10 Best Range Hood for Indian Cooking

Range hoods are an essential, yet often overlooked kitchen appliance. With Indian cooking often producing a lot of smoke and odor, it is important to have the right range hood to help keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh. Having the best range hood for Indian cooking can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your culinary creations. In this article, we will explore what a range hood is, different types available for Indian cooking, why you need one, some of the best range hoods for Indian cooking and how to choose and use them for your home kitchen. So let’s get started!

What Is Range Hood?

Range hoods are an essential piece of kitchen equipment, especially if you are cooking a lot of Indian dishes. Range hoods help to remove cooking odors and smoke from the kitchen, making it more comfortable for everyone in the area and reducing the amount of time spent on cleaning. They also help to reduce heat build up in the kitchen, making it safer and more enjoyable.

Range hoods come in two different types – ducted and non-ducted. Ducted range hoods take air from your kitchen, which is then filtered through a charcoal filter before being released outside via a vent or chimney. Non-ducted range hoods, on the other hand, simply use the fan located within the unit to pull air up and away from the stovetop and into the rear compartment where it is then recirculated back into your kitchen.

When choosing a range hood for Indian cooking, you need to make sure that you select one that is designed specifically for this type of cuisine. This is because Indian cooking often involves high temperatures and lots of steam, so you need something that can handle this without becoming overwhelmed or clogged with grease and grime. Also keep in mind that Indian cooking often requires strong spices like garlic, ginger and chilli powder which can produce strong odors if not dealt with properly – so be sure to select something that can tackle these smells effectively as well.

Types Of Range Hood For Indian Cooking

Range hoods are an important element for Indian cooking. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to accommodate different kitchen layouts. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may need a large or small range hood to effectively remove smoke, odors and steam from the cooking area.

The most common type of range hood is ducted, which is mounted onto the wall above the stovetop and uses ducting to vent smoke and steam outside. This is ideal for Indian cooking as it helps reduce heat, smells and moisture while cooking with spices. A non-ducted range hood also works well in smaller kitchens as it recycles air within the kitchen, although it usually isn’t as effective at removing smoke and odor as a ducted range hood and should be avoided for larger kitchens.

Another type of range hood specific to Indian cooking is an island-style range hood. These are typically suspended from the ceiling over an island or other cooktop space and provide powerful ventilation to remove odors quickly and efficiently. They can also provide additional lighting, making them ideal for entertaining.

Finally, chimney-style range hoods are designed to fit over a stovetop or cooktop on one side of a wall rather than across the entire kitchen like other types of rangehoods. While they don’t circulate air as well as some other types, they can still effectively extract smoke and odors from your cooking space if properly sized for your kitchen layout.

Why Need The Best Range Hood For Indian Cooking?

Range hoods are an essential component of any kitchen. In Indian cooking, range hoods help to reduce the amount of smoke and odors in the air. Without one, it’s difficult to get rid of all the smell that comes with frying and sautéing dishes like curries, masalas and biryani. The best range hoods for Indian cooking are built with powerful motors that can quickly remove smoke and odors from the kitchen. They also come with a variety of features that make them more efficient when used for Indian cooking.

When choosing a range hood for Indian cooking, it is important to consider its power and size. A larger model might be necessary if you cook large batches or use multiple burners at once. You should also look for models with high-quality filters to ensure maximum air purification. Additionally, opt for a range hood with easy-to-clean surfaces and easy access to light bulbs or other parts in case of replacements.

Range hoods help keep your kitchen clean by removing grease particles from the air, which helps prevent clogging of your ventilation system over time. This helps maintain a healthy environment while preventing unwanted odors from spreading throughout your home. Range hoods also help maintain ideal temperatures in the kitchen while working on hot dishes like kebabs or sabzi. Finally, they provide an extra layer of safety as they can eliminate dangerous fumes produced during deep-frying or when using certain spices such as black pepper powder or chilli powder.

List Of The 10 Best Range Hoods For Indian Cooking

When it comes to Indian cooking, having the right range hood is essential. Range hoods help to keep your kitchen free from smoke and odors that are produced when cooking, while also helping maintain a comfortable temperature in the kitchen. There are many different range hoods available on the market today, so we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 picks for Indian cooking.

  1. KLARSTEIN Arcadia 90 Kitchen Hood: This sleek and stylish range hood has a 90 cm width and features three-speed settings, as well as an efficient motor with up to 400 m³/h extraction capacity. With its stainless steel finish and curved glass canopy, this model will add a modern touch to any kitchen.
  2. Elica Diamond EVF 2B 90 Extractor Fan: The Elica Diamond EVF 2B is perfect for those who want both style and function in their kitchen. This eye-catching hood boasts a digital display control panel that makes operation easy and intuitive. It has a powerful motor with up to 690 m3/hour extraction capacity and comes with two aluminum grease filters for maximum efficiency.
  3. KAFF Chimney Hood: KAFF Chimney Hoods are designed for Indian kitchens with their contemporary design that blends seamlessly into any decor theme. They come with two baffle filters made from stainless steel which are highly effective at trapping grease, oil and other particles from the air during cooking. The hood also has three speed control settings offering maximum flexibility while operating the appliance.
  4. Faber ATOM CHLX 90 cm Chimney Hood: The Faber ATOM CHLX comes with an impressive 900 m3/hour extraction capacity making it suitable even for large kitchens where high volumes of smoke or steam can be produced when cooking multiple dishes at once. It also features Dynamic Airflow Technology which helps ensure optimum air circulation around your kitchen space while you cook.
  5. Cata TFV 6090 Wall Mounted Kitchen Hood: This wall mounted range hood by Cata offers great value for money thanks to its impressive 3D dynamic airflow system which helps distribute clean air throughout your kitchen space efficiently and quickly. It also boasts LED lighting around its perimeter that provides extra illumination in dark corners of your kitchen when needed.
  6. Usha Intech WB FF SS 90 cm Wall Mounted Range Hood: Usha Intech WB FF SS Wall Mounted Range Hood is perfect for smaller kitchens due to its slimline design but still packs plenty of power under its hood, boasting an extraction rate of up to 1000 m3/hour ensuring no odours or smoke linger in your kitchen after cooking up a storm! It also features an advanced carbon filter which further helps reduce unpleasant odours before they have time to spread throughout your home.
  7. Glen 6030 Pigeon Wall Mounted Chimney: Glen 6030 Pigeon Wall Mounted Chimney is one of the best options when it comes to reasonably priced yet powerful range hoods – it can reach up to 1100 m3/hour extraction rate making it great for larger spaces where lots of steam may be produced during cooking sessions! Its easy-to-use push button controls make operation simple while its sleek black finish adds sophistication to any modern kitchen setup.
  8. Kutchina DDH6 Plus 18 Kitchen Chimney: Kutchina DDH6 Plus 18 Kitchen Chimney is one of the most powerful range hoods available on the market today – boasting an impressive 1200 m3/hour extraction rate! Its unique design features two separate motors allowing you to adjust each speed separately depending on what type of dish you’re preparing – ideal if you’re looking for maximum control over how much steam or smoke is released into your kitchen!
  9. Hindware Neove Superfast 803 CBF SS Kitchen Chimney: Hindware Neove Superfast 803 CBB SS Kitchen Chimney is another great option if you’re looking for higher levels of extraction power than most standard models offer – boasting an impressive 1500 m3/hr extraction rate! Additionally, this model comes with three speeds so you can adjust according to how intense your current session of cooking may be!
  10. Hawkins CF 8042 B 60cm Wall Mounted Range Hood : Finally we have Hawkins CF 8042 B 60cm Wall Mounted Range Hood – suitable even for larger kitchens due to its generous 800m³/hr extraction rate! To top it off, this model also features LED lighting around its perimeter providing additional illumination during low light conditions – perfect if you need some extra visibility when preparing complex dishes!

How To Choose The Best Range Hood For Indian Cooking

When it comes to choosing the best range hood for Indian cooking, there are several factors you need to consider. First, you should think about the size of your kitchen and how much ventilation is needed. The larger the range hood, the greater the amount of air circulation it will provide. You also need to decide if you want a ducted or recirculating range hood. Ducted range hoods are more powerful and can remove smoke and odors from your kitchen much more efficiently than a recirculating model.

Next, you should also look for features such as noise level, filter type, and power level. Noise level is important because you don’t want a range hood that is too loud when it’s running. Filter type is important because some filters are better at trapping grease and smoke particles than others. Lastly, the power level determines how much air circulation the rangehood can provide in your kitchen.

You should also factor in price when looking for the best range hood for Indian cooking. Many higher-end models come with additional features like LED lighting or LCD digital displays that can be worth their extra cost if they fit your budget and needs. However, some less expensive models can still provide excellent ventilation while keeping your kitchen quiet and free of cooking odors.

Lastly, make sure to read reviews on any model you’re considering before making a purchase decision so that you get an idea of how reliable it is and what other users think about its performance over time.

How To Use Range Hood For Indian Cooking

Using a range hood is an essential part of cooking Indian food. Range hoods help keep your kitchen clean and safe by trapping smoke, grease and odors. They also help improve air quality in the kitchen by removing airborne contaminants that can cause health issues.

When using a range hood, it is important to choose one that is designed for Indian cooking. There are several types of range hoods that work well for Indian cuisine such as recirculating or vented range hoods, downdraft range hoods, island range hoods and wall-mounted range hoods. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, recirculating range hoods are great for smaller kitchens because they do not require outside ventilation. However, they are not as effective at trapping odors and smoke as vented models. Vented range hoods are more effective than recirculating models but require proper ductwork to be installed in order to be used properly.

Downdraft range hoods are ideal for island kitchens because they pull air down from the ceiling instead of up from the stovetop which helps keep smoke away from the food being cooked. Island range hoods work similarly but have a larger surface area so they can cover more space while still maintaining an efficient airflow pattern over the cooktop. Wall-mounted rangehoods are best used in larger kitchens that have high ceilings or difficult installations due to their ability to be mounted higher on the wall for increased efficiency.

When using any type of rangehood, it is important to make sure there is enough room above the stovetop for proper circulation of air within the kitchen space. Additionally, when running a ventilated model, ensure that all ductwork connections are secure and tight so no air leaks occur along with making sure all filters remain clean at all times to avoid any blockages or clogging issues while operating the appliance correctly according to manufacturer instructions provided with your unit.


In conclusion, the best range hood for Indian cooking is an essential piece of kitchen equipment that not only keeps your kitchen free from smoke and odors, but also helps to maintain a healthier cooking environment. There are many types of range hoods available for Indian cooking, such as chimney-style, wall-mounted, and island-style range hoods. When choosing a range hood for Indian cooking, it is important to consider factors such as size, noise level, energy efficiency, price and warranty coverage. Additionally, make sure that the range hood you choose is powerful enough to remove all smoke and odors from your kitchen. Finally, ensure that you use the range hood correctly in order to get the maximum benefits out of it. With the right product knowledge and careful decision making process, you can be assured of finding the perfect range hood for your Indian cooking needs.

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