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MyFax offers a good selection of international fax numbers and an effective mobile app, but it feels dated, lacks a digital signature tool, and has restrictive pricing. Fax machines are becoming rare, but faxing is sometimes still necessary. MyFax, an online fax service, takes the fax machine out of the equation by letting you send and receive faxes via the web, email, or your mobile device.

MyFax also offers toll-free and international numbers. However, MyFax’s pricing structure is inconvenient, its web interface needs an overhaul, and we have some concerns about how it handles passwords. The service also lacks digital signature tools.

What Is The Price of MyFax?

How Much Does MyFax Cost?

The Home Office User package from MyFax costs $10 per month and includes 100 outgoing and 200 receiving faxes. Signing up for the annual plan, which costs $100 per year or $8.33 per month, may help you save money. The Small Business User plan includes 200 pages of storage space for a monthly price of $20. The fax transmission boost can only be raised at this stage. If you choose the Power User option, you will pay $40 per month for access to 400 receiving and 400 sending pages. If you are over your limit, it charges 10 cents per page, which is consistent with other services we’ve used.

Because of HelloFax’s common pool of pages, we don’t have to worry about individual page limitations while sending and receiving faxes. For example, if you just send faxes and never receive them, creating a fax pool allows you to use all of your allotted fax pages before incurring overage fees.

You may use MyFax for free for fourteen days before deciding to join up for a long-term membership. To begin the trial period, you must provide your payment card information. When it comes to free trials, we like the fact that HelloFax and Biscom 1-2-3 do not require credit card information.

MyFax’s pricing strategy is similar to those of its competitors. It is less expensive to pay $16.95 a month for 150 faxes incoming and outbound, but the service costs $10 to get started. Nextiva and MetroFax both charge $8.95 and $9.95 per month for 500 shared pages per month, respectively. RingCentral Fax can be the ideal option if you often send and receive faxes.

Unprecedented in the industry, unlimited online access to 1,500 pages is accessible for as little as $22.99 per month. MetroFax’s $12.95 per month plan includes a pool of 1,000 pages. Stax was proven to be the most cost-effective option for paid services. The most basic plan, which costs $3.29 per month, allows for 25 page views each month. Regardless of the number of free faxes, you send with HelloFax or Fax.

Furthermore, the number of pages you are permitted to submit does not increase automatically. Furthermore, FaxZero only charges for faxes that are sent. This service allows you to send up to five faxes, each with a maximum page size of three inches (plus a cover page).

Simple Setup

How Does MyFax Work

To begin using MyFax, you must first choose a phone number. You may also look for a local number by entering a ZIP code, city, or state, or by importing an existing phone number. Calling from a toll-free or international number incurs no extra fees. Several countries, including the United States and Canada, have now joined the initiative. HelloFax fails to measure up since it only works with fax numbers in the United States and Canada. MyFax does not offer vanity fax numbers like RingCentral Fax. Ring Central Fax is capable of sending faxes. For example, 1-800-DOG-WLKR for a dog-walking business may assist clients with remembering their phone numbers.

MyFax makes it simple to select a local number because every potential state and city combination already has a corresponding area code (though it offers several choices for some major cities). An international phone number is more difficult to find. Despite the large number of counties listed as reachable on MyFax, many of them do not have related phone numbers. According to the company’s statements, the number of units available for purchase is continually fluctuating. To be sure, we contacted them. Any changes to the numbering system should be incorporated into the selection method to save time and prevent picking inaccessible nations.

MyFax produced our password and emailed it to us once we made our choices. Despite the fact that MyFax strongly advises consumers to reset their passwords, we dislike the fact that MyFax email credentials are in plaintext. The password has a number of capitalizations and punctuation marks, making it difficult to decrypt at the very least. This new feature replaces eFax and MetroFax, which created and sent a four-digit passcode in plaintext.

Rather than providing a link to reset your password, MyFax just sends your password in plaintext to the e-mail address you gave. The recurrence of this problem is one of the most severe faults in MyFax’s password reset process. In this case, the user’s actions reveal a flagrant disrespect for password security.

It’s vital to remember that MyFax does not allow two-factor authentication. As an added feature, faxing platforms such as HelloFax include this critical security safeguard.

Interfacing With The Internet

There are significant parallels between the online interfaces of traditional fax services and the web interfaces of modern fax services, such as those provided by eFax, MyFax, and MetroFax. Even if the interface is usable, the archaic design does not inspire confidence. For some reason, MyFax fax previews were so tiny that they were hardly illegible on the screen. These services necessitate a more pleasant user experience. HelloFax and myFax, on the other hand, offer user interfaces that are both modern and simple to use.

You may make changes to your billing and profile information in the “Update Account” section of the website. You may also modify your account’s default notification and attachment distribution settings. MyFax’s website makes it easy to cancel your subscription from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, at the top of the website, there is a Help Center tab that may be visited. Answers to commonly asked questions, the whole user guide, and contact information for customer service may all be found here.

Despite our qualms about MyFax’s appearance, sending a fax through the internet is simple. Even if we’d prefer not to use a pop-up window that’s too small, faxing is still more entertaining than filling out the five pages of tiresome information that Nextiva demands.

MyFax does not support digital signatures, however, eFax, FaxPlus, and HelloFax do. This is a big change. You may use eFax’s built-in tool to trim and save a faxed image of your signature. HelloFax can produce a signature based on the text you enter. Fax. Plus’ mobile apps enable you to digitally sign documents. J2, the company that owns MyFax and PCMag, has a new free document signing service called a sign. Customers of MyFax, on the other hand, are ineligible for a discount.

To be safe, MyFax stores your faxes indefinitely, just as other fax companies. If you often send and receive faxes, your inbox may become congested. MyFax has a search bar and a tagging feature to help you keep track of all of your conversations. eFax, on the other hand, has OCR capabilities.

Email or Mobile Phone Faxing

MyFax Free Trial

This suggests that MyFax will be contacted via email the majority of the time. A standard email message is returned to the sender, along with a PDF attachment containing the received faxes. A fax number, followed by “,” may be put into the email address box, and a file can be added. If you want to receive or send faxes from an email address other than the one you used to sign up for MyFax, you may select one of four alternative email addresses in the account settings.

As previously stated, MyFax has Android and iOS apps. We were able to get into our online account after successfully installing the Android software on an Android 11 smartphone. The user interface of this faxing program will be familiar to users of eFax and MetroFax. The present design makes inspecting, handling, and transmitting faxes straightforward. The applications for Fax. mobile Plus, on the other hand, is more aesthetically attractive and has digital signatures. Desktop programs for eFax, eFax and RingCentral Fax may send and receive faxes.

Fax Reliability

MyFax Features

We previously utilized a real fax machine to test the operation of the online service. PCMag’s offices, on the other hand, are devoid of fax machines. Furthermore, because we all work from home today, it doesn’t matter. While evaluating fax services, we are comparing the outcomes of sending two PDF files to different web providers, one with a lot of graphics and one with a lot of text.

However, MyFax could have handled the graphics-heavy test sheet better. Despite the unusual backdrop, all of the text and visuals were legible. Even when we squeezed as many words into the PDF as we could, it performed worse with a text-heavy document. There were no other services that showed comparable behavior, therefore this is a major red signal for us. When we contacted MyFax about the overlap issue, a representative responded that the issue had been resolved. No one has developed a solution to this problem to date.

Faxing For Everyone

MyFax Free Trial

We enjoy MyFax since it is easy to use and supports toll-free and international numbers. The program is simple to operate on a mobile device. It’s time for MyFax to solve our concerns regarding password security and simplify the plan structure. The difficulty is that, in comparison to its competitors, the application hasn’t advanced much in the previous year. The fact that they provide customer service in languages other than English does not prevent them from obtaining a worse rating.

The editors’ best choices in this area were HelloFax and Fax. Plus. Fax.Plus trumps HelloFax, which offers a cutting-edge web interface as well as the ability to digitally sign documents, due to its multiple pricing choices and superior mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between The Power User, Small Business User And Home Office User Plans?

The only difference between these three MyFax services is the monthly fax page limit. No matter whatever plan you pick, MyFax’s extensive features are included in every subscription. You may transmit up to 300 pages per month for free with the Small Business User plan, and up to 600 pages per month with the Power User plan. Fax costs 10 cents for every additional page in the United States.

Fax page prices from countries other than the United States should be indicated in the fax message.

Do I Need Any Special Hardware Or Software To Use The Myfax Service?

You don’t need any extra devices or software to utilize your MyFax account. You simply need an email account and an internet connection to utilize MyFax’s cloud-based services.

Do I Need To Sign A Long-term Contract To Use Myfax?

This is obviously not the case. You do not need to sign a long-term contract or a minimum contract period to utilize MyFax. Make a one-time payment or join up for annual membership to save money.

Is Myfax A Secure Faxing Solution?

Traditional fax machines cannot compete with MyFax, an internet faxing service, in terms of security and privacy. MyFax sends your faxes directly to the receiver’s email inbox, ensuring that only the intended recipient has access to them.

Can I Cancel My Account Easily?

Yes. You should call or talk with customer service online or over the phone for the quickest and easiest way to close your account.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive fax service that supports email to fax, MyFax is a capable option. It offers a variety of features, from fax broadcasting to cover pages and more. The monthly price is affordable and the service works well for most users. Still, for major corporations, it might be more cost-effective to buy your own dedicated equipment. For individual use, there are other options on the market worth considering.

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