Quietest Laser Printer to Buy 2023

Your printer makes a lot of noise when you print anything. It’s possible that doing the same activities for a whole workday may get tedious! People who have this thinking are depressed.

While some loud printers can print many pages quickly, they generate disturbing noises. In the long term, everyone’s productivity at home and work may suffer due to this.

You should be completely unconcerned! A silent printer is just as fast and has as many features as a loud printer, and it will satisfy your requirements just as well! This post will teach you to pick the quietest laser printer for your requirements. Suppose you’re looking for a peaceful workplace.

Our Favorite Quietest Laser Printer

Description Table

Product Description
HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Color Printer1. Print speed 22 ppm.
2. Print capacity 250 sheets.
3. Product weight 18.96 pounds.
4. 16.53x 19.52×7.99 inches.
Canon Office PIXMA TS50201. Paper capacity 100 sheets.
2. Product weight 12.1 pounds.
3. 12.5x 14.7x 5 inches.
Epson Expression Premium XP-71001. Print speed 15.8 ppm.
2. Product weight 21.5 pounds.
3. Productivity 30 pages.
4. 23.5x 17.2x 8.1 inches.
imageCLASS MF445dw1. Print speed 44 ppm.
2. 18.3x 17.8x 15.4 inches
3. Print volume 700-4000 pages.
4. Product weight 35.7 pounds.
Brother HL-L2300D 1. Product weight 15 pounds.
2. Print speed 27 ppm.
3. Print capacity 250 sheets.
4. 14.2x 14x 7.2 inches.
Brother Compact HLL2395DW1. Print capacity 250 sheets.
2. Print speed 36 ppm.
3. 15.7x 16.1x 10.7 inches
4. The printer weighs 22.7 pounds.

Top 6 Quietest Laser Printer: Our Ultimate Guide

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Color Printer

This printer is one of the quietest laser printer available for business use and one of the most costly. It has a restricted feature set, but excellent connection and output quality compensate. 



The Hp OfficeJet Pro 8210 has two color options for the casing: dark gray and black. It seems to be incredible. Many workstations may benefit from the output tray. It measures 8 inches by 19.5 inches by 16.5 inches (HWD) when completely inflated and weighs less than 19 pounds, making it suitable for most.


HP’s Wireless Direct enables you to connect to the printer without connecting to another best-networked printer. You may also use the printer to connect. Wireless Direct is HP’s version of Wi-Fi Direct and works like the standard on other phones. Apps allow users to print documents and emails straight from their phones or tablets. Google Cloud Print’s ePrint software is one.

Output Quality

HP printers, on the whole, create high-quality printouts. It isn’t a one-off. Despite its low output, this printer is popular among home and small-business users. In four cases, lasers seemed to have written the text. Ornate typefaces seemed unpleasant and difficult to read at 6 and 8 points. 


  • Product weight 18.96 pounds.
  • 16.53x 19.52×7.99 inches.
  • Product resolution 2400x 1200.


  • Purchasing is rather inexpensive.
  • The print quality is often excellent.
  • It’s possible to combine this with Instant Ink.
  • There are a variety of communication methods accessible.


  • When printing dark gradients, there is a lot of banding.

2. Canon Office PIXMA TS5020

Multifunction printers, often known as AIO printers, can print, scan, copy, and fax simultaneously. The Pixma TS5020 Wireless All-in-One best small printer is Canon’s entry-level AIO for home use.



Black, white, and brown are the three colors offered for the TS5020. It has the same three functionalities as the Pixmas TS-series before it. Unlike earlier TS models, which had two paper inputs, this one includes a tray that extends from the rear of the chassis with 100 sheets of paper. It is a significant distinction (or 20 sheets of premium photo paper).


Apple’s AirPrint (iOS), Google Cloud Print (Android), Canon’s Pixma Cloud Link, Canon Print, and Wireless PictBridge are mobile and cloud printing alternatives. You may also use a network drive or email to print or scan an SD card.


The Pixma TS5020’s setup procedure was fast and straightforward, and it took no time at all. Only packaging tape, a plastic bag, and two little Styrofoam-like supports were employed to secure the computer for shipping. Opening the packaging, installing the ink tanks and software, loading paper, and setting up the print heads took less than 20 minutes.


  • Product weight 12.1 pounds.
  • 12.5x 14.7x 5 inches.
  • Resolution 4800 x 1200.


  • It is compact and light.
  • The picture print quality, in particular, is excellent.
  • Use photos up to 5×5 inches.
  • This printer uses five different kinds of ink to provide the best print results.
  • The game comes with SD card readers.


  • High operating costs

3. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100

The Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 printer is a great option for printing at home or work. It’s a multifunction printer used at home or in a small company. It has an automated document feeder that allows you to print, copy, and scan two-sided documents without the need for human intervention (ADF).



Everything from printer setup to cloud copying and scanning, among other things, is controlled via a second control panel with a 4.3-inch touch screen.


When you purchase an Epson printer, you also get a slew of software that works with it. The Epson Connect Suite is the name given to all of these applications. Third-party mobile solutions such as Apple AirPrint, Fire OS, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria allow you to print from your phone or tablet.

Output Quality

Small-in-one Also, at tiny point sizes, a single product line prints with black and crisp text that is simple to read. The graphics are also quite realistic and well-colored, with just a few minor errors in their presentation.


  • Product weight 21.5 pounds.
  • 23.5x 17.2x 8.1 inches.
  • Resolution 5760 x 1440.


  • The output quality is excellent.
  • The ADF moves in a single motion when it doubles up.
  • The controls on the front panel are large and simple to operate.
  • There are multiple connections.


  • Paper isn’t allowed since there isn’t enough room.

4. imageCLASS MF445dw

For small and medium-sized businesses and workgroups, the imageClass MF445dw is the quietest laser printer. It’s a one-of-a-kind monochromatic laser machine that can accomplish anything. Because of its high operating expenses, the imageClass MF445dw did not get an Editors’ Choice award in our evaluation, despite its flexibility.



The MF445dw contains a 5-inch graphical touch panel that can be customized and used to do Consumables, analytics, and scanning to or printing from an internet location are all important elements to monitor.


Through USB 2.0, MF445dw connects to one PC over Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, and Wi-Fi Direct. The best compact printer for home may connect to mobile devices using a peer-to-peer protocol without using a network.


Two of the printer’s security features include access to and control of the printer’s built-in (HTTPS) web server, as well as department ID authentication. It also enables users to print password-protected documents from a workstation and only permits those who input their PIN on their panel to print.


  • 18.3x 17.8x 15.4
  • Product weight 35.7 pounds.
  • Resolution 600 x 600.


  • Combining two types of paper may increase papermaking capacity.
  • The capacity to do tasks rapidly
  • It’s compact, so it’s simple to transport.
  • Single-pass ADF
  • A programmable touch panel with a huge screen.


  • In the end, it may be possible to increase the picture quality.

5. Brother HL-L2300D

The monochrome laser printer Brother HL-L2300D takes up very little space on your desk. But it only works with USB devices. This printer, regardless of size, is the equivalent of having a personal printer at your company.


Output quality

The HL-text L2300D’s and photographs’ overall quality is poorer than most monochrome laser printers. It will suffice for practically any business application if you don’t have a specific requirement for small fonts.


A monochrome laser attached to a USB port is set up in the same manner as any other laser configured. My testing was carried out on a machine running Windows Vista.


Wi-Fi Direct printers may enable you to print directly from your phone or tablet without the need to connect to a computer. You may print from any computer with a USB connection to the printer.


  • Product weight 15 pounds.
  • Resolution 2400 x 600.
  • 14.2x 14x 7.2inches.


  • Scaled-down
  • It is excellent at arranging paper for personal use.
  • Duplexing is the process of combining two or more elements into one (for two-sided printing).


  • Users cannot engage since there is no way to connect through wired or wireless networks.

6. Brother Compact HLL2395DW

For those that print in black and white the bulk of the time, the Brother HL-L2395DW laser printer is a decent option for the quietest laser printer. Because of the printer’s great design and adaptability in connecting to other devices, you can quickly access toner and print from almost any device. While the scanner prints swiftly, it lacks an automated document feeder and cannot scan papers on both sides.


Build & Design Quality 

The Brother HL-L2395DW printer’s sturdy construction is an essential feature. The cartridge is easily accessible due to its robust plastic composition. The scanner’s lid has widened hinges to accommodate thicker paper or books, and the paper tray features moveable sliders.


The Brother HL-L2395DW printer’s touch screen is easy to use. If you’re seated or the printer is set too high, the text may be difficult to see.


There are many methods to connect the Brother HL-L2395DW. Although it can connect to various wireless networks, it does not support Bluetooth. For example, it will be difficult to print from a USB flash drive.


  • 15.7x 16.1x 10.7 inches.
  • Resolution 2400 x 600.
  • The printer weighs 22.7 pounds.


  • Visuals and information are excellent.
  • Use Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, or USB to connect to the Internet.
  • The Nuance PaperPort software is included.


  • No, sending faxes is not authorized.

Quietest Laser Printer Buying Guide

quietest laser printer

You may have trouble locating the right printer at first. If you print often, an all-in-one printer that can print on both sides of a sheet of paper could be worth considering. Consider if your mail, papers, and files need mostly black-and-white or full-color printing.

When should I print with a laser printer, and when should I print with inkjet? The most essential choice you’ll have to make is whether or not to get a new vehicle. Laser printers are a smart option if you often print, such as at a small business or home. Monochrome laser printers are ideal for small enterprises because of their speed, durability, and cheap cost. You can purchase more costly and intricate color laser printers to print images, but they don’t work very well. Whether you need to print in color at home, business, or school, inkjet printers can help you save money.

For shared business communications or reports, For shared business communications or reports. It is more cost-effective and adaptable to the printing and copying demands of the vast majority of households.

Take a look at the following printer features:

Multifunction Printers

Consequently, all-in-one multifunction printers for home and small business usage are becoming more popular. They can print, copy, scan, and even fax documents.

Duplex Printing

Full-duplex printers automatically print on both sides of a page. Duplex printers are useful at home, but they are also necessary at business, so owning one is a smart idea.

Print Speed

Not all printers are created equal. Many printers display two speeds on the first print: the time it takes to print per minute, the number of pages created (PPM). Speed isn’t a concern for many individuals since they only print once or twice a year.


The majority of printers nowadays include wireless connections, which means you may transfer data through Wi-Fi instead of connecting to the printer’s USB port. Memory cards and USB flash drives, as well as wireless technologies such as Apple’s AirPrint, may be used to print from certain printers (for printing from your iMac, MacBook, iPhone, or iPad).

Photo Printing

However, not all printers can produce photos that are suitable for framing. For more professional-looking copies when printing high-resolution photographs, a printer with a larger print area or the ability to print more colors may be desirable. Some photo printers outperform others when printing digital photographs, particularly when using specified inks (that won’t smudge or fade) and four or five-star photo paper.

How to Quiet Down Your Laser Printer?

quietest laser printer

As toner and ink are heated and sprayed, printers make a lot of noise. However, no one wants their work hampered by a loud printer. There are numerous ways to reduce the amount of noise generated by a printer. Consider these considerations if you’re keeping your printer quiet or upgrading to a quieter one.

Try Silent Mode

The quicker the printer runs, the louder the sound it makes. Consumer printers from Canon and its Pixma brand, for example, include a switchable “silent” mode. The printer arm operates at a reduced speed to reduce noise. 

Choose a Laser Printer

Consider laser printing as an alternative to inkjet or faxing. Because electricity drives the paper to cling together, a laser printer is quieter than an inkjet printer. The print arm must be constantly moved back and forth to print using an inkjet printer. Rather, the fusing process evenly heats the toner over the paper’s breadth (and with sharper text). 

Go Wireless or Networked

Moving the printer away from your desk is another technique to reduce noise. Is there a way to get out of this? Wireless printers, such as the HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless, release you from the shackles of cables. Make sure your printer isn’t creating too much noise so you can concentrate on other tasks.

Frequently Asked Question:

Does a Laser Printer Operate Quietly?

A laser printer’s Quiet Mode option reduces print speed to reduce printing noise. You may use Quiet Mode to reduce printing noise while preserving print quality and speed.

Are Laser Printers Quieter than Dot-Matrix Printers?

A row of metal pins hits an ink ribbon as you print using dot-matrix printing. The pins move swiftly while printing at high rates, making a high-pitched noise. If office employees cover their equipment with sound-deadening material, they may find working more pleasant.

Which Printer is Quite Cheap?

MFC-J1205W Brother: We’ve just looked at one low-cost Brother printer so far. Brother’s Investment Tank, a hybrid tank-cartridge system, offers great page yields at a cheap cost per print. If you don’t have to replace tanks as often and spend less on ink, you’ll save money over time.

What Is The Most Reliable Laser Printer for Home Use?

  • This one sticks out, in our opinion. The Color Laserjet Pro M255dw printer allows you to print. Right present, the greatest laser printer is accessible.
  • It’s a fantastic option for those on a low budget. HL-L2350DW (Brother) A low-cost printer capable of performing most simple printing tasks.
  • Furthermore, outstanding. This Brother MFC-L2750DW printer is ideal for printing a wide range of documents. A printer that can scan and copy simultaneously in this scenario.
  • Before coming to a decision, you should do further study. HP makes the MFP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw. To satisfy high-volume requirements, speed and features are important.

What is The Disadvantage of a Laser Printer?

Color toner cartridges are more expensive than black toner cartridges. Hence they cost more to buy. The cost of upkeep is also rather substantial. In humans, toner has the potential to induce sickness. UV rays may cause damage to your eyes.


There are a variety of situations in which productivity or silence is critical, and the quietest laser printer is required. Printers that produce too much noise are inefficient, whether in a library or at work. However, finding a printer that functions silently is challenging. They are concerned because they are exceedingly silent and move slowly. After extensively researching all of the critical components that contribute to its performance, we compiled a list of the finest printers.

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