100 Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

If you’re looking for inspiration to paint, check out this collection of painting tips. Here are the best ways to incorporate art into your daily life from our top recommendations. Art is a great way to express yourself. We have 100 easy painting ideas you might never have thought of for artwork on surfaces. This essay concludes with innovative tips that you will find fascinating. Both amateurs and professionals enjoy acrylic painting. Some artists have difficulty deciding what to paint. Your acrylic paints and canvas are set up already, but you haven’t any idea what to paint.

We choose to assist you because this happens to a large number of authors, so you are not alone. You might pick up new skills and ideas by watching YouTube creators’ videos. Our favorite articles have been grouped by common subject areas to save you time browsing! You can select a skill level that suits you.

100 Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

1. Coffee Mug Painting

Painting Ideas for Beginners

You can paint a coffee cup as a gift. Making ‘coffee cups’ is as easy as pie at any time. This craft can even be done by children. When I was a kid, I decorated coffee cups with my friends. I am always fascinated by someone’s cup collection when I visit their house.

coffee mug paint ideas

Coffee is a daily necessity for everyone, no matter what time of day it is. Create your own coffee cup. We’ve provided you with some ideas!

2. Prickly Pear Cactus Painting

Painting Ideas for Beginners

To paint a cactus, you need just a few simple colors and a pencil drawing. You can paint a cactus in almost any shape or size that you like. When you want to use solid-colored paint, acrylics are an excellent alternative. Watercolors are more transparent and lighter than oils.

You may use acrylics if you are not comfortable working with oils. You will end up with a stunning picture no matter which media you choose!

3. Paint a Tranquil Lake

Painting Ideas for Beginners

It is a really relaxing experience to sit by a tranquil lake and watch the ripples on the water. Take your morning coffee on the terrace of a charming home and enjoy the view! Lakes are always beautiful, but they are not always accessible. It is sometimes just as rewarding to learn how to paint a lake!

Be creative with this painting!

Painting Ideas for Beginners

You need to select a medium for painting the artwork after settling on the color scheme. Furthermore, brighter media such as acrylic paint and vibrant inks may also be used to obtain the impression.

4. Paint Trees

Painting Ideas for Beginners

Inspiration is the key to great ideas. Be inspired by the things around you when you paint. The most common motif used by painters is trees. You might like to try some of these simple tree painting projects if you are looking for some inspiration:

Painting Ideas for Beginners

Painting concepts are often sought by individuals. Painting a tree and swing remains straightforward and enjoyable, even when they opt for ‘easy’ themes. Looking at this image can lead to a thousand different interpretations. Sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it is depressing.

Color tree painting

For the leaves and flowers of trees, use colors, while for the stem, use browns and blacks. Your drawings can be displayed in your drawing room. You can hang them up there. You can also turn these Easy Tree Painting Ideas into gorgeous paintings and beautiful decorations. How do you feel about that? Let’s get started! Grab a brush and start painting!

5. Paint Clouds

Painting Ideas for Beginners

Check out these tips for painting clouds:

  • Rather than focusing on the result, focus on the process.
  • A variety of artist sponges can be used to create fluffy borders around clouds.
  • Seeing things in their simplest form, whether you’re painting, drawing, or sketching, makes everything much simpler.
easy cloud painting ideas

Learning about things in their simplest forms is beneficial. As a child, you probably had this experience. When you were a child, did you ever imagine clouds as cats, dogs, or weird frogs while gazing up at the sky?

Painting Ideas for Beginners

These clouds appear triangular in this piece. You can use these images to understand how I created the triangle form and how to duplicate it. Take a look outside on a cloudy day and you will see clouds with a similar shape.

Painting Ideas for Beginners

Spend a few moments examining any clouds that catch your attention. Consider some cloud shapes and break them down into smaller shapes so you can sketch them more easily. The overlap and object size and shape are completely under your control.

6. Paint Cardinal Birds

Colorful birds painting

Cardinals are stunning birds. It is extremely inspiring to be able to capture the strength and beauty of this bird. Despite its simplicity, painting a bird is a difficult task. So, before I started, I watched a video on how to paint a cardinal. This approach of painting the cardinal helped me produce a more realistic image.

Painting Ideas for Beginners

There are two ways to paint them. For a brighter look, you can use acrylic paint. You can also use watercolors.With any material, you may generate similar results depending on your approach to the image.

Painting Ideas for Beginners

These are some simple steps to painting a cardinal. It is an acrylic coloring that is well done despite its flaws. This work of art is beautiful despite its simplicity.

Learning the procedures should be easy for beginners thanks to the lesson’s structure.

Painting Ideas for Beginners

The stunning cardinal looks even more stunning against the white backdrop. On a white background, the Cardinals’ crimson colors stand out. There is nothing complicated about this image. Painting is a simple process. The image would have been perfect if there was less detail.

7. Ocean Wave Painting

Painting Ideas for Beginners

It’s easy enough to do. You’ll be shocked at what you can do if you follow the guidelines.

A waveless ocean is a barren sea. WAVER ENERGY IS SOURCED FROM WINDS AND WAVES. When the sea rises and falls, waves are produced. The larger the waves, the more water they absorb. A trough occurs when waves have concave fronts. The water is too large to sustain the waves forward. I enjoy painting waves. You have to know how waves evolve in order to paint them.

Painting Ideas for Beginners

Guidelines to Paint Ocean Wave

  • Oil will be used for this wave painting. Acrylic can also be used. A synthetic brush can be selected by you. Typically, seascapes are not painted with delicate brushes like sable.
  • Use a scrubber to remove paint. Wave eyes should be narrower.
  • As the paint thins in the spill-bottom overs, it will appear lighter.
Painting Ideas for Beginners
Source: artbycarolmay.com
  • Mix the yellow and green smoothly as you paint the eye. Ensure there are no visible lines between the colors as you paint the eye.
  • A yellow spillover region should be painted at the bottom. Green and yellow should be mixed on the overflow.
Source: artbycarolmay.com
  • Burnt Sienna and blue go well together. Darker colors come from more blue. If you add more Burnt Sienna, it will warm the mix.
  • Add black to the base of the wave. Make sure that the wave has a horizontal foundation.
Sea wave painting
Source: artbycarolmay.com
  • Use a horizontal background to simulate distant waves. The sky can also be painted. The choice is yours.
  • You may wish to add a little Burnt Sienna to the blue. Alizarin Crimson is needed for purple shadows. The way waves are presented is up to the artist.
  • The brushstrokes used to paint a wave can be compared to water flowing.
Painting Ideas for Beginners

Make any necessary changes to the artwork. As an artist, you can do whatever you like. Let your heart guide you.

8. Paint Fish Underwater

fish drawing

Paint fish underwater as an easy painting idea. It’s a fun yet relaxing way to unwind, especially during the holidays when shopping, cooking and working seem to be a persistent part of your life. I started underwater painting for relaxation. The therapeutic benefits of this work are undeniable, but the joy comes from the process and the final product. There is no judgment on your ideas or artistic expression; you can paint with reckless abandon, taking chances with color and mediums.

Guidelines to Draw Fish Underwater:

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to paint a fish scene underwater.

  • Use two blues for the underwater and white for the surface.
  • You can also add corals, bubbles, and marine life!
  • Your kids will learn a great deal about the sea.
Fish swimming in water
  • It is still important to include the background of your seascape painting, even if it isn’t in focus. Give it depth and sparkle by glazing it with a translucent color after it has set.
  • Water changes the colors. You will notice that elements appear clearer closer to an observer when trying to achieve a correct underwater perspective. The lighter the tone, the closer the component will appear. Use the same water color tone to tint the background components.
Fish swimming in water
  • As you go deeper into the ocean, it becomes darker. The gradual fading of hues in a seascape creates a sense of depth. Starting with more white, add deeper colors, then less white, until you reach the top of your picture.
Red fish in water
  • Apply glazes to water to create translucent fins and light rays. Paint the base color first, then add a glaze. To make the light or fins more translucent, mix a little white with a medium.
  • Try to avoid painting seascapes that are symmetrical. Make sure the fish in your background are at various angles and distances. You’ll appear more natural this way.

9. A Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase

Paint some flowers in a vase to brighten up your home during any season. One of the easiest painting ideas for beginners is to paint a simple bouquet of flowers in a vase. It’s a classic, simple, and enjoyable painting idea in which you can use colors from your favorite paintings you’ve previously painted. Be sure to have fun with this painting idea and don’t rush it.

10. An Owl

If you’re looking for a fun and easy painting idea, look no further. Painting owls is one of the most popular types of art. They’re adorable, come in a variety of colors, and they stay still while you work. Painting an owl is more simple than some more complex paintings.

11. Copy a Masterpiece Painting

It’s a great idea to copy a masterpiece painting and turn it into a new masterpiece by yourself. You can start with simple paintings such as impression sunrise, Girl with Pearl Earring, or Birth of Venus. It’ll be fun and spend your time in the most interesting way possible!

12. A Bowl of Fruit

This painting idea can be adapted to any fruit. You can choose any fruit you like and paint it in a bowl or basket. Fruit is healthy, and you should eat it more often. Also, paint actual fruit if you can. Paintings that depict fruit are widely considered to be some of the most famous paintings in the world. You can capture a familiar and beloved subject in your own home by painting a fruit bowl.

13. Tulip

The idea of painting tulips has become so popular that you can find many ideas on the internet. You can paint them in different colors, make them look funny, or just draw them as they are. Experiment and enjoy!

14. Paint a Castle

Castles are something of a mystery. We know that they were built in the past for kings, queens, and other leaders to live in, but we rarely see anyone living in one today. It makes them seem like a relic of the past, or ruins even, rather than stunning and extraordinary buildings as they really are. Speaking of castles, let’s get started on painting a castle. You can choose to paint a “magical” looking castle with a few painted bricks and a real window or paint a more realistic looking castle.

15. Apple

If you are a beginning artist or just want to try something different and fun to paint, how about an apple? An apple can make a great painting subject for several reasons. First, believe it or not, apples are really colorful. Finally, working on a painting at this scale can give a lot of satisfaction and provide expertise for more complicated works.

16. Someone Under an Umbrella

The best thing about painting is that you can use objects and people in your painting. You can paint a person or people and add a cool umbrella to the painting. You can also include other objects like a beach or a boat. Adding objects to this painting will help you practice blending paint and following shapes with your paint brushes.

17. Paint a Little Town House

Whether it’s a sweet cottage or an elegant castle, this house painting idea shows you how to make a little townhouse come alive. Paint a little town house as part of your summer home improvement project.  This painting is fun to do, and the finished product is sure to be admired.

18. A Streetlamp

Painting a street lamp might seem simple, but the cool things you can do with it are endless. When people create artwork with a streetlamp in it, it’s easy to call them a hack. But I’ve always been inspired by painters and their creativity. Several different options are available to represent the street lamp, but I went with this one because of its simplicity.

19. Peacock

A lot of people will tell you to paint a peacock from life if you’re looking to paint something beautiful. Just about everyone loves a peacock. In fact, these birds are so beautiful that people worldwide are constantly painting them.

20. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous statues globally. She has been featured in many historic and modern cultural events. The Statue of Liberty has also been featured in a lot of video games as well. You can clone this recipe to create a paint version of your very own statue of liberty painting.

21. Daffodil Flower

Painting daffodils in oil paint is a delicate and detailed procedure. Though the flower itself isn’t complicated, painting it can be tricky for a beginner painter. After all, it’s just yellow and green. And that’s one of the reasons people actually love to paint flowers like daffodils. It adds some variety to an otherwise boring day of flowers.

22. Mandala

If you have ever tried your hand at painting, you would probably find a mandala simple. A mandala is an ancient form of art and has been painted for centuries by people all over the world. You can create and destroy the circular pattern on your canvas in a way to reflects the chaos of life. Creating a mandala is also a great stress reliever that can leave you with a sense of relaxation.

23. A Car on Street

 If you like cars, you’ll definitely like this easy painting idea.

24. Paint a Bike

Painting a bike is a great way to make use of your free time and enjoy good weather, whatever the temperature outside. Painting a bike is something you can do with kids.

25. Oil Painting Cupcake

Painting with oil and acrylic paints is very convenient and easy to do. You can paint on different surfaces, colors, and you can even mix these colors to get a new and beautiful color. Picking a cupcake with cherry using oil paint is easy when you know the right way to do it.

26. Paint a Bumblebee

The bumblebee is buzzing around your garden, ready to eat from all your flowers.  You spot it and wave at it, and now you know its name! What an adorable painting idea. Bumblebees are amazing creatures. The funny thing about bumblebees is that they are not as harmless as you would think. Bumblebees can sting unless, of course, you paint one. Painting a bumblebee might seem ridiculous, but it’s actually pretty simple.

27. Seashell

If you’re a coastal chick like me, then pick up a seashell for your painting idea. The shapes and colors of some seashells are so incredible and make for a perfect painting canvas. Painting a seashell is one of my favorite easy painting ideas. I love how something so simple can be so beautiful. It’s perfect for kids and adults.

28. An Old Pair of Shoes

Paint a pair of old shoes as a quick and easy painting idea. You can create this wonderful wall art with only a few simple items. This is a great idea for beginning artists, but also for those more experienced artists who are looking for a new challenge.

29. Sunflower

The sunflower is an art painting idea perfect for new and inexperienced painters. Sunflowers have been popular for centuries and have gained popularity in modern times, especially as a children’s painting idea. Sunflowers are among the easiest paintings to make. It’s fun, fast, and anyone can do it!

30. Paint the Night Sky

Have you ever considered painting the night sky? It’s an easy painting idea that doesn’t require much in the way of supplies or skills. Painted night skies have become extremely popular, and I can see why they’re calming, beautiful, and provide a sense of tranquility which is perfect if you’re looking for something relaxing to do during those downtimes.

31. Red Poppy Field

Painting is a wonderful way to de-stress and calm your mind. If you are looking for a new painting idea this fall, why not try a landscape painting of a poppy field? Red poppies are a classic flower that will never go out of style. Paint a poppy field with glazing and use lots of sunshine to create an easy painting idea which is great for beginners.

32. Paint Mountain

As an easy painting idea, you can paint a mountain. This simple painting concept will often come to mind when we think of mountains. It’s something that’s familiar and easily achievable. This will require the basic canvas, paint, and brushes.

33. An Orange

Here’s an easy painting idea for a hot sunny day: Orange. Oranges are yellow and red. Yellow is a cool color, and red is warm. The combination of the two makes orange warm-cool. Any other color that is contained in it also has that warm-cool balance, but yellow-red emphasizes it.

34. Landscape

Landscape painting has been popular since Ancient Greece. It is one of the most prominent genres in Oriental Art. Due to this popularity, landscape paintings are popular even today. Landscapes are always beautiful and make for fun painting ideas. They are a great way to depict a play of light and darkness. This painting idea is a simple one that can be done in different ways, depending on the results you want to achieve.

35. The Moon

Moon is an excellent subject, and its tranquility makes it a fun painting idea. The Moon can be painted either by itself or along with other objects. If you are painting other subjects too and want to talk about them, you can do so in this section, but keep it short and simple!

36. Pizza

A painting idea is a really easy one to pull off! You can paint the pizza itself or the box. It comes in a slice of cheese and some pepperoni. Pizza is one of the most outstanding foods that has its own tradition of being painted. So, if you’re looking for an interesting painting thought that is easy to accomplish, painting pizza can offer you a lot of fun and good results.

37. The Beach

A great painting idea could be to paint the beach. Or one of your favorite islands that you have been on vacation too. The beach would make a great simple nature painting. You can paint the sand, the waves, the palm trees, or maybe alone kayak lost in a world of its own

38. A Butterfly

Butterflies are such delicate, beautiful creatures. They can be vibrant and beautiful, but they leave behind just a shell with wings when they’re gone. I think they’re great painting ideas because it’s hard not to smile when you see or think of one. Painted butterflies are a great symbol of change and hope. You can paint anything really, even make something out of the shape of the butterfly if that’s what you want to do.

39. A Pumpkin

If you are looking for a fun painting idea, painting pumpkins might be a great choice. Pumpkin painting is ideal for kids of all ages. Pumpkins are not just for making wonderful fall pies but can also be painted and decorated to create fabulous autumn décor. Painting pumpkins can also serve as fall decorations in the home.

40. Ice-cream

As a painting idea, you can paint things such as ice cream. Ice cream is a sweet cold food that we eat with a spoon. It comes in different flavors and colors. This is a very popular treat during the summer. Painting ice cream is a fun painting idea that even very young children will like if you are able to help them. Use some oil paint for the best effect, and use no water on the first couple of layers. Let the paint drip over the edge of the paper as you do this.

41. Pouring Painting

Pouring painting is a type of paint that can be painted in a flowing manner. Of course, the things would be arranged and adjusted in a way to create an effect by the flowing manner. This painting is also appropriate for children as it’s easy for them to paint it and show their imagination.

42. Pineapple

Pineapple is the fruit symbolizing hospitality and welcome for tropical places. It also symbolizes joy and a sense of gratitude. Tropical places are hospitable and full of joy, making pineapple picture a great idea for interior decorating. Pineapple painting needs only easy steps, so it is appropriate both for beginners and professional artists in various fields.

43. Autumn Forest

It is very hard to find a painting idea that you have never heard before. I have seen numerous landscapes when it comes to nature and other paintings as well. But if you are interested in something new, you may consider painting an autumn forest. There may be a lot of painting ideas to express the beauty of nature. But, the following painting idea will make your paintings more attractive and interesting.

44. Christmas Tree

Many people want to paint a Christmas tree using a variety of colors. This painting idea is fairly popular as you can choose between many different types of trees. This will make your home look more cheerful, and it’ll also make people who see the tree smile more.

45. Potted Plants

Potted plants have become a very popular painting subject matter. For some reason, they’ve become very hot in the painting world, and this is a great way to paint them. Even if you’re an intermediate-level artist, you should be able to paint potted plants reasonably well.

46. Tropical Leaves

So, if You are looking for some easy painting ideas, tropical leaves are for you. Painting them can help you relax and make long weekends full of entertaining activity when You need to think about something far from your busy routine.

47. The Sunset Sky

The sunset sky is a beautiful and gorgeous painting idea. It has all the components of a good painting like nature, color, and light that makes your painting looks realistic and natural. For example, you can do a sunset painting of your own backyard. You need to get a canvas ready first then start with the sky, which will be lots of colorful swirls.

48. Paint on Rocks

How do you like this idea of painting on rocks? What is more natural than painting on your favorite surfaces? And in the day of electronic media, it is nice to go old school and paint on something like rocks.

49. Paint on Glass

Painting on glass is an easy painting idea that doesn’t require a canvas or a frame to hang on a wall. With your paints, you can use some pieces of glass and have quite a lot of fun.

50. Banana

Banana is the fruit that we usually eat, but there is nothing wrong if you want to paint it. So, painting a banana or adding it to your color palette will be good. You can choose the type of color for your banana; for example, it may be yellow as the usual one which we consume as our daily food.

51. Paint Your Dinner

The concept is very simple. You have your plate, which is the support of your painting work, and on it you paint something. So, what you paint is the food you eat while having dinner.

52. A Shiny Balloon

Painting balloons are so much fun! Painting regular balloons are cool, but painting a shiny balloon is where it’s at. It makes for an awesome painting that you can put anywhere you want to without worrying about getting dirty or ruined. All you need are a few supplies, and you’ll be able to start painting some really cool looking balloons.

53. Rope Knot

Painting gives you a variety of possibilities. You can paint landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and even abstract painting. Today we have chosen a rope knot as our painting idea. Since a rope is twisted and its surface is unevenly designed, you might find this painting interesting.

54. Dream Home

Everyone’s dream is to have a dream home. Painting a dream home is an easy painting idea that can be used as an exterior or interior painting idea. The way you do this is by first drawing a house on the wall.

55. Air Balloon

One of the easiest painting ideas is the air balloon. Using the characteristic of acrylic or watercolor or expression, you can paint it easily in the morning, even it’s your first time doing it. All you need to do is see some samples of air balloons here and there and then start practicing to get the effect as you like.

56. Field of Colorful Poppies

Great painting idea if you like to paint flowers, nature and want an easy painting project. The painting of the field of colorful poppies is one of my favorite flower paintings because it is a really simple painting that even beginners can easily manage.

57. Paint a Flower Garden

As an idea for a flower painting, why not paint a beautiful garden of flowers? There are many different types of flowers in the garden and a wide range of colors. You can choose to make all the flowers the same color or pick out your favorite colors from all the different flowers.

58. Summer Landscape With House

One of the easiest painting ideas is summer landscape with a house. It’s one of the favorite subjects of art painters. This beautiful painting can give you motivation and inspiration during your weekdays.

59. Metallic Abstract

Abstract art is a modernists’ art. It is one of the hottest trends of recent years. Everyone wants to be a walking piece of art, and there are more than enough modern painting ideas to choose from. If you’re looking for a fun painting idea, painted metallic abstract art is an option to consider.

60. Lilies Oil Painting

Lilies are pretty flowers that are often found in gardens because they grow naturally. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes painting lilies particularly interesting. Lilies have been a popular subject for oil painting because it is unique with attractive colors and looks attractive.

61. Geometric Art

Geometric art is an idea for artists of all levels, beginner or advanced. The geometric shapes make the main character of the painting. They could be abstract forms drawn only by black strokes or lines. Geometric abstract compositions may have simple and logical depth thanks to the color combination and interplay of positive and negative spaces achieved by means of color transition on different areas of the paper surface.

62. Splatter Art

Splatter art is an easy painting idea that anyone can try. With splatter art, you can essentially get a painting done quickly. It is certainly the fastest form of artwork that you can do. In addition, it is not as complicated as many of the other forms of artwork out there.

63. A Forest

Forests are one of the most challenging simplistic subject matter to paint. Why? Well, because a lot goes into creating a tree, but that’s what makes it interesting. One thing to remember when painting trees is don’t feel like you have to actually capture every single tree in the forest, this way, you can paint e forest easily.

64. Burger

If you love burgers and want an easy painting idea, you can paint your favorite burger. It’s actually a fun way to open a conversation with your guests in your home. They can also buy a print if they like your art! So let’s get to it!

65. Watermelon

If you are searching for easy painting ideas, here is a simple way to paint. You may have made a few watermelon paintings before and thought of it as an easy painting idea. All you need is some watermelon colors, a brush, and a canvas.

66. Hot Dog

When you think of painting something, you may just immediately associate it with still life. Artists are encouraged to paint everyday items around them.  Painting a hot dog doesn’t sound like the most exciting art project, but I can assure you that it’s an easy painting idea that even kids can perfect.

67. Rose

Paint rose is one of the easy paintings that you can try. Everyone likes painting with colors and roses, a beautiful flower. Patience should be taken here because there are many leaves and thorns that need perfect placement.

68. Waterlily

As an easy art painting idea, you can paint the water lily. As one of the favorite flowers of home decor, it has many inspirations. It could be for a wedding which you prepare to invite your best friends, relatives, or co-workers. Or simply you want to celebrate the happy moments in your life.

69. Marble Painting

Marble painting is one of the easiest art paintings that you can do since it doesn’t require any experience; it’s all about creativity. Instead of using your imagination to render beautiful scenery, you’ll be using your imagination to maximize the beauty of marble texture.

70. Graffiti Painting

Graffiti painting is the art of writing words and drawings on a wall or other surface in a style characteristic of graffiti. The term has become popular in reference to urban artwork done in an unauthorized manner, particularly in commercial galleries, public places, and private property without the property owner’s consent. Graffiti as an art form emerges from many older artistic traditions found throughout history, including ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and modern calligraphy. Either way, it’s one of the best easy painting ideas you could try.

71. Dandelion

If you want to paint and need a quick idea, painting a dandelion flower is a lot of fun. But it can also be quite challenging. After all, they’re very delicate and intricate. There are blooming dandelions in the spring and dried dandelion stems in the fall. You can always find them at any season.

72. A River

If you’re looking for a fast and easy art painting idea, then painting a river is what you’re looking for. Unlike most landscapes, rivers are very simple to paint. You can create various different paintings of the same subject, but they will all have different styles.

73. An Old House

If you love home and garden projects, then you should try painting an old house. It is very easy and fun to do. It is a nice homely picture that everyone will love.

74. A Cup of Tea

An easy painting idea that is perfect for beginners is to paint a cup of tea. A teacup is one of the most commonly seen things in your daily life. You drink tea, have tea parties, and have many cups in various places like your office, kitchen, and personal room. Painting a cup of tea will be an interesting painting idea to choose from.

75. Boat

Painting a boat is one of the easiest painting ideas to paint. It doesn’t matter if you use a pirate ship, yacht, rowboat, or sailboat. The realism in painting nautical scenes can be incorporated whether you are painting the figure and rigging or just the image of the boat.

76. Ship

You can be as realistic or as abstract as you want in this painting idea. You can paint a fishing boat, a sailboat, a battleship, or even a pirate ship complete with skull and crossbones decorations. It can be a simple brown deck and here blue water below it. You can also make the ship colorful with a rainbow behind it and use red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or whatever you want.

77. Paint Peony

Painting peony is not a difficult art idea, but you have to spend time for contemplation. It is suitable for newbie artists. Peony is usually used in affinity with the spring season. Peonies are beautiful, vibrant, and colorful flowers. In fact, we suggested an easy painting idea about painting peony recently for my readers who love to paint flowers.

78. Lavender Flower

Lavender is an easy to grow purple flowering plant and a traditional symbol of friendship. You can easily paint it in watercolor or acrylic. Lavender is often associated with calmness, which makes it a great choice for an easy painting idea.

79. Forest Walkway

One of the easiest painting ideas is to paint a painting of a walkway. This easy painting idea will be very useful for you and anyone who would like to do it. Paint the walkway, whether made of bricks or wood and then choose the color to represent this area of your house. You can also paint a foresty path here as well, especially if you want it to look more decorative than functional.

80. Mango

As an easy art painting idea, you can paint mango. This painting idea is for you if you love nature and this fruit.

81. Roads With Cars

When it comes to outdoor painting, there are a lot of things you can do. Well, it may sound strange, but you can paint roads with cars on them. Roads with cars is a very interesting painting idea, and it will definitely make your painting process easy.

82. Bridge

Painting is a classic do it yourself project. If you are planning a painting project or deciding to paint your own back fence or front door, consider painting an iconic bridge that everyone knows. People get excited when they see their city’s landmarks. A bridge is a structure that spans a physical obstacle such as a river, valley, or road to provide passage over the obstacle.

83. Paint Daisy Flower

A stunning painting inspired by nature. This piece of art will surely adorn your walls pleasingly and elegantly. This is one of the easiest painting art ideas you’ll love doing. Whether your kids are looking for some fun at a home activity or you have had a long workday and need relaxation, this is a great pass time activity.

84. Lovebirds

Lovebirds are a symbol of friendship or romance, but when you see two lovebirds sitting on your painting, it will spread happiness throughout the room. Painting brings out your artistic side, keeps you busy and relaxed, and is a great way to express your feelings. There’s no better way to capture your relationship, your love, and how you feel about each other than by painting lovebirds!

85. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are the perfect painting idea for spring. It’s the season that everything is beginning to bloom, and cherry blossoms are at the heart of it all. Bring a burst of spring indoors by painting this simple cherry blossom tree on your wall. It doesn’t take long, is inexpensive, and looks beautiful.

86. Oil Painting Landscape

87. Beautiful Summer Day in Italy

88. Orange Sun Circle Boho Painting

89. Glowing Moon on a Blue Sky

90. Lighthouse

91. Oil Portrait Painting in Multicolored Tones

92. Skyline City View With Reflections on Water

93. Flowers

94. Strawberries

95. Bright Beautiful Fresh Tomatoes

96. Pears Acrylic Painting

97. Blueberries With Leaves

98. Watercolor Limes

99. Garnet Pastels Painting

100. Yellow Pepper, Tomato and Cucumber, Oil Painting

Final Words

Painting is so simple and truly anyone can do it. Many people have considered giving up art because it’s too hard to find new painting ideas. But that should never happen as long as you can simply annotate the resources you already have. With these 100 painting options, you should be able to find something that fits your personality, along with your skillset. Whether you are an experienced painter or a complete novice, there should be a little something here for everyone. We hope you enjoyed looking through our list of painting ideas for beginners, and that you gained new insights or were inspired by some new techniques to experiment with.

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