25 Pumpkin Coloring Pages

People of all ages look forward to the autumn. It marks the start of the time when pumpkins are harvested and then carved into different shapes. The holiday season has already begun, but this only means you still have some time left before you need to begin your holiday baking. You can use some free pumpkin coloring pages to let your kids practice their creativity.

Coloring is a popular activity for kids and can be very relaxing for adults as well. If you need a page for your kids to color, or if you are the one who needs the page for yourself, then you should know that there is a lot of stuff on coloring pages that can be used for your pleasure and delight. Color your world with our collection of free printable coloring pages.

Coloring is a relaxing and interactive activity that can also be educational. So if you’re looking for places to color and want to add some variety to your fall coloring pages, these 25 pumpkin coloring pages are the right thing for you.

25 Pumpkin Coloring Pages Ideas

1. Halloween Pumpkin Character

Black and White Cartoon

Pumpkins are used to carve scary faces for Halloween, but we can create many other things with them during the year. This Halloween pumpkin color page is perfect for kids and adults alike. Pumpkin heads are cool colors and give you the chance to get creative.

2. Decorative Pumpkin With Beautiful Pattern

Monochrome Decorative Punkim

Coloring can bring changes to your mood, and it provides artistic satisfaction and an opportunity to concentrate on something that soothes us for a few minutes or hours. And when it comes to coloring pages in a prominent subject such as decorative pumpkin with beautiful pattern coloring page idea, it additionally contributes to having a profound effect on our mentality and creates a feeling of happy emotions.

3. Three Lantern Form of Pumpkins

three pumpkins outline drawing

This pumpkin coloring page features a cool and beautiful lantern form of three pumpkins that is part of our collection of pumpkin coloring pages. This coloring sheet maybe an ideal way to draw your kid’s attention. First, brainstorm ideas with your kid. Then, print and color the sheet.

4. Pumpkins and Leaves

pumpkin for coloring book

Pumpkin coloring pages are great to use with preschoolers during the fall.  The fall colors go perfectly with pumpkins, and you can take that even further by adding all kinds of creative details! Kids will love this pumpkin and leaves coloring page.

5. Easy Pumpkin Coloring Page

Farm coloring page for kids

If you’ve been looking for a coloring page for kids, here it is! This is a great coloring page to work with toddlers as well. You could even try adding a little Halloween paintbrush and let them create their own unique pumpkin color combinations!

6. Pumpkin With a Leaf

rounded pumpkin drawing

Grab a copy of this pumpkin coloring page and have some fun with your kids. This printable pumpkin with a leaf coloring page features a large detailed illustration of a green pumpkin but includes an outline of a simple version if you’re looking for something simpler.

7. Rural Landscape With a Pumpkin Field

pumpkin field and a farmhouse

Rural landscape with a pumpkin field coloring page is a lovely coloring sheet for kids. This free printable Pumpkin field coloring page is good to help young children to know the beautiful scenery in this picture.

8. Cat Sitting on Halloween Pumpkin

a cat over the pumpkin

Coloring pages for kids is cool because you can use many different kinds of pens and pencils on them. This one is about a cat sitting on a Halloween pumpkin. The cat has a cool look in its eyes, almost like it’s going to calm you and your kids.

9. Jack O Lantern Halloween Pumpkin

coloring book page drawing

Have some fun with Jack O’Lantern, and this Halloween pumpkin coloring page is great to enjoy your free time, print it, and color it as you wish. A grim looking face with crazy hairs and a big grin, a pumpkin face which is usually carved out on Halloween night.

10. Different Types of Pumpkins With Leaves

different sizes and various shapes pumpkin

This pumpkin color sheet offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your coloring skills. Add colors to different types of pumpkins, give them leaves and show them to your friends. Have fun!

11. Funny Smiling Pumpkin

pumpkin shaped cartoon drawing

Here’s a nice pumpkin picture that you can use to color. You can really use this drawing idea to make your own coloring sheet or try and color it using only a pencil or crayon! The way the cheerful pumpkin is smiling is a clue to what kind of phrase or quote you can add in front of the image.

12. Cute Pumpkins Monster

pumpkins monster with a carved smile

These cute Halloween pumpkin monster coloring pages would be a very nice thing to color in these days. It’s perfect for handing out to kids on Halloween as they walk from house to house trick or treating. This also makes a nice Thanksgiving coloring page.

13. Pumpkin With Leaf and Fantasy Patterns

patterned pumpkin

The best thing for you is to color pages from pumpkin with leaf and fantasy patterns coloring book. This coloring book is filled with cheerful, super cute, and spooky pumpkin designs you’ll love! The projects range from beginner to complex and are perfect for a day at home.

14. A Dog with Pumpkin

Outlines Of Animals In Halloween Pumpkins

An adorable and fun fall-themed coloring page with a cute little dog a bright orange pumpkin backward. This dog and pumpkin coloring page allow the child to color a cute little dachshund. Color this dog with a pumpkin and send it to your friends. Download, print, and enjoy!

15. Simple Coloring Page Pumpkin

hand drawn pumpkin sketch

There are many options and actions you can perform while pumpkin Coloring page. Here’s a simple pumpkin picture that should be easy enough for anyone to color. If your child likes to color print out for them.

16. Halloween Carving Smiling Pumpkin

pumpkin for coloring book

The Halloween carving smiling pumpkin coloring page is a fun activity to do with kids at the beginning of the month. It is easier for younger kids who aren’t able to do the intricate details yet. They will most likely color over their lines, but this is okay. This can be a great intro to the coloring page.

17. Pumpkins and Crow

Coloring book with pumpkins

Pumpkins are a type of squash fruit. You can find a lot of pumpkin coloring pages on the internet, but this crow and pumpkins coloring sheet is going to be something special. This fun and simple pumpkin and crow are great for preschool kids or anyone just looking to have fun.

18. Stripped Pumpkin With Sunflower Ornament

striped patterned pumpkin

This Stripped pumpkin with sunflower ornaments coloring page is ideal for kids that adore pumpkins and Halloween activities. With such fun uses of orange and black, there’s truly something special in this design. It’s perfect for both boys and girls, with no one getting left behind.

19. Boho-inspired Doodle Pumpkin

pumpkin coloring pages

Nothing says autumn like pumpkins. Get inspired by a boho-inspired doodle pumpkin coloring page to unleash your creativity. The best part is that you can use them as a free printable, just begging to be filled in with a magic marker or crayon. Be pretty, be weird, just be yourself.

20. Tower of Pumpkins in the Grass

pumpkin coloring page

Here is a cute pumpkin coloring page idea that you can use with your kids or with any others who love coloring pages. The picture has 3 pumpkins stacked on top of each other. The tower of pumpkins in the grass is an Autumn decoration that would make a beautiful pumpkin coloring pages idea.

21. Angry Facial Expression Pumpkin

angry pumpkin drawing

If you want an angry facial expression for your pumpkin coloring page, this is the right idea for you to start coloring. This is a unique yet very easy to draw pumpkin face. In short, in case you’re wondering what to do with your kids this Halloween, or if you wish to make some pumpkin crafts with your kids or just want to have fun on your own, this one is certainly a great choice!

22. Pumpkin in a Witch Hat and Spider

Halloween pumpkin in witch hat

This pumpkin coloring page has an excellent picture of a witch hat and spider. The witch hat and pendulum with a spider represent the holiday season and Halloween. Get your crayons and markers out, and it’s coloring time!

23. Zombie Pumpkin

Outline doodle poster for children activity

This is a zombie pumpkin coloring page. It is perfect for kids to color during Halloween as a matching game, as a simple coloring sheet, and lastly, as part of an easy variety coloring book.

24. Girl Dressed Like a Pumpkin

Halloween kid character drawing

This is a fun pumpkin coloring page. A girl has turned herself into a pumpkin on this pumpkin coloring page. Grab your crayons, colored pencils, or markers, and have fun!

25. Cute Pumpkins

pumpkin coloring pages

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your children? Here is a very fun and extremely easy coloring page of pumpkins. The kids will love to color it and give it a personal touch. Give them some crayons and teach them how to draw pumpkins. Let their imagination flow and see the cool pictures that you will get by the end of the day

Final Words

The above 25 pumpkin coloring pages idea will bring a load of good coloring time for your kids. There are so many kinds of pumpkins you can find in these awesome coloring pages. The kids will have a great time in this festive season to play and learn. The pattern of these pumpkins also helps to develop their motor skills by finding the patterns and colors following them.

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