Printer That Connects to Phone In the Market 2022

Suppose you are scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed or chatting with a friend. You may suddenly see something or have a conversation that may be important to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to print those important things at that moment? You can easily do this with a printer that connects to phone if you want.

Most of the day, we use phones. Besides, office, home, and study – we need to print almost in all cases. That is why printing by phone will be more profitable for many of us. And for that, we need a printer that connects to the phone. This way, your work will be faster, and it will save your time too.

Let’s take a look at some of the best printers for phones.

Our Favorite Printer That Connects to Phone

Comparison Table of Printer That Connects to Phone

Product NameWeightWarrantyAuto duplex
HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer1 pound1 yearNo
HP OfficeJet 250 All in One Printer6.51 pounds1 yearNo
KODAK Step Photo Mini Printer8.8 ouncesNo warrantyNo
Kodak Dock Plus Photo Printer4.22 pounds1 yearNo
HP ENVY 6055e All in One Color Printer11.51 pounds2 yearYes
HP DeskJet 2755 All in One Printer9.42 pounds1 yearNo
HP Envy Pro 6452 Wireless Printer13.58 pounds90-day guaranteeNo
HP OfficeJet 5258 All-in-One Printer14.44 lbs90-day warrantyYes
HPRT MT800 2.0 Thermal Printer2.53 pounds1 yearNo

Top 9 Printer That Connects to Phone- Buyer’s Guide

1. HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer that connects to phone can turn your moments into memories. This printer is designed for smartphones with Bluetooth and the HP Sprocket app. It produces high-quality photos that can last up to 100years.

You can customize your photos easily from the HP Sprocket app and make collages or photo cards. You can also see hidden videos using the app—print photos from almost everywhere with its optional portable battery. In addition, this compact size printer fits almost everywhere. 


High-Quality Photos

With this instant photo printer, you can print bright, smudge-proof, instantly dry, water resistance, tear resistance photos. And the pictures are long-lasting too. You can even see hidden videos behind the photos using your HP Sprocket App. 

Personalize Prints

You can download the free HP Sprocket App for built-in templates for collages, cards, photo albums, and so on. Using this printer app, you can make your photo studio or an effortless photo album.

Print from Various Sources

You can print photos directly from Google, Facebook, other social media, and various sources with your mobile phone. For this, you have to connect the printer with Bluetooth or HP Sprocket App. 


  • Compact size for fitting in anywhere.
  • Excellent quality photos.
  • HP Sprocket App for wireless printing.
  • Customize photos directly from the app.
  • Easy setup without any hassle. 


  • Slow printing Speed.

2. HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer

HP OfficeJet 250 Wireless Mobile All-in-One Printer is ideal for those who need a high-quality, reliable all-in-one and can be taken almost everywhere. With this printer, you can print from anywhere using your smartphone with the HP ePrint app. 

This compact-designed printer can fit anywhere so that you can print from wherever you go. It comes with a fast-charging battery, so there are fewer charging interruptions. You can quickly print, copy, and scan multiple documents with the auto document feeder. 


Fit Everywhere

It is a compact-sized printer. So it fits in your car, backpack, and more. In addition, this portable printer is less than 5 pounds, so it’s not heavy either. You can easily use it from anywhere. 

Mobile Printing

You can easily access your smartphone and tablet with this printer. With the free HP ePrint app, the printer can easily connect with Bluetooth smart technology and Wi-Fi. 

Long-Lasting Battery

With HP OfficeJet Portable All in One Printer, there will be fewer charging interruptions as it comes with a long-lasting battery. Plus, you can charge from home, in your car, or office. You just have to plug in the AC power service and wait 90 minutes while the printer is off. 


  • Compact size with lightweight features.
  • Supports almost all the operating systems.
  • Fast charging and long lasting battery.
  • Works with Alexa.
  • Color touchscreen for easy command.


  • Takes time to adjust settings.

3. KODAK Step Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Do you like photography? And you must know how troublesome it is to get your taken photos printed out? Then this pocket-sized KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Mini Printer is the best pick for you! Photo prints will be in your hand in under 60 seconds with this printer. 

With this printer, you won’t need any ink toner or cartridges because it works with Zero Zink Ink Technology. You will get sticky-back photos with it, so you can even stick them wherever you want. This printer can print up to 25 photos per charge.



KODAK Step Mini Printer is a pocket-sized printer. So, it can fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, and even more. As a result, printing is very easy no matter where you are. 

Zink Paper

This printer works with amazing Zero Ink Technology. So you don’t have to worry about ink toner, ink cartridges, or replacing them. You have to insert zink papers into the printer. In this way, the pictures will be more glossy, amazing, smudge-free, water, tear-resistant.

Kodak Step App

You can personalize your photos using the Kodak Step App. There are many features for you in the app. You can filter, add stickers, emojis, make collages, and many more.


  • Pocket-sized
  • No toner or cartridges 
  • Excellent photo print
  • Sticky-back photo


  • Takes time to connect

4. Kodak Dock Plus Portable Photo Printer

You can save a lot of memories with Kodak Dock Plus Instant Photo Printer. The photos printed out from this printer are fingerprint-proof and water-resistant. Although this is a docking printer, it has a Bluetooth connection. So you can print even if the printer is not with you. 

This printer uses 4pass technology to get excellent quality photos instantly. And there is the Kodak App too. You can personalize the photos in your way and share them with others.


High-Quality Photo

Kodak Dock Plus Printer prints flawless photos as it uses 4pass technology. These photos are printed in layers with a laminating process. So the photos are fingerprint-proof and water-resistant.

User Friendly 

This printer uses a docking pin and includes a light connector. So with this printer, you can print anytime & anywhere to save your memories. 

Superfast connection

You can connect any of your smartphones within 3 seconds. Therefore, it will save you a lot of time. 

Both border and borderless printing

Some want border printing; some want borderless. Well, it doesn’t matter what type you’re; you have both options to print with border or borderless.


  • Flawless, long-lasting photos.
  • Excellent Kodak App for easy command.
  • User-friendly with simple command.
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection .


  • Takes time to print out

5. HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One Color Printer

HP ENVY 6055e All in One Wireless Color Printer is suitable for family use. A lot of work can be done with this one printer. So a busy family who always needs printed documents, photos will be a good choice. You can print, copy, scan with this one printer.

With this printer, You can get started quickly with the HP Smart App. With the app, you can go anytime from anywhere. This printer connects everyone from any device easily. It can also save time as it has an auto two-sided printing feature.


Multiple Functionality 

This is an all-in-one printer. You can print, copy, scan all with this one printer. And, this printer has some good functions like auto two-sided printing, borderless photo, mobile printing & so on.

Easy Setup

HP ENVY 6055e printer installation is easy. You can use the free HP Smart App, and it will guide you step by step so that it won’t be hard for you.

Different connectivity options

You can connect your device using USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Therefore, it can easily print with smartphones, windows, MAC, etc. 

Auto duplex

The auto duplex feature allows printing on both sides without needing the help of the users. 

Free ink

If you sign up for HP+, you will get free ink for 6 months.


  • Easy installation 
  • HP Smart app
  • Ink deliver before it run out
  • Two-sided printing
  • Cloud printing


  • Lights don’t turn off immediately when the printer turns off.

6. HP DeskJet 2755 All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP DeskJet 2755 All in One Wireless Printer is a 20% recycled plastic printer. Complete a project by printing, copying, or scanning simply and easily with this printer. You will have instant ink service with an HP printer to save 50% ink.

You can do your printing work from anywhere with the HP app and share your documents with someone. Get a reliable connection by using its dual-band Wi-Fi. This printer is easy to set up as it has a built-in high-speed USB port. 


Easy Setup

Simply download the HP Smart app, connect with Wi-Fi, and your phone is connected to your printer. The HP Smart App will guide you step by step. Besides, this printer has a built-in, high-speed USB port. So, printing with your computer will be easy and fast too.

Better Connection

You will have a worry-free wireless connection as it has dual-band Wi-Fi with a self-reset. It will give a more reliable and stable connection. So your work will be faster.


It’s a renewed printer and comes with a very affordable budget. You can even save more than 100% of the cost of the purchase price. 

90-day guarantee

If you feel you got the wrong product for your needs, you can return it and get a full refund within 90 days. You can even ask for a replacement without any questions asked. 


  • Simple setup
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • HP instant ink
  • HP Smart App
  • USB port for pc connection 


  • A little flimsy

7. HP Envy Pro 6452 Wireless Printer

HP’s most affordable All-in-One printer, the HP Envy Pro 6452 Wireless Printer with Instant Ink Ready, is a budget-friendly wireless printer. It has a compact footprint and features mobile print. With mobile print, files can instantly be sent to the printer from your phone or tablet!

The HP Envy Pro 6452 Wireless Printer prints at 8.5 pages per minute in color and can copy up to 3x faster than standard inkjet printers. Moreover, you will get a 90-day replacement guarantee to return the product if you’re not satisfied with the product. 


Wireless printer

Print wirelessly with the HP Envy Pro 6452 from any device with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. You don’t have to worry anymore about the long wires. 

Mobile Print:

Who doesn’t love a printer with a mobile printing ability? Everyone does, who wants to avoid a hassle in the workplace or home. HP Envy Pro 6452 allows you to print any mobile device with the HP app. 

Instant Ink Ready

No more waiting time! The printer comes with an instant ink ready feature, so no more waiting between pages. 

90-day replacement guarantee

A 90-day replacement guarantee is another fantastic feature offered by the 6452 model. If you don’t like the product even after using it for 3 months, you can still return it without any question asked. 


  • Budget friendly printer with tons of features.
  • Wireless inkjet printer.
  • Print with any mobile devices.
  • Easily print, scan, and copy
  • 90 day replacement guarantee


  • Comparatively low printing speed.

8. HP OfficeJet 5258 All-in-One Printer

HP OfficeJet 5258 All-in-One Printer has everything you need to do more at home and print wirelessly from your mobile device! But it also does so much more. Instantly print virtually anything from your phone or tablet using HP’s free app.

It’s a perfect printer for travelers, students, and professionals looking for a mobile printer on a budget. It’s wireless, prints beautiful 30 ppm A4 documents, and can scan 600 dpi black or white. Instant Ink is ready, so you don’t need to worry about running out of ink while printing on the go.


Efficient for office and personal use

The HPRT MT800 2.0 Thermal Printer is the perfect multifunction device that can handle everything you need for your small business or home office. This innovative printer offers wireless printing to help your employees do their jobs without wasting time running back and forth to the printer.


The Thermal Printer is powerful and practical, offering a range of features for your business or home life. It can produce professional-quality prints at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality whatsoever.

Duplex printing

Duplex printing allows users to print on both sides without any hassle. Therefore, it saves huge time and money. 


You will get a 90-day long guarantee ensuring if anything goes south, you can return the product without any questions asked. 


  • Print, scan, and copy from your smartphone apps.
  • Print from anywhere without a cable.
  • 90 day replacement guarantee.
  • Duplex printing for easy both side printing.
  • Instant Ink Ready for convenient printing.


  • A little Pricier than similar printers.

9. HPRT MT800 2.0 Thermal Printer

Customize your receipt quickly and easily with HPRT MT800 thermal printer. This robust device is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS10 +, so you can stay connected to the latest technology. The HPRT MT800 also has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around or store away during downtime, so you’ll always have it on hand when you need it.

This HPRT MT800 2.0 Thermal Printer with a compact and portable design provides high-resolution print quality, supports smartphones for printing from mobile devices via Bluetooth. It also has a 2600mAh lithium battery that allows for a full day of operation without continuous power supply and thermal transfer technology, eliminating the need for expensive ink cartridges.



It’s a feature-rich printer with a very lightweight. Therefore, you can easily carry the printer anywhere you want.

Supports all smartphones

Some printers only support android phones. That’s a nightmare for Apple phone users. However, The HPRT MT800 supports all mobile devices including, Android, iOS, and even blackberry. 

Built-in 2600mAh lithium battery

That’s a pretty extraordinary feature offered by the HPRT. It comes with a powerful built-in battery that helps you print even on the go. Besides, Power outages are also not going to stop you from printing your special documents. 

Thermal transfer technology

What do you think of printing without ink? It might sound unreal, but it’s possible with thermal transfer technology. You can print up to 45 pages with a single thermal ribbon. Therefore it eliminates the need to refill the ink. 


  • Lightweight and portable printer.
  • Compatible with different smartphones and operating systems.
  • Inkless printing technology.
  • Lithium ion battery with large capacity.


  • Price is way higher compared to other printers.

Printer that Connects to Phone Buying Guide

printer that connects to phone


When you buy a printer, you must consider the size of the printer. Because the printer doesn’t fit perfectly, there will be a lot of problems. For example, you won’t be able to print perfectly. Worse, your printer might get broken. So check the printer size that you want to buy before buying.

Print Quality

The most important part of a printer is its printing quality. If you don’t get satisfactory quality with a printer, that printer is not for you. You have to see whether its printing quality is satisfactory or not. 


Printing speed is also an important part. If you are a busy worker, then you need a faster printer. Otherwise, it will hamper your work. However, if you buy a printer for average use, you can consider a regular one. 

Printing Production Capacity

A solid recommendation for a printer, especially for a business, can handle a high volume of printing. It quickly and efficiently disposes of the mass, allowing you to continue doing business as usual. Research the printing capability of the device you are considering before making a final decision.

Ink Prices

You may be surprised to learn that printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on the market, especially when you consider that many printers use up ink for regular maintenance. To see which printers use the most ink, check out our printer ratings’ Maintenance Ink Use column.


Make sure you’re getting enough warranty for your printer. The warranty ensures free maintenance service from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers even provide a free replacement or refund policy. It would be great to choose a printer that comes with a guarantee period. 

Cloud Printing Features

Cloud printing allows printing from anywhere. If y0ou’re planning to use the printer for mobile, make sure the printer comes with cloud printing facilities. 

Duplex printing

Most of the brands offer duplex printing. Duplex printing allows users to use print on both sides automatically. 

Stable Wireless Connection

Mobile printers generally use Bluetooth connections to print from mobile devices. You will not get the desired printing result without a stable Bluetooth connection. So it’s important to check the connection stability before buying one. 

New or Renewed

If you’re running on a pretty low budget, you can buy a renewed printer that is usually pre-owned by another owner and refurbished before coming to the market. Lots of users around the world are using such printers. 

How to Print from Android Phone to Canon Printer Via USB?

printer that connects to phone

You can print via USB cable and wireless connection, depending on your printer. Printing from a USB cable is best for getting the perfect printing quality for photos. Let’s see the simple procedure to print from an android phone to a canon printer via USB Cable. 

Things You Need:

  • A USB on-the-go (OTG) cord is required.
  • A USB cable is required to connect the printer to your computer.

Things to Consider:

  • Use a USB OTG-enabled Android device (not all phones do).
  • Inspect and prepare the printer’s hardware.


  • Put the OTG cable on the android phone you’re using.
  • Put the USB cable on the OTG cable of the android and on the printer.
  • Power on the printer
  • On your Android phone, you should see a plugin appear.
  • Press the “OK” button to enable printing.
  • Go to the picture or document that you want to print. Select “More” > “Share” > “Print” if it’s a document. To print a photo, pick “More” > “Print” from the menu.

Now you’re all set to get your printed copy!

FAQ About Printer that Connects to Phone

Can a Printer Be Connected to a Phone?

Yes, a printer can be connected to a phone. For this, your phone & printer have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And the process is different for different devices. 

What is the Best Printer for a Phone?

Overall, the best printer for a phone is HP Sprocket 2nd Edition.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is compact enough to carry in your pocket, purse, backpack, and more. Photos printed out by this printer have a great print quality. Besides, this printer has tons of unique features such as connecting to multiple devices simultaneously, Zink Zero Ink Technology, glossy sticky-back photo paper & so on. 

Can I Use a Printer Without a Computer?

Yes, you can. Printing without a computer is easier and faster. Nowadays, almost every printer has a memory card slot. You can insert your memory card in the slot, choose settings from the control panel, and print. Besides, you can print from an external device by connecting them with the printer. You can also print using your smartphone or tablet. So, to use a printer, you do not necessarily need a computer. 

Do Printers Need Wi-Fi?

Not necessarily, no. Printers do not require internet access to print documents. You can print documents, photos, files without any Wi-Fi or internet connection. Although, in the case of printing files over the web, it will be better if your printer has an internet connection. 


Nowadays we mostly depend on smartphones, although we need paper too. We often print documents, photos, and other things. For these, we need a good printer. 

We need to research before buying something. The same goes for printers. In this article, all the information about the printer connects to the phone. As you know, a printer connecting your phone will be beneficial for you as you will be able to print from anywhere, anytime.

That’s why you should choose wisely as a good printer can bring you many benefits besides that. So I hope you can choose the best printer for you. 

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