Best Sling For Mossberg Shockwave For The Money

Are you looking for the best sling for your Mossberg Shockwave? Look no further! We’ve searched high and low and compiled a list of the 10 best slings to fit your needs. From adjustable straps to shock-absorbing materials, we have everything you need to make carrying your firearm comfortable and safe. Whether you’re headed out on a hunt or just want something that looks cool, we have the perfect sling for you. Plus, we’ll also give you five tips on how to choose the right one, as well as how to use it properly. So get ready – let’s find the perfect sling for your Mossberg Shockwave!

Types Of Sling

When choosing a sling for a Mossberg Shockwave, it is important to consider the type of sling you will need. There are several different types of slings available that can be used with this shotgun. The most common type of sling is a two-point sling. This type of sling provides stability when carrying the gun and allows for easy transitioning between shooting positions without having to adjust the length of the strap. It also helps reduce fatigue while carrying the gun, as it distributes weight evenly across both shoulders.

Another option is a single-point sling which attaches to just one point on the gun and provides less stability but more mobility. This is great for tactical situations where quick movements are required or when shooting from unconventional positions. Single-point slings also allow for faster transition between firing positions and can be easily adjusted for different sizes or body types.

Lastly, there are tactical slings that offer all the features of both two-point and single-point slings in one package. Tactical slings are designed to provide maximum stability, comfort and flexibility when moving or shooting from any position. They often feature quick-release buckles and adjustable straps so you can easily customize your setup according to whatever your needs may be.

No matter which type of sling you choose, make sure it is designed specifically for your Mossberg Shockwave model in order to ensure proper fitment, stability and safety during use.

List Of 10 Best Slings For Mossberg Shockwave (50-100 Words Reviews For Each): Used By Most People

  1. Bulldog Tactical Sling: This reliable tactical sling is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing and is adjustable to fit most users comfortably. It’s easy to install and comes with a heavy-duty Quick Detach (QD) swivel, making it perfect for the Mossberg Shockwave. It also has two different attachment straps that can be used to secure your gun in place while you’re on the move.
  2. Mossberg Factory Sling: Designed by the creators of the Shockwave itself, this factory sling is the best choice for anyone looking for a quick, no-fuss solution. It features a simple webbed design and can be easily adjusted in length from 24 inches all the way up to 48 inches. It also includes an integrated QD swivel so you can securely attach it to your shotgun.
  3. Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Sling: From one of the most trusted names in tactical gear, this high performing combat sling is designed for premium performance and reliability. The wide shoulder pad ensures maximum comfort when carrying your weapon, while the adjustable length makes it easy to find just the right fit for your body type. The QD buckle allows you to quickly detach it without having to fiddle with any straps or buckles – perfect for those rapid transitions between firing positions or when switching guns during a match.
  4. Tac Shield 2 Point Sling: Built with durability in mind, this two point sling has several unique features that make it a great choice for Mossberg Shockwave shooters everywhere. The metal D-rings allow for quick adjustment of length, while the dual bungee cords provide extra cushioning when carrying a heavier load across your back or chest – ideal if you’re out hunting or are participating in active competitions where you need to switch weapons quickly without compromising on comfort or performance level.
  5. Specter Gear Cobra Single Point Sling: This single point sling offers superior strength thanks to its heavy duty stitching and tough 1¼ inch webbing material, ensuring it won’t give out during even the most vigorous activities like shooting at targets or participating in 3 Gun matches where mobility and flexibility are crucial components of success! With an ergonomically designed shoulder pad that provides excellent support and comfort while carrying your weapon over long distances, this Cobra single point sling also includes an integrated swivel snap hook as well as reinforced loop ends that offer extra durability and security when transitioning between positions on the range or field course .
  6. Mission First Tactical React ERB (Emergency Release Buckle): Constructed from durable nylon webbing with triple stitched seams, this emergency release buckle allows you quickly transition between firing positions on the fly without having to take off your weapon first – perfect if time is of critical importance during competitions! Its lightweight yet strong construction ensures superior longevity even under harsh conditions,while an integrated QD swivel makes sure your firearm remains securely attached at all times.
  7. Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Saddle 6-Round Carrier With Slings: This side saddle carrier comes with two separate slings – one larger size and one smaller size – that allow you adjust its length accordingly depending on which direction you want to carry your gun (over either shoulder). The removable six-round shell carrier also means it’s easy to switch out ammunition without having remove anything else – ideal if you’re out hunting or competing in timed shooting events!
  8. Magpul MS2 Multi Mission Sling System: This multi mission sling system is designed specifically for use with Mossberg Shockwaves and other shotguns alike! The unique two point adaptability makes transitioning between positions both comfortable and efficient – great if speed matters more than anything else! An ergonomic padded shoulder strap further helps reduce fatigue over prolonged periods of use, making sure you won’t tire too quickly even after several hours on foot patrolling rough terrain!
  9. VooDoo Tactical 20-0199 Deluxe Padded Weapons Sling: Featuring both horizontal & vertical adjustment capabilities coupled with superior padding across its entire surface area, this deluxe padded weapons sling provides unmatched support & comfort when carrying around heavier firearms like Mossberg Shockwaves for extended periods of time! Its adjustable strap also allows users easily convert their existing 2 point slings into single point ones – making it perfect for competition shooters who need quick conversions between different firing positions!

10.* Blackhawk Universal Shotgun Sling System: This universal shotgun system is compatible with any shotgun model available today – including yours! A sturdy steel clip ensures secure attachment points while an adjustable grip handle provides superior control when switching between positions rapidly – ideal if you don’t want your firearm bouncing around too much as you shoot away at targets during competitions!

List Of 5 Things To Consider When Buying Best Sling For Mossberg Shockwave

When selecting the best sling for a Mossberg Shockwave, there are several important factors to consider. Here are five of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a sling for your Mossberg Shockwave:

  1. Design: Make sure that you select a sling design that properly fits your body type and ensures comfortable carrying. Look for slings made from lightweight and breathable materials, such as nylon or cotton, that won’t add extra bulk or weight.
  2. Length: Depending on your height and size, you may need a shorter or longer sling length. Slings come in various lengths from 24” up to 48”, so make sure to measure your shoulder correctly before making your purchase.
  3. Adjustability: Many slings feature adjustable straps which can be used to fit it more comfortably around your body as well as allowing you to customize its overall length. Adjustable straps are great for accommodating different body sizes and shapes, so make sure the sling you choose offers them if possible.
  4. Comfort: Comfort should always be one of the most important factors when selecting a sling for your Mossberg Shockwave gun. Aim for materials that won’t irritate or rub against your skin while wearing it and ensure it has plenty of padding at pressure points like the shoulders and back area.
  5. Durability: Make sure that the sling is made from durable materials like leather or nylon webbing so it can last through extended use without breaking down over time. If possible, check reviews online to ensure other users have had good experiences with it in terms of durability and longevity before making any purchases.

How To Use Sling For Mossberg Shockwave

Using a sling for your Mossberg Shockwave can be an extremely convenient way to carry or store the gun. With a comfortable shoulder strap, you can easily move the gun from place to place and keep it secure. The sling helps to distribute the weight of the gun evenly, making it easier to handle and maneuver.

When you buy a sling for your Mossberg Shockwave, it should come with all the necessary hardware included. Typically, this will include two swivel studs that attach to either side of the shotgun’s receiver, as well as two snap hooks that attach to each end of the sling itself. You’ll also need some basic tools such as a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench in order to install these components properly.

Once everything is installed, you’ll want to adjust the length of the sling so that it fits comfortably around your body when carrying it. To do this, simply loosen or tighten one or both of the swivel studs until it’s at the desired length. Make sure not to over-tighten them, as this could damage your rifle.

When installing a sling on your Mossberg Shockwave, make sure that both swivel studs are properly secured in position before attaching any other parts. Once they are in place, use the snap hooks on each end of the sling to attach them securely around your body where it feels comfortable for you when carrying. You may also want to consider adding a quick release feature if you plan on taking off and putting back on frequently throughout your hunting trips or range sessions.

Finally, make sure you practice using your new sling with empty chambers and no ammunition present before actually taking it out into the field or onto a shooting range. This will help ensure that everything works correctly and safely when needed most!


In conclusion, finding the best sling for your Mossberg Shockwave is a great way to ensure that you have the highest level of comfort and convenience when using your weapon. With so many different types of slings available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one will best suit your needs. However, by taking into consideration factors such as type of sling, user reviews, and how to use the sling properly, you can find the perfect sling for your needs. With the right sling in hand, you can rest assured that you’ll have a reliable and comfortable shooting experience every time you take your Mossberg Shockwave out.

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