Best Oil Catch Can for 5.7 HEMI -Ultimate Guide

The 5.7 HEMI engine is an impressive piece of machinery that requires proper maintenance. One of the most important aspects of keeping this engine running at its best is using a quality oil catch can. An oil catch can acts as a filter, collecting any combustible by-products from the crankcase and allowing only clean air to be emitted from the engine. This device helps extend the life of your engine and reduce emissions, making it an essential part of vehicle maintenance. But not all oil catch cans are created equal – some are better than others for 5.7 HEMI engines. In this article, we’ll look at what makes an oil catch can great for 5.7 HEMI engines, provide a list of 10 top-rated options, explain how to choose the best one for you, and even offer tips on how to use it properly once you’ve got it installed.

What Is Oil Catch Can for 5.7 HEMI?

An Oil Catch Can (OCC) is a device that is connected to the crankcase vent of an engine, typically a 5.7 HEMI. It captures oil vapors and condenses them into liquid before they can be released into the environment. This prevents any oil from entering the intake system and damaging your car’s performance. The best Oil Catch Cans for 5.7 HEMI are designed to provide optimal filtration, prevent oil build-up, and reduce harmful emissions.

Oil Catch Cans for 5.7 HEMI come in different sizes, shapes, and materials depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Generally speaking, there are two main types of OCCs – closed loop and open loop. Closed loop systems allow air to flow through the canister but capture oil vapors from leaving it while open loop systems allow air and some oil vapor to pass through it while still capturing most of the pollutants in the process.

The purpose of having an OCC installed on your 5.7 HEMI is to protect your engine by preventing harmful oils from entering its intake system which could lead to wear and tear or even damage over time. Installing an Oil Catch Can also helps improve engine performance as it reduces back pressure caused by excessive amounts of oil vapor being released into the atmosphere. Additionally, it helps protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions that would otherwise be released into the air when these vapors are burned off in your car’s exhaust system.

Types of Oil Catch Can for 5.7 HEMI

There are several different types of oil catch cans for 5.7 HEMI engines, each designed to meet specific needs. It is important to choose the best one for your engine, as it will affect performance and longevity.

The most common type of oil catch can for 5.7 HEMI is a plastic or metal canister with a filter at the top that catches oil vapors before they enter the intake manifold and become harmful contaminants. This type of oil catch can is ideal for reducing crankcase pressure and controlling oil vapors without sacrificing power or causing excessive heat buildup in the engine compartment.

Another type of oil catch can is an air-to-oil separator, which works by using a centrifugal filter to separate the vaporized oil from the air and then allowing it to settle into an external container. This type of system requires more frequent maintenance than other types, but it helps keep oily residue out of the intake manifold and helps reduce emissions.

A third type of oil catch can is a bypass valve system, which uses valves to regulate airflow between the crankcase and intake manifold. This allows some of the vaporized oil to escape rather than being trapped inside the engine compartment, reducing overall emissions and improving engine performance. This type of system is usually made from aluminum and has adjustable restrictor plates on either side of the valve body to adjust how much air passes through.

Finally, there are also universal oil catch cans available that fit most 5.7 HEMI engines, making them easy to install regardless of make or model year. These universal systems typically include several components such as an internal filter, drain valve, hoses and fittings to allow for easy connection to any vehicle’s existing plumbing system.

Why You Need The Best Oil Catch Can for 5.7 HEMI

The 5.7 HEMI engine is an efficient and powerful engine, but it can still be prone to sludge buildup. To keep your engine running smoothly, it’s important to properly maintain it, and one of the best ways to do that is by using an oil catch can. An oil catch can helps reduce the amount of oil that enters the intake manifold and combustion chamber, which in turn reduces the amount of sludge buildup in the engine. The best oil catch cans for 5.7 HEMI engines should be made from durable material, have a large capacity, and be easy to install and use. They should also be able to filter out larger particles from entering your engine, such as dirt and debris. By using a quality oil catch can for your 5.7 HEMI engine, you will be able to ensure your engine lasts longer and runs more efficiently.

List Of 10 Best Light For Oil Catch Can for 5.7 HEMI

The 5.7 HEMI engine is a powerful and reliable engine option for vehicles, but it’s important to equip it with the right accessories to ensure optimal performance and longevity. One of the best investments you can make is an oil catch can for 5.7 HEMI engines, which will help keep your engine clean and running smoothly. Here are 10 of the best oil catch cans that are perfect for use in 5.7 HEMI engines:

  1. Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can: This lightweight aluminum option from Mishimoto offers great build quality while still being affordable. It comes with a baffle system to filter out oil particles and a drain plug for easy maintenance.
  2. Permatex Oil Catch Can: This highly durable catch can from Permatex features a two-stage filtration system that helps keep your engine clean without sacrificing flow rate or power output. The unit also comes with mounting brackets for easy installation.
  3. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve: This unique valve from Fumoto allows you to easily drain the oil from your vehicle without needing any tools or additional parts. The valve is made of brass and stainless steel, making it extremely durable even in harsh conditions.
  4. AVO Catch Can Kit: The AVO Catch Can Kit includes everything you need to install an effective catch can in your 5.7 HEMI engine, including brackets, hoses, clamps, and more! The unit features a large capacity so you won’t need to empty it as often as smaller units require.
  5. Spectre Performance Oil Catch Can: This heavy-duty catch can from Spectre Performance features an internal baffle system that traps almost all oil particles before they reach the intake manifold and throttle body of your engine, keeping them away from sensitive components and helping improve fuel economy as well as power output!
  6. ICT Billet Billet Oil Catch Can: If you’re looking for something small but still effective, then this billet aluminum option from ICT Billet might be just what you need! It includes mounting hardware and has a clear sight glass so you can easily monitor its performance level over time without having to take it apart or open it up!
  7. Moroso Billet Aluminum Oil Catch Can: Another great billet aluminum option is this one from Moroso which boasts superior build quality along with outstanding oil-catching capabilities thanks to its internal baffle system which works quickly and effectively at trapping almost all particle matter before they reach the intake manifold or throttle body!
  8. K&N Universal Oil Catch Tank: If you’re looking for something that’s versatile enough to fit almost any car or truck then this universal option from K&N may be just what you need! It comes with everything required for installation including hoses and clamps as well as a low pressure warning light if ever needed – perfect for those who want peace of mind!
  9. Ford Racing Baffled Oil Separator: For those who want nothing but the best when it comes to their 5.7 HEMI engine then this baffled separator kit from Ford Racing makes an excellent choice! It includes top quality components such as O-rings, screws and bolts plus a detailed instruction manual so installation should be hassle free even if you don’t have any previous experience working on cars!
  10. LT Performance High Flow Oil Separator System : Last but definitely not least is this high flow separator kit from JLT Performance which boasts higher air flow than most other systems on the market due to its larger diameter tubes – perfect for those who want their 5 7 HEMI engine running at its peak performance level every time they hit the track!.

How To Choose The Best Oil Catch Can for 5.7 HEMI

The selection of the best oil catch can for 5.7 HEMI depends on a variety of factors, including cost, size and performance. It is important to choose one that will not only protect your engine from oil buildup but also prevent damage from occurring due to excessive pressure or heat.

When making a decision about which oil catch can to purchase for your 5.7 HEMI, consider both its capacity and design. Capacity refers to how much oil the can will hold, so if you’re looking for a long-term solution, then a larger can might be better for you. On the other hand, if you just plan on using it occasionally or in short bursts (such as during track days), then a smaller can might be more suitable.

The design of the oil catch cans should also be taken into account when making your decision. Some are designed with internal baffles that separate different levels of oil and prevent it from mixing together while others feature external fins which help to reduce pressure build up within the system. Both designs serve their purpose well and have their own benefits and drawbacks depending on what type of usage they will be put through.

Finally, make sure to consider the cost of the product before making a purchase. Oil catch cans range in price from around $50 all the way up to several hundred dollars depending on size and design features, so it’s important to shop around before settling on one option or another.

How To Use Oil Catch Can for 5.7 HEMI

Using an oil catch can for your 5.7 HEMI engine is an essential part of keeping your engine running at its peak performance. It allows you to capture oil vapors and other contaminants before they can enter the intake manifold, which can lead to problems like low compression, sluggish power production, and reduced fuel economy.

The first step to setting up an oil catch can for a 5.7 HEMI is to find a suitable location for it. The best locations are generally near the valve cover or turbocharger outlet, as these are the areas from which most of the oil vapors will be coming from. Make sure that the area is clear of any moving parts or obstructions, and that there is enough room for the catch can itself and any hoses or fittings required for installation.

Once you have determined where you want to install your oil catch can, you will need to connect it to your engine’s vacuum system by attaching a suitable hose and clamping it tightly in place. You should also ensure that there are no air leaks between the hose and the catch can itself, as this could affect its effectiveness. Additionally, make sure that the hose is long enough so that there is no risk of it being pulled off of its mount due to engine movement.

It’s important to note that not all 5.7 HEMI engines require an oil catch can – some newer models may have better engineered systems which don’t require them – but if yours does then it’s essential for ensuring optimal performance from your vehicle. Make sure that you follow all instructions provided with your specific model when installing and maintaining it!


In conclusion, the best oil catch can for 5.7 HEMI will help extend the life of your engine and protect it from harmful buildup of oil and other contaminants. This type of accessory is designed to capture excess oil vapors that are created from regular combustion and also prevent them from entering your intake manifold. There are different types available, so it’s important to choose one that fits your specific needs. Additionally, there are several factors to think about when choosing the right oil catch can for your 5.7 HEMI – size, material, seal type, filter type, etc. Once you’ve chosen the proper oil catch can for your 5.7 HEMI, you should take care to use it correctly by following the manufacturer’s instructions, performing regular maintenance checks, and replacing any worn parts as necessary. With this information in mind and our list of 10 best light for oil catch cans for 5.7 HEMI in hand, you should have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your vehicle.

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