,600 to 8,800 movements per minute, while the sonic electric brushes make 31,000 to 62,000 movements per minute.

Both brushes have a timer function, however, the sonic has additional functions built-in, such as going back when too much pressure is applied to protect the gums and controlling the force of brushing.

The rotating electric brushes clean and remove the plaque thanks to their rotating and oscillating mechanical action, but for those with sonic technology, in addition to the horizontal movement that is much faster, with the vibrations remove and prevent the plaque and reaching more places that are difficult to access.

Both the rotary and sonic electric toothbrushes are of the third generation, use rechargeable batteries, and the newer models have a built-in low battery indicator and functions to control the intensity of the movement of the brush heads.

Both electric brushes are especially useful for people with a decrease in physical and even mental capacities, with arthritis, or for the elderly who no longer have the same muscular capacity in their hands, they will be able to get a good brushing, leave their mouths very clean alone or with the help of another person.

Both models have handles that are a bit heavy, but both the rotary electric toothbrushes and the sonic electric toothbrushes have an elongated handle to reach the wisdom teeth without any problem.

Both the rotary and the sonic ones are preferred by children, although in this aspect, the rotary ones have the upper hand since it is louder and for them, it is more fun.

Sonic brushes better clean the areas under the braces of people with orthodontics since the sonic technology emits acoustic and hydrodynamic vibrations that reach areas unreachable by rotating brushes.

For stain removal, both brushes do the trick; but the advantage is for the sonic technology; It is much faster and more effective.

The design of the rotaries is very basic, while the design of the sonics is much more innovative and attractive.

And finally, both brushes are superior to a manual brushes, but in the market, you will find the rotary ones more accessible than the sonic ones.¬†So far we have seen that the two electric brushes meet the objective, one more efficiently than the other, but the question is: choose the best one even if it is much more expensive, or choose the conventional electric one even if you are missing out on the extra benefits? of the sonic?¬†It’s worth helping you with a little more information in the next section.

So which one should I choose, sonic or rotary?

Between rotary electric brushes and sonic electric brushes, the balance always leaned towards the latter; The reason is explained below:

The sonic electric toothbrush is an alternative that suits everyone and has proven to be as effective as advertised;¬†It’s safe and effective, it doesn’t hurt your gums and it removes both dental plaque and biofilm, drastically improving oral hygiene for everyone, from young to old, and increasing motivation to make the healthy habit of daily brushing.

It is specially designed for those people who cannot perform manual movements normally, either due to arthritis or any other condition. In addition to the fact that orthodontic patients who have a higher risk of developing various types of oral diseases use brushes with sonic technology since they are the only ones that guarantee a deep and complete cleaning.

The dynamic action of these brushes directs the liquid between the teeth and throughout the gums, the speed is so superior that it can reach up to 31,000 movements per minute, it eliminates enamel stains and tartar much more effectively.

These brushes with sonic technology are less noisy than rotary electric ones, their design is ergonomic, with small heads and a thin neck, in addition to having bristles of different sizes and different thicknesses; All this allows for comfortable cleaning, removes plaque, and reaches the wisdom teeth without any problem.

It also has multiple functions such as the aforementioned timer, and every thirty, sixty, or ninety seconds it makes a brief pause and continues, to indicate that you can move on to the next section; common in both brushes, as well as an alarm mode that indicates to you by means of a sound or light that you should now change the quadrant and clean other oral areas.

Sonic electric brushes mostly include a case to store them in case of travel, as well as a portable charger, a little less cumbersome, as well as extra heads that rotary brushes also include, each head with its own characteristic, elongated heads, and round heads.

Most sonic brushes offer multiple cleaning modes, which rotary brushes don’t offer as they are older models;¬†These modes range from intensive, which is special for stains, to polishing, which is special for sensitive teeth and gums;¬†Sonic-enabled brushes come pre-programmed with varying degrees of speed and pressure.

Another aspect that most sonic electric toothbrushes have is that they have a pressure sensor that prevents you from exerting such pressure and causing damage; They also have an integrated mini-screen that shows you the features you have chosen, for example, cleaning mode, brushing time and battery status as well.

There is no doubt that sonic brushing is much more advanced than rotary brushing; however, rotary electric brushes offer you an acceptable quality of oral hygiene; regardless of the fact that it works at fewer movements per minute and that it does not have innovative functions such as that of electric sonic brushes.

Obtaining the correct cleaning in average teeth is a matter of technique;¬†But if you are an orthodontic patient, your cleaning needs a brush more capable of giving you a true clean;¬†and that’s the sonic brush,¬†but only if you want to give your teeth a really deep brush without much effort;¬†There are different brands and sizes on the market.

The choice is yours,¬†but I can’t cover the sun with a finger;¬†always what comes to the market new, is because it comes with an improvement;¬†and notably,¬†the sonic electric brushes if they can fulfill with much more efficiency and potentiality than the rotary electric brushes.

But like I said; both brushes clean and remove bacterial plaque; you will brush with one and with another very relaxed; don’t forget that the rotary electric toothbrush makes a little more noise than the sonic electric toothbrush; and that in the market you must pay the difference of the extra benefits that the sonic electric toothbrush will give you; that is, the rotary electric brush will always be below the price; it is more accessible.

Be it a manual toothbrush, a rotary electric toothbrush, or, the winner for me, the sonic electric toothbrush; Whichever of the three you are going to acquire, the important thing is to brush frequently, when you wake up, after eating, and before going to sleep; taking care of your oral health not only depends on the brush but also on the use you give to it. The decision is in your hands.

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