New EastWood ProTig 200 Review

[imgbox asin=”B00EZW5NZ6″ imgurl=”” imgalt=”eastwood protig 200″] The Eastwood Pro 200 welding unit is an Eastwood-mechanized AC/DC TIG welding device. It is affordable and a Pro-quality device for those welding enthusiasts who work with thin materials made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum that are up to 1/4 inch thick. This welding device offers easy setup and a lot more convincing features that make it very reliable and high performer. This welding device needs power input of only 110 V to 220 V and it can be operated anywhere without any special set up necessary for power supply. With the NEW Eastwood Pro 200 welding device, not only one will get the work done fast, but one will also get a satisfactory weld.

Special features

The Eastwood Pro 200 TIG welding machine has many good features. Some of its special features are as follows;

  • It provides 10 to 200 AC or DC inverter-based power supply.
  • Welds up to 1/4 inch thick materials made of steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum metals.
  • High-frequency start capability for improved arc control.
  • Square-wave inverter provides accurate welding of aluminum materials.
  • WP-17 type welding torch allows cup and collects, up to 1/8 inch electrodes.
  • Pre and pro gas flow adjusting capability provides better arc performance.
  • Foot and hand dual controls for positional option.
  • Has 80% efficiency and allows 80% duty cycle at 100 amps and 20% duty cycle at 200 amps AC power.
  • 60Hz fixed frequency allows good Penetration to aluminum materials.
  • Adjustable Clarence or cleaning effect that allows shallow penetration for wide cleaning and deep penetration for narrow cleaning, which changes negative electrode to positive electrode.


This welding device can be used in professional fields where TIG welding is necessary, like shipyards, maintenance shops, ranch, manufacturing industries, automotive workshops and many more. Welding enthusiasts dealing with thinner metals can also use this welding device. This device is recommended to be used in welding 1/4 inch thick metal sheet, tube or metal bar that are made of steel, copper, aluminum or stainless steel. It is also a good choice for those who have welding as hobby.


The Eastwood Pro 200 TIG welding device is constructed with MOSFET technology and inverter that makes the device deliver optimum performance at an easily affordable price than any other welding device of this type. One important advantage of this welding machine is that it operates either on 110 volts or 220 volts, so it can be plugged in to the normal home power socket for power supply and it can work from anywhere, as no special power supply is required. Depending on the input power it has the ability to switch from 110V to 220V automatically. The foot pedal and amperage control can be adjusted infinitely, which allows maximum accuracy in stainless steel and aluminum material welding. Pre and pro gas flow adjusting capability provides better arc starting and stabilization and also cools down the beads. The optional thumb control allows the user to control the machine if the foot pedal cannot be operated due to bad position.


The Eastwood Pro 200 has some limitations; due to the fixed frequency limit, the beads are formed a little wider that might result in cracking. This device can weld metals with maximum thickness up to 1/4 inches; if the duty cycle is exceeded then the durability of the welding machine might be affected. This unit is only used for TIG welding.  If other types of welding are required, then one can go for the welding devices that offer the desired welding type.


The Eastwood Pro 200 has all the new technical features and it can be set up in five easy steps, which include adjustment of AC or DC, amperage settings, Pre and post gas flow adjustment, AC clearance setup and finally tuning the machine and starting the work. It comes with these additional items;

  • Foot pedal for controlling the amperage
  • DC hand trigger for controlling amperage
  • Torch and 10 ft long cable
  • Work and ground clamp with 10 ft long cable
  • Shielding gas regulator equipment
  • Gas pipe and nozzle

This TIG welding device is an ideal choice for those who seek good performance and high quality features in an affordable price.
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