Printify vs Printful

So you’ve had lots of fabulous product designs to print locked on your head. And after some contemplation, you think you’ve got all it takes to make it happen. In such a case, the chances are that you consider narrowing your choice on either Printful or Printify. Well, honestly, these brands are leading print-on-demand (POD) companies in the industry for some good reasons. The POD services have been blooming exponentially around the globe as many people set up their businesses.

First off, you submit a shirt, t-shirt, or hoodie design and then market it as your image. When the product gains sufficient traction to win customers, the POD firm prints your design and sends it to the shoppers on your eCommerce store.  They help offer various products and printing methods, allowing you to create custom designs with ease. Moreover, both platforms can be integrated into an eCommerce store.

At a glance, you cannot judge which company between Printful and Printify to consider since each has its benefits and potential drawbacks. Fortunately, this article will enable you to closely examine and rule out which option can better address your needs. 

What is Printify

Printify vs Printful

Want to know what Printify is? It is a cloud-based print-on-demand service provider that offers an all-in-one solution by integrating with eCommerce and other online marketplaces. The company allows drop shippers to customize products, process their custom print orders, and then send them to customers across the globe. Customers can print anything they want on the products, such as texts, images, or graphics designs.

Additionally, some of the products Printify allows you to personalize through custom print include; shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, canvas prints, pc and smartphone cases, jewelry, home d├ęcor items, and more. Printify earns an extensive network by partnering with renowned printing companies based mainly in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and china.

Working Process of Printify

Let’s dig a little deeper. Like its close competitor, you sign up for free, decide on your store name and feed in your personal information to start. Once the account is set up, you can browse through the exclusive company product directory.  The directory comprises over 250 types of available products that you can customize to your design.

Further, besides multiple responsive design tools on the platform, Printfy avails a powerful Mockup generator that helps you develop unique designs and integrate them into your merchandise. You upload and customize your creations in this step, then add the items to your eCommerce store using the Mockup generator.

Meanwhile, since Printfy works with multiple top printing companies, the platform gives you the freedom to choose a partner of your preference. Good enough, you request a sample from your selected printing partners to verify whether the printing quality meets your expectation.  The sample guarantees that the product will not generate negative feedback online, hurting your business image.

Finally, after satisfying the print sample, you integrate or publish the product into your eCommerce store and start selling. No more worries, sit down and watch orders start flowing. Rest assured that Printfy will provide a professional order fulfillment service by taking care of supplier requests, billing, packaging, and shipping.

What Is Printful

printful logo

Printful is a print-on-demand brand that targets drop-shippers who integrate them on their eCommerce store. Printful interface offers various tools to place your designs onto their products, and you start marketing the specific products you chose. Besides printing, just like Printify, they are responsible for packaging and shipping items to your customers anywhere, nationally, and internationally.  This famous company is widely used by entrepreneurs beginning their Shopify, Etsy, or any other platform integrated with Printful.

Practically, a customer places an order through your eCommerce store, pays the makeup fees, and as the seller, you pay for the item at a wholesale price.

Working Process of Printful

The working of Printful is in many ways similar to Printify. You sign up for a free account, then choose the product you want to market from an array of available items. Once you have decided on the products, the Printful interface lets you customize or print your design on specific items using the mockup generator and other tools. 

After your designs have been successfully applied, you can now publish the item on your online merchandise. Once there, customers will be placing orders through your online store, and Printful automatically coordinates the fulfillment activities through their fulfillment centers.

The Printful outsources all the products from their warehouses. Moreover, they print your label, organizes packaging and shipping. The great deal is that the company saves you the hustle of processing and order fulfillment.

Printify vs Printful Customer Support

Printify vs Printful

I know it has been tough times having invested your money and time to develop the designs. Customer support is a significant fact that should guide you in choosing a particular pay-on-demand service provider. Hopefully, the below customer support comparison will give you a breakthrough on the best  POD  to integrate into your eCommerce business.

When you navigate Printful and Printify help centers,  you find various helpful instruction videos, tutorials, guides, and other crucial resources. However, Printful provides more alternatives through which your customers can reach you.

Printful has email, LiveChat, phone, and contact through which customers can reach you. Besides that, Printful has a community social media platform such as youtube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts where customers, potential customers, and prospects can express their feelings about the brand or product quality. On the other hand, Printify offers responsive 24/7 customer support through contact form and email.

Regarding return policies, in both Printify and Printful, you can get a refund for any items shipped with defects or errors arising from manufacturing. In essence, products refunded by customers just because they don’t like them cannot be re-accepted.

The good news is that the Printify merchant team reviews your refund issue regarding a defective product and immediately replaces it.  As long as the replacement issues are valid, Printfy replaces the order without asking for a return on of a faulty item.

In comparison, Printful requires you to submit the refund claim four weeks after delivery. If your items were lost on transit or did not reach you, claims submitted after four weeks are not attended. If the items were sent back after the customer gave the wrong addresses or remained unclaimed, the buyer would shoulder the cost of a reshipment. Therefore, while all matters are held constant, Printful offers comprehensive alternatives and the best customer support. winner Printful

Printify vs Printful Pricing

Pricing of Printify

Printify provides a tri-monthly plan for their drop shippers. A free account is the most basic plan which you create at no cost. This plan lets users access five stores and develop unlimited designs using their mockup generator. Still, the free program allows you to integrate the POD with your eCommerce merchandise and create manual orders. Further, the plan grants you a 24/7 customer service option and is thus ideal for small-scale businesses.

Next is the premium plan. The premium program costs $29 monthly, and it includes all services enjoyed by a free plan but comprises up to 10 stores. Premium plan holders get custom order import features and enjoy a 20% discount across all their products.

Enterprise plan. When subscribed to this plan, you enjoy all the qualities supported by the other two programs, plus an unlimited store feature. Additionally, the enterprise plan covers custom API integration, branded customer support, and a dedicated account manager.

Pricing of Printful

In contrast, Printful has no monthly plans; instead, it offers a base price per product, which affects the overall cost. This brand charges shipping cost plus a base price for any order processed. All the products Printful deals with are manufactured in-house. The mode of manufacturing attracts high production costs but guarantees high-quality on all items. In this case, your profit depends on the price you set for the products.

All in all, if product quality is not your primary concern, despite having varying shipping costs, Printify is more customer-friendly relative to expensive Printful products. Winner Printify

Printify vs Printful Product Designs and Quality

Quality and design are essential factors when rating a specific POD service provider. There are two main printing methods the brands use are; direct to garment printing. This method is a cost-effective option that is commonly used in the garment and textile industry.  It gets prints on the product using modified inkjet technology. The other process is all-over printing that utilizes dye sublimation and intense heat to apply graphics onto the garments.

Although there is not much information regarding the quality of the product sent to the customer, it is easy to judge through user reviews and feedback.

A quick check on the user’s response shows that Printiful keeps improving custom designs based on customer feedback. On the contrary, Printify has no control over the quality of products or customization options since they outsource products from a third party. As such Printify features an array of options that have been available for a long time.

Experienced drop shippers claim that Printful avails ideal designs that boost their confidence better than when using Printify. The rating based on the positive feedback ranks Printful higher, closely followed by Printify.

In addition, Printify product quality was also a concern as it lacked coherence, and the reason being the company relies on different third-party brands. The third-party printing company does not care about the print quality as long as the designer accepts the sample. Printful produces quality prints that last longer while a section of the user complains about the fading of garment products from Printify.

Printful focuses most on quality and has also significantly invested in its in-house printing equipment.  Apart from using the two basic print methods, the brands also use screening and embroidery to enhance the quality of their products. With Printful, you can customize the fabric of your choice, whether 100% cotton, tri-blend, or poly-blend fabric. Printful wins.

Printify vs Printful On Overall Features

Want to know which POD has compelling, unique features? Now hang on.  Printful offers an exceptional eCommerce photography service.   Meaning, if high-resolution images can boost your online store performance, better go with Printful. Further, Printful provides a 20% discount on products that require photography and fulfillment. There is also a discount on bulky orders, which makes the option an incredible deal.

Considerably, Printful has a pricing calculator feature, an advantage that enables users to set a competitive retail price for their products. Moreover, it features an automated processing solution that guarantees same-day fulfillment for orders placed before noon.

For Printify, it boosts having a more extensive base of product categories than Printful. However, Printiful has an in-house professional graphic design team that ensures satisfying designs for customers, product promotions, business branding, and accessories. Printful wins.

Printify vs Printful Integrations

Comparing how printful or Printify integrates with your various eCommerce stores is not straightforward because both have similar easy processes.  The two print-on-demand services provide integration with ease almost to all merchandise. The exact linking process may differ, but it is effortless using the app.

Like everything else, both apps are easy to use, but navigating and integrating your store with the Printful app is more interesting. In any case, if you want to integrate your eCommerce site that is not supported, the manual listing can save you worries.

While Printfy premium plan integration is limited to eBay and Etsy, Printiful supports multiple interfaces ranging from Bonanza, Amazon, Storenvy, Wish, and more.

Most importantly, Printful features a specialized automated API that initiates order fulfillments and plugins for a customer using BigCommerce, Etsy, Shopify, or Ecwid for their eCommerce platforms. Printful wins.

Printify vs Printful Fulfillment and Shipping Costs

Shipping is a delicate matter that can potentially affect the image of the shipping company negatively or positively. If the fulfillment and shipping take longer than expected, the consumer complains and may lose confidence in the service provider.

Printiful fulfillment course takes approximately between 2  to 7 days after placing an order. However, while Printful offers international shipping, the delivery time depends entirely on the destination or geographical location. Similarly, the Printful shipping rates depend on how far the goal is from the USA.

On the other hand, Printify does not provide in-house fulfillment but relies on local fulfillment options to procure orders. Like Printful, Printify uses the top carrier companies to ship orders locally and internationally to various destinations. This POD service provider takes longer when shipping internationally, and the time taken is generally between 7 to 30 days. Printify shipping rate varies with delivery location. Printful wins.

Printify vs Printful Verdict

In a nutshell, you should agree that the worth of both Printful and Printify is priceless. Printify provides reliable and flexible monthly plans giving you a privilege to ladder up gradually with profit growth. Here, you can choose your supplier and print quality intended. Printify lacks clarity on shipping rates and delivery times because they outsource their products from a third party. Moreover, although the brand offers cost-effective services for a retailer on budget, it has limited integrations.

Unlike Printify, Printful focuses on procuring high-quality prints. The company offers in-house product manufacturing, printing, and fulfillment, thus more customizable. Their global fulfillment centers facilitate a quick shipment time and shipping moderate rates. Beginners and veterans prefer Printful since they offer more customizable and better designs options.

Further, the brand does packaging and provides better customer support options than other print-on-demand firms.  Finally, since both the POD services have advantages and potential drawbacks, choose wisely depending on your priorities.

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