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Butter is one of the most popular spreads in the world. It is also an ingredient that is used in a lot of recipes. Because of this, it is important to keep it fresh at all times. If you want to make sure your butter stays fresh and spreadable at room temperature, it’s good to have a butter dish in your kitchen. There are many options available both online and in retail shops. We’ve tested various items and selected the best butter dishes for you. We’ve considered their price points, the materials they are made from, their designs and some other factors.

Here are the plastic butter dish with a cover on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Plastic Butter Dish With Cover

Plastic Butter Dish With Cover Reviews In 2023

1. OXO Good Grips Butter Dish

Our Butter Dish has stoppers on three sides to keep sticks from sliding around as you cut them. Accommodates longer, slimmer sticks (the dominant shape east of the Rocky Mountains) and shorter, stouter sticks (commonly found out West), with measurement markings for each.

Lid Rests On The Butte

The Butter Dish is perfect for chilling and organizing butter. It is designed to cool quickly and conveniently stores double soft butter or margarine sticks. The clear lid rests on the Butter Dish without sliding off during transport, making it easy to remove when you want a fresh serving of butter. The Butter Dish’s convenient tablespoon measurement markings make filling easy, while its square shape makes it fit easily into the refrigerator door shelf so you can use both sides.

Slipping Off The Tray

Keep your butter fresh and spreadable with this OXO Good Grips Butter Dish. The design features an oversized grip for easy lifting and keeps the butter from slipping off the tray. Made of durable polycarbonate, it accommodates all short and long butter sticks, and its lid is designed to keep the cover away from foods when stored in the refrigerator.

2. Standard Butter Dish(Colors May Vary)

The Basic Butter Dish is a must-have in any kitchen. Ideal for keeping butter at your fingertips, use this dish to serve butter, oils, and vinegar or keep snacks fresh so they’re always ready when you are. The clear plastic lid keeps the contents sealed snugly away from the air. Be sure to hand wash only.

Dishwasher-safe Butter

With its stylish and durable design, this beautiful dishwasher-safe butter dish is the perfect solution for storing butter. This product is made of thick glass that won’t crack or break. The lid helps keep your butter fresh and cut down on odors. This butter dish has a non-slip base so that it won’t slide around in the refrigerator.

Elements And Keep It Fresh

This standard butter dish is sure to protect your butter from outside elements and keep it fresh. The dish is made of durable, thick plastic with a transparent lid that lets you see inside and keep an eye on your butter’s freshness.

3. Progressive ProKeeper Butter Container

The ProKeeper Butter Container allows you to store your favorite butter in a space-efficient, airtight, easily open and close container. Its silicone seal on the base ensures an effective, airtight seal. The butter keeper has a clear lid, so you can easily see what’s inside.

We create kitchen storage solutions and cooking tools to contribute to a healthier lifestyle while ensuring those solutions are budget-friendly. Enjoy cooking from scratch with products that encourage using fresh ingredients, trying new recipes, and entertaining friends and family.

Progressive International boasts over 40 years of thoughtfully innovating kitchen products essential to everyday cooking. What began as a small family of housewares products has grown into a collection of unique gadgets and tools dedicated to food preparation and storage.

As the kitchen is the heart of the home, our customers remain at the heart of what we do as an organization. At Progressive, our team continually develops products exceeding our customers’ quality expectations.

SnapLock by Progressive

Our line of easy-to-open, leak-proof containers with unique hinged snap-off lids for all your family’s food storage needs.


Our Prepworks products are about convenience and control of everyday meal preparation for the busy home cook.

4. Butter Dish with Lid For Countertop

Cooler Kitchen was founded in 2014 by an apartment dwelling couple in New York City. We love to cook at home and we are always on a mission to find new products that minimize space and maximize our time in our small beloved kitchen.

So many cooking products are mass-produced, drab looking, and often uncomfortable to use. Our passion is to make everyday cooking exciting and joyful. We devote ourselves to selecting and designing high-quality kitchen products for the modern home chef.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Is butter too cold? No problem, just stick the butter dish in the microwave for 10 seconds to heat it a bit for perfectly soft butter. When done, dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!

Save The Planet With Bamboo, Not Plastic

Our butter dish is made of bamboo, not harmful plastics, or ceramic or plastic which can break easily.

Eye Catching Modern Design

Our unique modern Scandinavian design is stunning on any kitchen counter and a great gift for family or friends who will enjoy it for years to come!

5. Rubbermaid naaa Standard Butter Dish

Keep your butter fresh and neat with the Rubbermaid 1/2 LB Standard Butter Dish. A simple design enables simple stackability in a refrigerator door and keeps butter easy to find. Made of durable plastic, it will not rust or dent!

Serving Or Shipping

This standard butter dish is specially designed to store butter for serving or shipping. The clear container lets the user see inside and quickly identify the contents. The easy open spout makes it simple to dispense, keeping your hands clean and free from sticky residue. This dishwasher-safe option is perfect for any home or business that uses butter products frequently.

Durable And Convenient

The Rubbermaid brand brings you this Butter Dish, which has a durable and convenient snap-fit lid. It is made of thick plastic that is easy to clean. The butter dish has a rim to catch any excess butter or margarine so it doesn’t spill onto the countertop.

6. Cover Butter Container

It’s easier to manage your daily breakfast needs with Signoraware Butter Dish with Designer Transparent Cover. The butter tray and cover are made from Premium, Highest Food-Grade, and Virgin Plastic. The material used in the elements is 100% BPA-free ensuring healthy usage with no harm to the health. The transparent cover helps spot the food item inside it without opening it completely. Outer appearance adds a distinctive value to your Breakfast Table and Ambience. Both tray and cover are safe to use and durability is the key. It is Unbreakable and lasts for long years. The product is well equipped with supreme quality dispensing the best results. Add a Smart Touch to your Home with Signoraware Butter Dish with Cover!

Microwave/Freezer/Dishwasher Safe

The dish and cover are Microwave/Freezer and Dishwasher Safe. They are made from premium quality material and do not change their shape on bearing extreme temperatures. You can safely and securely wash the tray and lid in the dishwasher. It won’t get cracked due to the water pressure.

An Ideal Table Essential

This butter dish and cover set are an ideal must-have for every home. It is widely used in homes, restaurants, hotels, etc and makes the table look more attractive. The elegant wave design on the covers catches the attention of people.


The product has a sturdy and firm base grip, thus making it anti-slip. Its anti-slip property is designed in such a way that it prevents slipping because of the firm, high-quality material used. It is resistant to slipping and, thus, super easy to handle.

7. Sweese 327.102 Butter Dish with Lid for Countertop

In 2014, a kitchen lover is devoted to making designs different from others that will become the essentials of your kitchen and tabletop.

Sweese means that we sweeten up your home.

We specialize in the building of daily life scenes in the kitchen, including dinnerware, drinkware, teaware and serveware.

Beautiful Style

Will dazzle your guests!

The color makes it go with your kitchen. And different than other products with gold print, it is Dishwasher, Oven and Freezer Safe.

Compact Size

Grip and move easily to when you wish.

And the foot under the dish’s bottom could protect your table from scratch.

Elegant, Easy Grip Handle

“My old butter keeper had no knob on top and my hands when oily would slip off the lid.” Sweese butter dish with a loop to solve your problem!

8. Heouvo Butter Dish with Lid & Knife, Covered Butter

This butter dish with lid has a silicone cover, and it firmly bites the top tightly. Hence, the butter dish has excellent sealing to keep butter fresh and clean for longer without absorbing the taste of other food in the refrigerator. The silicone cover is removable for easy cleaning, and dishwasher safe.

Transparent Lid Features

Keep your butter fresh with this cleverly designed flip lid dish. The transparent lid features two feet on the underside so it can be placed perfectly upon closing. When opened, the plate and lid can be used separately for serving bread or crackers until you’re ready to enjoy some soft butter.

Ingredients From Spoiling The Butter

This butter dish has a lid to prevent air and other ingredients from spoiling the butter – keeping it fresh for longer. Two ramps on the base make scooping up your butter effortless, and scrape off the remaining butter with minimal wastage or mess. The ramps are covered with silicone so they won’t scratch by a knife, which means this fits most butter from the east & west coast; the side measurement lines can help you better scoop up your butter.

9. Heouvo Butter Dish with Lid & Knife

Keep your butter fresh and clean with our Butter Dish. The silicone-covered base keeps the lid tightly sealed, so the butter dish has excellent sealing to keep butter fresh and clean for longer without absorbing the taste of other food in the refrigerator. The silicone cover is removable for easy cleaning.

Durable Food-grade Plastic Materials

If you’re worried about your kids or cats possibly breaking your dish, our butter dish is your best choice; it is made of durable food-grade plastic materials, lightweight, and easy to hold with one hand. Our butter dish has excellent sealing, won’t taint other food in the refrigerator, and keeps butter fresh.

Stainless Steel Butter Knife

Butter dish built-in the groove for a stainless steel butter knife, and there are two extended supporting feet on the lid to prevent excess butter from messing your table. Two ramps design make it more convenient to scoop butter and scrape the remaining butter,

10. Butter Dish with Knife, Porcelain Butter Dishes

A butter keeper that’s never going to be in the way or mess up your dishwasher. The super large butter dish is 6.5”L x 3.5”W x 2.8”H and can store various shapes of butter sticks and Butter cubes. The porcelain material makes it perfect for storing in the freezer, as it will not absorb stains or flavors from other foods. It can also be safely put in the microwave and oven – making it a go-to for cooking, serving, and even gift-giving!

High-quality Food-grade

Butter dish with knife, perfect size for butter or other spreads. The most high-quality and healthy materials: high-quality lead-free ceramic butter box, smooth and shiny surface, high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel butter knife, can scrape thin lines. Natural oak cover has no peculiar smell and does not crack to care for you , compared to the bamboo lid and other woods Healthier and more durable. Food-grade double-layer silicone sealing ring makes the product better preserve food. We will be proud to bring you a better shopping experience.

Resistant To Insects

This porcelain butter dish is perfect for storing butter, cheese, or other small food. It has a wide opening where you can easily scoop out the cheese and a secure lid that makes it resistant to insects. Its 11x5x7 inch size makes it space-saving and easy to store. The wooden cover lifts to enjoy the contents underneath.

Plastic butter dish with cover Buying Guide


If it doesn’t have a handle, a butter dish can be challenging to open. When a large stick is inserted into a container, butter may somewhat melt and adhere to the lid. Additionally, if it gets muddy, the lid may adhere to the base, making it extremely messy. In a dish with a handle, lids are significantly simpler to remove. We think the traditional styles look better as well.


If you bake frequently and use a lot of butter, it might be worth your while to invest in a more “technical” butter dish with a non-stick base. When you use the dish to scrape or cut butter, it will stay in place if you do this.


This function is helpful for individuals who use butter in baking or cooking in addition to those who desire to use less of it. One teaspoon or a tablespoon of butter is frequently indicated by the measurement notch on a butter dish. This means that when baking, you don’t always need to weigh the butter.


For butter dishes, porcelain, glass, stainless steel, and plastic are the most common materials. It’s crucial to remember that while porcelain may appear quite beautiful, it is more delicate. If you drop your butter dish on the floor, you’ll never get it back. Although glass may be a little more durable, they are quite comparable.
Plastics without BPA that are shatter-resistant are a suitable option. Although there are many strong materials available, not everyone prefers stainless steel.


The normal size of butter offered in the United States is one to two sticks, which American butter plates may accommodate. When you use a larger butter dish, it’s not only about having more butter in the container; it’s also about making less messes. You are less likely to scrape butter onto the lid if you choose a deeper butter dish.


What can I use as a butter dish?

Butter is soft enough to spread and remains fresh for a long time in a French crock or a butter bell. An airtight seal is created when a small pot is immersed in cold water.

How does a Dowan butter dish work?

Your butter will stay soft and spreadable because the water seals the lid to the crock. With this product, you can easily spread melted cheese on bread, rolls, toast, waffles, pancakes, and more, without having a gooey mess on your plate.

What is the best material for a butter dish?

Any kitchen decor will look good with a plain white ceramic butter dish. This dish never goes out of style. Unlike dishes, butter crates keep butter fresh for a longer period of time thanks to their airtight seals.

Does butter have to be refrigerated?

Raw, unpasteurized butter should be refrigerated to prevent bacterial growth. If you keep it in the fridge, it will stay fresher longer. In order to prevent the butter from going rancid, the butter must be refrigerated.

What should I look for in a butter dish?

It is possible to buy butter dishes with airtight lids that keep the butter inside as soft as possible by keeping every bit of air out. You should also remember that you want to leave as much butter in a dish as possible because air can reach the butter.


This is a great option for people who use a lot of butter on a regular basis, such as those who bake or cook. Instead of using various other containers, simply store your butter in this dish and you will be able to keep it fresh for longer. Not only does it help keep your counter free of clutter, but it also adds charm to any kitchen.

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