Miller Millermatic 140 review

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[imgbox asin=”B001VXWHKG” imgurl=”” imgalt=”Millier-Millermatic-140-review”] For quite a long time, I never used to love the miller products. For one reason or the other, my friends who have been running welding garages for as long as I have been in the industry have been asking me to give any of the miller products a try but I used to be very hesitant. This little 120V MIG welder has however changed my perception towards the miller products. The Miller Millermatic 140 review agree to the fact that it is rare to get a welder that is this little, portable and can effectively be used almost everywhere in the world. With a regular running on a 15A circuit, I have not experienced any problems with it. The Millermatic 140 MIG welder is the perfect welder I have come across in my twenty years of working in the welding industry.
The Millermatic 140 MIG welder is truly a fantastic welder just as the Miller brand is known for quality. The machine is very use friendly and among the best for beginners to use in gaining their experience. It can well be used at home, in your garage in town, at the farm house and in technical polytechnics. The machine comes with several unique features that cannot be found in some other machines.

It has:

  1. A standard contractor circuit: this is built in a solid state and is used to make the wire electrically ‘cold’ till when the trigger has been pulled
  2. ‘Tip Saver’: this is a protection against short circuit as it shuts down the output whenever the tip has been shortened to work
  3. A smooth start technology: this is new patented technology hence very unique, smooth and spatter free starting technology
  4. Auto-Set: this new automatic setting system is a breakthrough controlling system that automatically sets your MIG welder to the proper and desired parameters.


According to most of the Miller Millermatic 140 reviews the significant pros of this machine are:

  • Your welder can automatically be set to the proper required parameters. This reduces the chances of breaking it down due to overload or spoiling materials due to under powering the machine.
  • It comes with an in built technology which provides for a smooth and spatter free start
  • When tip is shortened to work, the Tip Saver offers a short circuit protection hence protecting the machine from electrical damage.
  • It is easy to use by both starters as well as professionals
  • Can be used to weld very thin metallic sheets that would otherwise not been welded by most of the welders in the market today.


  • The welder is relatively more expensive than most of the welders in the market
  • Not preferred by newcomers usually


Having owned the Millermatic 140 MIG welder for just over eight months now, it is the mostly used in my farm house than my Miller 250 220V that’s larger in size. This is because in the farm house and the farm at large, most of the materials that require welding are small and thin. I can be able to weld as small as ½” something that’s impossible with my larger machine. Bearing in mind that I have never repaired it since I bought it, and the good results it is giving me whenever I do some welding with it, I rate it as the best welder that I have ever used. Giving it a 5- star is not an overstatement in anyway.


The Miller Millermatic 140 reviews tells that many newcomers in the welding industry tend to go for the cheaper welding machines. Although most of them can afford the much more expensive ones like the Millermatic 140 MIG welder, there is always a misconceived notion that experience is gained by the use of the cheaper machines. This is a total fallacy and the truth is that newcomers will never become world class welders if they do not decide to use the world class MIG welders. The Millermatic 140 is just the perfect one for such newcomers since most of us professionals do approve it. Give Millermatic 140 MIG welder a try and you will marvel at the results
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