Rollo Label Printer vs Dymo

In business, you can see that barcode printer are used very widely. The printers enable a much smoother work experience while also increasing work efficiency. An office can save lots of time by using thermal barcode printers. As a result, in offices, barcode printers are used. Furthermore, they are great for printing labels and filing mails.

Today, you will see a comparison about rollo label printer vs dymo. Stick till the end and find out which is the best choice for you. As you purchase such a printer, you must find out the printers’ features and check out which is better for you. We will provide you with a thorough comparison that will help you choose the better choice for you.

Rollo Label Printer vs Dymo

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Differences: Rollo Label Printer vs Dymo

Rollo Label Printer

rollo label printer vs dymo

Label printing gets more manageable than ever as Rollo brings out its label printer in the market. The printer carries a unique technology that lets you print without buying any cartridges or inks. Imagine that you can have a printer with remarkable technology at an affordable rate at your home. Furthermore, Rollo makes sure that you get the best quality printer which carries a productivity boost.

From the productivity boost, you get a good performance printing suited for logistics. It can handle the most printing in any situation, making the label printer quite adaptable. So, you can carry your work in various conditions.

Print your labels or barcodes very fast, which is 150/MMS. Stop worrying about the print results as you will get sharp and clear brands that most professional couriers have. It is directly compatible with direct thermal shipping, so this printer is convenient.

Dymo Label Printer

rollo label printer vs dymo

The dymo shipping label printer handles all your printings continuously without any interruptions. The printing speed is quite impressive as it can print seventy-one labels in a minute. You never waste your money on inks as the printer has a thermal printing feature. Thermal printing ensures that you never have to repurchase ink. As a result, it reduces wastage to an excellent extent. So, in the long run, it saves your money a lot.

Create your custom postage easily with the dymo printer. Easily use the printer as the user interface is not complicated. So, you can print your desired labels. It can seventy-one labels of four-line address labels in a minute. Avoid facing any hassle as the dymo label software ensure you run your operations smoothly. Simply load your tags and remove your frustration when printing in a large batch. The printing speed is quite fast, so your work efficiency increases a lot.

Comparison Chart

ConcernRollo label printerDymo Label Printer
Weight2.2 pounds‎3.49 pounds
Dimension7.7 x 2.95 x 3.34 inches‎7.25 x 4.08 x 5.75 inches
Print colorGray/BlackSilver/Black
Printer outputMonochromeMonochrome
Printer technologyThermalThermal


  • Both printers are thermal technology
  • The printer output of the printers are monochrome
  • You can print labels and barcodes with both the printers
  • The printers are easy to use
  • Printing time is fast for both the printers

Rollo Label Printer vs Dymo

1. ROLLO Label Printer

With the introduction of Rollo’s label printer to the market, label printing gets more manageable than ever. The printer has a one-of-a-kind technology that allows you to print without buying cartridges or ink. Imagine having a printer with cutting-edge technology at your fingertips at a reasonable price.


Quicker printing: Print over hundreds and thousands of labels faster. The printer has an immense speed of 150 MM/S. As a result, you can print your labels very fast, and your work efficiency improves to a greater extent. So, you can conduct fast work in your workplace, saving lots of time.

Crystal precise results: Get crystal clear results every time you print. So, the print quality remains sharp and clear with every print. It does not matter whether you print a hundred or thousand labels; you will always get the crystal-clear quality. Moreover, the quality won’t degrade over excellent time.

No ink required: Rollo uses a unique technology that allows the users to print without ink or tonal. Despite this, the print quality always remains to its superior quality. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend additional money on inks. So, this printer saves lots of money.


  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 2.95 x 3.34 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Printer type: thermal
  • Printer output: monochrome


  • Faster printing times
  • You don’t need ink or tonal
  • Print qualities are crystal clear
  • Easy to use
  • It has a portable design


  • Some users face trouble during printing, complaining some labels prints straight.

2. DYMO 450 Label Thermal Printer

The dymo shipping label printer handles all of your printings in a continuous, interruption-free manner. It has a printing speed of seventy-one labels per minute, which is extremely outstanding. The printer includes a thermal printing capability, so you’ll never have to waste money on ink.


Easy to use: Printing gets more straightforward with the dymo 450 printer. Conduct your operations hassle-free as the printer ensures that you can quickly load your labels. So, you won’t have to insert every sheet manually. You can choose the precise print amount for your tags, making your work easy.

Zero ink: Dymo employs cutting-edge technology that enables users to print without ink or toner. Despite this, the print quality is always of a high standard. In addition, you won’t have to spend any additional money on inks. As a result, this printer helps you save a lot of money.

Faster prints: Hundreds of thousands of labels may be printed in a shorter amount of time. The printer can print at a staggering speed. As a consequence, you’ll be able to print your labels faster, increasing your job productivity. As a result, you will be able to work quickly at your employment, saving you a lot of time.


  • Dimensions: ‎7.25 x 4.08 x 5.75 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.49 pounds
  • Printer type: thermal
  • Printer output: monochrome


  • It is simple to easy
  • You won’t have to waste money behind ink
  • The print time is quick
  • The print quality is premium
  • You can print seventy-one labels in a minute


  • Some users complain user manual isn’t helpful enough

Rollo Label Printer vs Dymo Buying Guide

rollo label printer vs dymo

Before buying anything, you should think about and double-check a few things. You must confirm that the best printer for your business matches the standards before purchasing it. When you go to the store, you will notice a variety of printers. So, in the debate of rollo label printer vs dymo, you have to consider some factors before making a confirmed purchase.

Quality of the Print:

One essential element you have to check is the printer you decide to buy. The printing output must be of acceptable quality. You should look at how fine the text quality is, especially if you’re buying a printer for your business. Another important consideration is how nice the graphic quality seems.

As you are going to print labels, the better the text quality, the better the title looks; that is why you should check the rollo label printer review before choosing any printers. Dymo Label Printer review is also noteworthy to check if you can buy a thermal label printer for your office or courier.

Make sure to test out the printing result otherwise; you will see that the printer you purchase does not satisfy your needs. The sharper the text results, the better the printing result. So, you should ensure yourself that the printing resolution is optimal and matches your label’s standard.

Printing Time

The more efficient your printer is, the faster it prints. So, before you buy a printer for your office, verify how much the printer can print in a minute. Also, see what sort of print it can do in that one minute.

Some printers print in color at a high pace, while others do not, so make sure to verify that. As a result, you must verify the printer’s printing speed is critical. You may anticipate that a quick print speed will be ideal for you. 

As you are going to use printers for labels, you have to print lots of titles in a short time. Check how many lines of brands the printer can print in the allocated time you might have. Don’t forget to check other factors as well besides the printing time. The quality of the text should not hamper a faster printing time; you need to keep that in mind.

Printer Size

Make sure the printer you choose will fit in your office or accomplish the goal you have in mind. There are a variety of printer sizes available in varying sizes. As a result, you should select a suitable printer size based on the size of your workspace; otherwise, you may have problems if the size is too large or too tiny.

Usually, thermal printers aren’t that large. So, you can rest easy knowing that it can fit in your work efficiently without any additional issues. Yet, some printers provide much more function given the bigger size, but that is entirely up to you. 

Printer Output

Another essential consideration is the printer’s output type. Printers do a wide range of jobs. Color, monochrome, and more options are available. Depending on the sort of print you want, select a suitable printer.

If you only require colorful prints, you should obtain color output printers with brilliant print quality. You should get printer output with monochrome as you purchase a label printer. The barcode printers require monochrome work, so the print color is black silver or even gray. So, you must check whether the printer you will buy for labels is monochrome or not. Also, check if the printer is a wireless thermal printer for shipping labels if you prefer wireless printers. You can also check bluetooth shipping label printer if you desire wireless printing.


Now for the most crucial part, which is the budget you have to set. You know that the higher budget you put, the better printers you can get, but that does not mean that you won’t find good quality label printers on a lower budget. Yet, you need to have an optimal allocation before you decide to purchase a printer.

Keep a minimum of one-hundred-dollar budget if you buy a printer for barcodes or labels. You will find lots of printers in that budget. If you keep one hundred fifty dollars as your budget, you can buy any dymo or rollo label printers.

Should you Buy the Rollo Label Printer vs Dymo

Now we have come a long way in this debate of rollo label printer vs dymo. In the above, you can see rollo label printer review. Dymo Label Printer review is also provided to see which has better features. We will suggest which is the best so stick till the end from one of the printers. You can see and compare for yourself which is the better one.

You should buy the rollo label printer as it’s the best on the budget. Starting from faster print precise crystal-clear results, you get all of the premium features for the budget. Furthermore, the rollo label printer provides functions like professional printers, which is great for the user.

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