Paper Sizes Chart

A paper size chart is an easy way to see the dimensions of a piece of paper. A paper sizes chart can be helpful when you need to know how much space a folded sheet of paper will take up or if you need to know the exact size of a paper for printing. There are different paper sizes chart depending on what part of the world you are in, but most follow the same basic principles. 

Paper sizes are a major issue for graphic designers and printing companies. It’s important to know the paper size you’re going to be working with before designing your work or sending it off for printing. 

This is a blog post about the paper sizes chart.  I will be discussing what size papers are most commonly used in school, office work, and printing purposes. Paper sizes can vary depending on the type of printer you have and your country. This article will help you determine which size to use for your needs. So read on!

Dimensions and Sizes of International Paper

In an age where everything is shrinking, it’s hard to imagine that paper sizes are larger than A4. This article will discuss the ISO and other popular paper sizes and systems. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has a specific system of defining different dimensions of paper by their width and length in millimeters and the number of sheets per package. Let’s get started!

ISO A-Series Paper Sizes and Dimensions

ISO A-Series Paper Sizes Chart

The A-series papers are the most extensively used paper size and format for office supplies, publications, and interaction and promotional items. It’s made up of a logical collection of paper sizes established by ISO 216, the International Standard for Paper Sizes.

ISO A-Series paper sizes are not just one size. There are actually a series of standard ISO paper sizes with different dimensions. They can be used for printing, artwork, or presentations. This section will explain the various ISO A-series paper sizes and their measurements on the A-series paper sizes chart below so you can make an informed decision about which size is right for your needs. 

This sizes chart will provide information on the A-series ISO standard paper size you need by looking at its dimension in inches, millimeters, or centimeters and its corresponding letter designation (A0 paper size to A8). Outside of the United States, Mexico, and Canada, A4 paper size is the most commonly used paper size.

A-Series Paper Sizes Chart

A Series PapersInchesMillimetersCentimeters 
A0 Paper Size33.11 x 46.81 in841 x 1188 mm84.1 x 118.8 cm
A1 Paper Size23.39 x 33.11 in594 x 841 mm59.4 x 84.1 cm
A2 Paper Size16.54 x 23.39 in420 x 594 mm42.0 x 59.4 cm
A3 Paper Size11.69 x 16.54 in297 x 420 mm29.7 x 42.0 cm
A4 Paper Size8.27 x 11.69 in210 x 297 mm21.0 x 29.7 cm
A5 Paper Size5.83 x 8.27 in148 x 210 mm14.8 x 21.0 cm
A6 Paper Size4.13 x 5.83 in105 x 148 mm10.5 x 14.8 cm
A7 Paper Size2.91 x 4.13 in74 x 105 mm7.4 x 10.5 cm
A8 Paper Size2.0 x 2.9 in52 x 74 mm5.2 x 7.4 cm

ISO B-Series Paper Sizes and Dimensions

ISO B-Series Paper Sizes Chart

The ISO B-Series Paper Sizes and Dimensions is a table of paper sizes that defines the dimensions, margins, and aspect ratios for the most commonly used paper formats in Europe. In cases where the A series is unsuitable, the B series is used. ISO 216 International Standard for paper sizes is used to define its dimensions, just like the A-series papers. When you’re working on a document that’s too big or too small, the B series is a good choice.

The B series is useful for a range of unique purposes while being less often utilized in office environments. B series papers are often used for posters, while B5 is a popular option for books. Envelopes and passports are examples of other applications.

B-Series Paper Sizes Chart

B Series PapersInchesMillimetersCentimeters 
B0 Paper Size39.4 x 55.7 in1000 x 1414 mm100 × 141 cm
B1 Paper Size27.8 x 39.4 in707 x 1000 mm70.7 × 100 cm
B2 Paper Size19.7 x 27.8 in500 x 707 mm50 × 71 cm
B3 Paper Size13.9 x 19.7 in353 x 500 mm35.3 × 50 cm
B4 Paper Size9.8 x 13.9 in250 x 353 mm25 × 35.3 cm
B5 Paper Size6.9 x 9.8 in176 x 250 mm17.6 × 25 cm
B6 Paper Size4.9 x 6.9 in.125 x 176 mm12.5 × 17.6 cm
B7 Paper Size3.5 x 4.9 in88 x 125 mm8.8 × 12.5 cm
B8 Paper Size2.4 x 3.5 in62 x 88 mm6.2 × 8.8 cm

ISO C-Series Paper Sizes and Dimensions

ISO C-Series Paper Sizes Chart

In the world of ISO paper sizes, there are a few different series to be aware of. The C-series is one of those, and it includes standard paper sizes that are typically used for envelope, printing, and graphic design projects. If you’re looking for some specific C-series dimensions and sizes, you’ve come to the right place. In this C-series paper sizes chart below, we’ll outline all of the different dimensions and sizes in the C-series. 

The ISO 269 International Standard for paper sizes defines the dimensions of the C series of papers. The C series is widely used for envelopes. An envelope in the C series is typically used to accompany A and B series papers. The C series envelopes might be a good option for anyone looking for envelopes to fit A or B series papers.

A series paper fits into C series envelopes of the same number if they are the same size. It is, therefore, best to use a C4 envelope for an A4 letter. An A4 letter can become an A5 letter if folded in half. For this application, the C5 envelope will be the best option since it is half the size of the C4 envelope.

So whether you’re a designer or just need to print out something at home, you’ll know exactly what size to use.

C-Series Paper Sizes Chart

C Series PapersInchesMillimetersCentimeters 
C0 Paper Size36.1 × 51.1 in917 × 1297 mm91.7 × 129.7 cm
C1 Paper Size25.51 x 36.1 in648 × 917 mm64.8 × 91.7 cm
C2 Paper Size18.0 × 25.5 in458 × 648 mm45.8 × 64.8 cm
C3 Paper Size12.8 × 18.0 in324 × 458 mm32.4 × 45.8 cm
C4 Paper Size9.02 × 12.8 in229 × 324 mm22.9 × 32.4 cm
C5 Paper Size6.38 × 9.02 in 163 × 229 mm16.3 × 22.9 cm
C6 Paper Size4.49 × 6.38114 × 162 mm11.4 × 16.2 cm
C7 Paper Size3.19 × 4.4981 × 114 mm8.1 × 11.4 cm
C8 Paper Size2.24 × 3.1957 × 81 mm5.7 × 8.1 cm

N. American ANSI Paper Sizes and Dimensions

ANSI Paper Sizes Chart

Sure, North American paper sizes may seem like they’re all the same to you at first glance, but there are actually a few subtle differences between them. Each size has its unique dimensions, which can be important to keep in mind if you’re looking for the right one to fit your specific needs.

In this ANSI paper sizes chart below, we’ll take a closer look at each of the five most common sizes and tell you what their exact dimensions are. So whether you’re a student needing some extra paper for your next project or a business owner looking for some new stationery, check out the chart below for all the info you need.

ANSI Series Paper Sizes Chart

ANSI Series PapersInchesMillimetersCentimeters 
ANSI A Paper Size8.5 x 11 in215.9 mm x 279.4 mm21.6 × 27.9 cm
ANSI B Paper Size11 x 17 in279.4 mm x 431.8 mm27.9 × 43.2 cm
ANSI C Paper Size17 x 22 in432 mm x 559 mm43.2 × 55.9 cm
ANSI D Paper Size22 x 34 in559 mm x 864 mm55.9 × 86.4 cm
ANSI E Paper Size34 x 44 in864 mm x 1118 mm 86.4 × 111.8 cm

N. American ARCH Paper Sizes and Dimensions

Arch Paper Sizes Chart

Architects and other professionals use ARCH paper systems for large-format drawings. As a result of the 4:3 and 3:2 ratios of the paper sizes, architects find it more suitable. Cutting these sizes in half, like cutting the ANSI and ISO formats in half, also produces two of the next smaller sizes.

ARCH Series Paper Sizes Chart

ARCH Series PapersInchesMillimetersCentimeters 
ARCH A Paper Size9 x 12 in229 mm x 305 mm22.9 × 30.5 cm
Arch B Paper Size12 x 18 in305 mm x 457 mm30.5 × 45.7 cm
ARCH C Paper Size18 x 24 in457 mm x 610 mm45.7 × 61 cm
ARCH D Paper Size24 x 36 in610 mm x 914 mm60.96 × 91.4 cm
ARCH E Paper Size36 x 48 in914 mm x 1219 mm91.4 × 121.9 cm

Loose Paper Sizes and Dimensions

Standard paper sizes and dimensions are important for, among other things, printing documents. But what happens when you need to print something that doesn’t quite fit within the standard sizes? This can be a challenge, but fortunately, there are ways to work around it. Below, we have listed some of the more common loose paper sizes and dimensions in the paper sizes chart. So whether you’re a home office user or small business owner, check it out!

Loose Paper Sizes Chart

Paper SizesInchesMillimetersCentimeters 
Half-Letter Paper Size 5.5 × 8.5 in139.7 × 215.9 mm13.97 × 21.59 cm
Letter Paper Size8.5 × 11 in215.9 × 279.4 mm21.59 × 27.94 cm
Legal Paper Size8.5 × 14 in215.9 × 355.6 mm21.59 × 35.56 cm
Junior Legal Paper Size5 × 8 in127 × 203.2 mm12.7 × 20.32 cm
Tabloid Paper Size11 × 17 in279.4 × 431.8 mm27.94 × 43.18 cm
Ledger Paper Size17 × 11 in431.8 × 279.4 mm43.18 × 27.94 cm


Paper sizes are a confusing topic to many people. But it doesn’t have to be so hard, as long as you know what paper size is right for your project and where to find them. We hope you find this article helpful in understanding what paper sizes are out there. This chart is an excellent place to start when looking for the right size of paper that fits your needs.

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