50 Patio Design Ideas

Patio designs have been prevalent for years. The designs and styles have evolved with time, but the basic concept remains the same. Too many people think having a beautiful patio in their home is out of their financial reach. If you are one of such individuals, then you should read this patio design ideas article carefully. When talking about patio design ideas, it is always good to have in mind that the patio is going to be an outdoor living space and less formal than the inside of your home. Therefore, you should create a spacious and open atmosphere with minimal interference from walls and fences.

When it comes to creating the perfect backyard escape, there’s a wide assortment of factors in mind. From deciding on what type of patio material you want to set a stylish foundation for your outdoor room, it’s all about mixing comfort with style. Patios make going outside extra enjoyable with the added bonus of connecting you with the natural world around you.

Patio ideas can include fire pits, outdoor kitchens, or other features that can add an element of nature and relaxation to your home while also making mother Earth proud. And with so many different styles and designs available, you’ll find that your options are almost endless. Here are some great patio design ideas to inspire you while designing and creating the ideal outdoor living space you want.

50 Patio Design Ideas

The idea of an outdoor rest area in the form of a patio is as always popular among modern people. It is related to its positive influence on our health. It turns out that such recreation lowers the risk of heart diseases and obesity and positively affects the mental health of individuals with disabilities.

A new patio is not just about adding space. It can also give you more time for a party and build relaxation. A well-designed patio is also a perfect extension of your living space, making it feel larger and more gracious. Creating a cozy place to relax should also be a focal point in your outdoor living area. A stylish patio design will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

A patio adds a lot of value to your property and can be an extension of you when owning a dog or if you like hanging out in the backyard during the evening hours. Have fun making these 50 beautiful patio design ideas happen!

1. Trendy Outdoor Patio Pergola Shade Structure

an outdoor patio space

Being comfortable during outdoor activities like barbecuing, eating, or spending time with family and friends should be one of the main priorities of house ownership. It is very important to have a comfortable outdoor space to have a pergola structure in handy in such projects.

Pergolas are a great option to easily enjoy your backyard area, especially if it has been newly built or you want to experience fresh air for long sessions. A pergola supports anything you want to hang on it and gives you plenty of room for various activities. Enjoy a relaxing dinner with loved ones by covering your patio with this versatile structure, whether it’s made of wood, metal, or any other material.

2. Patio Covered with Fire Pit

organized front view of a house

This is what a nice backyard looks like, large with grass and a patio covered with a fire pit in the middle of the yard. This picture is a small backyard remodel that backs up to a wooded area. The fire pit has been a great addition to this yard.

3. Villa Patio with Comfortable Rattan Furniture

rattan sofa in outdoor

A new design patio with comfortable rattan furniture and pattern carpet. Now there is a firm popular trend of furniture in the country. Rattan sofa is one of the most sought-after furniture, which is the ideal complement to any interior flat. Furniture rattan is an excellent option for creating a cozy patio or garden corner that invites guests to linger.

4. Modern Patio with Rattan Furniture

open sky modern patio idea

A modern and vibrant recreation concept in which fully furnished wicker rattan furniture and original synthetic cane are made with beautiful cushions. The classical brick wall is covered with pictures of colorful flowers trimmed on the edges. The layout features beautiful colors and is integrated for homes and public areas in urban architecture, interior design, and events to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

5. Decorative Brick Paving on an Outdoor Patio

brick walkway pavement

One of the most common patio designs is the brick paver patio design. There are numerous other options for those of you who think that the only type of patio surface is concrete. Paver patio designs are just one option that many people do not even realize is available to them.

6. Exterior Covered Patio with Fireplace and Furniture

a fireplace covered with wood

The best part of the day is relaxing outdoors on your patio with a good book, a glass of wine, or just enjoying the company of friends. Make your covered patio the place you want to be with this excellent patio skylight, flanked by two wall mounted lanterns and an iron ceiling chandelier. Exterior patio furniture surrounds an outdoor fireplace for your enjoyment.

7. Patio Outside Building

large outdoor garden space with patio

The patio outside this building had a gorgeous furniture layout. When it is time to update and keep your home looking fresh, it is important to know that you can count on good patio furniture. You can use patio furniture for many years, and it is highly convenient, especially when you have an outdoor party or gathering with your friends and family.

8. Concrete Floor Cozy Patio Area with Iron Table

a house sideway patio

The patio is a great place to spend an evening when the sun goes down, and the weather is warm. But you are likely to spend this time outside if it has comfortable seating and a nice view.

A cozy patio area with concrete and the iron table set and patio umbrella surrounded by green landscaping give a nice sensation to relax with friends or family. Now the homeowner can enjoy the environment with a pleasant breeze in their backyard at any time. Concrete floor patio areas are among some of the most practical additions to any home or yard.

9. An Outdoor Patio Complete with Gas Fireplace

a fireplace within nature decoration

When it comes to planning your next party, sometimes you need a flexible space that can be multi-purposed. That’s where an outdoor patio complete with a gas fireplace comes in handy. Nothing beats a cool patio on a hot summer day. This outdoor gas fireplace provides the perfect solution for heating your outdoor area without the hassle and mess of a real fire.

10. Rattan Patio Furniture with a Sofa

a large patio space under the sun

Rattan patio furniture with a sofa, a table, and a chair on a wooden deck in the sunny garden. Many modern homes include several of these lovely pieces and a fire pit or alongside an outdoor kitchen area. The set is pretty easy to care for by simply sweeping off the leaves and other debris that may fall throughout the seasons.

11. Cozy Patio Area with Settees and Table

large outside patio with nature view

There is no better time of the year than getting outside and enjoying your backyard. There are many different patio and landscape designs that you can choose from. You just have to decide what will work best for your backyard and lifestyle.

Everything from the size of your patio to the seating and the material that your patio is constructed on is all up to you. This patio area has settees and tables you can use to unwind with a drink or enjoy snacks.

12. Stones Paving Circular Garden Patio

a circular shaped pavement patio

A circular shaped patio makes a good addition to your home. Paving slabs are laid in a circular shape on this project and then used a mixture of stone chippings and aggregate to fill the gaps between the slabs. The ground preparation process is completed by adding a drainage layer of sand to the bottom of the excavation.

The main base for any patio is the compacted solid sub-base which you can cover by using limestone chippings or sharp sand. It’s necessary to compact the top layer as much as possible to ensure it doesn’t settle once you start laying your patio slabs. You should lay a weed membrane on top of the sub-base and leave an overlap at the edges, or you can use cheap black polythene. Since it is easier to lay and works just as well, it will not be as visible if it is left exposed.

13. Beautiful Covered Patio

shiny outside and a covered patio

The covered patio is a wonderful place to relax. Within this patio, you will enjoy an afternoon BBQ, spending quality time with your friends and family, or simply enjoy a peaceful moment of solitude reading a book. A lawn leads out from the patio towards a basketball court. The large trees in front of the compound provide shade for the house during hot summer days.

14. Pergola with Patio Area

pergola covered patio

If you’re planning to beautify your backyard, you probably know that a pergola with a patio area is great. It provides the perfect spot for relaxation and entertaining family and friends. This type of structure is fantastic because it offers shade from the scorching summer heat while providing an aesthetic element to your yard. The tile floor patio decorated with flowerpots and stone trimmed fire pit looks excellent in this decorative garden.

15. Covered Patio Accented with Stone Fireplace

gray wicker sofa in covered patio

Backyard patios are a must in any contemporary home. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. One great example is this one with a stone fireplace that’s attractive and functional. This room is well-lit, courtesy of the multiple skylights along the roof. And the gray wicker sofa looks great on the concrete flooring. This home would be perfect for hosting a party or just lounging around on the weekend.

16. Outdoor Patio with Table and Chair

sunshine in outdoor

Outdoor patios are a great way to enjoy the fresh air and natural settings in your neighborhood. Lush and green outdoor patios allow you to showcase your appreciation for nature and invite your family, friends, and guests to have a relaxing time at your place. With so many ideas and designs, there are many plans that you can follow when designing your patio.

Patios are not limited to just houses and apartments. You can also have patios in the outdoors and indoors of your commercial business establishment. For example, you can build an outdoor patio for guests to relax during the summer season.

17. Patio with Decorative Plants and Wooden Flooring

an amazing wooden patio

This is an ideal environment for having moments of relaxation during the hot summer days. The patio has wooden flooring and some decorative plants, adding more to its romantic and dreamy look. With its rustic features, this charming patio becomes a highly comfortable and relaxing place for spending time with your partner or friends. You can calculate the project’s cost or find similar decoration items by clicking on the link below.

18. Patio with Wooden Chair Table and Flooring

wooden patio with furniture in a garden

Sharing leisure time with good company while having a few drinks is excellent. But enjoying the pleasure of drinking outside at a patio table surrounded by green trees makes a perfect relaxation experience. The patio in this picture has a seat up near the garden, a comfortable rustic wooden chair, a table, and wooden flooring. It’s an ideal space to spend time together with your friends or family, away from the bustle.

19. Outdoor Patio in the Garden

a gorgeous outdoor patio

Look how gorgeous this outdoor patio is! The garden is decorated with different plants, and trees and even has a wooden chair. And the best part is that all of these are only possible if you have a patio in your garden. Aside from being an ideal place to relax and unwind, patios serve as rooms on the outside of your house. Also, you can customize patio designs to fit your own tastes. You can borrow indoor and indoor patio ideas to make an outdoor living space that is functional and stylish.

20. Black Chair in Wooden Patio Flooring at Green Garden

forestry looks patio

This picture shows a black chair with wooden flooring placed in a green garden. Sometimes all you want is a gorgeous garden. There are no flowers, no fuss, just an elegant patio with a comfy chair and a beautiful view. A classy chair on the patio in your green garden might do the trick. Even on a tight budget, you can create this type of patio living space that is stylish and inviting.

21. Cozy Patio Area with Wicker Furniture Set and Brick Fireplace

Wicker Furnitures in patio

A beautifully designed patio with a rustic brick fireplace in the background. This picture shows attractive wicker furniture set with cushions and a table, with concrete stone-style flooring surrounding it. The white brick wall is warm and inviting, and I love the variety of textures in this space. Of course, the flooring gives a wonderfully textured feel, with its stone pattern and contrasting nicely with the wicker furniture set.

22. Garden Patio with Wooden Furniture and Parasol

green garden patio design idea

If you feel like having a nice, quiet, and calm summer day in a not overcrowded garden, then this is the perfect place for you. It consists of wooden garden furniture and one sun umbrella. The plants and flowers make it very picturesque. The soft green colors also help to ease your nerves slightly as well.

23. Large Garden with Wooden Patio Furniture

patio design idea

In the United Kingdom, it’s very common for people to have gardens. Most of them are not as large as the one you see in the picture, but this one is huge. This garden has a raised patio and one wall around it, perfect for placing wooden patio furniture. Whether you’re entertaining guests in your garden, with some friends, or just on your own, having a nice place to sit and relax with a good book is extremely important.

24. Patio Area with Wooden Railings and Flowers Pots

patio design idea

You can’t beat a good view, and it looks like this balcony is certainly providing one. Like the glass-walled entrance to a luxurious home in the hills, this is an ideal place from which to take in the splendor of the surroundings. If you want to build an outdoor patio area for your house, use wooden railings and flowerpots on the balcony. It will give a glamorous appearance.

25. Wooden Floor and a Long Bench Attached Patio

patio design idea

It is a nice idea for a patio to rest and enjoy the natural relaxation with a wooden floor. Some mattresses on a wooden floor can bring a soft feeling to you and make you feel cozy. An attached long bench looks so natural. Adding a long bench can entertain more friends affordably. This is a kind of courtyard design that really makes people feel comfortable. Adding some pillows and mattresses will make the room more romantic and amiable. This kind of idea creates a new way to develop your patio.

26. Luxury Garden Furniture at the Patio

Luxury patio design idea

The patio is an excellent location to spend time with your friends and family, especially if the weather is very hot. But if you have luxury garden furniture on your patio, it will be more exquisite. We believe that luxurious gardens and beautifully designed garden furniture provide the perfect backdrop for your days.

27. Luxury Contemporary Outdoor Wooden Patio with Swimming Pool

outdoor patio with swimming pool

It is impossible to imagine a summer day without fine and enjoyable leisure time on the patio. It is said that the outdoor wooden patio is getting more and more popular. Building a beautiful terrace may be a fantastic idea for your house. There are many luxury contemporary outdoor wooden patios with swimming pool ideas like this that you can find on web pages. It might help you design and make your outdoor wooden patio with a swimming pool in the future.

28. Patio with Benches, Pillows, Chandelier, and Table

white furniture's in green outdoor

The patio is designed to be an attractive part of the garden. It is open air, and it is furnished with benches, pillows, and a chandelier to sit there in any weather and enjoy your evening. Perfect for a romantic dinner or spending time with your loved ones. There is also a nice garden that attracts attention, and the sun is shining in the background, making it framed with beautiful color and a flawless look.

29. Patio with Simple Furniture Set and Sunset View


Each person has their own conception of the perfect patio, their own set of standards that they like to have to feel comfortable and enjoy a great time outdoors. There are plenty of contemporary patio furniture sets that exist, which can be a good sign, considering all the possibilities that exist today to construct and design your garden, yard, or patio. This is a patio with simple furniture for you to rest after a long working day, the whole space filled with your favorite beautiful nature view.

30. Paved Patio with Globe Lights

cool paved patio design idea

This super warm, inviting home integrates the best of both indoor and outdoor living to create a feel-good environment that is visually stunning. The exterior patio of this luxury brick home transports you from your busy day into a private, relaxing, and peaceful world.

31. Urban Backyard Garden Featuring a Tumbled Paver Patio

backyard patio design idea

The center of this urban backyard garden is a tumbled paver patio. Stone steps with a simple steel handrail lead to the patio. Blooming perennials add color between and around the stepping stones. The flagstones make stepping easier, and the paver patio is both beautiful and functional. The backyard is framed by mature trees that filter the sunlight, keeping the yard cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

32. Patio with Shiny Pergola

shiny pergola patio design
Image Credit: foyr.com

It is shaded for excellence with the right amount of igneous appeal because of the robust timber. Designed with a minimalist background and smooth lines, the advanced door furniture consists of concrete plates shaping a minimalist background.

The furniture and planters are ultra-hip, monocolored, contrasted with fiery and shiny red pops. A cherry stain covers the pergola, which perfectly resonates with the fiery things. Through the use of masculine materials, the patio is transformed into a graceful and stunning retreat.

33. Places That Are Unique

cool patio design idea

There is a veil and an unveiling place with this relaxing patio design. There’s an amazing fireplace with a rock-faced surround and a plain screen TV above the veil in the living area. Besides the outdoor tankage, a construct-in cabinet is also available near a single part of the furnace. Ostensibly, the living area extends beyond the patio’s veiling to the lovely outdoor dining space. Having more rooms for big events is amazing when you are hosting big programs. If you enjoy outward amusements, consider summing up an over-crowded field.

34. Vertical Plantation Sidewall of Patio

Modern patio design idea

Vertical plantations stand out because of their contemporary patio design. The patio’s elementary parapet is covered with a living bed shaped by samples of different grower existences. An intense and identical seating field forms the background against the greenery. Featuring navy pillows with white fluting, this cedar-adorned sectional features navy pillows. Color pops and beautiful models bring extra interest to the room. A vertical plantation can help brighten up a dark area around your patio parapet.

35. Pergola Covered Patio Kitchen

lights on patio

Even house cooks would feel motivated to pit their inward cookhouses with this fantastic outward cookhouse. You can build patio schemes characterized by bare bricks and a barbeque bar.

36. Grilling Station on the Patio

patio with cooking place

Due to the ease of cleaning, this brick patio has a grilling station that is designed with an outward sink. Such a patio may be suitable for your home. An outdoor grilling station like this would be perfect for the summer.

37. Patio with Cobblestones Bricks

patio design idea

The most traditional patio element is cobblestone brick. English and Belgian cultures are responsible for this design. Brick streets are common in this country because of their design. You can build your home according to this old-country design and build an outdoor patio according to this design.

38. An Outdoor Retreat in Tranquility

patio design in peaceful environment

The advanced construction of the seating and the unusual design of the exterior decors create a space that also provides privacy and style. Private shields are elevated with red slated shielding and backed by solid vertical defenses. Through these defenses, one can experience an energetic and peaceful environment while tasting a calm and peaceful conversation. Likely, every one of you would rather sit in the comfort of your lovely living room while creating your outward area.

39. Stamped Concrete Patio Flooring

a pool

This indoor patio design is perfect if you want to achieve a similar look at a very affordable price using stamped or acid-stained concrete. Concrete stamped to resemble brick, paver stone, and timber, well suited for patios, terraces, driveways, paths, and pools.

40. Patio Flooring Design Using Terracotta

iron furniture with a big flower pot

The classic look of terracotta evokes a sense of southern Europe on a patio. The look and understanding of terracotta create an area of eternal knowledge that is easy to maintain. There are many ways to design your patio area with Terracotta, but one sandstone is the most elegant.

41. Keep It Family-friendly and Functional

cool patio design idea
Image credit: Future PLC/Emma Lewis

Garden furniture can help create the desired atmosphere when looking for more traditional patio ideas. Combine soft furnishings with wood benches for the ultimate shabby chic patio setting. If you want to make your garden look like a French farmhouse, you can set up a French bistro set with patterned chairs and seat covers. Your kitchen extension will make you look better, but a very slender piece of garden furniture won’t match it quiet.

42. Courtyard Cooking House Patio

patio design ideas in pool side

An outdoor cooking house built on a courtyard near a swimming pool can be an ideal place for family gatherings. This can accommodate many people and doesn’t take up the entire courtyard. This design emphasizes this is an elegant cookhouse design with a rare umbrella.

43. Patio with Beautiful Flowers Blooming

red bloomed flowers in front of patio

A veranda adorned with hibiscus makes it the perfect showstopper. An elegant white blossom of a rose adorns the branches on tall green branches. In front of the classic brick patio. Furthermore, there are many large pots of blossoms in the patio’s stunning seating area and dotted around the yard.

44. Use Gravel Around Porcelain Tiles for a Natural Look

patio design ideas
Image credit: Tile Giant

To create a more organic appearance, lay your patio tiles in a free-form way instead of in a predetermined arrangement. Grass, gravel, and sand provide a warmer feel to the design when porcelain tiles go directly on them. Porcelain tiles have the advantage of durability, practicality, and resistance to algae and moss. Moreover, they don’t need to be maintained apart from a seasonal cleaning.

45. Patio Tiles with Decorative Designs

designed patio tiles
Image credit: Future PLC/Bridget Peirson

A wooden patio is more visually appealing if deck tiles are installed instead of traditional deck boards. These outdoor flooring options are available at most flooring retailers, and they are not more expensive than standard materials.

46. Raised Flowerbeds Surrounding the Paving

patio design idea
Image credit: Future PLC/Lizzie Orme

Consider adding a patio instead of grass to a small garden so that you can eat alfresco. Viewing the raised flower beds that surround the patio will allow you to imagine you’re dining in a meadow. By painting the planters white, you can make them appear bigger and attract more light.

47. Use a Fire Pit to Create a Focal Point

wooden furniture in a patio
Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes

We tend to spend more time outdoors regardless of the weather, so having an outdoor fire pit is a must-have for the garden. You can customize your patio paving exactly how you want it by incorporating your own design and layout.

Regardless of the size or design of your patio, a focal point always gives it a sense of purpose. The benches on either side of the firepit make it easy to relax in the garden no matter what the weather is like.

48. Extend a Small Space

small space patio design idea
Image credit: Future PLC/David Still

Make the most of a small outdoor area by creating a modern secret garden in your neighbor’s unit or house. Run floor tiles out of the interior space to develop a sense of continuity and the illusion of a larger area. Use large pots filled with lush plants to create a tropical environment. It is also essential to remember that mirrors can visually double a room, enhancing its sense of openness, light, and energy during a casual dinner or bar crawl. It is possible to have it all!

49. Use Contemporary Colors to Make It Modern

modern patio design idea
Image credit: Future PLC/Nick Pope

The color gray is most prevalent in every aspect of interior design. Utilizing polished concrete or gray porcelain tiles as patio ideas will make your patio more colorful. Coordinating the shutters and doors with gray will make the color scheme more cohesive. In the garden, along with all the greenery, place a glass-topped table and finely woven chairs for an almost weightless feel. Additionally, you can hang a large white parasol over the dining room to offer shade on warm summer days.

50. Create a Simple Patio Space

many flower pots in a patio
Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby

In front of a beautiful but straightforward courtyard, bask in the beauty of a lush country garden. You can pot some plants in old galvanized steel pots, along with climbing plants that climb the trellises and bedding plants. It only takes a bistro set or a bench for these patio ideas to shine.

Final Words

The most convenient way to create comfortable outdoor living spaces is to determine a general layout, then take several steps back to design the area. Ensure your patio design is sized correctly for your space and provides sufficient room for all necessary furniture pieces. And consider not just what you’ll be using the patio for every day but also how you will use it at parties and other gatherings with family and friends. You can transform your outdoor space into an enjoyable outdoor oasis with a good plan in place.

Choosing a patio design has some important things to think about, such as your patio’s aesthetics, functionality, and purpose. Personal taste is important in a design, and ultimately you will have the best results by trying out different options and influences. Use these patio design ideas as inspiration to help you develop your style and taste but always be on the lookout for new trends because this will ensure that your patio will be up to date and current.

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