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In today’s society, packing light is necessary. But this can be difficult if you’re a business traveler who needs to pack your passport for international travel. Many travelers opt to place their passports in one of those bulky wallets that take up space and weigh down pockets. 

This can make it harder to get through security without being pulled over or make the task more difficult because they have to fish around for it every time they need it. With the help of a plastic passport cover, you’ll never worry about forgetting your ID again.

Editor’s Pick-Plastic Passport Cover

Plastic Passport Cover Reviews In 2023

1. Owfeel 5pcs Frosted Plastic Passport Cover

Owfeel Passport Covers, the great collection of passport covers and credit card holders made of environmentally friendly PVC material. Each cover has two pockets that can hold a 4″x6″ photo and an ID card for easy access. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or just going out with friends, Owfeel makes sure your essentials stay organized and safe.

Waterproof, Dustproof & Scratch-resistant

Thickened PVC material protects the documentary from damage, and the frosted surface adds touch and aesthetics. The cover is made of high-quality materials. Great for carrying your valuable, passport and other documents to prevent getting dirty or damaged during travels.

Multi-function Card Slot

This product is a protective cover and practical card slot design; the interior has two small slots for credit cards and a larger card compartment that can hold ID cards, business cards, or other important documents. The case is made of soft frosted plastic material, which is super durable and lightweight.

2. Qaoquda Plastic Passport Cover Passport Protector

Protect your passport and keep it clean with a Qaoquda Plastic Passport Cover. The passport protector is made of abrasion resistant 100% PVC, which makes it durable and lightweight. The front is transparent, and the inside is a little frosted, giving your passport more protection.

Easy-to-use Covers

The Qaoquda Passport Cover set is a great way to protect your travel documents and keep them looking brand new. Designed to fit most standard passports, this 2-pack of 5 easy-to-use covers will make it easy for you to organize your travel essentials and protect them from the wear and tear of traveling. Packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, they’re simple to slip into your bag without messing with any extra packaging.

Important Documents

Waterproof passport case for passports and other important documents. Protect your valuable documents from water, oil, temperature fluctuation, and even extreme conditions. This waterproof passport cover is PVC, which is durable and high quality.

3. Poyiccot Passport Cover, Clear Passport Cover

The Poyiccot passport cover is a protective cover made of premium, high-quality material to keep your passport safe and sound. It has a sturdy clear plastic front with a soft, microfiber material on the inside and elastic straps with Velcro to securely hold your passport in place. Perfect size for U.S Passport A6 dimension 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches.

Passport Holder Is A Simple

This Passport Cover is a great gift idea for frequent travelers and makes a unique stocking stuffer. The cover is clear so it doesn’t block your photo by accident. This passport holder is a simple way to keep your valuables safe while you’re on the go. It features a pocket inside for your itinerary or ID card.

Zipper Closure And Includes Zippered

This is the special clear passport case for your travel need. It has a zipper closure and includes zippered compartment. It’s 100% waterproof and clear, so you can see what’s inside any time. It perfectly fits passports and other documents with standard size paper. It also has a strap to attach to your belt or shoulder bag.

4. Set of 4 Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Plastic Passport

Protect your Passports and Accessories with this stylish, practical, and great-looking Clear Vinyl Plastic Set! The passport cover holders are 7.5 MIL Firm Heavy Duty Vinyl Clear plastic. Great for protecting your documents and passport when you travel or store them at home.

Printed With “Passport” In Large Letters

The clear plastic passport cover is a great way to protect your passport and have it stand out in your bag. Each cover fits a standard-sized passport; 3-5/8 X 5-3/16 (When Closed). The back of the cover is the same color as the inside and is printed with “Passport” in large letters. These covers, made from durable and clear plastic, will help protect your passport from damage, dirt, and water.

Heavy-duty Vinyl

Protect your passport and travel documents with the heavy-duty vinyl clear plastic passport holder. It is firm, clear plastic, protecting your most important documents.

5. Honbay 10PCS Plastic Passport Cover Passport Protector

Protect your passport and other personal documents from the wear and tear, dust, dirt, and everyday stress head-on. Our plastic passport covers are made of high-quality material, making your valuable data safer when traveling. These covers have been specially designed to fit any standard size passport, so select them in your next visit to China!

Quality Is Simply Amazing

Protect your passport from wear and tear, and keep it looking new all the time. Quality is simply amazing. Meets strict quality standards; each piece is perfectly made to fit all standard passports. This product has a 90/10 split soft-touch material on both sides of the pouch.

Documents From Damage

This Passport Cover is made of durable PVC material, which provides a long service life. It can protect your passport, ID card, credit card, and other important travel documents from damage. There are two slots in the front of the wardrobe to put your boarding pass and other items. The passport cover is comfortable for shaking hands with others and makes you feel better than before.

6. Transparent Plastic Passport Cover

Sunline Transparent Plastic Passport Cover, Made from high-quality plastic, durable and sweatproof. The transparent passport holder’s unique design offers a quick and easy way to access your crucial travel documents. With its slim build, the cover slips easily into your pocket or bag so you can pull it out when required and put it away easily when not in use.

Elegant Design For Travel Convenience

The Sunline Transparent Plastic Passport Cover is a smart and stylish way to protect your passport in style. The transparent cover features an elegant design for travel convenience, with a zipper closure and an elastic strap to keep your passport firmly in place. With an accompanying ID card and pen holder, this passport cover will be sure to keep all important travel documents securely close at hand.

7. 5 Pack Clear Passport Cover Holder Plastic

Our passport holder is abrasion-resistant 100% PVC, a waterproof passport case protects your important documents from an unexpected splash of water. The passport cover holds US, UK, and almost every country’s passports ( Please find out the SIZE before purchasing). Our flexible transparent plastic is more durable than other PVC products, so it lasts longer than ever! The double slot design allows you to put in one credit card or ID card and another for your boarding pass.

Durable & Waterproof

Protect your passport against abrasion, scratches, and water spills. That is perfect for travel which can keep your important paper documents safe.


This passport plastic travel case has two additional slots. The small one is for ID cards or credit cards. The large one is for air boarding passes. Because of the easy loading Design, you can take off the protector when needed. That is an excellent choice for worldwide travelers.

Individually Wrapped

Every passport holder is individually packed in sealed pockets with quite hygienic, it could not be polluted before you apply it and can be stored for a long time.

Exquisite Presentation Bag

Every five-pack individually wrapped passport cover case packing in an Exquisite presentation bag, and this exquisite presentation bag is an external package.

How To Choose The Plastic Passport Cover Before Buying

During travel, it is important to have a passport holder or cover on hand. It will help you minimize losing your passport by keeping it safe. Due to the main materials used in these passport covers being plastic or leather, they won’t wear out. An impaired or lost passport can ruin your vacation in one moment. Here are some tips on choosing a passport cover that you should consider.


The innovative passport holder is also RIFD-protected, making it very easy to use. As a result, your documents will be safe, even when left out in public. The properly aligned document slots effectively block RIFD signals. Passport cards can be held in this breathtaking card cover.


Currently, there are many different materials available for passport covers. It is waterproof and durable to use plastic holders. No matter what the weather is or how much perspiration you have in your hands, you do not have to worry. The leather passport covers offered by Aegis Technology are a bit more luxurious. As well as being extremely resilient, the leather is also of the best quality.


To keep all the important documents safe, it is important that the passport cover is large enough. You should, however, not make them so large that a pickpocket may notice them. Should you only need to carry your passport, pick a small passport holder?


Ensure that the passport cover contains all necessary documents. The covers vary greatly in terms of how complicated or simple they are.

Passport Holder For Travelon

Over the years, Travelon passport holders have become renowned for their quality and safety. The product provides a safe and convenient way to organize and protect your passport. There are separate slots for boarding passes and passports. This holder is easy to transport because of its compact size. Streamlined versions are also available.

Utilizing the innovative neck strap, the holder can be worn across the body or around the neck. Though it is genuine polyester, it appears to be a fabric and vinyl blend. Travelon ID passport covers are very durable and strong despite their attractive appearance.

Travelambo Genuine Leather

This product does not have an especially creative design or functionality. This passport holder is both pretty and durable and comes at an affordable cost. In addition, this product has 7 slots and is made of leather, making it extremely durable. Using the RFID blocking feature, you can protect valuable documents from scammers, such as credit cards and passports. A sleek, minimalist passport cover for travel that combines durability with minimalism.

Rfid-blocking Leather

Its innovative qualities make its price justifiable because its features are unique. Passports made from RFID-protected material can always be kept secure at all times. A major plus of this cover is that its blocking technology complies with FIPS1 Security Standards. The product is extremely durable leather, making it perfect for long-term use. Its spacious interior can accommodate a variety of documents in addition to its spacious exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Passport Holder Travels In What Way?

The passport holders’ valuable documents will be kept safe and secure during travel. Before presenting your passport to customs officials, passport cases or covers must be removed.

Why Do Passports Need To Have Certain Information?

Passport holders often have other documents besides a passport. Additional slots, pockets, and compartments are provided to store credit cards, IDs, and vaccination records. The peace of mind that comes with organizing your important documents can be priceless.

To Keep Your Passport Safe, What Precautions Should You Take?

Keeping passports away from pickpockets’ sticky fingers is helpful for many passport holders. Consider keeping your passport in a secure location if you opt for a passport cover instead of a holder. You can, for example, zip it into the internal pocket of your backpack or purse if you carry it with you. Make sure it’s not stuffed inside a pocket or loosely carried.

Final Verdict 

The best way to protect your passport is with a plastic cover. With this simple protection, you can prevent any smudges or water damage that may cause it to be rejected at the airport when you try and go through security. This will also help keep all your other travel documents together in one place so they’re easier to find if lost or misplaced on the road.

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