25 Phone Case Painting Ideas

As smartphones increase in popularity, more and more people want to decorate their phones with art. Painting a phone case is a great way to add some flair without taking away from its functionality. Some people prefer just a simple design or maybe something sentimental or inspirational. Painting phone cases are a fun way to be creative and make your own accessories, a great handmade gift idea for anyone on your list. With so many possibilities for painting your phone, you must be looking for some cool phone case painting ideas which will make it look classy and high-end.

If you want to learn more about painting ideas for your cell phone cases, then this article is just for you. Below we have provided some of the most exciting and creative phone case painting ideas for your mobile phone case. The following creative designs can be used as inspirations for learning by heart and even for making perfect cases for your mobile.

25 Phone Case Painting Ideas

Painting on a phone case is one of the most popular choices for customizing phone accessories. It’s not hard to see why either; it’s great to find a case that you really love, but that’s just not the right color. Whether you want a plain case with some nice art or a funky design, there are plenty of options out there. If you’ve been looking for some phone case painting ideas to help inspire you, look no further; here are some great tips and tricks to painting your next phone case.

1. Watercolor Phone Case

watercolor phone case painting
Source: francoisetmoi.com

Phone case painting is a great way to personalize your phone case. Painting your phone case with watercolor gives a unique touch to your phone case and can make your phone look beautiful.

2. Galaxy Phone Case

galaxy painting phone case
Source: artistro.com

Galaxy art is a beautiful looking design to have on your phone. It is quite unique. The colors blend in with each other, creating a mix between blue and green and the white stars sprinkled in the galaxy just make it all looks perfect when you put it on your phone.

3. Wildflowers Phone Case

Wildflowers painting phone case
Source: artistro.com

If you love the free-spirited and natural beauty of the floral world, then consider this painted phone case. The delicate details of these wildflowers will surely make your cell phone looks different from the other devices.

4. Lace Phone case Painting

phone case painting with beautiful design
Source: artistro.com

Lace is a delicate material, which is precisely why it’s so gorgeous. You don’t want to ruin its beauty by dropping your phone and cracking the screen, so you should easily protect it with a phone case. Painting lace detail on your phone case will make your case look stylish and make you feel like treasure your phone. You can use different styles for crafting designs, like spray painting lace design or making it by hand painting and stenciling.

5. Star Wars Phone Case Painting

Star Wars painting phone case
Source: artistro.com

Are you a Star Wars fan? Like painting with brush and colors? Why not get this cool case painted like an iconic Star Wars character.

6. Lifestyle Phone Case Painting

Lifestyle Painting Phone Case
Source: artistro.com

Want to make your phone case stand out from the crowd? Then you need a lifestyle painted phone case. Lifestyle painted phone cases are more personal than any other type of painting job that can be commissioned today. This is because it is a reflection of the subject matter’s life and personality.

7. Fashion Phone Case Painting

fashionable phone case painting
Source: artistro.com

Colorful, beautiful, and unique fashion painted phone cases provide an excellent means to express your style. When people think of a phone case they usually think of some boring black/clear piece of plastic. But, you can have anything you want, and there are so many creative ways to design a phone case.

8. Abstraction Phone Case Painting

abstract phone case painting
Source: artistro.com

Painting designs on phone cases is an art form all on its own. It requires a very specific skill level and attention to detail that isn’t easily achieved. Abstract art is an art movement where the subject matter is not representational. When an artist paints abstract art, it is commonly without any reference to recognizable objects or people. Instead, the focus of these artists is on composition, color, and texture.

9. Tom and Jerry Phone Case Painting

phone case painting with tom & jerry
Source: artistro.com

A custom painted phone case is a great way to give your phone a personal touch and make it stand out from all the other phones. Tom and Jerry are some of the most famous paintings that can be put on a phone. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the cartoon, you might enjoy looking at the cool designs that artists have made based on it.

10. Mandala Phone Case Painting

Mandala designed phone case
Source: artistro.com

Mandala painted phone cases are designed with such a combination that makes you feel relaxed whenever you look at your phone. Many people love to see such a marvelous design on their phones, and they like to have something different from others with an improved elegance and style.

11. Pumpkin Phone Case Painting

Pumpkin designed Phone Case
Source: artistro.com

There are a lot of phone case painting ideas out there. Painting a pumpkin is one idea. The fall season is just around the corner. The weather’s cooling up, the leaves are changing color. You can use this pumpkin phone case as a template to decorate your phone case and enjoy the pumpkin season.

12. Peony Phone Case Painting

Peony painting phone case
Source: artistro.com

The peony flower set trends for a long time. The peonies’ exquisite color, unique shape, and meaning make people who love flowers like them even more. You can be inspired by mother nature and create your own peony flowers for your phone or a friend or a family member if you want.

13. Alcohol Ink Phone Case

Alcohol Ink designs in Phone Case
Source: allcraftythings.com

A great way to make something ordinary into something special is to add a little color. Alcohol ink presents a unique opportunity to create some amazing designs on your phone case.

14. DIY Watercolor Phone Case

DIY Watercolor design in Phone Case
Source: allcraftythings.com

You can easily make a watercolor phone case by yourself. Even though it is very simple, the effect of this phone case is amazing.

15. Gradient Painted Phone Case

Gradient Phone Case painting
Source: allcraftythings.com

Gradient painted phone case is an awesome and unique phone case that will totally change the way you look at cases. You’re guaranteed to fall head over heels for this pretty pastel gradient-painted phone case.

16. Sunset Painted Phone Case

Sunset  Phone Case Painting
Source: Pintarest.com

A phone case is a protective cover for your phone, but do you ever think about making it more beautiful and unique? You can inspire yourself by painting a sunset on the case using your creative skills.

17. Rainbow Painted Phone Case

Rainbow designed Phone Case
Source: Pintarest.com

Who says you have to stick to one color? This rainbow-painted phone case is a gorgeous example of a case that uses several colors. The colors are all blended together in exciting ways, and the design simply pops with the background. A person could easily use the same base colors, but the overall design would be very different because each artist can apply paint to the surface. The possibilities are truly endless!

18. Sunrise Painting Phone Case

Sunrise Painted Phone Case
Source: Pintarest.com

Sunrise painted phone cases are a fantastic way to show off your personal style. Subtle colors can change your mood and make you feel warm even when the sun is missing. Sunrise-painted phone cases are a great idea to protect your cell while expressing your artistic nature.

19. Multi Color Phone Case Painting

brick designed Phone Case
Source: Pintarest.com

It’s a lot of fun to paint your own phone case. With a little bit of time and effort, you can create a unique design that nobody else will have. Multicolor phone cases are a great way to make your phone quite unique.

20. Landscape Phone Case Painting

Landscape painted Phone Case
Source: Pintarest.com

Phone case painting ideas can be challenging to find. With so many different artists out there, sometimes it’s tough to come up with an idea of your own. Many people are really into the idea of having a phone case painted with a landscape image, whether it be of an ocean or a landscape painting.

21. Vincent van Gogh Starry Night Painted Phone Case

Starry Night Painted Phone Case
Source: Pintarest.com

The vibrant colors and expressiveness of the Dutch painter’s works have always made him a famous artist. Especially among green-loving ladies, there is a famous painting called Starry Night, which is a tribute to the night sky. We can paint it on our phone case

22. Almond Blossoms Painting Phone Case

Almond Blossoms Paints in Phone Case
Source: Pintarest.com

Everyone appreciates something a bit different. If you are one of these folks and want to do something different for your phone, you may appreciate this wonderful cell phone case painted with Almond Blossoms painting.

23. Wave Painted Phone Case

Wave designed Phone Case
Source: Pintarest.com

Want to make your phone case stand out from the crowd as a unique, creative, and original piece of art? Sea Wave painted phone cases are great for people who love art, photography, and sea waves.

24. Flowers Painted Phone Case

phone case painting ideas
Source: Pintarest.com

Flowers are the most beautiful things on this planet. They can be seen everywhere, in every corner, and almost every big city worldwide. If you love flowers, you can decorate your phone case with floral art like this one.

25. Autumn Painted Phone Case

Autumn Painting Phone Case
Source: Pintarest.com

Autumn painted phone cases are so fun to do. There are so many colors and possibilities for the outcome of your autumn-painted phone case. I also love the versatility of these painted phone cases because they can be used as holiday decorations or saved and used next year as well.

Final Words

As you can see, there are plenty of cool phone case painting ideas that can turn an ordinary phone case into a unique and fashionable accessory. The phone case painting ideas will vary based on the type of phone case you are painting and the type of paint. We recommend testing a small area of the phone before proceeding with the entire painting.

As you can see, not only is phone painting fun to do, but it’s also a good way to go about expressing yourself. Designing your own phone case masterpiece is just the beginning of a great phone cover that you can use to show off your creative side and make your friends jealous at the same time.

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