17 Painting Activities for Kids

Paint is one of those things kids often really enjoy engaging with. There’s something about being covered in paint and letting your inner creativity flow that appeals to many children at a very young age. The painting activities for kids offer an opportunity for children to express themselves through pictures. This is an excellent way to develop their creativity, imagination, and sense of color. Kids can paint anything that strikes their fancy. Paint on paper, canvas, or any other material. Almost anything can become a creative outlet for young children.

Painting demands hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills from children. To help you with ideas to engage your kids in drawing and painting, we have gathered 17 simple yet interesting painting activities for kids. With the activities presented below, your children will learn to use a brush smoothly, decorate various containers, and much more!

17 Painting Activities for Kids

Paintings represent the expression of the artist’s imagination and feeling, whether it depicts real or imaginary, these paintings reflect artists’ dreams and feelings which are expressed in a variety of colors and his life.

1. Blue Sky and Green Earth with a Rainbow

child's painting

Everyone knows that a rainbow can be seen when the sun shines on rain or fog. And of course, we have a lot of ideas to paint this beautiful phenomenon. But let’s try something new and unusual for painting. Look at this kid’s artwork. Artist kid has put the rainbow upon the blue sky. Isn’t it exciting? And here is another element in this epic painting – green grass earth beneath our rainbow. Let’s try to paint these elements together with your kid!

2. Sun with Rainbow Watercolor Painting

toddler girl painting rainbow

Watercolor painting is a fun way to explore and create artwork that will last for a long time. Get the kids to work outside in the sunshine to do this watercolor painting activity. Sun with rainbow watercolor painting activity is a good activity for a kid’s day or weekend.

3. Airplane

painting picture of airplane

Airplane painting is an activity that your child will love. It works well with pre school age kids and older elementary school children. Give the kids a piece of paper. Tell them to draw their favorite airplane on paper

4. Watercolor Flower Craft

easy flower craft for kids

Watercolor flower craft is a lovely painting activity for younger kids. This easy watercolor paper flower craft is a fun spring or summer kids’ activity to do when you’re stuck inside.  It will promote fine motor skills by cutting, tearing, and gluing. Use creativity to make interesting and unique flower designs.

5. Q-tip Painted Pumpkins

dot painted pumpkins

Using q-tips to paint is always a fun activity for kids. They can paint pumpkins in either pattern or randomly with dots; there are many ways to do it. They can make the dots closer together or further apart. Painting Q-tips on pumpkins using polka dots, lines, or even random splatters will turn these into cool looking pumpkins kids can use at Halloween.

6. Owl on a Tree

free hand drawing owl

The owl is one of the symbols of animals. It has long been regarded as a sign of wisdom but also endowed with magical powers. When a child draws an owl, it should not be considered as an opportunity to develop their imagination and draw whatever they want, even if it looks like a fantasy creature. This is the opportunity to teach your child the basics of shapes and develop coordination by guiding them step by step.

7. Blue Sky with Clouds

Nowadays, our kids spend most of their time in front of the screen. For a better life quality, it is necessary to distract them from the screen and help them find original activities, like painting activities. This blue sky with clouds watercolor painting will entertain your kids and be perfect for their first watercolor attempts.

8. Tree

summer nature kids painting

Should you be looking for fun kids painting ideas, one great place to start is to paint a tree. A tree painting for kids can be made in many different styles and forms. Paint a forest and allow the kids to paint trees of all different kinds of sizes, and sizes. This opens their creativity up even further as they may only want to paint certain types of trees.

9. City Roads

kids easy painting

Painting activities for kids are a fun way to introduce your children to paint, brush strokes, and various art materials. City Road is a creative art project for kids. If you’re looking for new painting activities for your kids to do, then this should be at the top of your list.

10. Grass Hills with Blue Sky

kids hand drawn landscape

Kids painting activities – grass hills with blue sky art is fun, colorful, and easy for children to make by themselves. Feel free to change it as you wish, depending on what you would like to paint.

11. Multicolored Prints of Baby Hands

colorful kids hands prints

Finger painting is a good way to develop fine motor skills and stimulate imagination. And let’s not forget how much fun it is to smear paint all over the place. This painting activity allows your child to create lovely little multicolored prints of baby hands.

12. Watercolor Cartoon Buildings

watercolor cartoon building

Do you want to make your daughter or son busy smartly and creatively? Most probably, your answer is yes. Children enjoy painting. These cute and cheerful cartoon buildings, painted with watercolor paints, are a fun painting activity for kids. It is a fantastic choice for parents looking for something to do with their children during the summer.

13. Coffee Filter Art

painted coffee filter

Coffee filters are an interesting art medium for painting because of their unique texture and design. While conventional coffee filters are white in color, you can get different colors, including red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, and green. Because of this, children can create their own unique masterpieces with each color they use. Painting activities for kids give them a chance to be creative and explore new things.

The translucency of a coffee filter is similar to that of glass. Then, using a non-permanent marker, make lines and spots on the filter. You can also apply spray starch to the coffee filter and witness the colors bleeding together. Just let the coffee filter air dry once it is saturated.

14. Paint Easter Egg Rocks

painted rock looks like egg

Since ancient times, children and families have enjoyed painting rocks and stones.  Create a beautiful rock garden using special paint pens and rocks. Paint bright and colorful Easter egg designs onto smooth stones, then add them to your garden as outdoor decorations or save them from hiding during an Easter egg hunt. This spring activity is fun and easy to do with kids.

15. Beach and Palm Trees

two palm trees on a beach painting

If you plan to do painting with your kids, you may consider taking them to the beach. Take paper and let them paint on it while trying to make the best beach in the world. Paint an ocean scene with palm trees, sand, and a beach. This is an easy peasy kid’s painting of beach and palm trees to practice mixing colors.

16. 3D Flower Mother’s Day Card Craft

kids mothers day craft

Create a beautiful, personalized mother’s day card she’ll love. This project is fun and easy to share some love from making the flower petals to putting them together. Dedicated to mothers everywhere, this 3D flower craft for kids would be perfect for a mother’s day card or even as just a pretty gift from your child. That’s the great thing about crafts – they are gifts that can be treasured without any need to worry about losing or breaking them. This Mother’s Day craft is perfect for beginners. It’s a stunning and easy card that you can make in five minutes. Let the kids join in the fun and make it a great family activity.

17. Painted Flower Pots

simple painted flower pot

Children love painting activities. They love getting messy and exploring their creativity. It’s the best thing in their lives, besides candy, gum, and those little chocolate bars stick things. Painting pots is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. Paint a flower pot using some basic art materials and let your kid color the flower pots in different colorful and attractive ways.

Final Words

Painting is a wonderful medium of art that any age group can use. This article describes beautiful painting activities for kids which will help them to improve their skills and let their imagination flow freely. There are so many ways to bring out the creative side in your children. Plus, you don’t have to be an expert artist for them to explore their inner Picasso. These painting activities are fun and simple, making them the best way to develop your kid’s creativity.

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