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Social Flow Subscription helps you manage and grow your social media accounts. Strategery works with Social Flow Subscription to create custom workflow solutions for our customers. Through the integration we have created, we are able to run workflows on Social Flow to send traffic directly to Strategery sites, adding new visitors and clients right away. If you are interested in running workflows that deliver traffic directly to your sites and pages, contact us today to get started.

SocialFlow is it pricey?

The cost of SocialFlow exceeds the standard for the sector.

Price: The entry-level paid plan costs $99 per month.
Platforms: cloud, smartphone, and desktop.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most expensive to implement), SocialFlow is scored 6.6 when compared to its rivals. To determine the total cost of ownership (TCO), which takes into account customization, data transfer, training, hardware, maintenance, updates, and more, read the article below.

How much will customizing SocialFlow cost? (Is it pertinent?

The vendor will charge a customization fee depending on your demands and feature requirements if you desire certain features in your system to meet your unique business requirements. Ideally, the cost of modification is harder to measure than the cost of the license.

Without the need for complex query requirements, some apps make it simple to aggregate data from many sources, while others may be incorporated into other applications to provide improved reporting. You might have to spend more on all the customization features if you want goods that offer configurable dashboards and predictive analysis to identify potential patterns and aid in decision-making.

Additionally, the following elements could influence how much customization will cost:

  • interface modifications
  • customized dashboards
  • components of data necessary for tracking
  • Forms to gather more information
  • Reports for management, operations, and dashboards are required.
  • Workflows and their level of complexity
  • Forms to gather more information

Please respond to the following inquiries: What level of customization is required? How many different systems are you hoping to integrate? Does your business follow industry best practices or does it have its own unique set of procedures? Which specific special reports are required?
You can use the following estimates to determine the cost of customization:

  • Integration with 1-2 systems with minimal customization costs $2,500.
  • Integrate standard customization with 3-5 systems: $10,000
  • Integrate with more than 5 systems with a fully customized system: $25,000

What are the standard pricing structures for brand management?

The perpetual license, subscription, and commercial open source pricing models are the three that are most frequently used.

  • Software-as-a-Service and Subscriptions: Applicable to SocialFlow The system is accessed online rather than deployed on-premises under this pricing structure. Either per user or on a subscription basis, payments are made. Customers should ideally be compelled to pay a recurring monthly price to use the product for a set amount of time. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps more frequently use the subscription price model.
    The upfront cost for modification and integration is lower than the cost of a perpetual license because SaaS solutions do not offer as much flexibility in this area.
  • Customers must pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis, so the recurring cost is higher. Customers who need premium support services must also pay an additional cost.
  • Overall, even though you would have to pay a greater perpetual licensing fee upfront, the overall cost of ownership in both situations is about equal and may be spread out over a period of 7–10 years. Starter, midrange, and enterprise level apps might all have different overall costs.
  • Permanent license: – Applicable to SocialFlow
    In order to own a tool or other piece of intellectual property on-premises for a specific period of time, a customer must pay a one-time fee under the perpetual license price model, which is typical for on-premise applications.
  • In addition to the perpetual license fee, the upfront cost also includes the cost of installation, customization, and connection with existing systems.
  • This pricing model has modest recurring costs, which could be the price of updates, upkeep, upgrades, and patches. Some suppliers do charge a premium for their premium support services.
  • Open source business: not applicable to SocialFlow
    Without paying a license price in advance, the customer can obtain the system for free. As a customer, you are exclusively in charge of keeping the program updated, customized, debugging, and maintained to match your unique needs. Since you are not obligated to adopt a vendor-supplied system solution, you are responsible for providing end-user support.

What does it cost to establish brand management?

Buyers are mostly concerned with the price when choosing a Brand Management system. In actuality, whether a potential customer chooses the goods depends on the price. While it’s true that there isn’t a single formula that can be used to assess the “worth” of a business program, as a buyer of software, you want to ensure that you get the most for your money without having to burn a huge hole in your wallet.

It can be difficult to determine the precise cost of a Brand Management system because the total cost of software also includes the price of a license, subscription fees, training, customization, hardware, maintenance, support, and other associated services. To determine the system’s “total cost of ownership,” it is critical to include each of these expenses.

Specific Reports

A good platform for reporting and analytics in marketing is SocialFlow. The dashboards may interface with a variety of external data sources and are fully customizable.

The ability to categorize posts by content type is one of the nicest features. As a result, users of the reporting interface can view performance trends across many topic categories.

Custom reports

Additionally, it is simple to analyze the most significant social media analytics across all platforms in a single report.

The Trending now component of the report, which highlights new hashtag trends in their market, will be helpful to many firms. This establishes a useful connection between the report and possible platform-based strategic initiatives.

How SocialFlow pricing compares to alternative Brand Management solution?

On a scale of 1 to 10, SocialFlow receives a score of 6.6 when compared to alternative systems.
Viralheat, Sproutsocial, Freshbooks, PageLever, and Buffer are some of its rivals. SocialFlow stands out from competitors because it can broadcast your message live at the best time possible using its own optimization algorithms. While SocialFlow has rivals like SproutSocial that excel in many other areas, when it comes to analytical detailing and posting to generate the most buzz, SocialFlow excels.

Benefits of SocialFlow

SocialFlow concentrates on the difficulties that publishers have on social media and provides creative, practical answers to many of them.

It offers a creative method for automating posts while also providing a wealth of fresh information on how social media platforms perform. This can be used as direct input for a larger brand audit that will be shared with the rest of the company.

SocialFlow has various advantages for organizations with a marketing strategy that incorporates numerous social media platforms and high engagement rate goals.

It is one of the top options available for selling editorial content and optimizing content for engagement. These advantages stand out, especially on Facebook and Twitter, where SocialFlow boasts the most cutting-edge features.

The only capabilities that SocialFlow offers users for Pinterest and Instagram optimization are the ability to plan posts and report on success.

This is to be expected on a site that concentrates on the difficulties that news publishers confront, but it is important to keep in mind for businesses that have an omnichannel social media presence.

There are more appropriate and complete solutions available on the market than SocialFlow for individuals who are focused on personal branding, small business marketing, or e-commerce.

Some of the features of services like Hootsuite’s free plan are made with small businesses in mind, and they also work well for Instagram and Pinterest promotion.

Impressive data tools for social media

Today’s social media dilemma for brands is addressed by SocialFlow. Social media usage has increased, but it is becoming more difficult for firms to stand out.

By using statistics to resolve this dilemma, SocialFlow differs significantly from its rivals in how it approaches social media posting. Most of the process can be automated, which frees up marketers’ time to focus more on content and strategy.

The platform’s attractiveness may be limited to a group of enterprises with particular demands since it does not provide the social listening and Instagram publishing facilities that some competitors provide.

Businesses looking to establish a social media presence and collaborate with other companies to monetize their postings will find a lot to appreciate in SocialFlow.


Social Flow Subscription is an effective way to monitor and analyze the ever-changing social media landscape for users who have a difficult time keeping up with the vast number of updates posted each day. Its goal is to enhance a user’s experience on social media and allow them to focus more of their time on what matters, be that advertising, branding, or analysis.

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