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Digital art is one of the most powerful tools to express your imagination, a beautiful method to bring your idea or artistic creativity into reality. It helps you use any media available to deliver your vision. Whatever you want to achieve, digital art is there for you whenever you want to share it with the world. Digital art or digital paintings are the processes of creating artwork from scratch using software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter. Over the years, digital art has become increasingly popular, and artists have come up with endless ideas to illustrate their creative abilities. You can decide to create a simple drawing or a very complicated image with effects and designer elements. This is a great way to explore new concepts in digital art. You can create your own unique styles with this kind of creative power.

Simple digital art is a collection of fantastic resources for improving their digital painting skills. Here you will find a few tips and simple digital art ideas.

What Is Digital Art?

boy on a boat

The term digital art refers to the creation or manipulation of art media via technological means. Pixel art, photo manipulation, and digital sculpture can all fall under this category. Digital art was first created in the 1960s by John Whitney, who animated simple images of pixelated spirals and shapes using good old-fashioned math.

Though Whitney’s pixel spirals have come a long way, the medium has changed greatly. With photo editing software, traditional watercolorists can scan their paintings and paint into a digital format to easily and effectively make changes to the entire painting.

Advantage of Digital Art

In contrast to traditional media, digital art allows for color adjustments and error correction while the original remains unaltered. Additionally, digital art not only allows artists to edit and share traditional artwork but also allows them to create new works that wouldn’t be possible if they used traditional mediums. It is possible to mix painting techniques or experiment with new color schemes with just a few mouse clicks instead of repainting an entire area when creating digital art instead of traditional media.

When you’re just starting out, digital art might seem like an investment, but it allows you to eliminate the fear of wasting materials in the long run. Some artists avoid taking risks due to the fear of wasting expensive materials on a failed project, as art supplies are costly to purchase regularly. This fear is unnecessary as digital art does not incur additional costs beyond the initial investment. Without incurring any additional charges, if a painting does not go as planned, you can hide the bad layer and start over, or you can scrap the canvas and begin again.

It is true that digital art can also be beneficial to traditional artists. It can be liberating to practice and experiment without having to incur waste costs if you are not satisfied with the final product.

Choosing Software for Digital Art

The computer and the graphics tablet are all set up, but you aren’t quite ready to put pen to tablet and begin creating. For your type of work, you’ll need the right drawing app. In spite of most people’s initial attraction to Adobe’s Creative Cloud programs, I believe that it might be worth your time to consider alternatives that may be less expensive if not free.

For example, Fire Alpaca, Krita, and Clip Studio Paint provide an equal or better level of functionality than Adobe or even Corel products. The robust communities that create custom actions and brushes may even make them superior in some instances. Also, 3D modeling software such as Blender and Zbrush are readily available for all budgets, regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur.

Learning the Fundamentals

It’s now time to get down to the business of learning to create digital art. You need to do a few things to acclimate to the format, regardless of what software you choose. When you start with a blank canvas, you can learn to control your pen’s stylus and pressure sensitivity by repeatedly drawing circles of the same size and distance apart. With digital artwork, the possibility of wasting materials is eliminated, so it is possible to freely experiment with color, blend mode, and brush variations without damaging your image irreparably.

It is layers that enable this type of experimentation, and they are a vital component of digital art. After spending five hours creating a digital painting, the last thing anyone wants to do is to attempt to erase a small error and ruin the entire image. Using multiple layers to separate different elements of your image, such as line art and individual color blocks, will allow you to edit and adjust the image in a variety of ways without adversely affecting other parts of the image. Once you have mastered layers, you can go on to learn more complex fundamentals such as shading your digital artwork.

It is, however, extremely important to experiment. Despite the importance of fundamentals, art is mostly about expressing yourself creatively. Get your stylus out and start creating.

Simple Digital Art Ideas

Digital art gives you the freedom to go outside of the lines if you like. You don’t have to blast pixels in order to get something interesting. You certainly don’t have to worry about paper or canvas. Digital art is a great way to get feedback on your ideas too because you can share your ideas with people and see what happens. There will always be new ways to use digital art, so keep learning and using these creative tools!

1. Abstract Thumbs Up

hundreds of small multi-coloured cubes

Thumbs up are one of the most iconic images in the world. You see it everywhere, and everyone knows what it means. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this image is absolutely priceless. If you are bored of the same old social media profile pictures, try a new simple one that your friends will like, love, and eventually comment on!

2. Futuristic Cube Formation

cube simple digital art

Futuristic cube formation is a very simple digital art idea. But the final output is an eye-catching design with a futuristic, technological feel. One of the goals of digital art is to create something that’s interesting or thought-provoking. Create an image similar in concept to the one above.

3. Touch With Virtual Reality

the point of contact of the human hand with the projection.

Technology has been advancing at a very rapid rate. In order to keep up with the trend, we should always be looking for a way to improve our efficiency. A good way of doing this is by using technology in order to improve the quality of life. For instance, virtual reality technology can be used in a variety of ways. One such way is through this simple digital art.

4. Expressway With Car Headlights Effect

the effect of car headlights

Expressway effect of car headlights is an amazing simple digital art that you can use to create a simple digital drawing artwork.  If you think you can do this drawing so, start to draw.

5. 3D Layered Shape Cyborg Head

3D rendering Layered

3D Layered Shape Cyborg Head is an illustration idea for simple digital art. A cyborg’s head consists of simple shapes and layers. We have chosen to use a head as the subject because it is not too complex or detailed to deal with. It comprises just a few simple shapes and using the same methods, you can create other 3D layered and shaded objects.

6. Tree

vector illustration of a graphic tree

This simple digital art idea depicts a tree. A tree is an inspiration for artists and designers everywhere. Originating in prehistoric times, the tree has played an essential role in shaping the earth’s history. The tree symbolizes growth, protection, and life itself.

7. Sunset

sunset silhouette mountain scenery

Sunset is one of the best things that can happen during the day. Yes, sunset makes our entire appearance and mood better. But, there’s actually more to this event than what meets the eye.  Sunset is an awesome digital painting idea. It’s easy to create with just a few tools, yet the effect is stunning.

8. Sunrise

sunrise in ocean

Sunrise is a simple digital art idea. The artwork blends well with some color and various effects to create a colorful picture.  Vibrant colors of various shades and hues, hot and fiery, a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors in the sky and all around it — this is a sight, no moment to be missed: the sunrise.

9. Beach Umbrella, Striped Beach Chairs

3d illustration

It is a beach with chairs and an umbrella with striped patterns on them. This beach-themed illustration idea is great to start if you’re new to illustrating digitally. You can create a beach holiday atmosphere in a few seconds, the beach resort image that looks photorealistic in just a few moments without spending much time or investing much money.

10. Sailboat

Sailing ship in the ocean

You may think that sailboat digital art is one of the easiest things to art, but this is a very interesting subject. A majority of people love to sail around the ocean and enjoy the breeze at their back and fresh seawater on their faces. So if you are a person who loves sailing, then drawing a sailboat on canvas with your own hands is the best gift you can give to yourself or to your friends who enjoy this pastime.

11. Colorful Birds

polygonal geometric abstract birds

When it comes to digital art, the following simple version can be created in a short time. If you need to make some simple digital art, this is a good one to consider. Birds are beautiful creatures often associated with nature and freedom. These are symbols of health and longevity, which is why these birds could be great for anyone that wants inspiring artwork for their desktop or mobile phone background.

12. Desert Landscape

flat style desert landscape

The use of color in this simple digital art idea quickly pops out at you. However, there seems to be more to these colors than simply that. The portrayal of the desert landscape also uses the combination of complementary colors, which are used to create an imaginary illusion that enhances the interpretation of the desolate and yet picturesque desert landscape.

13. Polygonal Mountains

low poly landscape

This is another really simple digital art idea for creating landscapes. The mountains’ detail makes it more time-consuming than other painting projects, but there’s also a huge reward from this project. I think it’s easier to start with something rough like this and then polish and refine it for a smoother image. In reality, you could use any island shape for reference and work in any direction on the design.

14. Globe

realistic planet Earth

What happens when simplicity meets digital art? Well, you get simple digital art. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that. This kind of artwork is stunningly beautiful. You will want to frame it and hang it on your wall for everyone to see.

15. Lighthouse at Night

Sea beacon with beam on rocky coast

The lighthouse is a recognizable symbol of safety, guidance, and refuge. For centuries, lighthouses have been a major part of the transport and shipping industries. This simple digital art idea brings together symbols of safety, guidance, and refuge to create something a little bit different.

16. Night City With Moon

Night cityscape

If you love the cyberpunk vibes of Blade Runner, then you’ll probably love this digital art. It’s a night-time cityscape complete with the iconic picture of Earth’s moon in the background. This is one of those really easy digital art ideas anyone can do.

17. Iceberg

3D rendering illustration

Here is a simple digital art idea. If you’re stuck with your digital art projects, try creating an iceberg. It only requires a few tools, but the end result is a cool looking piece of digital artwork.

18. Green Nature Landscape

landscape scenery

Nothing can bring joy to you like the green nature forest landscape. It can create a wonderful and calm atmosphere. These simple digital images also make great desktop wallpapers for phones, tablets, and computers. It is a beautiful way to show your love for mother nature!

19. Pink Rose

blooming flora plant geometric graphic

This digital art has been created with an idea of the creative mind and imagination. The main concept is to show my design ideas that are related to creativity, imagination, and originality. The pink rose was selected based on originality and creativity. There is no major difficulty level associated with this digital art because it is simple in nature and also very much easy to follow. If you are a beginner in Digital Art, then even you can attempt this simple digital art.

20. Butterfly Gradient Colorful Style

Colorful butterfly

Whether a butterfly is drawn or photographed, it’s always a wonderful picture. That’s why many people like drawing butterflies as well as taking photos of them. This simple digital art idea shows you how to create a butterfly using gradients in unique and dynamic ways, allowing it to stand out from other butterfly wallpapers.

21. A Workplace With a Computer Monitor

creative workplace with computer monitor

A workplace with a computer monitor is this digital art wallpaper theme. This image will make a great landing page background or business website background. A simple digital art idea and great for easy beginner artwork. There are ew different color variations and one variation without the computer monitor for users who want to add their own abstract object.

Final Words

Digital art is made in various ways, and software programs are used to design and manipulate many types of digital media. These programs include paint, brushes, animation, and drawing programs. Digital painting is about style and technique, so the more experience you have, the better. And whether you use a mouse or something more advanced like a graphics tablet, stylus pen, or even your finger remains up to you in terms of what you feel most comfortable with, though digital painting can be done with any of these devices. Most importantly, have fun!

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