PORTER CABLE PC60TAG Angle Grinder Review

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Power and Applications

The  PORTER CABLE PC60TAG is one of the most sought-after angle grinders on the market. The reason? It’s combination of power and speed. This model seemingly promises to get the job done in no time. The PORTER CABLE angle grinder has a 6.0-Amp motor and it can reach up to 11,000 rotations per minute. These two features are what make it a popular alternative for people who are looking for a reliable angle grinder. Still, there are other features worth exploring as well, and we’re going to look at them in today’s guide.

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Portability and Flexibility

Two things that anyone looks for in an angle grinder is for it to be flexible and easy to carry around. The PORTER CABLE PC60TAG has both of these characteristics. First of all, it’s quite lightweight, only weighing 4.1 pounds. This makes it easier for you to move it around when working on different projects. It also ensures that you won’t get tired while holding it to do your welding.
When it comes to flexibility, the PORTER CABLE angle grinder shines as well. Not only because it is lightweight, thus easy to twist and turn in any direction you want, but also because of its ergonomic grip. This grip allows you to exercise a maximum amount of control over the PORTER CABLE grinder. Moreover, due to it, you don’t run the risk of damaging or straining your wrist. In the case of some angle grinders that have a less comfortable grip, this is entirely possible.

Special Features

Now that we’ve established that this angle grinder from PORTER CABLE is fast, powerful, portable, and flexible, let us look at some of its other special features that should convince you to purchase this angle grinder for yourself.

  • Impressive number of rotations per minute: As we’ve already mentioned, the PORTER CABLE PC60TAG can reach 11,000 RPM, which ensures fast and easy material removal. So if you have extensive welding projects and you know you have to work fast, this angle grinder could definitely help you succeed.
  • Long-lasting 6.0-Amp motor: The motor isn’t only powerful, it’s also durable. Which means that you don’t have to worry about it breaking any time soon.
  • Cast metal housing: Speaking of durability, another thing that prolongs the life of the PORTER CABLE PC60TAG is its housing, which is made of cast metal.
  • Adjustable side handle: A great plus for any angle grinder is an adjustable handle. For this particular model, you can adjust the handle in three different positions for greater control over your work.
  • Spindle lock: This feature is enabled by only one wrench bit.
  • Quick access: You can easily access the motor brushes of this grinder, which means that you won’t be wasting any time when welding with it.
  • Quick release guard: You’re able to release the guard in just one motion.
  • Additional items: Another thing we have to mention when it comes to PORTER CABLE PC60TAG’s main features is the fact that the package also includes grinding and cutoff guards. What this means is that you won’t be needing any additional equipment to cut off or grind materials.

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  • Impressive power in a small tool: Definitely the most important advantage of this angle grinder is the fact that it has a powerful motor hiding under a relatively small case.
  • Performs a wide range of actions: Another relevant advantage of the PORTER CABLE PC60TAG is its ability to perform more than one action perfectly. For instance, you can use it to grind support brackets, grind welds, cut rebar, cut aluminum, and so on. In each case, you get the same amount of power and the same impressive performance.
  • Improved ergonomics: Compared to other PORTER CABLE models and angle grinders coming from other brands, this one has really struggled to improve its ergonomics in order to make it easier and more comfortable for you to use it. After testing it out, we can only agree that it succeeded.
  • Inexpensive: Compared to other similar angle grinders that promise the same power and speed, this one is quite inexpensive. As such, it’s perfect for people who are beginner welders and don’t want to invest too much money.


The PORTER CABLE PC60TAG angle grinder really doesn’t have any notable disadvantages. However, there are two shortcomings we would like to point out.

  • Awkward handle position: Remember that we mentioned that you can adjust the side handle according to the position you want to use the grinder in? One thing we noticed is that when you angle the handle to the left or right, it tends to slip forward a bit too much. This can prevent the grinder from forming a perfect 90-degree angle. This flaw might bother some people, but it isn’t something that stops you from working with this angle grinder.
  • No storage bag or case: This might seem like nitpicking. However, the PORTER CABLE PC60TAG is so compact, a lot of people tend to carry it around with them for remote jobs. Because of this, a storage case or bag would have been a useful addition to the package.

Cost and Warranty

As we’ve previously mentioned in our list of advantages of the PORTER CABLE angle grinder, this device is quite inexpensive. You can order it for $24.99 on Amazon. It’s worth mentioning that you also get a 3-year limited warranty, 90-day guarantee, and 1-year free service contract.


After testing out the PORTER CABLE PC60TAG angle grinder, we remain deeply impressed with its power, speed, flexibility and ease of use in simply ‘getting the job done’. For the price, its specs are more than enough to provide anyone with high-quality welding experiences. It’s suitable both for people who have welding/grinder experience and for beginners. But, we can’t emphasize enough how easy this is for individuals who do remote work. This is perfect if you need a lightweight and compact angle grinder they can carry around with them.
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