Review and Compare the Best Mig Welder in the Market

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​As you are on this page now, I’m sure that you are either looking for a good MIG welding machine or maybe you need to know how the device works. Buying a MIG welder is a very confusing task due to the countless number of choices you come across. So here I’m to help you out.

In the following context you’ll find a lot of important information that you might seek and need to know about MIG welders, and before purchasing one. In this page, you won’t only find out about the best MIG welders available at the market but also the hack of selecting the one that would best suit your preferences.

If You Have Limited Time to Research

I consider that everything in my website is presented compendiously, but some of you might not have so much of time to go through every detail bit by bit. To make it easier for you, I have also prepared a Comparison Table which consists of a brief overview of all the top rated MIG welders. In this, you’ll find the welders sorted into different categories according to their performance along with some necessary aspects. While going through the table if you consider giving some time to learn more about some specific tools, feel free to click the links that lead to their complete reviews.

Again, there is another way to land directly on your preferred choices by simply clicking the top picks listed below. Here I have picked the best MIG welders according to their performance, category and price;

​Factors to consider when choosing a MIG welder

MIG welders like any other device are available in many varsities. Different models come with different shapes, sizes, and features. When you are purchasing a MIG welder, there are certain aspects that you must consider in order to ensure that you choose the right tool. To make your purchase easier, You can start by reading my buying guide.

To make your purchase easier, I have sorted some of the basic considerations, which are listed below;

  • Input and Output: If you require a MIG welder for small projects or home, an 115V welder with the output of 140A would just do fine. However, this much of power supply and output is inadequate for thick materials. You can go for 220V welder with 180A power output or more for thicker materials. In case you need to deal with wide range of materials, a MVP welder will be great.
  • Power: The power of the welder should be good enough to weld the particular material you deal with. For this, it’s very important to consider the thickness of the metals you basically weld. Go with the device that can weld that much of thickness or slightly more than that. For example, a MIG welder with minimum 30 amps can weld up to 1.0 mm sheet and with great care, it can weld 0.8 mm sheet. 20 to 25 amps works better for thinner sheets. For thicker materials up to 1.5 mm or 2 mm, the welder should not have less than 40 amps minimum.
  • Duty Cycle: If you need the MIG welder for prolonged periods in one go, duty cycle rating of the welder must be maximum. For example, 20% duty cycle at 180A/220V implies that the tool would work continuously for 2 minutes and would need 8 minutes of cool down time. Always remember that the more is the output, the lesser will be the duty cycle.
  • Wire-feed Speed: Wire-feed speed of the MIG welder is a necessary aspect as it decides how fast and accurate the welding can be done. Different welders come with different wire feed speeds. You can select according to your preferences. If you are dealing with various materials then it’s best to select a MIG welder with the wider range of wire-feed speed options.
  • Spool Gun: The spool gun is very important to consider. If you have to work with aluminum materials, special spool gun has to be bought along. For spool gun, it’s best to go for the one with quick release features like the euro-connect.

Comparison table

Product Name




Lincoln K2185-1

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 115vAC
  • ​Output: 35 – 88A
  • ​Duty cycle: 70A @ 20%

Lotos Mig 140

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 115vAC
  • ​Output: 30 -140A
  • ​Duty cycle: 90A @ 20%

longevity Mig 140

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 110vAC
  • ​Output: 25 – 140A
  • ​Duty cycle: 90A @ 20%

Hobart Handler 140

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 115vAC
  • ​Output: 25 – 140A
  • ​Duty cycle: 90A @ 20%

Lincoln EasyMIG 140

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • Input: 120vAC
  • Output: 30 – 140A
  • Duty cycle: 90A @ 20%

Everlast PowerI-MIG 140

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 230vAC
  • ​Output: 25 – 190AA
  • ​Duty cycle: 130A @ 30%

Hobart Handler 190

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • Input: 120vAC
  • Output: 25 – 140A
  • Duty cycle: 90A @ 60%

Forney 318 – 190

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 230vAC
  • ​Output: 30 –
  • ​Duty cycle: 120A @ 25%

Lincoln EasyMIG 180

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 230vAC
  • ​Output: 30 – 180AA
  • ​Duty cycle: 130A @ 30%

Hobart Handler 210

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 115/230vAC
  • ​Output: 25 – 210A
  • ​Duty cycle: 150A @ 30%

Lincoln PowerMIG 210MP

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core/DC TIG/Stick
  • ​Input: 120/230vAC
  • ​Output: 20 – 220A
  • ​Duty cycle: 200A @ 25%

Miller Millermatic 211

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 120/240vAC
  • ​Output: 30 – 230A
  • ​Duty cycle: 150A @ 40%

Hobart Ironman 230

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 230vAC
  • ​Output: 30 – 250AA
  • ​Duty cycle: 175A @ 60%

Lincoln PowerMIG 216

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 230vAC
  • ​Output: 30 – 250AA
  • ​Duty cycle: 170A @ 60%

Miller Millermatic 252

  • ​Type: MIG/Flux-core
  • ​Input: 240vAC
  • ​Output: 30 – 300AA
  • ​Duty cycle: 200A @ 60%

My Best 10 Picks

Here are the best welders that I have selected among the top rated MIG welders that I would recommend to you;

​Best for beginner – Lotos Mig140

​Lotos MIG140 is best for novice welders and learners as it has been designed with easy use features like easy-use buttons, variable speed dials, and quick setup ability. It works on normal household power outlet of 110V and offers a maximum output of 140A. It can weld up to 1/4 inch thick materials, good enough for DIY and home projects. ==>> Read Our review

​Best for home use – Lincoln EasyMig 140

​In case you need a MIG welder basically for home use, Lincoln EasyMig 140 is ideal for you. It requires common power input of 120V and can be used almost everywhere. With two knob control, it simply allows you to switch between the desired process of either MIG or Flux-cored according to the type of materials. With the highest output power of 140A, it can weld materials up to 3/16 inch thick. ==>> Read Our review

​Best for Auto Body – Millermatic 211

​MIG welders are mostly preferred for auto body due to the high quality and smooth arc. Millermatic 211 is best recommended for Auto Body workshops. It’s a dual voltage welder and can run on either 120V or 240V. This MIG welder has all the advanced features such as inverter technology, smooth start, fan-on-demand and much more. It offers maximum output power of 210A and can weld up to 3/8 inch. ==>> Read Our review

​Best for the money – Lincoln Electric K2185-1

​If you are a small time welding hobbyist and looking for the cheapest MIG welder, then Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is the best for you. Its price is low but it’s a very powerful tool. It’s an 115V tool and offers the maximum output of 88A. The ultimate feature in this welder is the four voltage setting and continuous wire feed speed adjustment ability, allowing you to weld metals as thick as 1/8 inch. Along with MIG, this welder is also capable of flux-cored. ==>> Read Our review

​Best under $1000 – Hobart Handler 20MVP

​Hobart Handler 210 MVP is perfect for those whose budget limit is quite high. This MIG welder can either run on 115V or 230V, great for both hobbyists and professionals. The maximum output of this tool is 210A, good enough for light industrial tasks. It can weld up to 3/8 inch thick metals. ==>> Read Our review

​Best under $500 – Forney 309 – 140A

Forney 309

​In case, you have an average budget limit and seek a powerful and rugged MIG welder then Forney 309 140A can offer very good duty cycle, that can also increase up to 100% when the tool is used for 55 amps of power output. It operates efficiently on the 11
5V household power supply. The maximum output power of this MIG welder is 140A and it can weld up to 1/4 inch thick materials. ==>> Read Our review

​Best 110/115/120v – Hobart Handler 140

​Built with quality and durability, Hobart Handler 140 is the best and the most popular MIG welder if you need an 110V welder. This tool runs on the 115V household power supply. It comes ready to MIG with no requirements for the additional kit. Its maximum power output is 140A and can weld materials up to 1/4 inch, quite well for auto body, home, and farm. Aluminum drive cast system makes it sturdy and ideal for heavy duty tasks. ==>> Read Our review

​Best 220/230/240v – Hobart Ironman 230

​If you are looking for a premium 220V MIG welder, Hobart Ironman 230 is the ultimate tool for you. It’s a total redesign of MIG welder in the full-size platform. Be it ARC quality, performance, durability or voltage control, this system outstands the competition in all aspects. It works in 230V power input and offers up to 250A output, perfect for light industrial applications. This welder can weld up to 1/2 inch thick materials. Although it’s rate is a little high, but its optimal performance worth the cost. ==>> Read Our review

​Best Dual-Voltage – Lincoln 210MP

​For those professional as well as novice welders who also wish to explore other welding processes along with MIG and has the budget of only one tool, Lincoln 210 MP is specially designed for them. It’s capable of MIG, flux-cored, TIG and stick and quite affordable. This welder can operate on two input voltages of either 120V or 230V, making it one of the most versatile MIG welders. With the maximum power output of 200A, it can weld up to 3/8 inch thick materials. ==>> Read Our review

​Best Inverter & portable – Everlast Poweri-MIG 140E

​If you need a MIG welder frequently for outdoor applications where the power supply is mostly unavailable, Everlast Poweri-MIG 140E is the optimal welder. It comes with an IGBT inverter technology that allows you to use it even at remote sites. It can also run on 110V or 120V household power supply. This welder offers output power up to 140A and can weld materials as thick as 3/8 inch. Even if this welder is versatile and has numerous features, its price pretty low. ==>> Read Our review

​Additional Information

There are few more things that you should know before going for the purchase;

Function and Advanced Features

Many high-quality MIG welders come with various advanced features like overload protection, Fan-on-demand, advance set-up and many others. These features not only offer outstanding performance but also ensure the durability of the device. So, if you wish to play safe, in the long run, you might like to consider a welder with advanced functions and features.

Size and Weight

You must make sure that you have room for certain size before selecting one. Also, in case it’s likely that you have to carry around the tool more often, you might want to go for the lighter device of 30 to 60 pounds or even lesser if possible.

Additional Parts and Accessories

Along with the welding machine, there are a few parts and accessories that you need consider, It may be not included in products kit and which would require you to spend some extra money if would like to purchase along;

  • Gas regulator: Main confusion while buying a gas regulator occurs when you have to decide between single gauge and twin gauge. The twin one works better but it’s more expensive. However, the expense can be covered by the amount of gas saved.
  • Safety equipment: Welding emits a lot of heat and UV radiation. For protection, cotton overalls and thick heat-resistant gloves are a must. For more information you can check out the reviews on safety equipment.
  • Welding Helmets: Welding helmet is a very important safety accessory to protect one’s face from the toxic gases, heat, and radiation. You can find various types of welding helmets. For more details, check out the reviews on welding helmets.

Price & Warranty

Always go for the tool that meets your budget limit. High-end tools are not always the best. You can find the best on any budget if you know your requirements.

Almost all the welder manufacturers provide certain warranty period to ensure the safety of your investment. I highly recommend you to consider the warranty period while purchasing a MIG welder.

​To know more about the warranty offered by different brands, you can check out the reviews at here.


I have brought up this website not because I have a business of welding machines, but the reason behind is far more sensible. I have seen many MIG welder buyers regret after a huge purchase and investing so much. Earlier, I too had come across the same issues. I tried to learn mo
re about welders so that I could pick the better one and then I realized that there are more things than just learning.

Finally, after doing much research from every possible source, I have gathered so much information that I felt I must share this knowledge with other interested welders like you so that you won’t have to regret like I and many others did. In the following pages what you’ll find is not only good but honest reviews, containing very less technical information but highly useful and informative contexts. Through my website, you’ll not only learn about the best but also, you’ll know what would suit you.

I have tried my best to keep things very simple and easy to understand, honest and to the point. I hope that you find the information useful and may you find what you need.

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